A College of New Perceptions

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Sandra Scott had always been a wilful soul. Even as a child she pushed to the extreme limits of her parents patience. Things only got worse when she reached her teens and high school. She only stayed because of the boys and her class efforts showed as she barely passed her courses.
At the beginning of her final year her parents met with Sandra and a guidance counsellor to speak about her future. Her father was adamant that he would waste no money on a girl’s education when she showed no initiative. Finally after a lot of talking on the councillor’s part a contract was drawn up. Simply it stated that if Sandra could achieve an honour grade mark by the end of this year her father would support here and give her a chance at college. He insisted that a clause stating that she would have to keep her grade standing at an appropriate level in her first college year or there would be no second one.

Sandra came away from the meeting in a state. She couldn’t believe that her father could be so cold and uncaring about her future. Though she never once put the blame on herself of course. She decided in her anger that she would show the bastard just what she could do and make him pay dearly for her future education. Little knowing that, that had been the plan of the adults all along. So, using her anger in a positive way she set out to change her life.

The teachers noticed the change in her work and behaviour at school right away. The only students that noticed the change were the boys that had to find another outlet for their sexual needs now that Sandra had decide that she was going to prove here father wrong she had no time for them. She did find herself masturbating more and more as the months moved on. Her mother did worry a little that her daughter might be pushing herself to hard and appeared to have no social life at all anymore. She did sleep better at night knowing she was safe.

Sandra was thrilled with herself when graduation came and she had reached her goal. All her father said was he was proud of her but she still had to prove that she could do it in collage also.

Her anger flared anew, as she contemplated how he could not see enough in her to appreciate just how well she could accomplish anything. Well, she would she him promised herself.

Of all the collages she had applied to, only one would accept her and it was over a hundred miles away from home. Sandra was pleased knowing that she would have to live in dorm she wouldn’t have to suffer her father’s snide remarks about falling into her old habits and wasting all his hard earned savings. Especially if she was living on her own so far from home. Every word, every time they looked at each other just made Sandra’s resolve to prove him wrong deeper and deeper.

This is how she found herself, at eighteen, on her own standing in the middle of an empty dorm room not knowing if she could live with person she had become. But knowing she had no choice if she wanted any kind of decent future for herself.

She surveyed the room slowly taking inventory. The walls were bare and painted a ghastly shade of a pastel yellow. Two single beds with drawers under them for storage, two desks, two lamps, two chairs and one window dividing the room in half with the early morn sun shining through ugly yellow curtains. At least the blinds looked decent and new.

Sandra turned quickly when she heard the door slam open to see what appeared to be a very young looking girl carrying two suitcases and a backpack over her shoulder. Thinking it must be her roommates younger sister she turned to place her own cases on one of the beds to make more room for people to move about. The other girl followed suit after kicking the door shut. Sandra just stared back.

“Don’t let looks deceive you,” the new girl snarled at her, “I’m nineteen and I don’t like people to assume that I’m a little kid.”

Sandra looked up at her roommate in shock, “I’m sorry,” she stammered, “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, it’s just you don’t look it.”

“Well seeing as you didn’t know I guess I can except your apology. As long as you accept mine. I’m just nervous about being here and I know that there’s probably going to be allot of odd looks from people that will assume the same as you.”

She smiled and held out her hand, “Let’s start over, I’m Kelly Dale, you must be Sandra Scott.”

“ Yes I am,” Replied Sandra taking the offered hand and felt Kelly’s gentle squeeze, “We certainly don’t need to start off on a bad note.

The next few hours they spent unpacking and chatting about each other’s lives up this new era they entering. Sandra thought to herself that at least she lucked out with Kelly. She didn’t seem to be a partier or wild, so at least she shouldn’t have to worry about any unwanted influences to interrupt her studying.

Kelly did seem shocked when she heard about Sandra’s plight to make to college, assuring her that she was there for an education herself and didn’t care for wild parties and such.

“Besides,” urfa escort she stated with a giggle, “Guys don’t usually give me a second look. Not that I care, thank God.”

Sandra was a little startled by the way Kelly had just said what she did. The way she looked straight into her eyes as she did before turning back, to silently finish putting away her clothing. Sandra spent the next few minutes watching her. The girl was so plain looking, absolutely no make up and her long blonde hair was just straight and laid flat down her back. She was only about five feet tall, maybe eighty pounds soaking wet. She appeared flat chested in the baggy sweatshirt she wore and the loose jeans showed no femininity at all.

Sandra hadn’t realized how much she was staring at the girl until Kelly cleared her throat and she looked up to see her facing her with a smirk.

“You want go see when we can get something to eat?” Kelly asked.

“Sure I’m starved.”

It only took about a month for most of the guys to get the hint that Sandra was not going to give into their pleas for dates and started to leave her alone to study. Some of them went pretty elaborate means to catch her attention and though some of them almost made her wish that she had vowed not to get involved she didn’t relent.

Kelly laughed at her discomfort, repeating the rumours she’d heard around school about Sandra being everything from a stuck up frigid bitch to a total dyke. She also was a good enough friend to comfort and encourage Sandra when she was depressed or got upset at all the loose talk.

That wasn’t all of Sandra’s inner struggles. One she didn’t want too share with Kelly was the fact that masturbating wasn’t helping her very much. There was very little privacy in the dorm. First year students had to share the large bath and shower rooms. They were big enough to accommodate everyone comfortably, but there was no privacy. Sometimes at night she would lay awake softly stroking herself until she was sure Kelly was sleeping. When she thought it was safe, she became more aggressive in her manipulations. Several nights she had fallen asleep with her hand inside her panties after experiencing several orgasms.

Other things began to bother her too. Sandra caught herself looking at Kelly every chance she got when she change into her robe before showering and while she dried and changed afterwards. When they did chance to go for a shower at the same time, Sandra always took the stall facing Kelly’s. They were all open fronted and she pretended not to watch but she missed little.

That is what bothered her so. Sandra couldn’t understand the compulsion she had towards her roommate. It was something she never experienced before. She always thought of herself as a heterosexual and Kelly was even invading her masturbating fantasies. She even went so far as to go to an adult bookstore she and Kelly once saw on a shopping trip. She bought a large penis shaped dildo thinking she just needed something to remind her of what it was like to have a guy between her legs. The first time she used it, in the middle of her fantasy it became Kelly that was slipping the phallus in and out her as she orgasmed. Sandra spent a sleepless Friday night trying to figure out what it all meant.

Kelly was facing her own demons as well. Being physically underdeveloped, none of the boys ever wanted anything to do with her. Her only sexual experience was with a cousin and that turned her off of the male sex in general. It started innocently enough with a game of show and tell when he stood up and pulled her to her knees in front of him. She was still holding his penis and with one of his hands holding her wrist, forcing hers to slide up and down on it. He used his other hand to try and push her face towards it. Pleading her to put it in her mouth and suck on it. She was scared and tried to pull away but he was bigger and stronger. Then suddenly his penis spewed a thick, white sticky substance onto her face. Kelly felt revolted, at the time she had no knowledge about sexual things. It sprayed across her lips and into her mouth making her gag until she vomited onto his shoes. He pushed her away and started to yell at her for messing his pants and shoes. All Kelly remembers is runny home in tears and brushing her teeth several times before she felt the nausea diminish. That situation had made it easy for Kelly to ignore the boys as they ignored her.

It wasn’t until she met Sandra that first time in their room that she had actually felt any sexual attraction to another person. That day remained vivid in her memory as if it only happened moments ago. She looked through the partly opened door and watched as Sandra turned looking around. She looked helplessly lost and scared and so alone. She was very pretty with just a touch of make up around her blue eyes to show off the deepness in them. The curly blonde hair sparkled in the sunlight as it cascaded over her shoulders. Kelly’s breathe urfa escort bayan caught as she looked down at Sandra’s perfect hourglass figure. Her full breasts rose and fell with every forlorn sigh and her rounded hips gave Kelly an urge to want to squeeze and playfully slap them. She was amazed that for the first time in her life a sexual craving intruded upon her being and she remembered fighting off the urge to laugh at her thoughts.

Those thoughts ended quickly enough when Sandra first seemed to notice her and look that she gave Kelly did not impress her at all. Kelly’s first fleeting crush was dashed to pieces in a single glance.

Soon after that first moment Kelly’s hopes sprang anew. She constantly caught Sandra staring at her body and her hope flared. For the first time in her life she forced herself to undress in front of another person even though she felt shamed by her immature body. Sandra took every opportunity to look even though she tried to hide it. It didn’t take long for Kelly to realize that Sandra would wait until she found a stall in the shower room before taking the one opposite from her and she made sure that the stall opposite the one she took was free.

It was the second week of their tenure when Kelly first awoke to her roommate pleasuring herself. At first the muffled moans startled her thinking something was wrong. She opened her eyes and saw the movement of an arm between splayed legs. Silently she watched and listened. She had learned about masturbation in health class and tried in the bath at home, thinking it not a big deal at the time she never really felt intrigued enough to really do it again. Now a fantasy invaded her thoughts and she imagined that it was her hand that was giving Sandra pleasure. She reached down inside her panties and stroked softly feeling a tingling sensation she never felt before. It grew stronger when she imagined that it was Sandra’s hand caressing the light covering of her pubic hair.

The next night Kelly went to bed and pretended to sleep and waited. Sandra whispered her name a few times and it added fuel to her fantasy. Soon she could hear the rustling of sheets and then the soft moans of pleasure. Quietly Kelly rolled over and silently joined her roommate in pleasure. Even though they where only few feet apart to Kelly it seemed like miles from her true desires. After that she shammed sleep to join her roommate in secret love making every night. Sandra would finger herself to at least one orgasm every night, sometimes more and Kelly secretly shared every one. Pretending that the hand between her legs was Sandra’s. One night Kelly smelt her fingers, wet and shiny in the moonlight from the window and became aroused from the aroma. Then pretending that it was Sandra’s cum spread on them she first licked and then sucked on them. This also became another nightly ritual for her while she dreamed of tasting Sandra’s fluids.

Then one night, Kelly almost lost all hope when she noticed Sandra had a long tube in her hand. She couldn’t tell what it was at first in the dark. She soon realized what it was though as she watched Sandra first lick and then take it into her mouth before bringing down between her legs. Kelly’s hand stopped as she stared at her roommate started to draw the thing in and out of herself. She almost started to cry, and then she thought she heard Sandra say her name between moans and then she heard it again, louder this time in her passion. She almost jumped out of bed to run to Sandra’s side when suddenly she relaxed and went limp breathing heavy from her orgasm. Kelly spent a sleepless Friday night thinking about it all.

Kelly lay on her side staring at what she thought was her sleeping roommate. She kept an arm covering here face so she could watch without being noticed. Sandra stirred and sat up looking over to Kelly. She whispered Kelly’s name a few times and thinking she was still asleep, sighed and shook her head.

Kelly watched as she stood up and felt herself become flushed at Sandra’s naked body as she hid something under her pillow before straightening the blankets. Sandra donned a robe before leaving their room.

As soon as Kelly heard the door shut she jumped out of bed and looked under the pillow. At first she felt repulsed by the fake cock remembering earlier times. But something inside of her made her set that thought aside, she felt an incredible urge to find out if it still held any of Sandra’s aroma. Raising it up under her nose she inhaled deeply and found it smelled slightly different but similar to herself. Kelly’s body shivered with excitement and her pussy lips began to feel damp. Closing her eyes she licked its length and felt herself swoon as she realized it tasted better than her own juices did.

Replacing the dildo, she got back to her own bed just as Sandra came back from the bathroom. She looked sad Kelly thought as she sat up to say good morning. Sandra replied with a weak smile before sitting on the edge of her escort urfa bed facing Kelly. For long moments neither spoke a word.

Then at the same time they both said, “ I had the strangest dream.”

It set them off into giggles and Kelly asked, “Do you want to tell me about?”

“Not right now.” Sandra replied, “The showers are empty do you want to go now or tell me your dream first?”

“Shower first, then maybe I’ll tell you.” Kelly laughed and got up.

They both drabbed their shower kits and towels and headed down the hall. This time Kelly headed for the far end. All the other students referred to this part of the shower as the Dyke’s Wall. Showerheads were placed on either end like all the other stalls, but the back wall also had two extra heads spaced evenly apart making it one long communal shower stall.

Kelly removed and hung her robe at the end of the partition on the right side and pretended to search in case of toiletries while she waited to see what Sandra would do. As usual She took the stall right opposite of her.

“You know what every one says about the girls who like this end of the showers.” Sandra said with what seemed to Kelly, a slightly nervous laugh.

“So,” Kelly replied turning towards her, “ Maybe they know something we don’t.”

They both laughed, but Sandra’s tone was strange as if she wasn’t sure of something.
Kelly waited until Sandra had started to shampoo her hair. She turned on the showerhead that was closest to the one Sandra had taken deciding that now was the time to show Sandra that that she wanted to be more than just friends. Actually it felt as if she needed to make love to her roommate or suffer in lonely solitude forever. She just hoped that Sandra wouldn’t hate her forever but she was willing to jeopardize their friendship to fulfill her newly awakened sexuality.

Kelly soaped herself slowly watching Sandra as she rinsed her hair thinking if she only had to nerve to step under the same flow of water. She was getting excited and without thinking she began to caress her small breast with soapy hands. Sandra turned surprised to see Kelly so close.

“What are you doing?” Asked Sandra in a scared whisper, “ What if some one sees us this close together.”

“It’s not like we’re under the same showerhead.” Kelly replied mockingly, “Besides, it’s Saturday morning and we’re probably the only ones awake at this time a day.”

They stood staring at each other for a few moments before Kelly spoke again.

“I thought you wanted to talk about our dreams and I didn’t want to have to shout across the room.”

“Okay,” Sandra looked down, “ But I didn’t really have a dream. It’s just something that’s been on my mind a lot lately, but I don’t know how to tell you.”

Kelly felt suddenly elated, she now knew this was they opportunity she was waiting for and no matter what might happen it was now or never.

“Sandra,” Kelly looked into her friend’s eyes, “ I didn’t dream last night either, but I felt like I have been for long time and now I want to make it real.” Sandra looked confused, but before she could say anything Kelly went on. “ I kind of feel ashamed to say this to you but I’ve watching almost every night for a long time while you thought I was sleeping.” Sandra gasped and blushed. “ I’ve also been secretly doing the same thing while you did it.” Kelly looked down, “ It felt really good, especially when I pretended that we were actually doing it together. I never felt anything like the feelings I got when I did.” It was Kelly blushing now, “I’m sorry if you hate me for it, but I had to tell you the truth.”

Kelly was looking at her feet while they stood in silence. When she looked up at Sandra their eyes met again.

“Oh Kelly,” Sandra gasped and stepped closer, “ I don’t know what to say. You always led me to think that you weren’t interested in sex.”

Kelly reached out a hand to her friend and said, “ I wasn’t, and until I met you I never even really touched myself before. But all the times I noticed you looking at me kind of made feel funny, but in a nice way. Then last night when you called my name I had my best orgasm yet and I knew that I had to some how tell you how I feel.”

Looking down once again Kelly noticed Sandra take another step closer. Her eyes followed up Sandra’s long shapely legs to the neatly trimmed hair at the top of legs that she so wanted to touch, smell and taste. Moving slowly higher she saw the perfect breasts and the elongated nipples she yearned to nurse. Then finally Kelly made eye contact again with her roommate. Holding hands under the shower, both girls appeared flushed as they stared into each other’s soul.

Sandra broke the silence, “ This isn’t easy for me Kelly, and I’ve never been interested in another girl before. I didn’t know at first why I kept looking at you. I was intrigued by you for some reason I still can’t explain and after a while I just couldn’t stop myself from looking at you.” Sandra blushed and looked to the floor. “Then you started invading my fantasies. At first I tried to stop it but then I started to do it all the time. I thought it might be because I hadn’t had sex in so long. That’s why I bought a dildo, to help me try and stop it. But it didn’t work, it only made me want you more.”

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