The Body’s Abyss Ch. 00

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“Growing up wasn’t so bad within the Thorn house hold, the family consisted of four. The mother, the father, the brother and the sister. Aleeha was two years younger than her twenty two year old brother, Vincent Thorn. They grew up like any other siblings really they had their good moments, and others they were on the floor wrestling or in a screaming match. But Aleeha still cared for her older brother and he for her, but Aleeha was finding it more and more difficult to hide her little secret within the home. Vincent on the other hand, was very close to discovering that very secret.”

The story is about a younger sister deciding to teach her older brother a lesson in just how powerful a woman can be. Of course Vincent being the type of guy he is, does not take his sister the least bit serious, not to mention that she is his sister, he feels he has nothing to worry about. This chapter is actually a dream setting to begin with, the real story will begin with the next chapter. : ) Though out the story there will be BDSM, anal, slapping, choking, cross dressing,and Non-Con if anything of that nature is not your taste in reading material. Please read no further after this, thank you. : )

Another far warning, this starts off with M/M action. — Cass

The fog in the twenty two year old male’s head was steadily beginning to left, though his eyes still felt like they were glued shut. His whole body ached, like every muscle had been completely locked up for the past year and just now they were learning to relax. A sudden, but very small fear settled in the back of his brain, could he move his body? Was he struck down in an accident that he couldn’t recall and was now rendered paralyzed? He had to test this new straining theory, had to before to his own mind that, that was indeed not the case. Slowly, but surely, he wiggled his fingers and toes ever so slightly that eased him a bit. Now to sit up, go to the shower and really relax a bit before filling his demanding stomach. The young male attempted such a fate but found he was unable to, a tight force was restraining his wrists and ankles, and there was a lack of warmth around various areas of his body. But again he found that he was unable to solve such a simple problem, as a matter of fact, his arms were out and in a slight angle, his legs spread…he felt like he may possibly be in a ‘X’ shape actually. But what he lay on felt like a bed, however, it was not his own bed that he lay on…he did not recognize the mattress. A feeling of panic was beginning to settle within his mind now, had he been kidnapped? Poisoned beforehand and kidnapped by a mad man, tied and left to be down with as anyone pleased? The panic illegal bahis began to seep further into his mind, dark whispers of all the things anyone could do to him swarmed and took over. Pulling at the restraints in a desperate attempt to start an escape he found it pointless, the cuffs that bound him to the bed were sure to hold him in place. Gritting his teeth while he tested and pushed the boundaries of his restraints, praying one of them would give way and help him get free. A frustrated grunt escaped from him as he went limp, falling pretty to the cuffs that bound him in the unknown area.

Perhaps it was not as unknown as he thought that, he had yet to open his eyes, forgetting to do such a simple task. Prying his eyes open, blinking a few times to bat the dryness away. Vincent however, was greeted by the mere sight of endless darkness not because it was dark in the room. The very item that was surprising his vision was in fact a leather blindfold a soft disc pressing against each eye. Each part of the blindfold held snug against his skin, not allowing even a single speck of light. The panic and whispered voices itched against his skull, his heart hammered wildly against his chest while his stomach twisted and knotted in every way manageable. His chest began to move up and down in an unsteady manner, the males breathing becoming ragged as he tried to calm down. Ok, so far he had lost his vision and sense of touch, so he listened. He felt deaf, almost sure he was deaf if he hadn’t been able to hear his own breathing anyway. This place, wherever he was, was dead silent unable to hear even the sound of a bird chirping into the day…was it even day? How long had he been locked up? How long had he been out cold and held against his will? A soft moan escaping from thin lips as it felt like the whole room was spinning as the fear and panic of his current situation truly began to take hold, what had he done to deserve this? What was the last thing that he could remember?

Steel blue eyes settled on the ample and firm ass that swayed before him, those luscious hips moving ever so slightly from side to side. A soft grin pulled on Vincent’s face as he happily moved along behind the female, damn if Judy didn’t have the best ass he had ever seen. His tongue slipped out to move swiftly over his bottom lip as his eyes traveled upward, watching the golden hair held high in a ponytail move from side to side. The knit dress she wore came to about mid-thigh, the off colored beige just did something to that tanned skin. Felt beige heels clicked steadily against the concrete beneath her feet, he bit down softly on the tip of his tongue, oh the things heels could do to illegal bahis siteleri a man. “Hey Judy! Someone is looking fairly bangable today.” A cocky smirk spreading wide on his features as the male joined the woman by her side, slinging an arm around her shoulders.

Damn. That’s right…the last thing he could remember was flirting and talking it up with Judy. Vincent went through his usual routine that day, getting her to agree into going on a date with him, got drunk with her, had some fun and ditched out in the morning. Was it her? Was Judy punishing him or something for pulling the ‘ol ‘pump and dump’ on her? Licking his lips as he searched for his voice “This…is not very funny…” the male’s voice was a bit horse, as if he had not used it in a few days.

Suddenly he heard a faint sound; it was a sound he could pick out of any other sound on this earth. Heels, they were clicking against a harden floor, getting louder with each slow step they were taken in. The sound was coming towards him, someone in heels was walking towards him, he could only assume it was the crazy bitch that kidnapped him. Finding another surge to fight he started to pull and twist at the restraints once more, like hell some mere woman was going to do this to him! The louder the clicking of the heels got, the harder he fought.

He stopped, the clicking had stopped as well, his breathing was uneven, heart hammering as if he had just ran two marathons back to back. The young male’s head moved back and forth as he squirmed, pressing his head against the mattress as he did so attempting to remove the blindfold. It was pointless it was buckled behind his head, leaving him unable to identify his assailant. A hand moved against his bare skin, rough hands moving slowly up and down his leg. This was no woman’s hand…it had to be male it felt too masculine to be a female’s. But he heard the distinct sound of heels…what kind of sick joke was this?

Moving his leg away from the hand quickly, trying to back away from the stranger and back up on the bed. Of course that did him no good, he could barely escape the hand that still so steadily and gentle moved against his skin. It was a bizarre, one that left him feeling uneasy and unsure. He had always been with a female, never a male, never even thought of a male. It simply was not his thing and most certainly was not something he had intended on participating with a male now. There was another hand on him now, on his other leg, both were moving gently up and down his calves. Then there were lips, soft kisses making their way up to his thigh. Vincent tensed, it felt like bile was rising from the pit of his stomach towards canlı bahis siteleri his throat. Those same hands were moving even further up now, a slightly hairy but stern chest rested gently against his lower legs. This had to be some sort of nightmare, some horrid and overly vivid nightmare that he could not awake from.

Feeling a warm puff of area against his exposed genital snapped his mind back into place. This was not a nightmare, this was real, this was really happening. He attempted to move his legs but they were pinned against this warm, lean body. Something wet and almost sponge like, moved with skill against his shaft, his member twitching at the attention. The tongue was coated in saliva, it started from the bottom and moved slowly up, flicking the head gently. A reluctant groan escaped from his lips while his member stiffened and grew until it was fully erect. But the stranger only teased him, gently licking all of his hardened cock until pre-cum seeped from him. The muscles in his legs began to ache, forgotten he was tensed he tried to relax them, it was difficult to say in the least.

A sudden jolt of pleasure shot through him as the warm and unknown mouth was on the head of his cock, lips tightly wrapped around the head as they sucked gently. Vincent’s back arched just a bit, his hips involuntarily pushing up a bit so that the mouth would take more. Part of it was warm and the rest was feeling neglected and in need of attention. A loud gasp escaped when the mouth suddenly sunk swiftly downwards, engulfing all of him. “F-fuck!” he breathed out, pulling gently on the restraints. Soft suckling noises seemed to echo in the room as the mouth moved skillfully up and down on his hardened member, no other noise escaping the stranger. Needless to say it did not take Vincent long before he shot a load of hot semen into the mysterious, yet skillful mouth.

Usually after such an endeavor he would be drifting off into a satisfied slumber, but before he could even consider a familiar voice echoed in the room now. “Annnd that’s a wrap!” It was the way this clearly female voice spoke, it held a high volume of mockery. Again he was pulling at the restraints, wanting more than anything to see what in the hell was happening. The voice chimed once more “Remove his blindfold.” it was a demand, not harsh, sweet almost, but most certainly a demand. Bright lights caused him to wince, closing his eyes tightly to shield them from the stinging pain, before he slowly opened them allowing his sight to adjust. Glancing around the room, his mind barley registering just what was around him, he wanted to find the source of that voice. Eventually the male’s eyes settled on the young woman behind the camera, blinking a few times. Ok….this really did have to be a joke, a horrible nightmare of a joke. “A-Aleeha? What the hell is going on!?” Just what was his kid sister doing? Truly this was nothing but a nightmare…

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