Dinner with the Boss Ch. 05

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“Leave a message at the tone,” an automated voice said and I quickly hung up. “Where is she?” I wonder to myself.

My mind plays through the delicious memories from Tuesday night. As she held my lithe body tightly against her, the warm strap on dildo still comfortably inside of me, Semela told me she had another surprise for me. Her husband was gone until late Wednesday night which left her and I alone for the entire evening. We left the shop shortly thereafter and I anxiously followed her to her home, each red light we hit frustrating me a bit more than the last. My arms wrapping around her waist before she even had a chance to close the front door.

“I want to thank you for this evening. I have never felt so good,” I had whispered into her ear. Eventually we found our way to the bedroom and I finally got the opportunity to show my appreciation. Semela’s beautiful legs wrapped tightly around me as I forced myself harder against her, the fake cock completely inside of her, her juices flowing endlessly.

Four days had passed in silence and now I had my own surprise for Semela. I dialed her cell phone number one last time and waited until that annoying robotic voice picked up. I hung up and walked to my car. Twenty minutes later, I parked a block away from Semela’s house. I didn’t know if Drew was home or not, so I decided I had better be careful. I walked over to her block and cautiously approached the house. Through the large front window, I could see lights shining brightly on the main level. I looked around at my surroundings, thankful it was nighttime and decided to wait a minute and hope for some luck. Within minutes, I saw Semela walk by heading to the staircase. I ran over to the front door and softly knocked in case Drew was upstairs. A few seconds later, I knocked again and the door finally opened.

“What are you doing here?” Semela’s face beaming with surprise.

“Thought I would stop by, is it okay?”

Her face expression suddenly changing, her eyes dropping.

“Drew is upstairs in bed. He’s not feeling well.”

“I tried calling you.”

“He took my phone. He thought I seemed in too good of a mood Wednesday night when he returned and he knows it was not because I was happy to see him.”

“I have a surprise for you, when can we be together?”

Suddenly we heard the sound of a toilet flushing and then running water.

“You have to leave,” Semela said quickly. “I’ll arrange the schedule so we work together next week okay?”

“No,” I immediately said. “It has to be outside of work.”

A smile played upon her lips.

“Meet me tomorrow at Westbrooke around 5,” I quickly said.

Semela reached her hand out and I took it and gently squeezed it. Our eyes locking, minds racing.

“Semela!” Drew’s voice bellowed.

We quickly snapped back to reality and she withdrew her hand as if she had been bitten. görükle escort bayan

“Tomorrow at five,” I whispered.

“I’ll be there.”

My heart ached as the door shut and I heard her lock it. At least I knew she would soon be near me. The next day right at five, she pulled up alongside my car in the parking lot at Westbrooke and I motioned for her to join me. As she closed the passenger’s door, I asked if she was okay.

“Drew doesn’t know does he?”

“I told him I had to work tonight because Rebecca called in sick. He wasn’t too happy, but he does understand that comes with the job.”

I leaned over and placing my fingers on her chin, pulled her face closer. Our lips only centimeters apart I whispered, “I missed you.”

“I’m here now,” her breathing already faltering in anticipation. Her own hands reaching for me. I pull away and start the car, a look of confusion on her beautiful face.

“Onto my surprise.”

The trees and buildings pass by as I drive. I stop at a red light and smile at Semela, her hand reaching out taking mine. I give it a gentle squeeze. We remain hand in hand until I pull into the parking lot of the motel. A wicked grin passes her lips and I hop out and open the door and help her out. I had made the reservation earlier and had already been in the room to prepare. I lead Semela to our room before telling her to close her eyes. I barely open the door, the soft music playing from the small stereo across the way encompasses us. I allow us only to step a little bit in before I close the door and tell Semela to open her eyes. I hear her gasp as she sees how much time I spent on perfecting the room. A trail of small rose petals sprinkled about on the floor, eventually dividing into two separate directions. To the left, all the way into the bathroom and to the right, where the bed lies. Small scented candles rest on the bedside table top, the dim created almost breathtaking.

“Which path shall we explore first,” I say softly laughing.

Semela looks at me amused, and certainly impressed.

“The path to the right.”

“You know I was sure you would choose that one first.”

I pull her body into mine, lips meeting briefly before eagerly exploring. Arms around one another, I lead her to the bed where she notices one red rose lying perfectly in the middle of the bed. She murmurs inaudibly and quickly grabs the rose. She looks deep into my eyes, her face full of surprise as well as gratitude at knowing how much time I had spent on this surprise and I did it just for her.

“You are simply amazing, this is so beautiful. Nobody has ever done anything like this for me before.”

I gently take the rose from her hand. I let the soft petals gently caress the soft delicate skin of her cheek. I notice her eyes close as I move the red petals down and across her bursa otele gelen escort neck.

“Slowly remove your sweater for me.”

I pull the rose back as Semela’s hands reach under her creamy cashmere sweater. Her breasts bounce as she peels the sweater off and lets it drop onto the side of the bed. My fingers trace along her bra.

“This must go as well.”

I set the rose down on the table, her eyes watching my every move. My fingers gently dance on her back before unclasping her bra. As the cups fall away exposing her breasts, I lower my head, my warm moist lips enveloping her hard nipple. I watch her head fall back as she moans, forcing her breast further into my mouth. I slowly tease her dark blue jeans down her legs. Her arms wrap around my neck as she pushes her whole being against me. I place my hand under her thigh to help steady her as well as pull her even further against me, our lips hungrily kissing one another. My other hand traveling all over her warm body. Several minutes passed before I maneuvered us close enough to the bed that I was able to teasingly push Semela onto it.

I turned so my back was facing her and slowly peeled away each article of clothing, my panties the last to go. Before turning around, I tossed my panties behind me. Semela caught them and her and I were both giggling.

“Feel what you do to me.”

I turned around in time to see her fingers tracing the crotch of my panties. I stood in front of her, my hands grabbing my own breasts, my nipples rapidly hardening. I ran my fingers down my taut stomach, her eyes following my descending fingers until finally I reached my bare pussy. Semela reached her hand out and I took her hand in mine crouching down, I began sucking on her finger, the same one she had traced my wet panties with moments earlier.

“Ohhh I remember when I did this to you in the car that night,” she moaned.

I sucked harder and finally let my tongue just tease the very tip of her long finger. Rising, I pushed myself against Semela, her back landing on the mattress. My knees on either side of her, I push myself into her, the feeling of her cool silk panties on my pussy greatly arousing me. I feel her hands cup my breasts and I grab her hands and push them out above her head and hold them there.

“You’re mine right now,” my eyes full of control.

I grind faster against her, her silk panties drenched, a combination of our mutual lust. I push my face against her neck, sucking and gently nibbling.

“I’m close, I can’t take much more,” she moans between breaths.

Leaving her freshly blemished skin, I use my left hand to keep hers down on the mattress and use my other hand to tear her panties away exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. I push two fingers into her soaked pussy, my thumb pressing against her aroused clit. With her bursa escort bayan arousal intensifying she rides my fingers feverishly, searching for her approaching bliss. My thumb flicks her clit as she bites her lip.

“I want to feel your body shiver baby, I want to feel you explode on my fingers.”

“Ohhh yes, fuck me baby,” she hollers.

An abundance of her juices leak out alongside my fingers onto the wet sheets beneath us. I remove my fingers and pinch her right nipple leaving it glistening with her own juices. I position myself so my pussy is directly above her erect nipple.

“Lift your breast.”

I groan loudly as my clit makes contact with her hard nipple. Shivers run throughout my entire body as I grind myself against her nipple, Semela trying to keep her breast in position which is difficult considering her breasts are soaked with my juices. My hands squeeze my own breasts together and as my orgasm begins to engulf me, I pinch my nipples hard, my nails digging into my tender flesh causing me to scream. I collapse on top of Semela, breathing loudly, my body trembling with aftershocks.

“I,…I have wanted to do that… for days.”

I move my hands down her arms and finally to her sides. Now finally able to move her own hands, she runs her fingers through my hair.

“What went on here certainly did not show your submissiveness young lady.”

Her ability to say that without hesitation or breaking into a smile made me laugh. I was soon joined by Semela. We laughed for a couple of minutes. I wasn’t sure why we kept on laughing, but as for myself, I just couldn’t help it. I felt so good, so happy having Semela with me. We rested in bed talking for nearly a hour.

“Let’s explore the other path,” Semela said. “We need a bath before we leave.”

This instant was the first time I experienced nervousness around Semela. I tried to say something, but no words left me. I took her hand in mine again, but this time I pulled her wedding ring from her finger and set it on the bedside table close to the rose. Semela didn’t say a word, her eyes searching mine. I once again tried to speak but couldn’t. I lowered my eyes and only then was I able to speak. My voice softly shook as I whispered, “We don’t want it to get wet.”

I have no idea how much time elapsed in silence, seemed like an eternity to me.

“I am so much older than you, nearly thirty years your senior.”

“I know,” I replied.

“Yes I know you do. I also know you don’t care, in fact you like it very much.”

I couldn’t help but smile.

Finding my ability to speak I said, “I know you love your son, I promise you won’t lose any contact with him.”

“I also loved Drew,” she replied carefully.

I exhaled suddenly nervous again, “I know you love Dr…” then I realized she had used past tense when she had said love.

“I love you Semela,”

“I love you.”

I whispered, “I love you,” repeatedly as I kissed her neck and shoulders.

“The ring shall remain on the table,” she said as she took my hand. “As for us, we still need a bath,” she said, that sparkle clearly evident in her eyes.

We followed the rose petals into the bathroom, side by side, hand in hand.

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