Bath time with nanny and her niece (full story)

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James lay his bed think about the accident he had been out with friends swimming in the lake in was sunny day there was five girls and eight boys all in the bathing suits enjoying the summer heat wave. Everyone was talking about the party the night before were everyone had a great time and drank a bit too much.

Alex (Jason best friend) climbs up tree that was about four feet away from lake. Jump of the tree in to the lake with huge cannon ball that everyone there applauds. Jason seen this and follow suit. Now both Jason and Alex were competitive so each climb higher up to the tree and jump off into lake.

Finally Alex said he wasn?t going to climb any higher Jason and Brock start making fun of Alex for been chicken for not jumping. Than Alex said to Jason if you?re so brave you climb up to the top of the tree jump. So Jason did. Every one cheer shouting jump Jason jump you?re the king.

Jason was about to make a run and jump. When he here cracking noise. He Look around next thing the branch had broken off making Jason fall out of the tree. Jason didn?t remember much after that except for the ambulance coming.

Jason had spent few weeks in hospital with injury?s, he was now back home and did his were the real story start
His older brother and sister both live away from home. His father was always away on business as he was CEO for large company. His mother help run a homeless charity so was always away from home during the day.
Therefore his parents had higher a nanny/nurse to look after him while they were at work during the day. Due the injuries Jason had trouble doing most things for himself.

It was nine o clocks in the morning when doorbell rang. It was his new nanny. He didn?t want one he love his independent. But he knew in hearts of hearts that he needs the help.
The doorbell rang and then Jason could hear the footsteps on stair case. His mother blonde hair woman mid 50s introduced him to the woman standing beside him this is Marie she will be helping you over next few weeks while you recover.

Jason looked at Marie she was five foot ten with large d cup boobs. Marie was in her mid-40s .She was a little overweight with noticeable pooch. She had black hair that was always up in a ponytail. Marie wore blue jeans that show ass that look like in belong to twenty nine year old. She wore kocaeli escort baggy t-shirt. Jason thought she look like one of those sexy MILF he had seen in porn movies

Marie said nice to meet you I?m here to help you Jason. Over next five days Jason got use to Marie always made small talk with her. He got use to her making meals and fluffing pillows and even start enjoy it. Jason mother and father seem to enjoy having her as well as she always seem to have the house spotless and even make his father and mother dinner for when they got back in from work.

The heat wave was still going on the smell of sweat from Jason was even disgusting Jason. He had to do something wished he didn?t have to do. He was going to have to ask Marie to give him hand to bathe him. Jason starts walking to bath room with walking stick. (That thankfully in few weeks he would no longer need the doctor told him). Marie follows Jason. Jason got into bathroom.

Sweat was slowly falling from forehead. As Marie one now have to help take off his cloths. He knew the nurses had washed him in hospital however he was on so many different pain killers he didn?t notice.
Marie helped him take off his cloths first his tight red t-shirt. Next she took of his tracksuit bottoms.
Jason was still very nervous. As she now took off his boxer shorts. She pulls them off slowly. As Jason cock was semi hard. He was really embarrassed. Marie said don?t be embarrass it perfectly natural that you would be little excited.

She helps him into the bubble bath. She starts washing his back slowly than His legs and under his armpits. It felt like heaven. Electricity ran up his spine every time she touches him. He didn?t say much but he enjoy. Marie said now let helps you out of the bath now. Jason was fully erect. Quickly he though can stay bit longer she said fine I have some hovering to do anyway. I will help you out in about fifteen minutes.

As she went off hovering he thought about her taking top off see big erect nipples start jacking off. Think about her sucking him off. Him riding from behind as her big tits move up and down. Within minutes Jason had cum.
Over next week he had got use to get naked in front Marie. Jason even start talking to her while she bathe him.

The bathe became a part of everyday live normal. Always stay in the bath extra fifteen minutes. While she was darıca escort hovering downstairs and he thought of her.

This day was different he was in bath. As she start to hover. He heard doorbell ring. Than he hear Feet climbing up stairs.

Bathroom door open and it was Marie with girl she introduced as her niece her name was Kate. She said Kate one be stay with her for the summer. As her mother and father one be away in London for business
Kate was sixteen nearly turning seventeen she was five foot five with. She had black curly hair that went all the way to her middle of her back that always seem to look silky and smooth.

She had piercing blue eyes and had very nice athletic build. Jason was to guess her cup side was b. she always seem to wear the most style clothes. But today she wore black leather leggings; Long Sleeve Stripe top and Kate foot wear was black Platform Pumps.

Jason was still bit embarrass that girl own age one see him naked. Marie notices said she won?t see anything because of the the bubbles. they will block the few. Both Jason and Kate face went red with embarrassment.

She said Kate will stay hear a while. Marie said I need to go the store get some food. Both of them embarrassed. Jason start to make small talk how did you get hear. She said her parents drop her over. Both still embarrassed
Ask her could she get me the hand towel behind her. She did and her asses in the lather legging made Jason dick go hard within seconds. Jason had never seen nicer ass in his whole live.
Over the next two weeks. Jason and Kate start to become best friend. She would often come in to bathroom after Jason was in the bath tub to talk.

However today Marie asks Kate to help Jason in to the bath as Marie was busy. Kate start take off cloths she was very nervous you could tell she never seen man naked before. Jason was used to be naked now and was looking forward to Kate seen me naked.
Jason was now to his boxer she pulls them down slowly. Jason was smile talking away. Then Jason look down his dick look like it was cold outside and his dick had shrunk to nothing. Jason was embarrassed. And didn?t say much

Kate helped him to the bath. There were no bubbles in bath and she could see everything.
Jason said normally much bigger than that. Kate looks up my six year old brother bigger than that. gölcük escort (She said jokingly). Jason didn?t say anything Kate said I was only joking. She said how about you prove it.
She began c to stroke his dick she seems fascinate with how big his dick grew with every stroke. She said are you Enjoy it. He just smiles. Jason was about to cum. When door flew open Marie was standing there.
Kate what are you doing. Kate stood up about to cry.
Marie said that not the way you do that. Then she grab his dick gave him the best hand job ever. He had ever gotten. Marie got Kate to do a strip tease for him.
Kate was clumsy and strip too quickly .

But body look amazing she had small nipples and little landing strip. Marie told Kate to start to give Jason hand job like she shows her. Marie done strip tease boy was she sexy Jason was in shock that he didn?t blow his load right there and then. Marie was now naked she had lovely tan. Her nipples were big. Ground zero below no hair at all. They both pick him up. And both start to dry me off with the towel.

Than they both brought him into his room. Were they both starts to give him blow job it was like competition. One would go and then the other. Each kept getting better. Now Kate climb on top him start guiding my cock in to her pussy. Her pussy was really tight. She rode his dick like a pro. Marie said my turn she got on although not as tight as Kate she move her hips in ways I never image. Jason ran his hand up her hips until he was feeling her tits. After few minute Marie said time for me to do some of the work.

She got Kate lay on her back. Open legs and Jason start move down slowly toward Kate legs told her how good she look and how good she smell. Start licking side of clit in circle motions. Her body start moving uncontrollably. She starts moaning she just had her first orgasm. Kate start kisses him and look me with her piercing blue eyes. And just lay their

Marie climb on top again she move hip again. This time her breaths became heavy and heavier until she orgasm. Then she got off Jason and stood him up start giving him mix between hand job and blowjob. Marie say cum for me baby cum. You done should a good job give me orgasm and give my niece orgasm. His breaths got deeper and deeper. She said cum on my tits. And he did the biggest load ever. As he lay their naked beside Kate and Marie she said first thing she said since the whole thing start Marie can we do this again. Marie look over to Jason with devilish smile only if Jason what’s to do it again.

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