Going to Grandma’s House Ch. 04

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I could not stop thinking about my family. I was so exhausted Friday night from all the sex that I had that day, that by the time I went out with my buddies I wound up calling it an early night. I can not tell you the last time I came so much in one day, between grandma, my mom and then my sister my cock got overloaded with some prime poontang.

Cassie called me on Saturday to inform me that she wants to break it off with Zach. They had gone out Friday night, and she stated that when they had sex, she couldn’t have an orgasm with him. Cassie wound up going home and jilling herself off thinking about me. I told her not to do anything rash to make sure that this is what she wants.

I was antsy all-day Saturday in anticipation for Sunday. I jacked off twice just knowing that I would get to have the three ladies again and again. Plus, my dad and grandpa are going to be there so it will be interesting to see how all this will work out.

Sunday finally got here I woke up hard knowing that today is going to be a great day. I got out of bed to piss, but I am so hard that I could not release any urine. I tried thinking of things to make my erection to go down just a little so that I could piss. I finally started thinking about my classes and was able to relieve my bladder.

I did not want to jack off today so that I could save myself for the family gathering. I did my morning routine I got dressed in my running clothes went outside to run my regular five-miles, I got back to my apartment and made some coffee to brew while I was in the shower.

Once I was cleaned up and dressed for the day, I enjoyed my first cup of coffee. All I had on my mind was being able to screw my mom, sister, and grandma; I was trying to decide who I wanted first.

My phone chimed letting me know that I had a text message, I looked at my phone to see that is was Cassie. “I am ready to have my big brother’s cock in my puss again.”

I smiled before I replied, “Cassie you have no idea how excited I am to be back in your puss!”

She replied with an emoji kissy face. I laughed as I put my phone down. I was full of nervous energy, and I couldn’t sit still. I got up and cleaned my apartment making it the cleanest it’s probably ever been. I looked at my watch to see that it was time to head to my grandma’s house.

I grabbed my keys and headed over. When I got there, I saw my parent’s car in the drive already. I smiled thinking that they must be very excited about this also considering it will be the first Sunday family dinner where Cassie and I get to participate.

I went into the house without knocking but yelled out to let everyone know that I was there. I found my mom and dad in the kitchen, while grandma, grandpa, and Cassie were out on the patio by the pool. I went over kissing my mom on the cheek and shaking my dad’s hand.

My mom had a smirk on her face while my dad was all serious when he asked me “Josh, I hear you’ve had a taste of your mother and grandmother?”

I looked over at my mom, and she was trying so hard not to laugh at my dad being all stern and severe. I replied, “Yes, sir.” He sized me up and down before nodding his head at me with a huge smile then wrapping his arms around me for a big hug.

When we pulled away from each other my dad slapped me on my back laughing as he told me “Good, it’s been a bitch keeping this from you now that you are older.”

I smiled back, and all I could say to him was “I thank you for sharing with me!” My dad started laughing even harder and said: “anytime son, anytime.”

I went out on the patio to greet the rest of the family; my parents followed me out. I went over to grandma to kiss her and to grandpa to shake his hand. I noticed that Cassie was standing off to the side watching all of us.

I walked over to her leaned down to kiss her and whisper in her ear “You ready to get fucked hard today, sis” She smiled and nodded her head in response.

We all sat around the patio talking and having a drink while grandpa got the grill started. I didn’t know who initiated the sex or what to except, so I patiently waited. Then I noticed that my dad was touching my grandma very intimately. As I was watching them, they started kissing each other, and it was not any mother, son kind of kiss.

Grandma reached down to rub my dad’s crotch through his shorts; then I see grandpa standing behind my mom grinding his dick into her ass while fondling her tits. I was starting to get worked up, my cock got hard, and I was uncomfortable in my shorts.

Cassie came over to me, straddled my legs and sat on my lap as she started kissing me. While Cassie and I were kissing, I started smelling food. I looked over Cassie’s shoulder to see that grandpa started cooking. But what had my attention was my mom on her knees in front of him giving him a blow job while he was manning the grill.

Grandma and my dad had gone inside to get the rest of the food for all of us. When they had everything Betturkey on the table grandma sat in a chair, and my dad was rubbing her shoulders down to her boobs. I could see that grandma’s nipples were hard as dad started pinching them.

I still had Cassie on my lap facing me, I lifted her shirt over her head and helped her take off her bra, so she was topless. I started sucking on her nipples squeezing her tits; she threw her head back breathing hard.

All of a sudden, my grandpa yelled out “Food’s ready for anyone who’s hungry.” I was hungry alright, but it wasn’t for food.

Cassie could feel my erection through my shorts; she started gyrating her hips against my cock. I moved my hands to her ass cheeks to help her move against me. I was ready to bust a nut; I want to be inside her now.

Cassie has on a short skirt, so it is easy for me to reach under it to rub her gash through her panties. I then unfastened my shorts to pull my cock out of my boxer briefs; once I was free, I moved the crotch of her panties to the side and guided my cock into her pussy.

She paused to get used to my size inside her, after a few seconds she started moving on my cock. I held her ass cheeks to help her move up and down so it will feel good for both of us.

Neither Cassie nor I were paying any attention to the others. She put her hands on my shoulders to use for support as she started bouncing harder on my cock. I was on the verge of cumming when she screamed out from her orgasm, then I followed her and filled her quim full of my cum.

When we were coming down from our orgasms we heard clapping, Cassie turned her head, and I looked over her shoulder to see our parents and grandparents watching us and clapping. Cassie turned her head back to face me, and we both were red in the face but started laughing out loud.

My dad asked Cassie and I “You two seem very familiar with each other?”

Cassie and I were looking at each other a shit eaten grin on our faces when I replied: “Cassie and me had each other for the first time on Friday evening.”

My mom and grandma looked at each other before my mom turned to us and asked: “You mean after you were here you met up with Cassie?” I just nodded my head with a huge grin.

My grandpa laughed and said out loud “Oh to be young again!” My dad agreed, and then we all laughed at his comment.

Cassie climbed off my lap, and I saw the cum I just gave her running down her inner thighs. I readjusted myself to put my dick back in my shorts before I got out of my chair to walk over to the table with everyone else.

My mom and grandma were staring at me with lust in their eyes. Cassie remained topless and went into the house for a few minutes. I figured she went to clean up a bit before round two.

I was filling my plate with food since I satisfied one hungry I was ready for food. Then I will be prepared for round two.

My mom and grandpa finished eating first, and I noticed that they were very touchy-feely with one another. Mom pulled her shirt and bra off, so she was topless like Cassie. My grandpa leaned over and started sucking on my mom’s nipples.

Grandma moved to kneel between my dad’s legs; she started rubbing his thighs moving her hands up higher under his shorts to touch his cock. I watched as my dad is staring at my grandma with so much lust in his eyes.

Dad moved his hands to unfasten his shorts, lifted his butt to pull them down to release his cock. It sprang free I could instantly see why my mom and grandma thought our cocks were very similar. But by looking at his dick, I believe he is still slightly larger than mine.

Grandma wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and then lowered her head down to wrap her lips around the head of his cock. My dad put his hand on the back of her head and slowly pushed it all the way down so that she took all of his cock. I heard her gag a little bit but then nothing.

My god my dad was face fucking his mother it was so fucking sexy, I got hard as a rock. I didn’t realize it, but I was rubbing my cock.

I looked over at my mom and grandpa; they had removed all of their clothing while I was watching my dad and grandma. Grandpa was between mom’s legs licking her pussy; her head was thrown back while she pushed grandpa’s head closer to her quim. I could see her shaking as she had an orgasm.

I noticed that Cassie was standing in the doorway naked fingering herself watching all the action going on. Cassie saw that I was watching her, she put on a huge smile and started walking towards me. As she was going by our dad she got stopped, dad grabbed her hand to stop her. Grandma is still sucking dad’s cock while he was looking Cassie over. He gently ran his hand over her tits, down her stomach to her snatch.

Dad started fingering her pussy; Cassie put her hand on dad’s shoulder to keep her balance. I saw my dad shift forward in his seat; then grandma pulled her mouth off his cock going Betturkey Giriş down to his balls. She is sucking on them, then moved down further, and I watched her start licking his ass.

My dad is finger fucking Cassie the whole time that grandma is giving his genitals and ass some attention. I see him put his hand on grandma’s head, she pulled away and helped Cassie to sit on our dad’s lap. Cassie is facing outwards so we all could see her tits jiggling while she is bouncing on dad’s cock.

Grandma walked over to me pointing at me to join her on the lounge chair. As I walked over to her, I unfastened my shorts and stripped out of what clothes I had on, which wasn’t much. Grandma instructed me to lay down on my back.

As I stretched out on the chair grandma crawled on top of me in a sixty-nine position. She put her pussy on my face while she grabbed my cock and started stroking it. Once we got comfortable in the position we are in grandma started licking my cock up one side and down the other.

I spread grandma’s pussy lips apart to see the pink inside and juices secreting. I rubbed her swollen clit to make it stick out even more than I was able to move my head to suck on her clit until she came.

Grandma was grinding her pussy against my mouth and came a second time. She has a thick, creamy, white pussy cum that I happily licked off her twat. Grandma is giving me a fantastic blow job I felt like I was going to blow my load when she pulled off my cock edging me.

After a brief pause, she started sucking my cock again until I got to the point of wanting to cum again and she pulls off me. I groaned because she has me so worked up that I want to blow in her mouth. But grandma had other plans.

Grandma pulled off of me and turned around to straddle my crotch. She guided my cock into her pussy by first rubbing it along her gash to get my cock wetter so it can slide in easier. Once grandma got all of my cock inside her pussy she sat on my legs grinding against me.

I heard Cassie scream her orgasm that she got from riding our dad. I can hear her breathing hard, grandma grabbed my head and told me to pay attention to her. I nodded my head to let her that I heard what she said to me.

I grabbed ahold of grandma’s hips to help her bounce up and down on my cock. Grandma placed her hands on my chest to hold herself up as she started bouncing harder on my cock. She was squeezing her vaginal muscles tight and tugging on my cock. I am close to cumming again as grandma threw her head back and screamed while she had her orgasm, I let my load go and filled grandma’s pussy full.

Grandma fell forward onto my chest breathing hard; I wrapped my arms around her holding her close has both of our heart rates slowed down.

I started hearing “That’s it daddy, fuck me hard!” I looked over to see my mom bent over the table with grandpa behind her slamming her cunt hard. She was loving it and begging for more while grandpa just kept thumping away on her.

Mom started telling my grandpa “Oh, daddy, I’m cumming don’t stop, please don’t stop!” I could see grandpa reach around mom to rub her clit while she was having her orgasm. Grandpa grunted a couple of times indicating that he had filled up my mom with his goo.

Mom stayed laying on the table panting while grandpa pulled out of her and slapped her ass as he walked away from her. The way my mom was standing left her pussy gaping and pushing out grandpa’s cum. I watched it run down her legs.

I thought now it is my turn with my mom. But I didn’t move fast enough my dad went up behind her inserted two fingers in her quim pulling out some cum then rubbing it on her pink starfish before he lined the head of his cock up and pushed in mom’s sphincter.

Dad started slower than picked up his pace, my mom was pushing back against him to be able to get all of his cock in her ass. While I was watching mom and dad, grandma pulled off of me and walked over to my grandpa and gave him a passionate kiss.

I sat up in the chair to watch all the happenings going on around me. I noticed that Cassie was alone, so I waved her over to me. She walked over to me and sat down next to me.

I leaned against her shoulder kissing the top of her head. She tilted her head on my shoulder with a big sigh. “What was that sigh for?” I asked her.

She was watching mom and dad having anal sex, while grandma and grandpa were in a missionary position grinding against each other. Cassie replied to my question “I am so happy right now, I never in my life thought that I could be this satisfied.”

“I know the feeling sis, I feel like I need to be pinched to make sure I am not dreaming all of this.” is my response to her, she was nodding her head in agreeance.

I stood up from sitting and grabbed Cassie’s hand to help her stand. She gave me a questioning look; I just nodded towards that pool. She smiled at me, and we took off at a run and jumped into the pool.

We came up laughing and splashing each other. We were not paying any attention to the rest of the family until we felt splashing around us. We looked around to see that everyone is now in the pool we all were swimming and playing around.

Cassie ducked under the water and grabbed my cock, which startled me at first then I felt her mouth around it. She popped up with a cheesy smile I laughed at her and called her a tease.

She took me seriously and swam to the edge of the pool. I was watching her when she turned around and waved me over to her. I swam over, and she instructed me “If you want me to finish what I stated sit up on the edge of the pool.”

I went to the side and lifted myself out of the pool and sat on the edge. I spread my legs wide while Cassie walked up between them. My cock was hard in anticipation with what she was going to do next. Resting her arms on my thighs her hand wrapped around my cock as she wrapped her lips around the head.

Cassie started giving me an incredible blow job, god she knew what to do with a dick. I could feel my balls tighten up to get ready to cum and she pulled off. I groaned out loud when she stopped, and she giggled.

I squinted my eyes at her giving her a mean look before asking her “What the hell, Cassie. You’re going to me all worked up and tease me now and not let me get off?”

She laughed as she responded, “Relax big brother, I am not done with you yet.” But before she could do anything else, my mom moved her out of the way.

“Here Cassie let momma have a taste.” Mom told her as she started sucking my dick.

My mom was sucking hard and stroking my cock and could feel my balls tighten up again getting ready to cum when she pulled off my dick. I was getting so frustrated that I yelled at her “Why did you stop?!”

She swam away and then my grandma came up between my legs and started sucking my cock. I got worked up enough that I didn’t care that I was holding onto the back of her head face fucking her. I was getting a little carried away that I heard her gag a couple of times.

I blew my load down my grandma’s throat I could not hold back any longer. Grandma took all of the cum without spilling a drop. When she got done and moved away from me, I slid back into the pool leaning against the wall.

I noticed that Cassie was hanging onto the edge of the pool while grandpa was pumping into her pussy from behind. I can hear Cassie breathing hard and moaning, grandpa pulled out of her, turned her around and lifted her legs to float on the water while he spread her legs wide and ate her pussy until she has an orgasm.

After a few minutes, my grandparents and parents got out of the pool as they walked up to the table and chairs they all grabbed a towel to dry off. Grandpa looked over at Cassie, and I with a big smile and announced to us “You two can stay out here as long as you want, but old folks are going to go take a shower and relax.”

Cassie swam over to me laughing, and we both waved at the old folks as they went into the house. Cassie stood in front of me with a smile and informed me “Josh, I have never enjoyed myself so much. I can’t wait until next Sunday.”

I was looking at her and thinking god my sister is beautiful. I smiled back at her and replied: “Cassie I believe the fun is only beginning!” I leaned in and passionately kissed her in the pool. Cassie wrapped her arms and legs around me kissing me back, and it seemed like we were making out forever before we stopped.

We climbed out of the pool, and I grabbed a towel and laid it on the ground. I helped Cassie down on the towel as I came down over her. I nestled between her legs while we started kissing each other again. My cock was hard as I slowly guided it into her quim and just rested it there while we kissed.

I could feel Cassie muscles squeezing around my cock tight. I never moved my hips; I let Cassie fuck me any way she wanted for her to be able to have an orgasm. While she was squeezing and wiggling I knew, I wanted to cum again, but I held off until she was ready also. I reached between us to rub her clit to help her along, and after a few more minutes we both came together.

My dad came out of the house to collect the dishes and yelled at us “Will you two quit fucking like rabbits and showing all us old folks up!”

Cassie and I started laughing and yelled out at the same time “Yes, dad!” Then all we heard was “Geesh! Damn kids!” while he was chuckling.

Cassie and I got up from the ground and went into the house to get cleaned up and dressed. When we got done, we went out to the patio where everyone else was sitting around the table talking over dessert.

Cassie and I sat down to join them. My grandpa looked at us and asked: “Is this something you two can see yourself indulging in with us?”

Cassie and I didn’t even hesitate and yelled “Yes!” at the same time. The others started laughing at us.

After we all got done with dessert and got the kitchen cleaned up, it was time to head home. I gave my mom, grandma, and Cassie a kiss with tongue and shook my dad and grandpa’s hands before I left. We all agreed to meet next Sunday.

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