Lennie Ch. 01

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Lennie loved her job. She was a nursing auxiliary in a private hospital but it was more like working in a posh hotel than a medical establishment, with all the patients in private rooms and everywhere decorated to the highest standard. It was the sort of place she would like to come to if ever she got ill but she realised it was probably well beyond her means.

She had been working there for about 8 or 9 months when the incident occurred.

It had happened late one evening shortly before she went off duty and she was just looking in on the dozen or so patients in her section to make sure they were all bedded down. Her usual method was to quietly open the door and peek in to see if the occupant was asleep which some of them usually were. Others would be watching their televisions or reading but as long they were comfortable and those that were incapacitated to the extent that they couldn’t get out of bed didn’t require a bedpan or drink, she would wish them goodnight and perhaps tuck their sheets in if that was what was needed.

This particular night was no different, the first room was dark and the patient, an elderly chap recuperating from an operation was snoring softly. The second and third were watching television and the forth was on his mobile phone and waved her a cheery goodnight.

When she got to the next room the bedside light was on but the young middle-aged man who occupied the bed appeared to be asleep with his head turned to the wall resting on his arm while his other arm was under the bed sheet. Lennie knew quite a lot about him, his name was Doug and he’d received multiple fractures of both legs in a car accident. Consequently both legs were being supported in traction by a large frame at the end of the bed and only light bedding was allowed to cover him. Being completely immobilised he required a lot of attention and over the course of the few weeks he had been in there she had got to know him quite well.

She walked in quietly to turn the light off but halfway to the bed stopped dead as she realised small but regular movements were coming from under the sheet in the vicinity of his crotch. With a sudden rush of embarrassment she realised he was masturbating and tried desperately to think what to do next. Her embarrassment was not because of what he was doing, she had watched her boyfriend doing the same thing on several occasions before they fucked, and it was an activity she indulged in whenever she felt the urge. Her dilemma was what to do for the best.

If she tried to leave the room but he heard and saw her it would no doubt cause him embarrassment but she realised that if she stayed there he would see her eventually anyway. She was trapped.

For what seemed like an eternity but was in fact only a few seconds she stood there watching, undecided what to do. Any second now, she thought, he’s bound to hear my heart thumping, but at the same time she realised that what she was watching was having quite an effect on her. She could feel herself getting wet and suddenly she wanted to be a part of his enjoyment. She had often blanket bathed him and tended to his requirements for a bedpan or bottle so she knew what his penis looked like, but she now wanted to see it erect and squirting.

She continued quietly to the bed then softly called his name. His head whipped round and his eyes opened wide when he saw her then closed tightly, probably in the hope that she was an illusion and wasn’t really there. But of course she still was when he opened them.

‘Oh shit’ he muttered as he started to blush deeply.

‘Don’t worry Doug please.’ she said quietly.

He was too embarrassed to look at her directly so she sat on the edge of the bed facing him. He pulled his hand from under the sheet and she could see the outline of his rigid penis quite clearly and a little moist patch appeared on the sheet at its end.

‘I do mean it, don’t worry. It’s quite natural after you’ve been away from your wife for so long and you’d be surprised how many of the other patients do it as well. The number of wet handkerchiefs or soggy tissues I find hidden in lockers or wrapped into a tight ball and thrown under the bed. I know it’s not something you would normally like to advertise but it’s nothing you should be ashamed of’.

He still couldn’t bring himself to look at her so she carried on talking this time in a softer voice.

‘If you must know’ she said,’ it’s something I do myself quite a lot and not always at home. Sometimes if I’ve bathed one of the patients and they’ve got an erection I have to go off to the ladies loo and bring myself off – and I know I’m not the only one who does’.

She could see she had his attention now so she carried on.

‘Of course we’re not supposed to take any notice of that sort of thing if it happens but I can’t help the effect it has on me. I love sex and seeing a hard prick and not being able to do anything about it is very frustrating’.

He was looking straight at her now.

‘Don’t look so surprised, illegal bahis you men haven’t got a monopoly on it you know. If you knew what it’s done to me watching you and talking to you like this you’d be amazed’. She said ‘I think your wife is a very attractive woman and I’m sure you must miss her a lot.’

‘She is; and I do’ he said, ‘especially the physical side of things.’

‘A lot of the long term patients do and you’d be surprised what I’ve seen going on in some of these rooms during visiting hours sometimes. If only they realised that if they wanted privacy for a while all they have to do is close the blind on the door window and nobody would enter. Like this.’

She got up and went to the door and pulled down the blind covering the little window.

‘It’s supposed to be for bed baths and toiletry etc. but it is also generally accepted that if the staff see this down in visiting hours they don’t intrude. Of course nobody told me about this when I first joined; a sort of initiation joke I suppose, and on my first weekend I walked straight into a room where the patients girlfriend was in the process of sucking him off! She’d got her skirt up around her waist and had no knickers on and he had his hand between her legs pushing two fingers in and out of her while she was bending over him in bed with most of his prick down her throat! I got out as quickly and quietly as I could but I’m still not sure that they didn’t see me.’

‘You’re making it up.’ he said, ‘You’re just trying to make me feel better.’

‘No I’m not, honestly!’ She was sitting on the edge of the bed again. ‘That was the first time I masturbated in our toilets.’ she mused. ‘I got so aroused I had to go and do something about it.’

She noticed that his penis which appeared to have subsided was now making a small tent in the sheet again so she carried on.

‘Another time I went into a room and the chap, who had similar injuries to yourself and was in traction, had his wife naked sitting on his prick and going up and down very carefully! This time they did see me because they looked as I came in but they just carried on as if I wasn’t there and after a few seconds he orgasmed into her so I left as discretely as I could.’

The tent was getting quite pronounced now and she casually dropped her hand onto his thigh beside it.

‘Would you believe this is the first time I’ve done anything like this in here?’ he asked. ‘and trust me to get caught. It was just because she said to me tonight that she was missing me a lot and I said I’m sure she was. But she said no, she was missing me that way and kissed me deeply after she said it. She even pushed her hand under the sheet and fondled me for a few seconds while whispering things in my ear!’

‘What sort of things?’

‘I couldn’t tell you that; it was very rude and to the point. In fact she hasn’t said things like that to me for ages so she probably really is missing me.’

‘Go on; please, it won’t go any further I promise’. As she said this Lennie gently moved her hand to feel his prick through the sheet and found it hard with the sheet wet around his slit.

Doug groaned softly and closed his eyes and she could feel him start to make gentle thrusting movements with his crotch.

‘Don’t you move, just leave it to me. We don’t want you setting your recovery back now do we?’ She leaned forward and whispered in his ear. ‘Go on tell me what did she say?’ She was moving her fingers gently up and down his shaft teasing him with her nails at the wet end.

‘Ohh! That’s wonderful’ he breathed softly.

‘I know, now what did she say to you?’

‘She told me she was missing me inside her both my penis and my tongue and she was longing to suck me again. She said she has been masturbating at night but it wasn’t the same even using the vibrator we’d bought soon after we got married. She sat there and told me her panties were wet just being here with me!’

She’s not the only one thought Lennie as she felt more juice seep into hers. She began to encircle his prick with her fingers and could sense there was more.

‘What else?’

He turned his face to look at her searchingly for a few seconds then turned away again and whispered something she couldn’t hear.


‘I said; she said she missed our damp patch in the bed!’

She pulled back slightly and looked straight at him.

‘What do you mean?’ she asked. ‘Tell me.’ This time a little urgently.

He looked at her again and could see her excitement in her face.

‘When we’ve finished our love-making we go to sleep still joined, but then I go soft and come out and she gets a largish wet patch under her bottom.’

‘I know the problem.’ breathed Lennie softly.

‘I thought it would be rather uncomfortable for her but she loves it. She looks on it almost as a trophy and the stain is a reminder to her for the next day.’

She took her hand away from his prick which was twitching quite fiercely and pushing herself back illegal bahis siteleri put one hand either side of his head on the pillow. Her face was only a few inches away from his and she looked him straight in the eye.

‘When your wife comes to visit you next time would you like an hours total privacy?’

‘You’ve no idea how much ‘ he said.

‘When she gets here, explain what I’ve said and if she wants it as well call me to your room. I’ll make sure you’re not disturbed in any way by other visitors or the staff. Trust me.’

‘How will you do that?’

‘Never you mind, that’s my business. But I guarantee you won’t be disturbed. Now,’ she lowered her voice to a whisper, ‘would you like me to bring you off?’

He nodded slowly.

‘Give me two minutes and I’ll be back.’ she said going to the door. She opened it cautiously and looked down the corridor but there was nobody there so she went out.

Less than two minutes later she came back in again and checked the blind at the door window. Doug could see she was carrying a small towel and she sat on the edge of the bed again. She pulled the sheet back to reveal his penis quite large and fat laying on his belly. She put her hand to it and gave it a squeeze feeling him jerk gently as she did. She rubbed him a couple of times admiring the way his foreskin slipped easily back and forth over his very wet glans.

‘I love it when a man gets wet like you are’ she said. ‘I shouldn’t think you would need to use a lubricant do you.’

It was more a statement than a question. He shook his head.

‘We both get very wet’ he said.

She leant towards him again.

‘So do I: feel.’

She undid the last two buttons on her tunic and placed his hand on her thigh. He looked at her in astonishment as if questioning if it really was OK.

‘Go on, please. I need to cum as much as you do.’

While getting the towel she had slipped her tights and very damp panties off and stuffed them into her pocket. His astonishment turned to surprise when he discovered her nakedness and she had to bite her lip as he slid a finger straight into her warm cunt. She closed her eyes as he reamed it around inside her a few times then opened them as she felt him pull out. As she watched he put his finger into his mouth and sucked her juice off and licked round his knuckle. He did this a couple of times saying how much he loved her taste before asking if he could possible look at her.

She stood up and pulled her dress up to her waist and moved up towards his head. She lifted her foot onto the bed then pulled her lips apart with her fingers. She could feel his fingers exploring her again including one pushing under her hood to her clit. He obviously knew what he was doing and she felt the first indications that her climax would not be long in coming.

‘Can I suck you Lennie? Please,’ he pleaded, ‘I really want to taste you properly. Please!!’

‘OK, OK,’ she said, ‘Just a minute.’

She climbed carefully onto the bed and put her knees either side of his head on the pillow. Holding onto the headboard she adjusted her position and lowered herself down towards his face. Almost immediately she felt his tongue push into her and she arched her back as the pleasure hit her. She could hear and feel him working in and out of her and the sensations were having a dramatic effect. After a little while she felt it seek out her clit and she knew her cum was imminent.

‘God,’ she gasped, ‘I’m nearly there! Keep doing that please! Whatever…..you……do…..don’t…..Aghhhh!!.’

As she came she pushed her cunt onto his mouth so all her juice went straight down his throat. She could feel the contractions in her belly and cunt and just gave herself over to the total sensation running through her. Her climaxes varied in their intensity depending on the state of her arousal but this was one of her best.

She hung there for a few seconds before climbing off to look down at Doug’s wet face. She felt pretty washed out but could see the pleading look in his eyes and the rigidity of his prick. A silvery strand of juice hung down from his slit and connected with a little glistening pool in his pubic hair and she started to rub his foreskin up and down his shaft.

She rubbed her fingers in the pool and smeared the viscous liquid down his shaft making it slippery and easy to slide her fingers over. She continued like this for a while watching his reactions and his efforts not to move too much in response. After a minute or two it began to dry up so she reached into her pocket and pulled out a tube of lubricant.

‘Have you ever used this on yourself before?’

He shook his head. She squeezed a large dollop onto her fingers and applied it to his prick. Her fingers now slid easily up and down without moving his skin and every so often she rubbed her thumb across his wet hole. She could see he was getting very high so she put her foot back up on the bed and with her free hand opened herself up to him. canlı bahis siteleri She knew her lips would be distended and wet and her hole still open so she urged him to look at her.

‘Look at me Doug, look at my cunt! It’s wide open and wet from you just like your wife’s will be next time she sees you. Imagine hers on your face and her taste and smell as she….’

A groan and jerking in his prick accompanied the streaks of greyish beige sperm as it spat up onto his chest and belly leaving long trails in its wake. He seemed to cum for ages before his prick twitched and jerked dryly and he lay still on the bed.

She had been holding him tightly during his orgasm but now let go and set about cleaning him up. At first he was too relaxed and tired to do or say anything but after a while she sensed that his embarrassment had returned. When she had finished she sat on the bed again.

‘Look Doug, what just happened is strictly between us both and nobody will ever hear about it from me. If this got out it could cost me my job and that’s the last thing I want. I enjoy it here and I enjoyed what we have just done. Don’t be embarrassed about it, it did me just as much good as it did you. You’ve no idea how many times I get turned on here but I never have the opportunity to do anything about it unless it’s a solo exercise in the toilet!’

‘What would your wife think if she got to hear about it?!’

‘If anything it would probably excite her but she wouldn’t be too pleased if she knew the whole story!’

‘Sound her out about your privacy when she next gets here but explain that I will have to have a word with her before anything happens. Tell her not to be embarrassed but there are certain things she will have to be careful about if she doesn’t want to extend your stay in here.’

She got up to go. She pulled her panties out of her pocket and held them up.

‘I suppose I ought to put these back on but they’ll only be cold and uncomfortable. I’ll take a chance driving home without them.’

She went to put them back in her pocket.

‘Er……would you be willing to forget you left them here until the morning?’

The question took her by surprise and she looked at his quickly reddening face. She smiled broadly at him.

‘Got a taste for me have you?’

He nodded blushing deeply.

‘No problem. Have you got enough tissues?’ she asked checking his locker.

‘Well if you’re going to do that you might as well have something to enjoy properly.’ and selecting the crotch, she lifted her skirt again and squatted down to the floor. Holding her lips open she wiped the damp material over her sex a couple of times before using her fingers to push it up inside her. When she puled it out it was visibly wet and sticky with translucent cunt cream liberally smeared all over it.

‘Have fun and I’ll collect them in the morning. Oh, and put the tissues under your pillow not in the bin or on the floor. I’ll take those as well. Good night.’ and bending over she kissed him quickly on the lips.


The next morning she breezed into his room as if nothing had happened and wished him a cheery good morning. After enquiring if he had slept well she set about washing him and tidying his bed and pushed her hand under his pillow.

There were two lots of tissues, one rather damp and the other larger but dry and soft. She put them both in her pocket.

‘Did you enjoy yourself last night?’ she asked

‘Very much so. And you?’

‘Oh yes of course I did, but I was thinking about it after I left.’

‘I went to sleep almost as soon as you left; but I woke up pretty early this morning!’ He grinned sheepishly.

She laughed then said

‘Come on let’s get you bathed’.

When she pulled the bedcovers back she could see his prick fat and red laying on his thigh. The end was wet and it was obvious he had not long finished masturbating.

‘You enjoyed yourself alright then?’

‘Very much so: and thanks.’

‘Don’t worry about it.’

‘No I mean it. You’ve done a lot for me in the last few hours and you’ve no idea how much better I feel.’

I wonder how you’d feel inside me, she thought making a mental note for the future.

‘Just be careful how you unwrap your panties,’ he said, ‘don’t put them straight in the washing machine without checking them first.’

She looked at him quizzically.

‘It’s nothing nasty…promise. That’s all in the other tissue!’

When she left the room she went straight to her locker and carefully unwrapped the soft package. There, in a tight ball inside her panties, was a twenty pound note with a piece of paper on which was written the words ‘Thank you!!!’

At first she was rather confused. Of course the money would be very useful, an auxiliaries pay is pretty poor, but at the same time she realised it moved from being a pleasurable activity to a business one – but one she still got a lot of enjoyment from. With a start she realised that if she took the money she would in fact have become a prostitute but somehow the thought didn’t seem to worry her. After mulling it over for a while she decided she could live with that and began to wonder if she could improve her income even more.

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