Going South Ch. 02

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Interstate 89 runs south from Swanton to Burlington, Vermont, where it swings east into the mountains. It’s a good road, smooth, multi-lane, perfect for cruising, or it would be if it weren’t for the 65 mph speed limit! The Kia Rio was a comfortable car, and Sue was a good driver, smooth, keeping the car on cruise control, five miles above the speed limit. The staties didn’t often bother you if you kept within ten percent of the limit.

Sue and I chatted as we drove, we had a lot to learn about each other. After all, we hadn’t yet known each other a full day, but already knew that ‘like’ didn’t nearly cover the way we felt about each other. But to fill in the picture, we had to find out everything we could, where we came from, our likes and dislikes, our hopes, wishes and plans. So much to learn, and so much time to do it in.

As we chatted, I put my hand on Sue’s bare thigh and gently massaged it. “Hey, what do you think you’re doing, Ritchie-Rich?” giggled Sue. “You might cause an accident, you realize that?”

“I don’t think so.” I replied optimistically. “I mean, you wouldn’t want to nip a new relationship in the bud, would you?”

Her thigh felt wonderful, smooth, soft, silky, and as I stroked, I could feel my erection rising, constricted by the tightness of my jeans, which encouraged me to slide up her thigh, under the hem of her short skirt to discover, minx, that she was not wearing panties! Not only was she not wearing panties, but I could tell that the moist, soft folds of her inner lips were already peeking out from between her swollen and spreading outer lips!

“Don’t, for one moment, try to tell me that you weren’t hoping I’d do this, you sexy woman.” I grinned, “Not only are you not wearing panties but you were ready for me long before I started stroking your leg!” As I spoke, my fingers continued to play with her soft folds, which were growing wetter by the moment, extending further and further as I stroked.

“There, up ahead!” she gasped.


“Pulloff. I’m stopping.”

The pulloff was deep and wooded. We drove rapidly to the furthest corner, literally screeched to a halt, two seats immediately crashed to maximum recline, Sue was under me, my cock was buried deep in her cunt and I was thrusting into her, faster and faster. Such was our level of excitement that we came fast and almost immediately, simultaneously, my cum spurting copiously into her waiting cunt as we screamed with the joy of it all.

I collapsed onto her. “Wow, I wasn’t expecting that!” I gasped.

“Surprised you, did I?” giggled Sue.

“Surprised me? Honey I could use a few more surprises like that.”

“Oh, I think we can manage that. After all, we’re going to be spending quite a bit of time together. But right now, get off me you big lunk, get me a towel from the trunk, or I’ll be sitting in your cum all the way to Boston. Oh, here’s a warning, when it’s your turn to drive, you’d better not be wearing any underpants, so that I can whip your cock out and give you a blowjob whenever I feel like it. In fact, you’d better seriously consider not wearing underpants at any time from now on. I like to get frisky too, remember!”

I eased myself off Sue, put myself away, zipped up, got out of the car and walked quickly to the back of the car, where I retrieved a small towel. I noticed that a van had pulled up close to us and a woman was looking out, an enormous grin on her face, When she caught my eye, I could see her hands clapping behind the window. I blushed furiously.

I hurriedly reentered the car, handed the towel to Sue, who had returned to her seat, and watched as she placed the towel between her legs, not before time, as I could see that my cum was already seeping out of her.

“Why on earth are you blushing, honey?” she asked. “Surely you must have seen this before?”

“No, it’s not that.” I replied, and told her about the applause we had received from the girl in the neighboring van, which made her blush as well.

I was beginning to get a very good feeling about this. Not only was I to have the company of a lovely woman I already liked tremendously, but she appeared to be as highly sexed as was I. I could imagine many exciting adventures to come (cum?)!

“What a wonderful start to the day!” exclaimed Sue, as we pulled back onto I89, and we began to climb, past Montpelier, Vermont’s capital, down through Hanover and Lebanon, to join Interstate 93 just south of Concord, New Hampshire. fixbet All the time, I kept my hand on Sue’s thigh as it gave us both considerable pleasure.

“Where are we staying in Boston?” Sue asked as we approached the city.

“The Parker House, on School Street.” I replied. Sue gave a squeal of glee.

“I’ve always wanted to stay there.” she gasped. “That’s one of the oldest hotels in Boston.”

“It is.” I replied. “Plus it’s on the Freedom Trail, which is exactly what I wanted. Does it sound alright for you, sweetheart?”

“You’d better believe it, Ritchie. How long do we stay there?”

“A week. I made a reservation before I left and changed it from a single to a double room while you were in the restroom at Mickey D’s.”

“Can we afford a week, Ritchie? It must cost a lot.”

“What do you mean ‘we’, Sue? You’re my guest, and I know I can afford it.”

“Oh honey, that’s so sweet of you, but I can pay my way, really. Don’t forget, I did invite myself on this trip.”

“You may have invited yourself, Sue, but I welcomed, and still welcome you with open arms. I’m going to love travelling with you, you sweetheart.” Sue blushed, and squeezed my hand that was still resting on her leg.

We entered the city, found the Parker House, after some to-ing and fro-ing, and parked outside the main door. We removed our bags, the valet took the key to park the car, and we entered the huge lobby.

The room we were assigned was enormous, overlooking School Street, one of the old streets of the city. We dropped our bags, turned to each other, embraced and kissed deeply.

“Ritchie.” whispered Sue. “This room is wonderful, but there’s something missing.”

“What? Tell me what and I’ll fix it.”

“I haven’t been fucked since this morning. That’s most of the day. I was used to going without, but since I’ve met you I want it all the time, you have that effect on me, you wonderful, sexy man. There’s a beautiful, enormous bed over there, just screaming out for a bit of loving. Do you think we could?”

I stepped to the bed, pulled back the covers, picked up her small body, carried her to the huge bed and placed her carefully on the cool, white sheet. She looked so beautiful, her long black hair spread around her sweet face on the pillow. I removed my clothes in record time and, my cock rampant and straining, helped her remove her top and skirt. Today she was wearing a soft, black bra, her small breasts so firm that even lying down, they thrust upwards, her hard nipples prominent and visible under the smooth material.

I unclasped it, once more it had a front clasp, and we slid it off her body. She was so beautiful. I just looked at her, stroked her breasts gently, her stomach, the swell of her hips, the soft, black fur on her mound. I was surprised how wet she was, she must have wanted this for some time. “What would you like me to do, sweetheart?” I asked.

“Take me from behind, please, Ritchie, doggy style. I love that.”

I helped her onto her hands and knees, moved behind her and fed my cock between the protruding, swollen, wet lips of her cunt, fed it in slowly, until it had vanished inside her. The sensations pouring from the big, purple head of my cock were driving me wild, but I was still able to exert sufficient control to slide slowly in and out of Sue’s swollen and dripping cunt, only picking up speed when her moans and whimpers told me that her climax was approaching. As I thrust, I leaned forward, reached under her, and began to roll her nipples between thumbs and forefingers. Sue became much more vocal, her moans developing into small screams, until with a final, loud scream she came, and I felt her cum spray my cock and balls.

I lifted her, held her trembling body against me, kissed the side of her face, her neck, her ears. “But you didn’t cum again, Ritchie.” Sue complained.

“Patience, sweetheart, I’m not done yet. There’s more to come. You wanted me to fuck you, well, I’m going to give you a fucking to remember, if that’s alright with you.”

She purred with pleasure, I pushed her shoulders down to the bed, slid my still hard and very wet cock out of her cunt and placed it against the puckered rosebud of her anus, leaned forward until the big, purple head popped through her sphincter muscle and entered her back channel, where I stopped and waited.

Sue groaned. “Ow! That hurt!”

“Shall I take it out? I don’t want to hurt fixbet giriş you, sweetheart.”

“Don’t you dare take it out! Just take it slowly and I’ll get used to it.”

I waited for a minute, for her to get used to its current location, then leaned forward, my cock sliding slowly but surely into her, vanishing inch by inch, by inch, by inch, until my dangling balls were resting against the beautiful, white cheeks of her shapely arse.

“Alright?” I asked.

“I think so.” she gasped. “How far in are you?”

“”All the way, sweetheart, all the way. Can you feel me?”

“Feel you? I feel as if there’s a baseball bat inside me, but it doesn’t hurt any more. Well, not much. I just feel incredibly full.”

“Then hang on, the ride is about to start,” and I began to move, my cock sliding out of her, until only the head remained inside her, then back in, increasing in tempo until my balls were slapping against her arse and I could feel them begin to retract as my sperm prepared to jet inside her.

“I’m going to cum, Sue, I’m going to fill you with my sperm, any second now.” I groaned.

“I’m cumming with you, Ritchie, I’m there too!”, she gasped, and with that, my sperm jetted from my cock, stream after stream, filling her until it began to flood back around the shaft of my cock.

We collapsed on our sides, my cock still buried deep inside her, panting, gasping for breath.

“I came.” I giggled into her ear.

“I know.” she giggled too. “I felt it spurt into me, honey. I can still feel it sloshing around inside me. You’d better get a towel really quickly when you pull out of me or we’re going to have to sleep on the floor tonight, the bed will be too wet!”

We began to quiver with laughter at the thought, until I felt my cock begin to shrink, and I knew it was going to pop out. Sue rolled onto her stomach, I leaped out of bed, dashed to the bathroom, grabbed a hand towel, dashing back to hand it to Sue, who quickly inserted it between her legs, being careful to cover her arse, before rolling onto her back and into my arms.

We nuzzled, kissed, caressed, filled with happiness, the old saying ‘our cup runneth over’ was never more true. “You know, no-one’s ever fucked me like that before.” whispered Sue.

“Did you like it?”

“Yes, once I got past the surprise and the initial pain, I loved it. I never thought I could actually cum by having a cock in my arse. Can we do it again sometime?”

“Of course we can, you silly. Now I know you like it, we can do it as often as you like. What an incredible woman you are, what an unbelievable lover. Thank you so much for picking me up yesterday, I’m enjoying being with you more than I can tell you.”

“I had a feeling about you the moment I saw your bedraggled body by the side of the road, and I’m so glad I picked you up, you’re the find of the century. You fuck well too!” Sue giggled, before she collapsed with laughter.

“I think we should go and get something to eat, sweetheart, to get our strength back. I mean, we might want to do this again sometime. Can I make a suggestion? There’s a German restaurant, Jacob Wirth, that friends tell me is in a class of its own. Are you game to try it?”

“I’ll eat anything.” replied Sue, with an evil grin.

“I’d noticed that!” I grinned back at her. “Let’s go and have a shower.” So we did, dressed in our party clothes, I noticed that Sue put on a pair of very pretty, pink panties, which gave me a noticeable erection. I like commando sometimes, but the sight of a pair of silky panties covering a sweet, juicy cunt can literally drive me wild.

“Down boy!” grinned Sue, “there’s time for that later.”

We took a taxi to the restaurant, it turned out it was only five minutes away, and discovered that the restaurant was every bit as good as advertised, maybe better. A couple of enormous schnitzel with spätzle, together with a bottle of Riesling wine, not only filled us up, but somehow got us feeling very horny again. We didn’t rush our meal, we didn’t need to, and as we sat at a corner table, far removed from the bar area, we were able to snatch quick touches of each other, to feel each other up, if you like, as we ate. I discovered that Sue’s panties were beautifully soft, and how exciting it was to slip my fingers under the gusset to find her wet slit. When I withdrew them, while looking into her eyes, I put them into my mouth and sucked her juices from them. She licked her lips, and I knew that it wasn’t from the food.

When we finished, we tipped the waiter well and climbed into a taxi that happened to be waiting outsideThe ride was very short, but long enough for my hand to dive under Sue’s Skirt, for my fingers to slip under her panties and into her wet cunt, long enough for her to stroke my erection through my pants until I was afraid I was going to blow my load right there in the taxi.

I didn’t, though crossing the enormous lobby was very embarrassing as I was struggling to hide my erection, which was not at all easy. Fortunately the lighting was dim and we made it to the elevator without further event.

As soon as the elevator’s doors closed, I hit the red stop button, kissed, Sue, hard and long, pulled off her panties, slipped them in my pocket, dropped my zipper, and pulled out my rigid cock. I lifted Sue, she wrapped her legs round my waist and as if by radar, I rammed my cock into her waiting and eager cunt, thrusting hard, driving my cock into her until I was able to hold it no more and sprayed the depths of her cunt with the cum that had been building in my balls for so long, or at least it seemed like so long.

Sue squealed as my cum entered her, but I knew she hadn’t cum too, so I owed her one. She stayed in my arms, her legs wrapped around my waist, until my softening cock slid out of her, followed by a gush of my cum, probably ruining my pants. Ah well. I switched the elevator back on, selected our floor, and we were soon entering our room.

As I suspected, my pants front had been splashed with my cum and I figured that only a magician would be able to clean them. Such is life, but oh it was worth it.

“Honey, I’ve never met anyone as sexy or as horny as you!” gasped Sue as she was ripping off her clothes. “Do you think you can manage one more? I’m so horny I’ll just explode if I don’t cum!”? “For you, anything!” I grinned, quickly taking off my own clothes and lying back on the bed. “Sue, sit on my face.”

She broke into a huge smile, climbed on top of me, but reversed, straddled my head and lowered one of the prettiest cunts I had ever seen onto my waiting face. As she did this, I felt the head of my soft cock being sucked between her soft lips.

Her cunt was literally dripping, not just with her juices but with the remainder of the cum that I just pumped her full of. But I had tasted my cum before, why wouldn’t I, so pulled her down onto my face with relish, my tongue diving between her soft, wet folds, finding the opening of her tight sheath, slipping into it, feeling it quiver and wrap around it. As I sucked at her beautiful opening, I reached up, wet a finger and slipped it into her tight rosebud, sliding it in and out. I became aware that my cock had come back to life, was pulsing in Sue’s mouth as her tongue laved the oh-so-sensitive head. Where did all this energy come from? Damned if I knew, but I didn’t care.

I played between Sue’s beautiful, but so wet folds, felt her tremble and shake above me, heard her moaning around my cock. I sucked harder, inserted my finger deeper into her arse, pumping it in and out. I was loving the taste of her, the feel of her soft folds between my lips, but I knew that she was nearly ready for me and clamped my lips around the little shaft of her clitoris, caressed it, licked it, sucked it deep into my mouth until she exploded in an enormous orgasm, her cum sprayed over my face and she collapsed on my chest. Somehow, in spite of my efforts in the elevator, Sue’s work on my cock with her tongue had managed to coax another orgasm out of what had to be a rapidly declining reservoir of cum, so I was as exhausted as was she.

I struggled to breathe. Damn, with the combination of her cum and the remainder of mine, she had nearly drowned me. Oh what a wonderful way to go! I spun her round, clamped my arms around her, kissed her deeply, tasted my cum in her mouth. “You are incredible!” I gasped. “Wonderful but incredible!”

“You look funny.” Sue giggled. “I wonder what you’ve got all over your face!”

“Your cum!” I replied with a huge smile.

“It looks funny. Does it taste good?”

“Try it.”

And she did, licking my face totally clean of her sweet cum. “I think it tastes wonderful,” she giggled. “But not nearly as good as yours.”

“I might not agree with you.” I giggled too.

“Oh, our first fight!” she grinned, shaking with laughter.

“If that’s a fight, let’s have more.”

“No, let’s not fight, let’s just fuck and love, alright?”

“With the greatest pleasure in the world, you wonderful, sweet girl.” I agreed, and with that, we fell fast asleep.

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