A Female Encounter Of The Sexy Kind

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We are sitting together at a booth, drink and nibbles in our reach. All the guys are looking at us because of the way in which we are looking at each other. They know that they are not invited to this little gathering.

You are dressed seductively for our first date, short black skirt, long black boots and loose shirt with the buttons just low enough to let everyone peek at your unclad breasts swaying with your body’s every movement. You are so damn sexy, that I feel completely out of place. I was cautious, wearing a long hanky skirt, semi-fitted top that came off the shoulder and heeled sandals. Little did you know though, that I had not included underwear in my couture.

You look almost as nervous as me, and I am very surprised by that. You have courted me for so long, providing stimulation for many nights of self-pleasure and lingering thoughts. You place your hand over mine in reassurance for you or me? I smile to let you know that it is ok.

I put my shaking, left hand on your thigh and feel the softness, the smooth skin feeling so different from a man. And you smile, knowing now that you don’t need to worry – I am in for this night. All my promises of ‘letting go’ and ‘enjoying this time’ is challenged, but not for long. I want you to show me, I want you to teach me, I want you to touch me. I want you.

The music is so loud that talking is not practical, but I don’t feel much like talking right now anyway. I just want to play, begin my exploration. I relish in the feeling of your leg, it is dark in here and only the sober would know what is going on under the table, and there aren’t many of them here tonight.

You open your legs slightly, your short skirt riding up your leg further and giving me access to what lies within. I hesitate; scared to death of starting something I don’t know anything about. You see this and take my hand. Keeping it against your skin, you slide our hands up towards your sex. I laugh at the realization that you are not wearing any knickers either, and when quizzed, I tell you that we are more alike than she thinks. You take my middle finger and push it against your slippery folds, letting them engulf it and soaking it in your juices. You feel so different to my finger than I feel to my own touch. You are less full, your vaginal hood less puffy and this provides an enormous amount of surface area with which to play. And you are so smooth, completely void of hair and very slippery.

You lift my hand up to your mouth and suck on the wet finger. You are seducing me with your eyes, sucking on my finger and sending chills van escort up my arm and down my spine. I can feel the heat rising already, and beads of sweat tickle the back of my neck. There is a look of complete desire in your eyes as you ask me if I would like a taste. I am almost paralyzed with insecurity, but there is an overwhelming desire for you, a lust that has built over many months of sexy emails.

I finally decide to go for it, to accept this gift of experience and I take my own hand and scratch my way up your leg, making you smile and raise your brow. I again feel those folds, but this time I explore a little. God, you are so wet. In my mind I almost thought that I was the only one who got that wet when I was horny. You are so defined, so delicate, and I can actually feel your little bud pushing itself out from its hood. I am in total awe.

I look you in the eye and I bring my finger to my mouth, and taste a woman for the first time. I can’t believe I just did that says my smile as I look down, embarrassed by my reaction. What a strange taste, but what an amazing thrill.

Looking for approval to proceed, you squeeze my leg and circle my knee with your fingernail. I nod, and allow you to slowly pull my skirt up and bare my thigh. Your hand follows the contour of my thigh muscle and curves around to my back. You begin to tantalize my tailbone – something I told you so long ago made me shiver with sexual tension. I arch my back and try to get away from the intense feeling it is giving me, the electricity going up and down my spine, hardening my nipples and making me whimper. Finally you give me some reprieve and I can relax for just a second. You are proud of yourself for remembering this little erogenous zone, and we both laugh.

I am so horny now, so wet and full of lust that I find it hard to control myself. I move in to kiss you, a kiss I have been waiting for months to feel. It was going to be hard and eager and explosive, a kiss that was going to blow your mind. But you stop me.

You place your hand on my leg again, and I allow you access. I think you are just going to dip, and taste, but I was wrong. You start playing with my lips, and locate my clitoris. You circle it time and time again, as my clenched hands sit on the table. My breathing changes almost immediately as you put two fingers in, and out, in and out. You can only go shallow because of the position we are in, but it feels so good that I don’t even notice.

Suddenly you pull your fingers out and I groan in annoyance as my vaginal walls start to throb. escort van When I open my eyes, I see that you are now facing me, one leg bent, resting on the seat, the other foot on the floor, so I can actually see up your skirt. I can’t help but stare, and I realize that my mouth is open. You look so beautiful, so wanton and desirable, and the way you are looking at me, makes me feel beautiful too.

You lean towards me and I again expect to have our first kiss. But instead, you use your other hand to enter me, your thumb only, as you fill me much more deeply than before. You bend your thumb a little and stimulate my anus from inside, pushing it against the seat, and you use your thumb joint to rub insistently on my clit. The combination of both actions, combined with the fact that we are in public, and that you are a woman – completely envelops me. My orgasm is strong; the spasms going through my body almost suck your thumb in further. You keep up the stimulation and my orgasm lasts longer than it normally would. I am making loud moaning sounds, with my eyes locked onto yours, but no one can hear me because of the music.

Finally letting me compose myself, you take your hand away, flicking my clit as you go. You bring your face to my ear, lick it, and say ‘that is just the beginning…..’

We sit there for a little while, holding hands and enjoying the scenery. A new group of patrons are here now – younger and livelier. There are a lot of nice looking guys, but I am so very happy to be sitting here with you, the object of many of their stares.

One of your favourite songs comes into play. You grab my hand and lead me to the dance floor. We dance like no one is watching and build up a good sweat. When the music tempo changes to a slow, seductive tune, I take your hand before you can have a chance to think about it. I bring you in, grab your butt and massage lightly. It is round and firm, and fits comfortably in my hand. I decide to see if you too have that tender spot at your tailbone.

Using my fingernails, I trace a figure eight right at that spot where your spine meets the spongy formation just above the crack for your delightful arse. You squirm and I know I have hit the jackpot – at least for now. I bite your neck, not too hard, but enough to get your attention. Now that you are looking at me, I put my hand at the back of your head and I kiss you, and there is no stopping me this time. A soft, single kiss, lips on lips. We linger there for a moment without moving. It is so good to feel your face on mine, a face without van escort bayan the stubble of the goatee that my husband wears. I moan, my desire for your tongue increasing with every breath. I open my mouth, my tongue touching your closed lips. I take your bottom lip into my mouth and let it go. I take your top lip in and let it go. Your tongue comes out to greet me and we kiss passionately. Our tongues working together in unison to provide the best first kiss imaginable. I suddenly realize that I am not breathing, and have to withdraw for a moment to catch my breath. We look into each other’s eyes swaying to the music. I kiss your cheeks; linger at your neck, smelling the most sensuous perfume I have ever experienced. This is going to be a wonderful night……

When we get to the hotel, I am at a loss. I don’t know what I should do. You take over now. You come to me, kiss me, caress my breasts. You push me against the wall and touch me with urgency. You kiss my exposed shoulders, and nibble at my neck, you lift up my top, undo my bra; you pull down my skirt, and let it all fall to the ground. I am naked but don’t have time to think about it before you take in a nipple, and thrust 2 fingers into me. This is raw sex at its best. We let our instincts take over and suck and play and fuck as only 2 horny women can. We orgasm too many times to count and my legs are too weak to hold my weight. Falling asleep now is the most natural thing to do.

After a while, I wake up to the wonderful sensation of you licking at my sex. I open my legs further and relish in the feeling. My hips move to your mouth, hoping to get more contact, and I can’t help but moan and squirm. You use the flat of your tongue to take in the whole outer area, then the tip to locate my hiding bud. I suddenly take in breath telling you that is the spot you were looking for, then you move to the left ever so slightly. Direct stimulation is too much, but constant movement on the side is perfect. You keep going here, and then I can feel my g-spot vibrator slipping through my lips. Your tongue never stops, as you move the switch that offers a constant vibration. The vibrator is going in and out, your tongue is insistent and my head is spinning like crazy.

I can feel it building within me, it starts slow but my bodies need for release turns up the volume. My walls are throbbing, and the feeling moves to my buttocks, and my inner thighs, and finally is seems to explode through me, like the bag breaks and the feeling is free to move all through my body. I let out a loud ‘Uhh!!’ and grab the headboard in desperation.

Then I see you, smiling, as your face surfaces over my belly. ‘ MMM’ you say, ‘I like you in that position – arms above your head – we will have to try that next. Then you come up and kiss me, and I fall asleep in total oblivion to what you are doing with those silk ties…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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