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There are some definite virtues in having the spare key to your ex-girlfriend’s studio apartment. Chief among them is walking in on her when she’s in the middle of fucking herself with a large rubber cock.

Liz was laying on a big old bed she’d gotten after we split up. Since she had no money, I figure she must have fucked someone to get it and I knew he’d gotten his money’s worth. Liz was quite the sight; her wavy dark hair framed a lovely aristocratic face and bright blue eyes, her creamy white body with curves in all the right places, generous round breasts, large sensitive nipples, a taut belly sloping down to great hips, a fantastic ass, a tight pussy she had recently started trimming into a neat little strip, and long, lovely legs.

At that moment, those lovely legs were spread wide, her creamy white skin glistening, her wavy dark hair wet with sweat and her aristocratic face flushed. One hand was squeezing her heaving breasts while the other was sliding a huge rubber dick in and out of her lovely, shaved pussy. Her eyes were closed and she obviously hadn’t heard the door open. So I stood in the doorway watching as her hips pumped up and down, her hand thrust the dildo in harder and faster and her fingers pinched her hard nipples. She was obviously close to coming.

I figured she probably didn’t want just anyone watching, so I stepped inside and threw the door closed. She jumped at the sound. Her eyes flew open and she looked at me, momentarily started and confused. It only took her a second to regain her composure, which was impressive under the circumstances.

“Bastard,” was all she said.

“Having fun?” I asked, smiling.

“It’s better than you could do,” she sneered. “It’s bigger,” she added, thrusting the dildo into her pussy for emphasis, “and thicker… ooo… and it doesn’t go limp right away…ahhh!”

Liz was always such a bitch. I’d only put up with her as long as I did because she was a great fuck.

I walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed, watching her fuck herself furiously. Her hips bucked as she pulled the dildo all the way out and the thrust it back in deep, deliberately showing me the whole length of it plunging into her pussy. Her other hand caressed her breasts, making sure I could see how full and firm they were. Her eyes stayed open this time, locked with mine, angrily trying to show me how much she hated me and preferred this cold plastic cock to mine.

I’ve heard it said half the truth was worse than a lie, so I kissed her.

Well, that’s a generous way of putting it. I grabbed the back of her neck and thrust my face onto hers, bruising my lips against her teeth. Her startled cry was muffled against my mouth, but just illegal bahis as quickly she pushed her lips against mine, her hungry tongue searching out mine. Her hand, squeezing her breast a moment ago, locked onto the back of my neck and held me firmly. I could tell her other arm was still plunging that plastic cock into her pussy. My face buried in hers, our tongues dueling, I reached out and grabbed her breasts, squeezing roughly and pinching her nipples, the way I knew she liked it.

She hated me, I hated her, but damn we were hot together.

“Bastard” she muttered again, against my lips as she threw the dildo away and started pulling at my clothes. She didn’t waste time. She just unzipped my jeans and pulled out my dick. Despite her insults, my dick actually compared fairly with her dildo, maybe not as long but definitely thicker. She rolled over me, her hot naked body rubbing against me. She dropped to the floor, kneeling in front of me and in the process managing to pull my pants down around my ankles. I quickly pulled my shirt off and fumbled to kick my pants off my feet. Unless you’re a stripper, you just can’t do that with any sort of style, unfortunately.

Liz laughed and tossed my pants aside. Her fingernails roughly grazed along my belly and thighs but her eyes stayed locked on my dick. With a wicked smile, she squeezed her large breasts together around my shaft and started to tit-fuck me. Liz’s tits were just made for fucking. Firm but soft, they completely engulfed my dick. She slid her chest up and down against me, lubricating the channel between her tits with my pre-cum until I could thrust freely. My hips started to pump in rhythm to her motion. I looked down to see that smug, aristocratic face looking up at me over those big white tits. The purple head of my cock suddenly thrust up into view. I loved it and she knew it. I threw back my head and moaned. Bitch. I didn’t mind letting her take back control of the situation, as long as I got off.

Liz’s wicked smile grew. She knew she’d started turning the tables on me but she just kept turning. She slid my cock between her tits for a few more strokes, then sank down lower. I gasped as her wet tongue lapped against my cock, tracing a wide circle around the whole head. She let her tits fall away and brought her hands up to cup my balls. Her lips and tongue slid up and down the length of my shaft, licking and kissing every inch of my dick. She paused, teasing, then opened her mouth and lowered it onto my dick, enveloped it in her hot mouth. The only thing I love more than tit-fucking is a blowjob. Who doesn’t?

She took my cock deep into her mouth, pushing it further and further into her face with slow, steady thrusts until illegal bahis siteleri she was practically swallowing the whole thing. Then she slid up until her lips were around the head before pumping deep down again. This was new. A young college girl, my dick was the first Liz had ever sucked in her first, fumbling tentative blowjob. I still treasure the memory of her exploring my cock with her mouth for the first time and the pleased smile on her cum-splattered face when she’d finished. She’d always been an enthusiastic cocksucker but we’d never done a deep throat before. Someone had been teaching her and I was sure it wasn’t Plastic Pete. I decided that if I ever met the guy, I was definitely going to buy him a drink. I lay back, rested my hand on her dark hair and enjoyed it as she vigorously fucked my dick with her arrogant face.

Between the memories of blowjobs past and the incredible feeling of face fucking Liz, it wasn’t long before I could feel my balls start to tighten. Liz felt it too. She stopped long enough to look up into my eyes, pull my dick from her lips, and say “Cum in my mouth!”

Now, ordinarily, what guy in his right mind would refuse an order like that? I sure as hell hadn’t in the past. While we’d been together, I’d cum in her mouth and pussy, on her tits and all over her face. I’d even, on one memorable occasion, cum so much into her month that it had overflowed onto my cock and balls and then had her lick me clean. But this was another day, and I had another idea. So I shook my head and pulled her to her feet.

Liz looked puzzled for a moment, before I tossed her down on the bed and rolled her over onto her belly. Then she laughed. We’d always enjoyed doing it doggy style and she was clearly game. She lifted up her shapely ass and quickly slid a pillow under her hips, so that I would have easy access to that her pussy. Stupid bitch.

I reached down and rubbed her pussy. Between fucking herself with her plastic pall and sucking my dick, her pussy was dripping wet, just liked I’d hoped. I rubbed and stroked it, flicking her clit with my fingers and liberally spreading her juices around. She moaned and pushed back against me. I pushed first one, then two fingers into her while rubbing against her clit. While I did that I slipped my thumb up to rest between her ass checks. As she moaned and thrust, my thumb started to push on her anus. She squealed and jumped at that. Her eyes looked back at me, questioning. We’d never done any anal play before, but she wasn’t the only one who had been learning new things since our breakup. That wicked smile returned and she wiggled her ass against my probing digit. I dipped my thumb in her pussy and, while rubbing her clit with canlı bahis siteleri my fingers, teased her ass with my thumb.

She was definitely getting into it but I decided enough was enough. I moved up behind her and positioned my dick against her. I slid the head up and down between her lips to make sure it was wet, then I thrust deep into her pussy. She cried out and started to thrust back against me. She always was a screamer.

We fucked. I was holding her hips while she thrust back, pushing my dick as deep into her pussy as it would go, pulling almost all the way out and then thrusting in again, just the way she liked it. She moaned and shrieked and carried on, thrusting faster and harder. Suddenly, I pushed her hips away, pulling my dick all the way out. She made a little pouting noise. I knew she thought I was done and about to blow my load all over her back. She was wrong. Well, mostly. I stopped long enough to catch my breath and let the tightness in my balls fade a little so I wouldn’t cum right away. Then I leaded forward again.

I’m not sure what she thought when I spread her ass cheeks. I pushed my dick, dripping wet from her pussy, down into her ass and started to rub the mix of her juices and my pre-cum over anus. She gave another little squeak as my cockhead teased her sensitive sphincter. Then I pushed. The squeak became a startled cry as her sphincter clamped down hard on the head of my cock. Her head whipped around, eyes wide to look at me. I held her hips firm, discouraging her from pulling away. She could have if she really wanted to but it was enough to stifle the first impulse. I waited, enjoying the feeling of her ass flexing around my shaft.

She stared at me, wide eyed, and I just stared right back. Slowly, I felt her start to relax. As she did, I rocked my hips slightly, pushing my cock a little deeper into her ass. She tensed again and whimpered. I waited. We’d never done this before and I could tell she hadn’t done it with any of her other guys either. Slowly she relaxed and slowly, inch by inch, I pushed my cock deeper into her asshole. When I was finally all the way in, I paused, laying panting on her back. She looked back at me, her eyes glazed. Then she thrust back against me. I pulled back a little and then thrust into her. She gave a good shriek as I buried my cock deep in her ass. I picked up the rhythm. Soon, my dick was pounding into her ass and she was pushing back against me to meet every thrust. She screamed and quivered with each thrust. I groaned and hammered into her.

At some point, I reached out, grabbed her dildo and shoved it into her pussy for good measure. Stuffed full, ass and pussy, she completely lost it. Her whole body shook in a powerful orgasm and she screamed. I came a few seconds later, flooding her ass with my cum.

We lay there for a while after it was over, not saying anything. Finally I got up and went into her bathroom to clean up.

“Bastard,” was all she said to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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