The Ride of Your Life

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Big Tits

…. A knock at my door. I am ready. You are here at last. I open it and peek out at you. You smile and push the door open until you can see me standing there, in a sexy long burgundy dress that has only a tie holding it in place. Long black silky stockings grace my legs held up only by a thin strip of lacey garter belt. I giggle thinking about it. If only you knew what I have in mind.

You look at me quizzically? I just smile my secret smile and you say, “What are you dreaming of now for me, you little vixen?” You take my hand lead me out to the awaiting car. You open the door, reach over and softly kiss my neck (my long soft hair is up) and I sigh as I feel your breath on my neck and hear the intake of air as you inhale my scent. You guide me into the car and you slide in beside me in the back seat taking me in your arms, and cuddling up close. You know what I like, don’t you my sweet? I just love to be close to you. You are my Prince, my Dream Lover.

You look so elegant in your black suit and silk shirt. Good enough to eat, and I very well may do just that… you smell so good too. Your scent intoxicates me, making me giddy with sexual tension and anticipation. You told me this would be a night I would always remember. MMMMMMMM… baby, do I ever want you. I will always remember that for sure.

I feel your hand slide up my calf, over my knee… slowly moving between my legs, up my inner thigh… making me tremble and pulsate with desire for you. I look deeply into your eyes, unable to tear myself away from their depths. You lick your lips and smile just like a feral Wolfe who is about to ravish and inhale a delicate morsel… hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm! Then your mouth meets mine. You lick my soft voluptuous lips, tasting me, with the tip of your tongue before you begin to kiss me ever bayan escort ankara so gently… pushing your tongue into my mouth slightly, meeting mine for a moment sending shivers of pure delight through my body. I tremble and you smile at me… your eyes holding mine. You know what I am thinking… that I want you to do the same thing to my other set of lips… savaging my body with pure pleasure making me tremble uncontrollably all over in anticipation.

You find my dewy lips and slide your fingers between them forcing a deep guttural moan from my throat… I can’t believe you are doing this already… we haven’t even gotten to our destination yet. I presume the driver knows where we are going.

You notice the concerned look on my face and whisper… “Don’t worry Darling, I have taken care of everything… this is a night you will always remember. So, just relax and enjoy.” And you give me that cute sexy feral smile again. Ah, the Wolfe emerges again…

Meanwhile, you have been very busy with your fingers, caressing, and probing my innermost places. (I really am tight, I told you so… LOL) I am so excited at this point that I may just cum… but you are in complete control, and you withdraw your hand… licking my juices from your fingers like the sweetest ambrosia. MMMMMMM is all you say as you offer me some…

We are close to Lambert Airport. I can see and hear the planes landing and taking off. I am not sure where we are going though, as the Renaissance (my favorite hotel) is close by, also. And we turn into the Renaissance drive….

You open the car door and help me out leading me inside the lobby. While waiting for the elevator, I reach up and kiss you long and deeply. The door opens, and you push me backwards into the elevator against demetevler escort the wall… continuing to kiss me and finding my wetness with your fingers as I massage your hard throbbing cock through your pants. Even though the doors open at several floors and we hear some surprised outcries we continue to kiss and caress each other. (They are just jealous that it isn’t them!)

We go up, all the way up to the roof… strange, what do you have up your sleeve? But… then I hear it. The helicopter… is coming in to land on the roof. I then knew what was coming… OMG… the ride of my life. I can’t believe you remembered.

We get in… the sides of the back are both open. The seats are down. We are airborne.

You begin to kiss me on the neck, pulling the pins out of my hair so it hangs long and softly down my back. You kiss me full on the lips exploring my mouth and tongue with yours. I return your kiss while your deft fingers undo the one tie on my dress (I made it easy for you didn’t I?) revealing that I have very little on underneath it as I am sure you already know after running your hands over my body.

We are above the city now, just above the buildings and plainly visible to all who are within… That in itself is a huge turn on to me. I wonder if you feel the same?

I open your suit and shirt touching, kissing, and licking your nipples (they are as hard as mine are)… I watch your eyes and hear your moans of need as I slowly undo your pants… allowing your throbbing gorgeous cock to escape into my waiting lips. I suck the head of it into my hot wet mouth. MMMMMMMMM baayyyybbbeeeeeeeee! “You taste so very good” I exclaim as I lick up your precum, swallowing it with relish… I love to do this to you. And up ankara evi olan escort here, it is even more exciting… just knowing that we are going to make my fantasy come true… you are my Fantasy Lover. You excite me and fulfill me like no other.

I am licking and sucking you rapidly… til you are at the point of exploding… and I withdraw my mouth… lay back on the cushions allowing my head to hang out the door with my long hair swaying in the wind… awaiting you. The feel of the cool air rushing over our bodies excites us even more. My nipples are erect, pointing skyward longing for your hot kisses and wet tongue exciting them. I feel your fingers probing my pussy lips, sliding down into my hot wet intimate places… and then I feel your tongue, you are licking and sucking me as I thrash my head back and forth moaning and begging for you to make me cum. But not yet, you say. I must wait and you just smile at me, your fingers fucking me faster and faster… I must hold out and not cum yet. I am clenching your fingers so tightly that it is almost painful to keep from exploding. I want to feel you inside my pulsating pussy as I cum, I need, no, absolutely must have you inside me or I will surely die… Lover!

And, with one swift stroke, you impale me on your pulsating engorged sword… struggling with all your might to keep from spewing your molten fluids upon entry… pushing me down and holding me so I don’t fall out… I cum the first time immediately, taking you with me in a long combined scream of pure ecstasy barely audible over the throb of the helicopter blade and engine.

We fuck like wild animals… cumming again and again… You have amazing stamina and your cock stays rock hard in spite of cumming again and again. I feel so weak I wonder if I will be able to even walk when our ride is over? You are truly an awesome lover… my Dream Lover, Fantasy Man.

We both are so intent on what we were doing, that we don’t realize our ride is just about over and we are about to land on the hotel roof.

“WOW” is all I can say. I am speechless, Baby, I crave you more now than ever. Remarkable… the ride… yet to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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