Dear Diary 03: Her

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Dear Diary,

Terri’s parents arrived today, needing somewhere to stay on their way to their holidays. Bugger. Was hoping to have a nice night of passion with Colin. But we ended up going al fresco instead, and I’m sure someone was watching us. Bloody certain of it. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Colin arrived, just as I was putting the kettle on. How he does it, I’ll never know; it’s like he’s got radar for the kettle. I hugged him, gave him a peck, and filled him in on the situation.

We dished out the drinks, and sat making polite conversation. Something made me think of that clearing that I found the other week; the one I wrote about. A flash of inspiration hit me. I conned Colin into coming upstairs to help me make the bed, got him alone in the back bedroom, and told him that if I suggested a walk in the woods, the correct answer was “yes”.

He looked confused, but agreed. Then we laid down on the bed and had a really nice cuddle. It was great to feel his arms around me, and to have my arms around him, again. I could have dozed off, but I was aware of Terri’s parents downstairs, and knew that if we stayed up there too long eyebrows would have been raised. It’s important to Terri that her parents think that she and her flatmate are a couple of nice, middle class, girls who wouldn’t dream of pre-marital sex, and since I like Terri a lot, I wasn’t going to do anything to change that view.

I rolled off the bed, and leant over to kiss him. I couldn’t keep my horniness out of the kiss, and my nipples showed it. Mind you, so did his cock! I teased him a little, rubbing my tits, and he tried to be stern. It didn’t work, as usual, and I gave him the coy look that I know drives him wild. He called me a little minx. I took it as a compliment. He tried to slap my bum as he rolled over, but I ducked out of the way and laughed as he nearly fell off the bed.

When we got downstairs the enthralling conversation was about getting soup stains out of jeans. Wow. Eventually it turned to gardening, and something about a tree. There was my cue. I mentioned the woods and asked if Colin fancied a walk, using the excuse of a fuzzy head (from the cold I’d just got over). He remembered his line, we excused ourselves, and went and got the coats. My pussy was tingling slightly from the excitement and anticipation of what I had planned.

Walking up the road we chatted about friends and family, caught up on the gossip, shared the news that we couldn’t share in front of Terri’s parents. It would never do for them to find out that most of our friends were bi, gay, poly or queer; or some combination thereof.

We got to the common, and I headed straight for the entrance to the woods. We’d been walking arm-in-arm, but I took hold of his hand when we got inside the woods; much more romantic. Not that there’s anything “serious” there; we’re friends-with-benefits, and have been for many years.

I knew there was a side path that I was looking for, and I thought it was only a couple of minutes down the path. As we got close to where I thought it was, I got the urge for a smoke, so I get my fags out and lit one for me. Colin took the lighter to light his own, while I wandered on down the path looking for the side turning. He caught up with me and handed the lighter back. Just as I took it from him I spotted the entrance and turned sharply towards it. My foot caught on the side of the path and I stumbled forward. Verbally abusing myself I caught my balance and headed off down the side path.

It’s not wide enough for two, so Colin followed me, which was what I wanted.

As I reached the big tree at the entrance to the clearing I stopped to listen, to see if there was anyone else using the clearing. Not sure what I would have done if there was; might well have gone to the other side of the clearing from them and done our own thing while they were doing theirs. It’s not like we haven’t done that at parties before.

I couldn’t hear anything, so I took his hand and lead him into the clearing. We crossed the clearing Betturkey to the stack of logs. I’d nearly finished my smoke, so I stubbed it out on the grass. Taking my jacket off, I hung it on a branch and turned back to him.

I told him to get his coat off and get over to me. He paused to put his smoke out on the end of a log, took his coat off and hooked it over the end of another log. He looked at me for a moment, then suddenly he was in my arms, our lips meeting, our arms round each other, our hands wandering, caressing, the passion rising. The kiss lasted for ages, then, when it felt right, I pulled back gently, keeping my arms round him.

We talked for a few minutes, chattering, remembering, teasing with words, until I couldn’t control the my horniness any more. I let go, and gave him a little push so he was leaning against the logs. Grabbing his coat, I spread it out on the floor and knelt in front of him. The belt buckle came undone easily, and the zip and button too. There was the tip of his cock, sticking out over his undies. I wanted it in my pussy, but I wanted it in my mouth too. I knew that if he got his cock in me it would feel wonderful, but once he’d come it would take a while for him to recover, so I pulled down his jeans and undies and kissed him on the end of his cock.

Opening my lips I sucked him deep into my mouth, the taste of his pre-cum as nice as ever. I slide my lips up and down the length, ticked the underside with my tongue, running my tongue around the head. He was muttering incoherently, and I chuckled; that was the expected and normal reaction at this point.

I needed to give myself some release too, so I undid my jeans with my left hand, slid my hand down inside my panties and started teasing my clit. The combination of the feel of him in my mouth, and my hand on my clit, just served to make me even hornier. My right hand was fondling his balls, and then wanking him with just the tip of his cock in my mouth, then back to his balls.

I knew what would get him even hornier, so I slid my mouth back to just the tip, then stopped. He looked down at me. I took my hand of my jeans, dragged my top up over my tits, took one out and started rubbing the nipple. At the same time I carried on sucking his cock. He’s always got off on seeing my playing with my tits (when he’s not playing with them himself). It only took a few more sucks and I feel his balls contracting they way they do when he’s about to come.

I ran my mouth up the length of his cock one final time and stopped. Standing up, I leaned over him and kissed him. He loves to taste his cock on my mouth, so I was happy to oblige.

Standing up straight, licking my lips, with one hand still on his cock, I raised my eyebrows at him and cocked my head to one side as if to say “Well? What are you going to do next?”

He took a couple of seconds to work out what I was asking, then I saw the light dawn. He looked around, but couldn’t work out the logistics so I let go of his cock, picked up his coat, and started to drape it over the logs. He moved his jeans, and I removed mine (and my knickers to give him easy access to my pussy) and climbed up onto the logs, hoping it was going to put me at the right height for him to give me a good licking.

I was very wet, and rather horny, as I spread my legs to give him a good view in the moonlight. He quickly took my jacket off the branch and was about to lay it down on the floor when we heard a cracking noise – just once – from the side of the clearing. There’s a space over there that’s screened from the clearing with some bushes and small trees – almost as if someone has created a viewing area – and I’m sure that was where the sound had come from.

I looked over there, to see if I could see anyone. I sorta thought I maybe saw something but it could well have been just the way the shadows were arranged. Colin asked me if I’d seen anything, and to be honest, even if I had, I’m not sure I’d have told him – the poor dear might have got a touch of performance anxiety. Betturkey Giriş So I said something about maybe it was a bird and he seemed to accept that.

He laid my jacket down on the floor to kneel on. It worked, he was at just the right height to lean forward and kiss my clit; which he did, the big softy. Only one kiss mind you, then he started licking, his tongue moving gently along the outside of my lips, just brushing against my thighs.

He knows what I like, a little teasing, and then a nice steady pattern. He blew gently across my pussy, which tingled, then he started licking, teasing slightly at first, but then working on my clit, moving lower occasionally to shove his tongue just inside my hole.

He carried on like that for a couple of minutes, and I started playing with my nipples again. I do love having my nipples and clit teased at the same time, even if I have to do it for myself sometimes. Although it’s more fun when I have someone working at my clit and someone else focusing on my nipples.

He must have felt me moving my arms, as he slowed down while I was rearranging my weight, but then got back up to speed, and at the same time slipped at least two fingers into my hole.

The combination of clitoral, nipple and g-spot stimulation (oh yes, he knows where that is) made me draw my knees up. I knew I was panting, and I tried to keep it quiet, but I’ve never been very good at that.

He, on the other hand, is very good at what he was doing and I could feel my pussy tightening around his fingers as I started to tip over the edge. I wasn’t going to give him any option to back out, so I wrapped my legs over his shoulders and held his head against my pussy.

As it hit me, I moaned, telling him not to stop, waves of pleasure crashing over me (yes, I know it’s a cliche, but that’s how it feels) as he slowed down to help me extend my orgasm. I could feel my legs shaking as I lent my head back and gave myself over to it totally.

I knew I was squeezing him between my thighs, and really didn’t care – it just felt so good.

He stopped licking and fingering me, as I came down off the crest of the last wave. I knew what I wanted, and as soon as I was able to, I moved my legs off him, lifted my head, made eye contact and told him to “fuck me”.

He smiled, stood up, leaned forward and kissed me, his tongue teasing between my open lips. He moved forward and I felt his cock pressing at my opening, then pressing in, and then the wonderful sensation of it sliding right up inside me until his balls were pressing agaist my arse.

We kissed for a little more, while I squeezed his cock inside me, then he lifted his weight up and started fucking me.

Of course he teased me, several strokes, then waited until I wiggled at him, then slammed it back it and carried on, he really knows how to drive me wild.

I love feeling him pulling all the way out, and just pressing the tip back in. He knows I’l wiggle, and I know he’ll give me the full length, so I feel it running all the way up my insides.

He fucked me for a little while, leaned over me and whispered, asking me if I wanted him from behind. I like being taken that way, either doggy style, or standing up and bent over something; usually a piece of furniture, although on one memourable occasion, a farm gate!

I nodded, and nibbled my bottom lip, which I know keeps him nice and horny. He didn’t pull out in one go, but eased out in stages, pushing back a little occasionally, he’s such a tease sometimes.

Eventually he pulled out all the way, and helped me to stand up. Turnng round I leant forward, spread my legs, and rested my elbows on the logs while wedging my knees against a log so I wouldn’t fall forward.

He penetrated me straight away, no teasing this time, just a good hard fucking – his hands on my hips, holding me, as his thighs slapped against my bum. Each thrust drove a moan out of me, as I could feel his cock rubbing over my g-spot.

I thought I heard a noise again, from the same place as last time, but I was too much into the moment to even think about looking over. If someone was watching, I hope they enjoyed the show!

The sheer joy of doing it in the outdoors, along with the suspicion that we were being watched, added to my excitement and I knew it wasn’t going to take much for me to cum, and cum hard.

Sure enough it started again, making me wiggle against him to try and get him even deeper inside me, squeezing him as I did so. I could feel I was starting to shudder, my whole body shaking, this was a much stronger orgasm than earlier.

Suddenly he started to moan too, and I could feel his cock twitching inside me, he was cumming too, thrusting into me as he spurted his cum deep inside me.

He finally stopped thrusting, and my orgasm wound down, leaving me satisfied, a little sore from the good pounding I’d just had, and tingling all over.

He leaned across my back, and kissed me gently between my shoulders. He stayed leaning across me for a short while, then whispered that he was going to stand up. I said “OK”, and braced my knees a little harder ready for the weight shift.

He slipped out of me, his cock brushing against my clit as it ran down between my pussy lips. I could feel the cool night air against my sore pussy, it felt so good.

Suddenly I heard a thud, followed by an exclamation from behind me. Standing up I turned quickly to see what had happened.

The silly sod had fallen backwards and landed on his arse. Somehow he had my coat in his hand, and was holding it out to me. He looked so silly there, his limp cock exposed, his jeans down around his ankles, my coat in the air, I had no choice but to giggle.

He tried to look upset, but really couldn’t manage it, which made me laugh outright, which made him laugh outright, and that was it, we were off; laughing together in a shared moment of extreme silliness.

After we’d recovered, I took my coat from him, dropped it on the logs, and helped him up. As he got to his feet we hugged, but I was starting to feel the cold now, so I suggested that we should get dressed.

Quickly getting dressed we put our coats back on and I got my smokes out. I took two out, put one in my mouth, and offered him the other.

He took it from me and I went for my lighter. Couldn’t bloody find it. I swore as I searched my pockets again; I must have dropped the bloody thing.

He handed me a Clipper, and we sparked up anyway. A couple of deep drags each, and I turned towards the exit. I reached out and took his hand as we walked out of the clearing.

When we reached the edge I motioned for him to go first. The path got darker as we got under the tree cover, and his night vision’s better than mine.

As I followed him, admiring his bum, I suddenly spotted a glint of light on the path ahead. It was sitting in a patch of moonlight. I recognized it, and in my excitement to get it stepped off the path and pushed past Colin.

It was my lighter! But.. I was sure if I’d dropped it when I stumbled then it would have been much further on along this path. It was in a patch of moonlight, almost like someone had carefully put it there. Maybe our mystery voyeur had moved it?

I decided not to worry about it, I was just pleased to have it back. We walked back, still chatting, but in a more relaxed, casual way.

When we got back to the front door we stopped, I took him in my arms and kissed him. Hard. With tongues. He kissed me back, our arms holding each other tight, as this was the last chance we’d get to have a good long kiss while Terri’s parents were staying.

I unlocked the door, and yelled down the hallway that is was just us as I went upstairs to clean up. Colin headed for the downstairs loo to do the same.

As I sat on my bed, my pussy still tingling slightly, I knew I’d have to write up this entry before I went to sleep and so I resolved to “be sociable” for a little while before coming back upstairs.

So I did the social thing and then then came and sat down at my desk. I’ve had my hand down my knickers for most of the time I’ve been writing this, and now I’m off to bed to finish myself off before I sleep.

Goodnight dear Diary. xx

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