Enticed and Humiliated Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

Part 2 – Second Time is a Charm

I could not believe what I had just done and how much I loved it! I grew up in a small rural town and homosexuality was derided and ridiculed but I just enjoyed it so much! I could not understand how something so pleasurable could be so frowned upon. I also knew that I still loved my girlfriend and that I did not want to give up her pussy and other various charms. Glen and I talked about all this and we both agreed to keep our sexual activities a secret in order to protect my relationship with my girlfriend.

Now that that was out of the way and I still had a boner we turned back to sex. I explained to Glen how the blowjob that he gave me was the best of my life. It was much better than what my girlfriend ever gave. I also talked to Glen about how much I loved sucking his cock. We talked about how even though I was not crazy about the taste of cum, I seemed to enjoy it and was now craving it. He told me not to worry that I could have as much as I wanted!

Glen now told me that he wanted to get a full look at my body. I was always proud of my body. I like playing sports and bicycled to work so I had a wiry athletic body. I undressed and Glen stood looking at my body. I felt very conscious and yet aroused standing naked in front of Glen as he looked me over. I nervously twirled around slowly to show him everything. Little did I know how in to detail he was.

Glen took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom. He made me lie on the bed face down. He ran his hand over my body, from the shoulders to the backs of my knees. It felt good. He then kneaded my ass cheeks some, as if he was preparing a glob of doe. This felt wonderful; however I was surprised when he pried my cheeks open and started rubbing my bud.

I moaned and lifted my ass. Beşiktaş Escort Glen placed a pillow beneath my hips, keeping my ass in the raised position and said, “you like that, don’t you?”

I just moaned, “yes.” I was totally surprised when he licked my asshole. It felt so nasty but seemed to create a beautiful itch at the same time! He kept on licking my sphincter and pushing his tongue inside. I loved it! I felt saliva running down my taint and covering my balls. This allowed Glen to easily penetrate a finger into my asshole. I was very nervous about it because I was afraid that he would be turned off by a dirty finger. I asked, “Do you want me to rinse myself out or something?”

Glen just said, “No.” I then felt something cold on my ass as Glen began rubbing his fingers up and down the length of my crack from my taint to my lower back. I was in heaven.

“I just lubed up your ass with some KY. It will make it easier.” Glen said. I now knew that he intended on fucking my ass and I was mentally prepared for it. So far everything felt so good that I decided to just keep my mouth shut. I felt something bigger in my hole and Glen mentioned, “I already have three fingers in! I can’t believe how tight and smooth your hole is!” I was disappointed when he removed his fingers but not for long.

Glen now climbed up over me and placed his cockhead at the entrance to my hole. I was glad that he was only about my size of six and a half inches in length and a little more than an inch in width.

I asked him, “Did you put a rubber on?”

He replied, “No, but I just came back negative on an AIDS test. I can show you the form if you want to see it. You will enjoy it much more without a rubber.” Boy was he right!

With a gentle push Glen inserted Beşiktaş Escort Bayan the head of his dick into my ass. He stopped and I was glad because I felt a little full back there. After a minute he started doing the minutest rocking motions and it felt great. He slowly increased the length of these rocking motions and soon I felt his pelvic bone mashing into my ass. It was great and I was lifting my ass up to meet each thrust! The feeling was just like that exquisite need before a bowel movement but intensified. We had soon worked up a sweat and Glen was now pausing a little at the end of each thrust letting me enjoy the complete fullness of my bowels and the pressure of his pelvis on my ass. I could also feel his nuts swinging into mine at this time.

I was very close to cuming now so I put my hand under me and inserted my cockhead into my palm. This had the double benefit of giving my cockhead some contact with flesh and would also catch all the impending load of cum so as not to dirty Glen’s sheets.

When I came it was long and hard. I collected all of my jizm in my palm and brought it to my face. Making a show out of it, I licked it a few times and then scooped the whole load into my mouth. Sperm is definitely an acquired taste because it was so much better this time. I swirled it around my mouth, and mashed it between my tongue and the roof of my mouth. When it eventually lost its consistency, due to its mixing with saliva, I swallowed.

Glen now erupted deep in my bowels. I could feel the hot spurts and then the invading strokes got sloppier due to the new lubrication. I felt a little sad that his seed was dumped in my ass because I would not be able to eat it. Boy, was I naïve! Glen twitched violently and after a few more strokes he just Escort Beşiktaş collapsed on my back. I felt so sheltered under him and my ass had such a nasty sticky fullness to it that I loved.

I could feel Glen’s dick shrink in my ass and it eventually plopped out. Glen got up and I could see some shit streaks and cum on his dick. It was then that I decided that I did not want to become a shitstabber. I would be content at the receiving end but did not want to insert my dick into a man’s hole. As I got up I shared this decision with Glen. He told me that I am, what is known as a bottom. He told me that it is perfectly normal and that most of the guys that he had experience with were bottoms.

Glen then invited me to shower with him but by this point his cum had started dripping out of my ass and running down the back of my thigh. I was embarrassed but I told him that I was enjoying the nastiness of it. Damn it felt good. So sticky and proof of the hedonistic sin that we had just committed!

Glen said, “Not only are you a bottom but it seems like you are a slut too! ManI am going to have a lot of fun with you!”

While Glen showered I continued to enjoy the nasty stickiness between my ass cheeks and on the back of my thigh. I also reflected upon what we had done. I had cheated on my girlfriend and did not feel bad about it. I had sucked a cock and it satiated a deep need. I had eaten three loads of jizz and loved it. I had also been fucked like a bitch from behind and knew that I wanted more! Not only that but Glen had called me a slut and it made me proud.

Once Glen finished showering, I entered with regret. I enjoyed the slutty nasty feeling but knew that I had to wash it off before going back to my girlfriend. When I finished showering Glen declared, “you are welcome back for a repeat at any time. I had a great time with your ass! I also have a lot more to teach you. Man, you’re gonna love it!”

I took down his phone number and left with the best feeling of revelation and natural high since I lost my virginity!

To be continued . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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