Beautiful Dreamers Ch. 02

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Lonely single mother Tammy had developed an acquired taste for incest and taboo erotica over recent years. In her own mind she quickly developed more than a fascination with it – especially with her favourite kind, mothers and sons having sex with each other!

In fact she believed there to be nothing wrong with it in reality. The excitement of such taboo fantasies of crossing those lines might have been intensified with the knowledge of how dangerous such a life could be, but she had not only developed an addiction for such fantasies. She was in love with the idea.

Of course it was not something that society accepted. Some taboos society might never want to dispel when they weren’t even abusive. It was truly disturbing how men could act on the taboo of murder and rape to fulfil their own sick needs when it suited them, and yet the love and the bond between family could only be so strong. And though not all human beings were backstabbing, murdering, raping sociopaths, her passion remained a secret guilty pleasure, so close guarded that nobody would have expected.

Tammy recently stumbled upon a fairly new writer on erotic fiction website Literotica. He called himself Erotikinesis and wrote exactly the kind of stories she craved. Not only that, he was so damn good at it that Tammy was so deeply affected by his works, unable to think about anything for days but lustful, loving, incestuous sex all day and night.

Every story was so much more intense than the last, striking deep on every level so that she could barely tell one erogenous zone from the next. Contacting him to thank him for his perverted talent of daydreaming so graphically and emotionally in words, Tammy discovered that Erotikinesis was her only son.

Ben Adams was as deeply in love with the mother and son incest fantasy as she was. What came to be from that day forth set in motion a journey down the road to mutual self-discovery and the liberation of each others’ hearts and minds.

When she asked Ben to write her a story, depicting what would happen between them if fantasy led to reality for the both of them, Ben delivered more than she could have hoped for – much more. The lines between that fantasy and their reality were beginning to blur…


The very next morning Tammy showered and then set into the kitchen in her white terrycloth housecoat and made coffee. In the relative silence of that Saturday she stood dumbstruck by the previous night’s events. She had been alone when she read Ben’s story, lying on her bed in only her bra and panties, and thrumming with a strangely erotic sense of overwhelming fright. That had soon melted away, much like the rest of her.

How many mothers could claim to have been brought to such intense climaxes by the erotic works of their own sons? Come the insanely clever curveball that Ben had written into the story to trick her – one mindfuck to the next – Tammy was aching and pleading for this reality he had created. Come the part where he gave it to her, along with many very real questions, not only melted away her inhibitions.

The sex between them in his story left her utterly devastated and wondering what reality she was even living in anymore. So she had told him, Tammy felt like she had witnessed and experienced the real thing through his words, and she didn’t know how to feel about it.

In all honesty, she was more afraid than ever for the fact that she wanted more. She wanted more of his stories, she wanted them to be closer in their shared secret, and after having answered the questions put forth by Ben in his fiction, she was afraid that she wanted him the way that he wanted her.

Ben started to move around at roughly 10AM and after a quick shower he too came downstairs and entered the kitchen. He must have known his mother was there. He entered very cautiously, even before they laid eyes on each other.

‘Hi,’ he offered with a shy smile and approached her scratching the back of his head. He was dressed soft, in a snug white t-shirt and his grey sweatpants, his hair damp and messy.

‘Love the scruffy after-shower hairstyle,’ she said, swatting the fringe away from his forehead.

‘Are we weird again?’ he asked. She knew what he meant. After last night’s odd escapade, they were full-circle and back to that day last week when it all came flying out of Pandora’s box.


‘Good,’ Ben said and stood facing her with a resigned look. Tammy asked him to hold her then and he didn’t hesitate. They held each other quietly for a long time, listening to each other breathe. Nothing else mattered.

‘So weird,’ Tammy agreed before uttering a lengthy yawn. Then she peered up into her son’s warm eyes and offered him a bright smile. In honesty, though she wouldn’t tell him, Tammy felt like a teenager on the inside and she was a few hormones short of crushing over him. There and then that didn’t feel weird at all. It felt like the most natural thing in the world. It felt even better when he leaned down to kiss her on the forehead, bursa escort which she accepted with an adorable squeak.

‘You look like you could maybe use a coffee. Were you up late playing your game?’

‘I’d love one,’ he accepted, letting her loose to work her magic. ‘I was up late. But I was writing again.’ That surprised her, to hear him dare to speak so freely.

‘Sooo… you read my email?!’

‘I did,’ he nodded thoughtfully. ‘Are you okay? I dodn’t know what to think, whether you were upset or shocked.’

Tammy took a deep breath as she poured Ben his coffee and added milk, then offered him a trustful glance. ‘It was amazing, son. It sounds strange saying that, but do you mind me being so honest?’

‘I suppose I’d better get used to it,’ he said with a smirk and lifted the coffee to his lips.

‘I don’t know how I should feel just yet. But I know how I do feel.’

‘I feel the same,’ he agreed.

‘I know I put you on the spot last week when we talked. And I put some serious questions on the table that you’ll never have to answer if you don’t want to. So a part of what made your story about us so thrilling was how you presented your own questions and interpretations. They really made me think… hard…’

‘Thinking wasn’t the hardest thing you were doing,’ he teased and laughed. ‘Don’t lie!’

‘You awful, awful man, shut up,’ Tammy suddenly squealed. She blushed full-force and bit her lip before taking a swipe at the bulging meat of his bicep. ‘Do you want me to really come out and say it?’

‘You might already have said enough in that email, mom. Maybe you don’t want to say anymore just yet if you don’t know how to feel.’

‘I feel like we might love each other more than we probably should,’ Tammy confessed and blushed harder. Part of her regretted saying it. ‘Please rescue me from that last statement,’ she begged.

‘Relax mom,’ Ben said and disarmed her with a kiss on the cheek. ‘We can talk about it more when the dust has settled. But I refuse to believe that we can ever love each other too much!’

Good choice of words, Tammy thought to herself later. One hell of a bomb had dropped right on top of them. And they had brought it on themselves. The thing was that the dust wouldn’t settle for a long time to come, but that wasn’t what concerned her. The real concern was the shellshock that had rocked her to the core.


At six that evening, Tammy was done busying herself, dusting as it were, and was residing over one of her horror novels with a coffee when Ben swooped in, putting his coat on. He had a confident smile on his face. Tammy noticed that and also how smart he looked in a dark red shirt and jeans. Her first thought was that he was going out on a date. The mild scent of cologne backed up her intuition.

‘You look nice, are you going out?’ she asked.

‘We are,’ he announced. ‘Get your coat and come with me. I’m taking you to see a movie and then for something to eat.’

‘Oh I can’t let you do that,’ Tammy blushed again for the third time that day.

‘Just as well I’m not asking,’ Ben quipped with a wink. ‘Come on, let me treat you for once.’

Tammy’s heart leapt faster than she could stand up. Nobody said it was a date, nobody but the voice in her own mind, though she refused to let it speak for her. She hurried to fit into her stretchy drainpipe jeans and pulled on a snug black t-shirt with a plunging neckline, spraying on a hint of orange citrus perfume just for good measure.

‘Oh mom, you smell good enough to pluck fresh from the tree,’ Ben chuckled and earned a clip around the ear.


‘I haven’t been to see a movie in almost ten years,’ she whispered close to his ears once the commercials ended and the theatre fell into silence.

‘Then I hope this movie you chose isn’t a god-awful steaming pile of crap,’ Ben said cynically. He was joking. Ben had recommended ‘Don’t Breathe’ on the word of a horror buff he worked with. Tammy scolded him all the same but then quickly relaxed and took his hand in hers, where their fingers quickly intertwined.

Ben looked down, then so did his mother, but as he looked back to her she merely glued her eyes to the screen with a hidden smile. ‘Are you sure you don’t want a drink or anything?’

‘I’m happy,’ Tammy said genuinely and squeezed tighter.

After the movie Ben took Tammy to a nearby alehouse he knew that served good steaks. It was going on 9PM and both of their stomachs were grumbling like crazy. Neither Ben nor his mother imagined that they could have been happier though, making idle chitchat about work and life and anything but the weird stuff.

Ben had taken her out for the night to get away from that stuff, to give them both the chance to breathe clean air and to think clean thoughts, to be away from those four walls so that they could see each other in a different light.

It began to occur to him as he viewed her beneath the spotlights of their table, waiting on their food, that regardless of his attempt bursa escort bayan to take the weight off her shoulders, his mother – radiant, youthful and her blonde hair glowing like gold before him – was such an attractive woman. Not only that, they could both read each others’ body language. The message was written all over each of them. This might not have been intended as a date but it was sure as hell starting to feel like one.

‘I’m so glad we did this,’ Tammy enthused, sipping her iced G&T. ‘Thank you for all of this, Ben.’

‘You deserve it,’ he said gratefully and kissed her hand like she had at the cinema. She made eyes at him and then rolled them dramatically, meaning to self-deprecate, but he wouldn’t have it.


‘Come on, when’s the last time somebody took you out?’ Ben asked seriously. ‘I don’t remember.’

‘Funny enough neither do I. I should just date you,’ she joked. The food arrived just as Ben was about to speak. Tammy wondered why he held his tongue, maybe a little paranoid that it was something he didn’t feel could fall on ears other than theirs. Then they were alone again and the room seemed less quiet.

‘Maybe this is a date,’ he teased, cutting into his steak with such a hunger. He didn’t forget to disarm her with a wink before tasting the first morsel of seared red meat.

‘I knew it,’ Tammy played along. ‘I knew all along. You’re one of those hopeless romantic types.’

‘Indeed,’ her son replied upon swallowing the delicious rich steak. ‘So how many bases does this get me…

She kicked his shin under the table, suppressing her urge to smirk and bit her lower lip. ‘Eat your food young man!’


At 10PM they were grateful to be back home and far from the city rush of taxis carting in the screaming gaggles of dolled up women and carting out the early drunks. Tammy was no expert on weekend nightlife, not anymore, but she failed to see the attraction and wondered about Ben in that respect. Was he destined to miss out on his youth because he didn’t fit into that life, or was he really happy being the laid back loner that he was?

As soon as they were through the door, Tammy groaned as she sought release from her wedge-heels and longed to feel the ground beneath her feet. When she was out of her shoes and taking the strain off her lower back, she gratefully wrapped her arms around her son and held him there. She was only a little tipsy from the four gins she had drank, but the buzz was just enough.

‘Thanks again, Ben,’ she oozed. ‘I love you so much!’

‘Gimme a kiss,’ he said and leaned in to catch her lips with his own. Not that the demand or the action was out of character, especially since he himself had snuck away two beers, but it surprised her in the most pleasant way.

‘Better stop that before I get used to it,’ Tammy laughed softly. ‘Let’s sit down here for a little bit and talk some more, okay?’ Ben was in high spirits and all ears.

‘I still can’t stop thinking about your story,’ she said, blushing and grinning as she stretched out onto her portion of the sofa. ‘While we’ve had a good time and had a few drinks, can we just say it like it is?’

‘Please do,’ Ben invited and scooched closer to her. He rested his hand on one of her ankles as she tucked her feet beneath her backside and leaned back comfortable and waited.

‘It was hot!’

Ben smiled. She looked at him intensely, longingly, and thus maybe for a little too long. All the while he kept her gaze and the both of them thought to themselves just how much they wanted to kiss each other.

‘Do you care that it’s wrong?’ Tammy asked.

‘I love it because it’s wrong,’ Ben admitted.

Tammy gasped, ‘me too,’ and then, ‘do you really fantasise about me that way?’ Ben only nodded. ‘Oh boy,’ Tammy breathed. ‘Well I’m going to go to my room. Will you be up late?’

‘Most likely,’ Ben said, blushing, and with that Tammy reached over to kiss him on the lips and demanded another and another for good measure before bidding him a good night. It was far from the end of that night.

As soon as she got to her room, Tammy stripped out of her jeans and tee and then her bra and panties before slipping into bed and signing into her email account again, while the secret she had kept all evening – since growing bored at the movies – was still fresh in her mind.

It was just a matter of words, a single paragraph, all meant to provoke. She could blame the alcohol all she wanted to, not that she would. Tammy was simply in the frame of mind to at least try to give as good as she got…


“I was just thinking, how I can possibly thank you for taking me out on such a great first date tonight?” read the beginning of the message.

“So I wanted you to know what I’m thinking right now – you and me, my son and his mother, in bed together, making love, kissing the night away lying naked in each others’ arms, exploring each others’ bodies…

“I just thought you should know that. I love you, baby,” read escort bursa the end of the message, lined with kisses and hearts.

By then, Ben was lying on top of his bed stripped naked, eyes bulging bewilderingly as he read the message. His eight inch cock was rock solid and pointing up toward the ceiling, his hand wrapped firmly around the base as he eased the foreskin back and forth. How his heart thundered in his chest. He could hear it, like a bass drum thumping through a thick brick wall. Then he received a text message.

‘Are you enjoying the story so far?’ his mother had wrote.

‘Mom, I don’t know what to say right now other than I am so hard. You don’t know how good that sounds,’ he sent back.

‘Yes I do,’ came the reply. ‘So you have a big hard cock and I have a nice smooth deep hot wet pussy. You’re the writer in the family. Why don’t you help me tell this story?’

Kisses, Hugs, Hearts…

‘My long, thick hard cock and your smooth, deep, hot wet pussy sliding wetly together…’

Tammy was already breathless and sliding her fingers between the folds of her pussy, pulling back the hood of her clit to flick her sensitive little bud, just thinking about it. She had outdone herself now, inviting her son to sext with her while he was only in the next room. Shamelessly she already knew how she could go one better and it couldn’t wait.

‘Oh yeah, that sounds so good. Can I call you?’

‘Sure,’ Ben replied, with hearts upon hearts. And in seconds his phone was ringing and the one heart that wasn’t on the end of his last text was now up in his throat. He picked up and listened for a moment. His mother cleared her throat and then spoke to him in a whisper.

‘Hi, baby.’

‘Hey, beautiful.’

‘I can’t help myself. Well technically I am…’

‘So am I.’

‘I thought we should just skip the typing and hear each other out,’ Tammy suggested. ‘Naughty I know, but…’ Tammy let out a heavy breath and then inhaled softly. ‘Would you be okay with talking to each other like this?’

‘I’d love to,’ Ben assured, a slave to his own racing heart and his desires for Tammy.

‘The message you just sent about your long, thick, hard cock sliding in and out of your mother’s deep, hot, wet pussy, that really got me going,’ she breathed. ‘I’m struggling hard not to come all over myself thinking about that. Thinking about you… in me…

‘Thinking about me… moulded around you…’

‘I wish I was in bed with you right now,’ Ben groaned.

‘Really? What would you do if I invited you over?’

‘I’d love to have hot, passionate sex with you,’ he answered and then swallowed dryly. His mother gasped. Just to have heard him say that to her drove her further to the edge.

‘Gosh! You’d really want to have sex with your mother?’ Tammy sought his confirmation, just to hear it again. She moaned. ‘My God, baby, you’re killing me…’

‘Hot, steamy, passionate,’ he trailed.

‘Consenting, adult, sensuous,’ she furthered.

‘Wrong, forbidden, incestuous mother and son sex!’

‘I am fucking coming so hard,’ his mother swooned breathlessly. ‘Thinking about us making love right now – it’s so wrong but wouldn’t it feel so good?’

‘You would look so beautiful coming with my cock deep inside you,’ Ben dreamed and sharply she hissed in his ear and the line went dead. Through the wall of his bedroom Ben heard his mother come loud and hard. All of a sudden his erect cock, thick and so stiff in his hand, began to erupt, come spurting out high into the air like shaken champagne – thick white streams – and as he frantically milked himself of every last drop, he too called out, surrendering to the sheer intensity of those delicious sensations.

After a while his phone rang again. He picked up to hear his mother softly giggling and couldn’t help but join her. ‘Now that was a fantasy a little closer to reality wasn’t it?’

‘You’re amazing, mom,’ Ben sighed. ‘I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.’

‘I loved every second, lover,’ Tammy smiled. ‘There’s just one thing I really want right now. I don’t know about you…’

‘The real thing?’

‘Hmmm…’ she longed. But no! ‘How would you like to come and snuggle with me for the night?’


It was an experience neither of them ever really thought they’d find themselves faced with. Other than the intense fantasy they had just shared so vocally, it was a beautiful thing. Similar to how Tammy’s initial mental visual had suggested, they lay together in her bed, cuddled up to each other beneath the covers.

And instead of making love like they so desperately wanted to only moments before, they simply basked in the strangeness of the moment, and the beauty of it, noting how different they appeared in the post-orgasmic glow of their phone encounter. Now was not the time. Maybe the time would never or should never come. But the chances were that it might soon, because here they were testing warmer waters, becoming greater accustomed to each other yet again.

Tammy had her son’s hands in hers and couldn’t take her eyes off his, though she was so tired and close to sleep. And all the while Ben just gazed back before eventually pulling her closer, wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

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