Going to College

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I was off to college and my family decided to drive up to see me off. It was my sophomore year so I didn’t see the need but they wanted to see the new campus. I had transferred from the local junior college to a campus in a small town. My sister rode with me and my parents drove in their car.

Once we hit the interstate my sister let me know she did not like me leaving. ‘She made it real hard for me to concentrate. She wore a pair of mid thigh loose shorts with no panties and a tight shirt that made her enormous tits stick way out. A lot of guys thought she was overweight, I thought she was hot. When she spread her plump thighs apart you could see all the way up to her shaved pussy. She pulled her shorts to one side and started playing with her pussy. “I just wanted to show you what you are going to miss,” She said. “I may get lonely and have to share it with someone else.”

“Trying to make me jealous” I replied.

This started a little over 2 months ago when her boy friend had told her he was going in the Navy. Mom wasn’t home so she decided to talk to me. We were ready for bed standing in the kitchen getting some cookies and milk. I was in my PJ bottoms and bare chest and she had a nightshirt on. I held her trying to comfort her, but it got me all worked up. I had only heard of the erections that hurt but I now felt one. Her tits burned into my chest giving me that hard on that I know she could feel. She held me tighter than I thought she should and then started to grind her pussy on my cock. It felt so good that I got a little nervous that I was going to cum right then and there. I still wasn’t sure how far she would take this, so I insisted we sit down. I sat on the couch, and she sat with her back up against me leaning her head back on my shoulder. I had my arm draped over her shoulder between her tits with my hand on her side. I bent my arm a little into her one tit and my hand moved up her side until it could feel her other tit. We talked for about an hour about her boyfriend leaving in 2 weeks, and all the while we are talking, I am practically feeling her up. I couldn’t stand it any more so I told her we needed to go to bed and we would talk the next night. I went to my room and jacked off. It went like that for the next two weeks until he left. The day he left she came into my room after the talk. She didn’t knock or wait for a reaction. She pulled her shirt off, grabbed my dick out of my hand, straddled me and fucked me. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. I thought the top of my toes had just been blown off, and my knees didn’t work.

I came back to reality of the drive to school. Over the next hour she became very animated about the whole process of making me jealous, sticking her fingers in her pussy, sawing them in and out. She would lay her head back, moaning about how good her pussy felt and wet she was then have an orgasm. She would bring her fingers up to her mouth licking them and telling me how tasty they were. She must have told me at least half a dozen times before we got to school.

We pulled into a hotel’s parking lot and dad went to get a room. Stace must have been animated enough, that mom, who had been watching her from the their car behind us, asked what she was doing. Stace mumbled something about not being able to get comfortable. What Stace hadn’t noticed is that she had cum all the way down to her knees, and her shorts were soaked. Mom noticed and just said “right,” very sarcastically.

It was apparent that mom probably knew what was going on. You always think you can pull something over on your parents, but they usually find out what the secret is. Incest with your sister is a pretty big secret. We thought we had covered our tracks pretty good, but I began to suspect we hadn’t covered them good enough. Which brings up another question, if she knew something, why hadn’t she said anything. This was going to drive me crazy. I was glad I was going to be here and mom at home. I wouldn’t have to think about it, I just had to get through this weekend.

I made arrangements to meet them in the park across from the dorm and took my car to the dorm to start unpacking. I pulled into the parking area grabbed 3 of the suitcases and headed for the room. When I walked into the dorm room, my roommate and his family were already there. His mother was very attractive, in her 40s. She had on skintight satin troubadour pants, and a tight tee shirt. Her ass was broad and very rounded, her tits were huge. I had a hard on for my roommates mother, and what made it worse is that I couldn’t find any panty lines. She either had a thong on or no panties at all. My fantasy was no panties.

Then his sister stepped out from behind the mother, and my dick began to throb. She was a spitting image of her mother except, she hadn’t put on the maidenly weight. She had the plump thighs, the rounded butt and very large tits. She had on a thigh length skirt, a bare midriff tee shirt and big tits that swayed unencumbered by a bra. My eye almost popped out of their sockets. The father stood in the corner and just grinned. I wondered what he thought of Betturkey my staring at his wife and daughter.

I introduced myself to everybody trying to hide my dick and not be so obvious about my thoughts. I wish I hadn’t put my suitcases down. His mother smiled as she glanced down and his sister giggled. I was truly embarrassed, but they didn’t seem to mind. His father suggested they wait outside while we unpack. It was starting to get crowded, with all the luggage and 5 people. The room had become pathways. His mom wanted to stay and help but Nick assured her we could handle it. She was easier to persuade when I told her my parents and sister were across the street in the park, and they should go introduce themselves to them. There was a small tavern they could get a drink or just watch the ducks in the stream.

When his mom had to squeeze by me, my cock came in contact with her ass. It seemed like she took longer to get by me than it should have, and in pretending to keep her balance she wiggled her butt on my cock. I almost came in my shorts. She gave her son a quick kiss on the lips and told him they would meet him downstairs for dinner in a little bit. When she started to leave, Nick patted her butt, she just smiled. His father was next and Jenny the sister trailed last. As she went by him, he pulled her skirt up and exposed her pantyless butt. Jenny just giggled and wiggled past him.

“How long have you and your sister been playing around.” I asked. “We are not really doing anything, just flirting. In the last couple of months we started flashing each other. Our whole family flirts with each other. Tickles each other, spanks each other on our birthday, wrestles with each other etc.” “She wants to do more,” I responded. “There is a dance tonight why don’t we tell our parents we are taking our sisters to the dance and go to the drive-in. She might just give you a blowjob, if she sees my sister giving me one. Wouldn’t it be cool to get a blowjob from your sister?” “There’s a drive-in here? I haven’t seen one of those in years.” “I think it’s the last one around here or for a hundred miles. What do you think,” “A little nervous.” He said tentatively, “I’ve thought about it before, just never had the balls to try it. Wonder if she says no, or gets angry about you and your sister.” “She let you show her butt to a stranger, I don’t think she is going to get mad. We’ll find out tonight. My sister and I will start the ball rolling. We have been fooling around for about two months,” I told him, “She will let me fuck her, eat her or will blow me anytime I want or I will do her whenever she wants. It’s cool. Naughty sex is the most exciting sex there is. I cum so much harder with Stace than any of my girl friends, because of the possibility of getting caught. It’s exciting.” Nick stared off into space before he said he would like to go to the drive-in.

We put stuff away and cleared the room and joined our families. We were both kind of anxious to see how they were getting along. As we put stuff away we talked about our families and found that both our families were very similar. Both were close, with the women very well endowed. Our mothers ran the family, with the sisters on the shy side. We had both seen our mother’s nude, and neither mother seamed to mind flashing their sons. Nick’s family was a bit on the exhibitionist side, where mine kept to themselves more. Stace was a bit submissive, letting me do what ever, whenever I wanted. She even gave one of my friends a blowjob when I wanted to prove a point. I was hoping Jenn would be the same. It sounded like she was, but Nick wasn’t sure. Maybe even get a little girl on girl action going. I didn’t mention that to Nick, I didn’t want him overloaded in thought about tonight. He might not be able to fib, if he was to caught up in hope.

My fears of our families getting along were put to rest. The parents were sitting together on the bench having what looked to be several drinks laughing and having a good time. Norm, Nick’s father, was telling a dirty joke that made the women blush, but nobody seemed offended. They all laughed and turned to us. I introduced Nick to mom and dad. The girls were no where in sight and they told us they were off exploring. After the dirty joke the conversation seemed to go down hill. Everybody seem to start flirting with everybody. Comments were made about family members looking at other family members when they were almost nude, Especially the fathers and sons at the daughters and the sons looking at the mothers when they were getting ready for bed or out of the bath. . Nick mentioned that the women seem to enjoy the attention that’s why they kept letting the towels fall. Mrs. Jackson hugged Nick, with the comment he never seemed to mind hugging her so he could grope her tits She looked at me, as I was staring at her chest, and suggested I seemed to like them, as I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I turned 5 different shades of red afraid mom was going to kill me. She just hugged me pressing me into her melons, to prove hers were just as large as Mrs. Betturkey Giriş Jackson’s.

When I looked up Jenn and Stace were coming up arm in arm skipping and giggling. It was a good thing they were behind the parents, because the first thing I noticed is Stace had taken her bra off. Their tits bouncing so much they almost hitting themselves in chin and every time Jenn went up so did her shirt exposing her boobs. When they got close they changed from skipping to walking. My family were never the exhibitionist, so I wondered what mom would say if she had turned around. When they saw me looking and the parents couldn’t see Jenn pulled her shirt up so Stace did too. It was two sets of the nicest pair of tits I had ever seen.

Conversation at dinner wasn’t much different than the park. My parents didn’t drink that much so a couple more drinks and the parents were as giddy as the kids were. Several times Nick was criticized by his mother so he reached over and pinched her nipple. She slapped at his hand but it wasn’t hard enough to get him to let go until he was ready. She just laughed with everybody else who had fun with that joking about sons and the mothers who let them pinch them. Mrs. Jackson took it one step further and reached over and pinched his cock. Nobody seemed surprised they just laughed harder. Even mom made a joke about it. When she did that I had inconspicuously put my hand on mom’s thighs to see what she would do. She let it stay there and leaned forward to let her tits rest on top of my hand. I was able to pinch and fondle her without everybody knowing and joking about it.

I looked over at Jenn, she had her arms down and her hand between her legs stroking her clit. I had a good angle and could see what she was doing, but nobody else could see. She looked directly at me and kept going. Her eyes rolled back a little as she tipped her head back slightly and sighed. All the talk and pinching appeared to have made her horny. It sure made it look like tonight was going to a breeze. The parents agreed to let the girls go the dance, and since the college had extra rooms for the siblings they agreed the girls could get a room. Mom looked at Stace rubbed her thigh all the up till she touched her bare pussy and told her to behave. Stace looked confused on the double message she was getting.

Stace was sitting forward and I don’t think she saw mom letting me fondle her, so she wasn’t sure what mom was saying. She just knew mom was touching her pussy. When I finally looked around all of the hands were in laps under the safety of the tablecloth. The conversation had gotten kind of quiet until some of the hands were put back on the table. I wondered how the parents were going to top this meal of swinging flirtation. They had the rooms to themselves, several of the comments had me believing that the people in the room may not be married to each other.

After dinner it was beginning to get dark so we headed back to the rooms to change and then to the drive-in. Nick and I put on running shorts without any underwear and Stace changed into a skirt. Before we were even out of the drive Stace had my shorts down and my cock in her mouth. Jenn and Nick leaned up over the seat to see, and Nick reached over and adjusted the rear view mirror so they could see better. Stace didn’t care, she just kept sucking. I was so horny my cock erupted, the first blast filled Stace’s mouth. She pulled her head back a little to swallow as the second blast hit her cheek. She put her mouth back on my cock and took the last of the cum. She swirled her tongue around the head and deep throated me several more times, which made it feel wonderful. When she pulled her head back she cleaned her cheek off with her finger, and offered it to Jenn. Jenn hesitated, opened her mouth and sucked my cum off Stace’s finger. She closed her eyes and swallowed. “I like it” she said, “I thought it would taste awful. Other girls have said they hated it.”

We pulled ourselves together in time as we approached the ticket booth to pay to get in. Stace had moved over to the passenger side, but Nick and Jenn sat close to each other holding hands. I knew the girl who was taking the money from when we were at registration. The movie had about 15 minutes before it started and there wasn’t anybody behind us so I introduced Stace and the others. When I introduced Nick and Jenn the girl had perplexed look on her face. Stace leaned over the say hello, and to joined the conversation. It lasted several minutes and Julie, the girl in the booth, stared at Stace the whole time. As I drove away wondering what the deal was when Stace turned to talk to Jenn and I saw the glob of cum hanging in her hair. I had introduced Stace as my sister, with cum in her hair, and Nick and Jenn were holding hands. Would Julie ever talk to me again? Then again, if she did it might be interesting what could happen.

I readjusted the mirror to see what was happening in the back seat. Jenn had liked cum so much she already had Nick’s shorts off and his cock in her mouth. Stace was playing with her own clit while she watched Jenn. Nick’s eyes were shut and he had a grin on his face from ear to ear. He had been worried about Jenn sucking his cock. She had him ready to go off and we hadn’t even found a parking spot yet.

I parked 8 rows behind and beyond the concession stand where there weren’t any other cars beside us. Night had fallen, and so had the girl’s clothes. I moved into the middle away the steering wheel. Stace threw her leg over me and guided my cock into her. She was so wet that her juices were already starting to run down her leg. She sat down sinking me all the way into pussy, and then leaned forward feeding me both her nipples. She could smother somebody to death with those things. I was surely going to miss this. It almost made me want to transfer back.

Between her soaking wet pussy and her tits if I hadn’t gotten a blowjob just before I would have popped my cork right then when she flooded my lap with her first orgasm. When she finish I grabbed a hunk of hair, pulled her mouth to mine push my tongue down her throat. She responded with her tongue, which was the longest tongue I had ever had in my throat. I was still buried in her pussy, but she sat still while we played with each other’s tongue. I could feel her cum running down my balls and between my legs. It made me so horny I was going to have to start fucking. Then the car started rocking. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw Jenn on her knees facing the rear of the car and Nick was drilling her with everything he had. He started moaning, then Jenn started moaning, Stace started jumping on my cock moaning and it was too much, I blew my load for the second time tonight.

Everybody just kind of collapsed. The only sound was four people trying to catch their breath. Stace’s pussy was overflowing with cum, and my lap was getting wetter by the second. The mixture of hers and my cum was flowing down my lap all the way to my ass. I told Stace to lay down on her back, I kneeled over her face and she licked me clean from my balls all the way till she tongue fucked my ass. I was sure I was in heaven. I looked back at Nick, Jenn was lying in his arms both smiling almost napping.

We decided to get a drink use the restroom and hit the road. We decided the parents wouldn’t check on us this late and the beds would give us more room. We got to the concession stand as the first movie was ending. As we walk around building to the door we saw our parents cars. We moved back around the corner to see what was going on. Why would our parents come to the drive in to see a softcore movie? The passenger side of my dad’s car opened and Nick and Jenn’s mother got our. She was just finishing buttoning her blouse and straightening everything. The passenger side of the other car opened mom, whose skirt was up around her waist, leaned over and kissed Norm before she got out. They were here for the same reason we were, to get away from us, and have some fun.

We went back to the car and left with out our drinks, or the using the restroom. The girls complained about having to pee. I pulled over onto a dirt road and they lifted their skirts, squatted and peed. Jenn didn’t seem to mind, but Stace had hesitated like she was a little embarrassed. I had never watch a girl pee before. My dick started to react, it excited me to watch the girls. When they finished they stayed where they were whispering so we wouldn’t hear. They were cooking something up. Stace got into the back seat and Jenn scooted next to me. As I pulled the car around to get back onto the road Jenn had my cock out and in her mouth.

I drove carefully back to the dorm. It was hard to concentrate with my dick in Jenn’s mouth, but we made it back safely. We pushed the bed together, and it was still going to be crowed. The girls took their tops off, and lay down and spread their legs. It was the prettiest site I had ever seen. Two of the prettiest pussies, with cum dripping out right next to each other. I had already had Stace, so I crawled between Jenn’s legs, and pushed my cock into her. She was like a kid in a candy store. So much sex was available and she was so horny and so wet my cock slid in. I hadn’t even started pushing and the bed was rocking. I looked over at Nick, who was already fucking Stace with everything he had. Stace’s eyes were rolled back, her hands were above her head holding onto the headboard for dear life. He moaning could be heard on the next floor. Sex must be on of the things that is???????? because Stace started cumming and Jenn had to start bucking me and screaming at me “FUCK ME YOU ASSHOLE. FUCK ME HARD, NOW”. She was starting her orgasm with out me, so I started to catch up, the beds were now crashing into each other rocking with all of our might. The girls were screaming and moaning. Jenn made my back into raw meat with her fingernails. The pain was so excruciating that it made my orgasm explode. I drove harder into Jenn, who was matching me stroke for stoke. My cum started and Jenn could feel in drive into the depths of her pussy. She screamed she was cumming, and grabbed hold of my back adding some more holes. We both collapsed as if the world had stopped. The blood was dripping off me onto her and running off her onto the sheets before she realized what she had done. Stace and Nick were looking my back going “WOA, she really got you. We better find something to put on you.”

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