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Big Tits

The bed-frame squeaked, its rocking motion maintaining a series of repeated, creaking hiccups. The steady motion of Mary’s pounding hips travelled through her knees and into the mattress, setting a staccato rhythm of her deep breaths, the slap of her buttocks against my thighs and the echoing squeak of the bed. The tempo slowly accelerating, it was only accented by the occasional sigh, grunt or blasphemous utterance from ourselves.

Mary sat atop me, her knees straddling either side of my hips. Her knees and thigh muscles tensed and relaxed, spring-like, as she lifted her hips from me and let them drop back down. She leaned back slightly, arching her back, as she gripped her ankles to support some of her weight. Her hips continued their hurried rhythm, sliding over my erect cock in short, uneven beats.

I lay back, gripping the metal rungs of the headboard as I looked up at her. She looked angelically exhausted, sweat shining over her flushed, smooth skin and curling her damp, red hair against her cheek. She looked fucked. Her gaze remained focused on me, however, and the speed of her deep, sharp riding only increased. Occasionally, her eyes rolled back as she bit her lower lip: an unsuccessful attempt to stifle a satisfied moan.

The bed-sheets formed matted, crumpled bundles around us, scattered debris from earlier lovemaking. The scents of sweat and sex warmed the room.

Eventually, Mary’s self-impalement approached a crescendo. Her eyes grew unfocused and her breaths ragged. Her rutting became harder and less controlled as her small, tight frame tensed. Sensing this, I moved my grip to her hips, steadying her movements and thrusting upward with my own.

Her eyes rolled back beneath half-closed lids; her breaths went sharp and shallow, even as our combined fucking became slow and hard in contrast. Her neck rigid, she opened her mouth in a silent cry and held her breath. I felt her vaginal muscles contract, as tense and still as the rest of her body.

After a few more guided thrusts, the tension broke. Her pussy unclenched, fluttering around my intruding shaft. A small croak escaped Mary’s throat before loudly drawing in a deep breath. The following outward breaths came in the form of uncontrolled groans as rolling spasms visibly wracked her.

Her knees gave and her weight dropped fully onto my lap. A growl of restraint escaped me as my entire length was surrounded by her tremulous canal. I sat upright, guiding my arms around her shaking body and holding it close.

She started to calm, her quaking diminishing as her breathing slowed. She looked up at me, her face pink with blood-rush and her pupils wide. We kissed fiercely, in the deep, involved and harsh manner unique to post-coital sensation.

After bahis firmaları a few small, short follow-up kisses, we returned our gaze to each other.

“Holy Hell,” she muttered breathlessly. Her hips started to slowly rotate, gently stirring me inside her. She let out a contented hum and smiled, resting her head against my shoulder.

“Want to lie back down?” I asked, feeling the words vibrate through my chest and into hers, her breasts pressed against me. My arms were hooked around her back, holding her steady.

“Yeah.” She kissed me again, softly. “Give me a hand.”

Her legs wobbly, she started to raise herself up from me. Losing balance, she started to topple to one side. I caught her with one arm, laughing with her. With assistance, she was able to lift herself from my lap. With a soft, wet sound, my still-erect penis was unsheathed. She lifted a leg over and I helped her drop next to me on the bed.

Lying back, she exhaled loudly through pursed lips. She stretched out, several sharp pops emanating from her back and limbs. After letting out another contented moan, she turned her head to me. She smiled and I kissed her once more.

“You still haven’t come,” she croaked, glancing down at my erection. “You’re trying to kill me, right?” She smiled again. That had been her third orgasm of the night.

“Damn. You sussed me out.” I kneeled up on the bed, looking down at her. Her hair radiated around her head, a halo of copper. Her breasts lay across her chest, flattened by gravity, goose-bumps raised alongside her nipples. Her pale, shapely legs lay useless below her, one knee slightly raised in recovery. Few sights could inspire greater lust or awe in me.

Apparently seeing the hunger in my stare, Mary shifted on the bed, raising her other knee and exposing herself to me. “Your turn,” she said, meeting my gaze.

I gently prised her knees apart and positioned myself between them. My cock jutted out in front of me, oozing precum. I leaned down, my hands pressing down on either side of her to support my weight, and kissed her hard.

Leaning down further, I brought my mouth to her ear and softly nibbled on her soft lobe. She squirmed beneath me, her hands rising up to my torso to lightly scratch my shoulders. I let out a soft growl next to her ear then started nibbling the side of her neck. Her breathing became ragged and deep; her nails dug deeper into my back.

My hips started pushing by themselves, rubbing the underside of my penis against her soft, white belly. The engorged, red head glistened in preparation. Mary’s ankles, hooking behind my back, dug into my tail-bone and urged my motions on.

Meanwhile, I managed to lift a hand to her breast; I squeezed it softly, letting my fingers converge kaçak iddaa on her attentive nipple. Gently, I rolled the bud between my middle finger and thumb while I continued to trace small bites along the curve of her shoulder.

She gasped, her eyes losing focus as the blood rushed to her cheeks. “Please…” she managed to sigh out. “Put it in me…”

Lifting my head from her shoulder, I pressed my lips against hers. She opened her mouth slightly, initiating a deeper, stronger kiss. It ended with her biting my lower lip, teasing it with her teeth.

I removed my hand from her breast, lowering it to my awaiting cock. I readjusted my position between her legs, allowing myself the best leverage possible. I rubbed the head of my penis against her slit, watching her face react in blushing pleasure.

“Please…” she gasped once more.

I guided the swollen head to her entrance and, after pausing for a second, pressed into her. She closed her eyes, letting out a wavering moan from the bottom of her lungs.

This far into the evening’s activities, my intrusion was met with little resistance. Ample lubrication allowed me to enter her with one easy motion, the engorged head pushing past her labia as easily as the following shaft. I watched most of my length disappear into her before slowly starting to pull back out. I angled my hips on the withdrawal, eliciting further moans from Mary as I pressed against her G-spot. I softly started rocking back and forth on that spot. She let out an ecstatic sigh, her eyes closed.

Suddenly, her legs tightened around my buttocks, crushing me forward. As I was pushed deeper into her, Mary looked into my eyes.

“More,” she said, quietly. “Just let loose.” She reached up towards the headboard railing, without breaking her gaze, and gripped the bars tightly.

Setting the balls of my feet against the bar at the foot of the bed, I began to slowly saw in and out of her. As my thrusts became harder, Mary braced herself further against the headboard and the slender muscles of her arms tightened.

After a minute of setting a steady rhythm, I squeezed my arms under her torso and hooked my hands around her shoulders. Gripping her close, I doubled the tempo of my fucking. Louder groans, pants and growls issued from both of us as lust and adrenaline shot through our veins.

I maintained this pace in short burst, to avoid exhaustion. When I slowed, I resumed biting Mary’s ears and neck while pounding her with slow, deep and hard thrusts. She took the opportunities to free one of her hands, gripping my shoulder and running her strong nails along my flank. Then, when I felt my energy return, I resumed my frantic pummelling.

The pace changed several times, the heat in the room kaçak bahis increasing as time passed. Our bodies grew slick with sweat.

As I pushed into another fit of energetic hammering, Mary’s breathing accelerated again. Her moaning became continuous, then a strained chant of, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…” This and the further constriction of her legs around me spurred me on, engaging my second-wind.

She started to cry out loud, a baying note rising from her core. Feeling her body tense further, I bit into her shoulder and returned to the hard, regular strokes. Spearing her deepest walls, I held inside her longer and longer, causing her breath to catch with each internal push.

I suddenly increased the pace, this time without decreasing the force. A few seconds later, she reached a crescendo of an orgasm. Her climax seemed to hit her by surprise: she lost her grip on the bar above her head, her hands lunging to my straining shoulders and grasping tightly. This time, her pussy clamped down fully, relenting only in the wake of my advance. Her long, wailing cry broke into a genuine scream, unrestrained and beautifully harsh. I continued thrusting, hoping to prolong her experience.

Finally, she drew in a deep, sobbing breath. I lifted myself up with my hands, staying as still as possible inside her. Her face was flushed, her lips bright red, and her eyes blurred. Her hair, like mine, was starting to fray and tangle from humidity and activity. Her chest rose and fell, recovering oxygen at a marathon-runner’s rate. Her hands, which had been clawing furiously into my back, dropped limp and akimbo at her sides.

She looked beautiful.

I slowly started to pull myself from her.

“Aah!” She stiffened slightly, her brow knotting in pain. “Aah… easy…”

“Okay,” I whispered. “You’ve had enough.” I gently pulled out completely, causing Mary to gasp for a second. I collapsed next to her on the bed and turned to her, watching her recover.

Gathering herself, Mary rolled her head to my direction. Her face broke out in a tired smile, eyes closing. I scooted closer to her, leaning in to give her a gentle kiss. We lay there, gently caressing each other in the calm.

My erection rested against her thigh, red and still wet. Mary’s eyes lowered, noticing it before looking back up.

“I’m sorry,” she croaked. “I’m exhausted. And sore.”

I smiled. “Nothing to be sorry about. I loved all of it.”

She pecked me on the lips. Then on my cheek, then once more on the lips. “It’s not fair. You’re too good to me.”

“It’s nothing about ‘fair’,” I replied. “Making you happy makes me happy. I just love making you cum that much.”

She snorted out a chuckle before snuggling up against me, sweaty and content.

“Well…” she started, interrupted by a yawn. “Well, I’ll settle the score later.”

Smiling, I spooned into her, my softening penis resting against her round bottom.

“I know.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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