A Day in San Pedro

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The cruise ship lay anchored a couple miles off the coast of Belize. The azure waters of the Caribbean gently rocked the powerboats pulled alongside the cruise ship, waiting for the passengers to disembark for a day of snorkeling and sunbathing on the beach in San Pedro.

In groups of twenty, passengers boarded the smaller craft clutching their bags stuffed with towels, sunscreen and dry clothes. Young girls with an adult escort, a honeymoon couple and other couples of various ages crammed onto a boat manned by three Central American men in their early twenties.

The passengers were asked to make room for two more vacationers—a tall, slender brunette in her mid twenties and a shorter, attractive woman of about thirty whose blonde hair flew about her face in the tropical wind. The last two travelers found a seat near the front of the boat and settled in for the ride to the snorkeling site.

The women had struck up a conversation on the ship while waiting for the water taxis to arrive. Both were traveling alone and somehow felt comforted by the companionship they offered each other. Neither had sought out company for the six-hour excursion they were about to embark on, but so far each was enjoying the other’s friendship.

“This is going to be so cool,” the brunette offered. “I wonder how many sharks and stingrays there will be?”

“I heard someone say the sharks are rare, but there will be lots of stingrays,” the other woman said.

The twin motors on the back of the powerboat screamed into life and the boat lurched forward, away from the cruise ship looming overhead. The women grabbed for the side railing and hung on as the craft accelerated. Their hair was pushed behind their heads as they reached cruising speed, jumping over the small waves in the crystal clear water.

The younger woman leaned over toward her new friend and said loudly above the motors and rushing wind, “My name’s Erica, by the way.”

“Hi, Erica. I’m Heather.”

They smiled and looked ahead at the distant, white sand of the shoreline, chatting as the boat sped on.

Erica was an assistant computer network administrator for a mid-size company, which meant she loaded software and was a troubleshooter of PC problems. She occasionally assigned usernames and passwords to new employees, but rarely did any heavy duty network administration work.

Her athletic body was neither Penthouse material nor the ‘before’ picture from a diet ad. Her friends and coworkers often called Erica “cute”. She could live with that.

Today she wore a blue two-piece swimsuit that contrasted nicely with her tan. The bottom was cut high on her hips, accenting her long legs. The top was just small enough to highlight her small breasts without making her feel self-conscious.

Heather, on the other hand, may very well have been Penthouse material if she were a few inches taller. Her hourglass figure had caught Erica’s eye when Heather first got in line on the cruise ship. When no man joined her, Erica worked her way through the crowd until they were close enough to talk.

Underneath a thin, white shirt, Heather’s mint green two piece suit seemed to glow in the sun. Several times already Erica had taken a fleeting look at the older woman’s large breasts pushing against the suit. Heather’s waist narrowed before flaring out again at the hips. Perfect thighs fell toward even more perfect calves and ankles. Erica could only imagine what the woman’s ass must look like underneath the shirt and suit.

Erica liked women. Oh, she loved men, for sure. But she found women to be better in bed. She’d never had anyone that approached Heather’s beauty, however. And she doubted Heather was looking at her with the same thoughts.

Heather was one month removed from another failed relationship. Normally she could tell within the first couple months whether or not a man was after her just for her body. This last guy had made it an entire year before Heather figured it out. She booked the cruise at the last moment to escape him for a week.

She was finding the relaxed chitchat with the younger woman to be a refreshing change. And besides—she was kind of, well…cute.

Snorkeling equipment was distributed by two of the young men while the third steered the boat around small, tree-covered islands. Flippers of various sizes were exchanged until everyone had a pair they felt comfortable in. Facemasks were adjusted to fit snugly and the snorkels were tested. Finally, yellow life vests were donned and inflated.

By the time the process was completed, the boat was drifting to a stop a dozen yards away from two other boats. People were swimming around the other boats and yells of “Wow. Look at this stingray!” and “Isn’t the water the clearest you’ve ever seen?” rang out.

The man at the wheel of Erica’s and Heather’s speedboat pointed out a small shark as it swam beside the boat. Both women leaned over the side and watched the dark outline of the shark disappear under them.

“Let’s uşak escort go,” Erica said excitedly. “I can’t wait.”

She threw her flippered feet awkwardly over the side of the boat and sat on the edge. A second later she was in the water, followed closely by Heather. The women bobbed on the surface while adjusting their masks and snorkels. Finally, they were laying flat on the water, peering down at the colorful corral and fish.

Erica began drifting leisurely, aware only of the sights below her. Orange and brown corral were joined by bright yellow and black fish. The fish scattered whenever one of the larger stingrays approached.

Erica reached out for one, but it skittered away. She jumped slightly when something touched her left arm. She looked to see Heather tapping her with her finger and pointing to a small shark in the distance. Erica nodded and gave the thumbs up signal.

Both women surfaced again and pulled off their masks.

“Isn’t this neat?” Erica said between deep breaths.

“Can you believe all the fish and stingrays? This is beautiful,” Heather said.

Erica looked around them and said, “We better stay with the group, I guess.”

Heather said “OK” and they put their masks on again. Soon they were kicking side-by-side, swimming toward the others from their boat. One of the men was leading the group by dragging a white buoy behind him.

Erica glanced over toward Heather, who swam a few feet ahead of her. She found she couldn’t take her eyes off the woman’s body under the water. Even with the life vest on Erica could see Heather’s breasts pressing against her swimsuit. The younger woman followed the line of Heather’s body past her hips to the beautiful ass she couldn’t see before. It bobbed up and down as Heather kicked. Erica wanted to watch it all day.

But Heather had caught the group ahead of them and stood upright in the water. Erica nearly ran into her before being able to stop herself. She put out a hand to keep from bumping into her companion and felt the woman’s skin. She wanted to feel more, but pulled it away instead.

A minute later they were back floating over the gorgeous seascape below them. For nearly an hour and a half the women swam, talked and swam some more. When the group circled back toward the boat again, both women agreed it was time to climb on board and rest.

Erica watched as Heather removed her life vest and began toweling off. The sunlight bounced off her damp body, making it shimmer. Erica buried her head in her own towel and told herself to stop thinking that she had any chance of being with a woman as stunning as Heather.

Meanwhile, Heather was increasingly happy she had teamed up with the energetic younger woman. It had been nice to share her thoughts about the corral and fish and stingrays with another person. She promised herself she would ask Erica to join her for a drink back on the cruise ship.

As they sat and talked, more swimmers clambered on board. Wet flippers and masks piled higher at the back of the boat until everyone had returned safely. Once again, the twin engines roared and the boat headed for the nearby white sand beach.

The men on the boat informed the passengers they were heading for Ambergris Caye, a small island off the coast of Belize. There, they would have lunch and an opportunity to visit the village of San Pedro.

Erica and Heather gazed at the resorts lining the beach area, with their towering coconut palm trees and lush, tropical vegetation. It truly looked like a paradise.

The boat slowed as it approached a narrow wooden dock stretching 100 feet into the Caribbean. When the boat was safely tied to the dock, the men helped the passengers climb out and head ashore.

The two women, with beach bags slung over their shoulders, headed straight for the lunch buffet. The food was being prepared in the pool area of one of the resorts and the smell of the Mexican food hit Erica and Heather long before they got their plates. They placed their bags on a nearby table and quickly filled their plates with chips, salsa, salad and chicken stir-fry.

They recounted the snorkeling adventure while picking through the medley of vegetables—some of which they couldn’t quite identify—and chicken. Both women could have eaten about anything at that point.

Heather was the first to comment on the fact she felt a little sunburned. Erica, not being one to pass up an opportunity like this, promptly volunteered to put lotion on the affected areas when they got to the beach. It could be the highlight of the whole day, she thought to herself.

After lunch, Erica was returning from the restroom when she saw a row of golf carts for rent. She walked down a narrow path between flourishing plants and palm trees and approached a man evidently in charge of the carts.

“Excuse me,” Erica said hesitantly, not sure he even spoke English, “How much for the carts?”

“Fifteen dollars an hour,” the man said in perfect uşak escort bayan English. “You’ll need one to get to San Pedro. It’s about two miles.” The man tilted his head in the direction of the village.

“Thanks. I’ll be back. I think maybe a friend and I will want one.”

It didn’t take much persuading to get Heather to agree to split the cost for an opportunity to ride in the covered cart and, maybe, do some shopping. As they walked to the carts Heather wondered how she had come to feel so comfortable around this younger woman whom she had met for the first time just hours before.

By the time they arrived back at the carts, a second man had joined the first. Their eyes never left the two women in small swimsuits and flimsy shirts from the moment they came into view. As Erica and Heather paid for a cart and received the key, they both felt the intensity of the stares of the men.

“I think they liked you,” Heather said as they drove off down a narrow dirt road toward San Pedro.

“Must have been you,” Erica replied, dodging a large pothole in the road. “They may not see many gorgeous blondes down here.”

Heather accepted the compliment and smiled. Erica asked herself if she was being too obvious with her admiring comments. She wanted very much to have the opportunity during the day to ask Heather if she wanted to do another excursion tomorrow. Erica wasn’t sure she was secure enough to pull that off.

They passed small wooden huts with kids playing soccer in the barren yard. On the opposite side of the road a thick jungle of tropical plants and trees blocked their view entirely. At some points the jungle rose up on both sides and the women felt somewhat vulnerable, although neither expressed their fear to the other.

San Pedro consisted of two streets running parallel in one direction and about four smaller ones dissecting them. None of the roads were paved and the only modes of transportation seemed to be golf carts and bikes. One four-wheel-drive jeep was parked on a side street, but they saw no other “modern” vehicles.

What they liked most about the village was the fact their presence went fairly unnoticed. In Cozumel, the previous day, one or two people stood outside every store attempting to lure Erica into their shop. It had turned her off and the solitude of San Pedro pleased her.

The women entered two little stores selling bags and rugs made by local “artisans”, or so the displays claimed. Neither one bought anything. What they both mentioned they wanted to do most was go inside one of the bars and get a drink. But they agreed it might not be the smartest move.

Thirty minutes later Erica was pulling the cart back into the parking lot of the resort where it was rented. Sure enough, four men awaited them, sitting in the shade. Eight eyes watched the women get out of the cart and turn over the keys. As they walked toward the beach, Erica turned to Heather and said, “You’re drawing a crowd.”

“I’d rather have the crowd here than in that jungle,” Heather said.

“Really. That was almost spooky.”

They had two hours to kill before the speedboat would take them back to the cruise ship. They found an open spot on the beach and spread out towels. Heather was the first to take off her shirt and sit, followed quickly by Erica.

“You have great legs. I’d kill for legs like that,” Heather said.

The praise took Erica by surprise and all she could do was offer a simple “Thank you.” However, she did manage to insert, “Want to trade entire bodies?”

Heather laughed as she lay on the towel. The next half hour was spent in silence, feeling the warmth of the sun and the constant breeze. Heather was on her stomach when she rolled onto her side, put her head in her hand, and gazed at the young woman next to her. A few moments later, Erica caught Heather’s glance.

“Are you married?” Heather asked unexpectedly.

“Nope. Are you?”

Heather sighed. “I’m dating a guy…have been for over a year. We may get married eventually.”

“You don’t sound real excited about it,” Erica said, hoping she wouldn’t offend the woman.

“Oh, he’s alright,” Heather said. “But guys…well, you know…sometimes they aren’t much fun to be around.”

“Do you wish he was here?” Erica asked, rolling onto her side and mirroring Heather’s position on the towel.

“No, actually. I enjoyed…I mean I’m enjoying having you to talk to. Maybe we can meet at one of the bars on the ship tonight, when we get back?” Heather asked it like a child would ask her mother for a favor.

“Sure. I would love that.” Erica felt a tingle go through her body as she looked at the beautiful blonde in her tiny swimsuit, her breasts stretching the material to its limit. Heather interested her very much. She was kind of shy, maybe insecure and little bit innocent. How far could she take this, she asked herself.

“You’re really very beautiful.” Erica couldn’t believe she had said it out loud. It escort uşak just seemed natural and now she watched for Heather’s reaction.

“Thank you, Erica. You are too. I wish I were your age again. I’m sure you’re much younger than me.”

“I doubt it,” Erica said. She looked up toward the pool area of the resort. Then she focused on the open door of one of the rooms overlooking the pool. She had noticed it on their way to the beach. The room appeared to be unoccupied, with the bed made up waiting for the next lodger.

Erica got on her knees, then stood. She held out a hand and said, “Come on.”

“What?” Heather allowed Erica to pull her up and they walked toward the pool. Erica didn’t want to, but she let go of Heather’s hand. They walked through the hot sand, up the path toward the pool and over to the open door.

Erica looked around, then inside the room. Clearly, nobody was staying in it at the moment. “Come on,” she said again.

Erica and Heather entered the room and the younger woman pushed the door shut, locking it behind her. The drapes were already pulled shut and the room was shadowy, but not dark.

Heather’s heart beat fast as Erica turned and stood inches in front of her. Erica put her hand on Heather’s waist and leaned forward. Their mouths met softly. The kiss only lasted a couple seconds and certainly couldn’t be classified as passionate. But the effect it had was substantial.

Heather’s head spun wondering how the day had come to this, why she was in this room with a woman she had just met and why she wanted more. She looked at Erica. “Do that again,” she whispered.

Erica placed both hands on Heather’s waist and pulled her toward her. This time Erica’s mouth engulfed Heather’s and soon their tongues were meeting in a truly passionate kiss. Their bodies touched and Erica put her arms around the other woman. Heather did the same without hesitation.

Erica moaned with pleasure as the kiss grew in fervor. She felt Heather’s breasts press against hers. Hands started sliding up and down the backs of the two women as they tilted their heads to prolong the kiss.

They separated again and Heather murmured, “Wow. Erica…”

“If you don’t want to…,” Erica began.

This time Heather initiated the kiss. But this time Erica’s hands didn’t go to Heather’s back–they were on her breasts, sliding from the material of the swimsuit to the bare skin inside. Heather sighed her approval while maintaining the kiss. Her own hands were searching Erica’s body until coming to rest on her ass.

The younger woman kissed Heather’s cheek, then her neck and shoulder, before moving to the cleavage between Heather’s breasts. She licked each breast lightly. Then used one finger to pull aside the swimsuit.

Heather did nothing to stop her. She couldn’t. Erica’s mouth was on her nipple, her tongue flicking up and down. When she wrapped her lips around the nipple and bit softly Heather felt the sensation flow down her body. She put her hand on the back of Erica’s head and pulled her closer. The swimsuit was pulled farther down and Erica put as much of the large breast in her mouth as it would hold.

Heather was numb. She was acting purely on instinct. She reached behind her neck and untied the swimsuit. Erica took just enough time to lower the suit off both breasts before assaulting them once more. Alternating from one to the other, she licked and sucked the breasts until they shined with moisture even in the dim light of the room.

Heather had never been with a woman. Never imagined being with a woman. But her boyfriend couldn’t do this. This was different. And very good.

Erica lifted the top over Heather’s head. She stared momentarily at the older woman’s incredible body before running her fingers over the breasts. She traced around the nipples and put the breasts in her palms, squeezing them gently. Heather closed her eyes when Erica placed the nipples between her fingers and rolled them tenderly.

Heather reached out and touched Erica’s sides. Without a second thought, her hands rose to Erica’s breasts and cradled them the same way Erica had done to her. She was being stimulated by the other woman’s touch and she wanted to return the favor. There seemed to be nothing more natural in the world to Heather than standing there in a strange room on a strange island feeling another woman’s breasts in her hands.

Erica untied her top and lifted it off. She looked intently into Heather’s eyes the whole time. The older woman seemed discomfited by the sight of the breasts, but at the same time couldn’t take her eyes off them. Erica was much smaller than Heather, but the breasts were firm and full–definitely tempting.

Heather couldn’t make herself put a breast in her mouth, despite how wonderful it felt when Erica did that. But, she had no trouble moving her hands all over the soft skin. Erica let her do just that, watching with interest the lustful look on Heather’s face.

Erica took one of Heather’s hands and walked her a couple steps toward the bed.

“Lay down,” she said quietly.

Heather rolled onto the bed and lay on her back, looking up at her young friend. Erica immediately joined her, placing her legs between Heather’s and lowering her body until the two women lay as one.

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