Fantasy of Best Friends Mom Pt. 01

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Growing up I always had a crush on my best friends mom. Hunter and I did everything together and we were practically like brothers growing up. His parents Todd and Carissa were also like my parents. As we became teenagers I started having a crush on Hunters mom Carissa. I never told anybody but always fantasized about her. She had just turned 40 but looked much younger. She was on the thick side but not fat. She would always wear tight clothes that showed off her curves. She had blonde hair and bright blue eyes that stood out on her smooth tan skin.

We were finally 18 and both looking at the same colleges. We had visited a few but had a few more to go visit. My parents were on vacation and Carissa had agreed that she would take me and Hunter to check out one of the schools. It was about 6 hours away from home so we were staying overnight.

We took her SUV as it had more room than our cars and started on our journey. Carissa asked Hunter to drive since she was tired. I sat in the back seat and they were up front. We were about 2 hours into the drive when Carissa spilled her coffee all over her. She was cursing at herself and told Hunter to take the next exit. We stopped at a gas station and she asked us to clean up the seat while she went to go change.

Carissa went to the back to get her clothes from her suitcase while we scrubbed the seat. The coffee was staining the seat so we went in and bought upholstery cleaner. A few minutes later Carissa came out changed. She came out wearing loose gym shorts which was rare for her. She went to get in the front seat and noticed it was wet so she climbed in the back with me. We were back on the road again and about another hour in she repositioned herself sitting sideways with her back against the door and legs across the seat towards me.

It wasn’t long before she was asleep when I glanced over and could see down her shorts the way she was laying with her legs bent. She was wearing pink lace panties that I could see through. I could see her great tan lines, her trimmed blonde pubic hair. If I leaned back and looked down the other leg the way she was positioned I could see her pussy lips. I kept sneaking peeks but not to make it obvious for Hunter looking in the mirror. I had caught glimpses of her tits over the years but never this. My cock was throbbing and trying to hide it was a task.

It was torture like being in a strip club where you can look but don’t tekirdağ escort touch. A few minutes later she stretched her legs out and they were now across my lap. I couldn’t move to avoid them and didn’t want her to wake up because her left leg was laying right across my hard cock. I tried to think about other things but her smooth legs sitting right there made it impossible.

Suddenly Carissa woke up and apologized for her legs. As she started to remove them she slid the one on my cock instead of lifting it. I looked over and she had a grin on her face. I was immediately embarrassed. She then sat up and repositioned herself sitting forward. I tried not to look over at her but felt like she kept looking at my bulge. The embarrassment took care of my hard on though. I tried not to think about her for fear it would get hard again but couldn’t wait to get to the hotel to relieve myself.

We finally arrived at the hotel and Carissa went to go get our rooms while we waited in the car. She came back out a few minutes later with a room for me and Hunter and she had her own room but they joined with a door inside the rooms.

We gathered our things and headed up to the rooms. Carissa saying we had a few hours before dinner and she needed to take a shower because she was sticky from the coffee. Hunter said he was going to take a nap until dinner which left me time to jerk off and release this massive load built up seeing Hunters mom.

We all got situated in our rooms and Hunter must have been tired as he fell asleep quickly. I was just getting ready to go take a shower when I heard a knock on the adjoining door. I got up and opened the door. Hunters mom was standing there with a towel wrapped around her from her shower as she peeked in our room. She commented on Hunter already sleeping and agreed and told her it didn’t take long. She asked in a soft tone if it would be weird if she asked me to put lotion on her back. I replied of course not. She motioned me into her room.

She shut the door behind me and walked over to her bed. She handed me the lotion and turned around taking her towel off. Her bare body was inches from me as she laid down on the bed and mentioned she wouldn’t complain if I wanted to massage her back too as she giggled. I told her I would try but I’ve never massaged anyone. She responded telling me that I had strong hands so I might be pretty good tekirdağ escort bayan at it.

I had to adjust myself as once again my cock was rock hard and I didn’t want her to see. Her body looked perfect laying there. Her legs were together so I couldn’t see anything but her beautiful ass cheeks and they way she was laying I could see her side boobs.

I put a little lotion in my hand and gently started rubbing it in but I did feel awkward. She told me to not be so shy and rub it in and push firmly on her back.

I started pushing harder and putting more lotion on her back as she started letting light moans out. It was driving me crazy when she started telling me she can’t believe how fast me and Hunter grew up. She said it seemed like yesterday I was a cute little boy and now I was a handsome man. I wanted to rub her ass but was scared to make the move. I did purposely rub up the side of her brushing her tits.

I finished with the lotion and sat down on the edge of the bed so she could grab her towel and not notice my hard on. She whispered maybe next time I’ll have the courage to do a full body massage on her. I started stuttering as I couldn’t believe she said that. I turned to look at her and she was standing there with no towel. Her big tits were amazing with huge pink aeriolas.

She walked towards me and whispered in my ear that Hunters dad has a medical condition and can’t get hard and she’s noticed I don’t have problems in that department. She then asked if I could keep a secret. I nodded as she leaned in and put her lips on mine. We started kissing when I felt her hand slide across my crotch. I felt like I was going to cum right then. She pushed me back on the bed and straddled me while unbuttoning my shorts. She leaned up to slide them down and her beautiful tits were right in my face. I started to kiss them and lick, suck and nibble. She was moaning telling me it felt good and her nipples were sensitive. She then leaned in and started kissing my neck and worked her way down my chest to my nipples. That felt so good as no girl had ever kissed my nipples. She slid further down licking and kissing down my stomach while her eyes never left contact with mine. She slid further down to where she was now between my legs. She glanced at my cock and smiled as she said she always knew I had a big dick.

I had always heard from girls my age that I had escort tekirdağ a huge dick but to hear it from an experienced woman confirmed it.

Carissa started licking up and down my shaft and then swirling her tongue around my head. I had pre cum oozing out and she was licking it up as fast as it was coming out. She then took my cock and out it in her mouth and started sucking up and down. The deeper she went the more she struggled to fit it in. I got it halfway and I could feel my head in her throat. She would hold it there and wink at me when I looked at her and then slide back up and my cock was coated in her saliva. She then started picking the pace up and stroking the base of my cock hike sucking the too half. I could feel that I had to cum. I started moaning and told her I was gonna cum. She started going as deep and fast as she could and stroking it mumbling come on baby. Give me that hot load. I couldn’t hold it any longer when the first several ropes shot out like a cannon. She kept going and more cum kept spewing out like a fountain. Her mouth was full and it was running down her chin. She finally got it all and sat up to grab her towel to wipe her face.

She started telling me that Todd would never cum in her mouth and his was just a few dribbles. I was still trying to catch my breathe as I have never shot a load that big. I couldn’t take my eyes off Carissa and was still wondering if this was me dreaming. The woman I jerked off thinking about was sitting there naked with my cum in her mouth. She laid down beside me and whispered that she needed to see for herself if size matters. My cock was coming back to life when we heard a knock on the adjoining door. She jumped up told Hunter to hang on a second. She wrapped the towel that had my cum all over it around her and told me to hide in the bathroom. She opened the door and told Hunter she was just getting out of the shower. He asked if she had seen me and she said no but maybe he went for a walk. Carissa told Hunter she would get dressed and come over. She shut the door and came into the bathroom. I was hiding behind the shower curtain when she pulled it back and said I needed to get out of here.

I climbed out of the bathtub and got my clothes straight. She gave me a kiss and said when Hunter falls asleep tonight I need to come over. I agreed and cracked the front door to make sure the coast was clear. I slid out the door into the hall and noticed as Carissa was closing the door that her neck still had some cum on it.

I hope Hunter didn’t notice but I waited for her to close the door and a couple minutes later I knocked on mine and Hunters door. I had to hide my smile while thinking about his mom and how my fantasy was going to come true in a few hours.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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