High School Reunion Pt. 01

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This story is all fictional but man do I wish it would have happened.

This year is my 10 year reunion from graduating high school. Throughout these past 10 years I have found out that my best friend in high school is now gay. I am a closeted bi married man but boy do I wish he swung that way in high school. I would have tried to please him and have him please me.

Well the time has come for the ten year reunion. It was held in our high school at 7pm. I was excited so I showed up around 6:45 and went inside. There were a few people around and I got my name tag and started to mingle. I went to the rink station and to my surprise they were allowed to have some alcohol in the school for this event so I gladly got a cup and continued to mingle.

I kept looking at the door to wait to see if my friend showed up. Five minutes later there he was. Stephen is 5’10”, he has shorter black hair, hes got an average build and has a hot dad bod. Man do I wish I could see what was under those clothes but I will have to wait until later for that.

I continued to play it cool and I kept talking to all the people I went to school with. It was cool to see where everyone has ended up, what they look like and if they had a family or wanted a family.

I finally made my way to Stephen. I started to chat with him and catch up. We had not talked since freshman year of college and only that was through texting and facebook messenger. Then I finally got up enough courage to ask a very personal question.

Me: Stephen, I have a weird question for you.So have you always been gay? When did you realize you were into men?

Stephen: Well, I have always been curious. In college I joined a frat and the initiation was rough. I was forced to do some stuff with guys and well I had never done that but I had always wanted to. I enjoyed what I was forced to do so I tried to have more of a sensual time with someone. I really loved that and haven’t looked back since then. Why do you ask?

Me: Well… I have never manisa escort told anyone this or even said this out loud before.

Stephen: Are you going to tell me you are gay?

Me: No no no. I am not gay. I am bi. I have played with guys before and I have always enjoyed my time as well.

Stephen: Well, is that so.

Me: Yes. I am married but… Well, lets just say we take a walk around the school.

Stephen: I would love to. We can reminisce about old times.

Me: Yes that is what I was thinking.

We are walking all through the school. Talking and chatting like that serious conversation never happened. We were talking about all the stories and inside jokes we used to have. We finally ended up in the new band room. They had updated it since we had graduated. Well this is where our friendship kindled and I looked at Stephen and I looked around and I looked back at Stephen. We were right next to each other and I leaned in and kissed Stephen right on the lips. He pushed me back and said you are married. Stephen I know I am married but ever since I found out you were gay I have fantazied about being with you. At that Stephen leaned back in and kissed my lips hard he slid his tongue into my mouth and I reciprocated the action. I stopped and asked if we could get out of here and do this somewhere more private? I don’t want to get caught. Stephen asked where we would go as he is staying with his family. I replied I got a hotel room hoping this would happen since my wife did not want to come with me I told her I might drink to much and that I should get a hotel room for the night because I would be out late and probably a little tipsy.

We make our way back to the gym and tell people separately that we are heading out. I told him what hotel I was staying in and I saw him leave. I waited a few more minutes so it wouldn’t be as obvious. I made my way down to my car and drove to the hotel room. I got up to the room and called Stephen to come on escort manisa up. He got up and knocked on the door. I opened it and he came in. Before the door was even shut our tongues were back down each other’s throats.

The door closes and we make our way to the bed. I take Stephen’s shirt off and push him back onto the bed. I take my shirt off too and crawl over top of him. We continue to make out and I slowly make my way to his neck and start kissing his neck all over sucking it in as well.

Stephen is moaning and telling me to keep going. I then make my way to his nipples. He is moaned so load at that and I sucked his hard nipples into my mouth so hard. I kissed and licked his nipples going back and forth between both of them.

Oh yes it feels so good. Yessss. He moans and I start to make my way down his stomach. Kissing and licking his stomach as I reach the top of his pants. I feel and see the tent in his pants and I lick and suck this tent. You want my cock Stephen says. Oh yes I do I have wanted this for over ten years. At this I undo his pants I slide them down and See his sexy hot underwear. I take his pants off and go back up to kiss his lips. He tells me to let it free and as soon as he tells me that I reach down and rip his underwear off. His cock bounces out and I see all of his glory. He has a hairy 7.5 inch cock and it is decently thick.

I lick my lips and I look up at Stephen. He nods and rolls his eyes back into his head when he feels my hand on his cock. I am slowly playing with his dick and his balls and then I slowly move my mouth towards his cock. I stick my tongue out and lick the shaft. I lick the head and then lick down to his balls. He is moaning and telling me that is feels so good. He doesn’t want me to stop and I fully engulf his cock into my mouth. I close my mouth around the head of his cock and he starts to fuck my mouth. I take his dick in and out in and out in and out of my mouth. I then stop my movement and he shove manisa escort bayan his cock down my throat. He continues to face fuck me and I dont want it to stop. I also don’t want him to cum yet and so I pull away and go back up to kiss him passionately.

Stephen rolls me over and says my turn. Stephen starts to kiss my neck and rolls my head to one side he kisses up to my ear and shoves his tongue down my ear. I moan and let him know I am enjoying what I am feeling. He continues and goes back to my neck. He goes to the other side of my neck and ear. He finishes with my neck and goes to my nipples. I grab the back of his head and push his mouth hard into my nipples. He moans and I moan. He uses his teeth and bites my nipples a little and pulls on them. He grabs my cock through my pants and starts to rub it out. I tell him yes, get it out. He unbuttons and unzips my pants. He takes my pants and boxers off in one full swoop. He looks at my cock and at me. He says man I wish we would have done this sooner. I wanted this in high school so much and with that he got on his knees and starts to suck me off. He is going up and down up and down and making my cock nice and slippery.

Oh god I moan. This feels so good. He looks back at me and grabs my balls and takes them into his mouth. He eats on those and then he takes my cock back into his mouth. I tell him to wait. I flip him around and start to suck his cock and he sucks mine. We are both moaning and licking and making our cocks nice and wet. I feel his cock start to swell. Mine does also and I tell him I am about to cum. He tells me to feed him and I obliged and without notice he moans and starts to fill my mouth.

I don’t let his cock out of my mouth and he continues to fill me. I feel him twitch and hear him moan again and one last spurt shoots out and i lick his cock up. I clean him with my tongue. I feel his tongue licking my cock and stomach up and he cleans me off as well. We both lay down next to each other and start to kiss each other again. Our tongues are down each others throats.

We slow down and start to cuddle. I am the little spoon and he holds me in his arms. I wiggle my ass a little bit and feel his cock fit right into my crack. I look back at him and told him goodnight and we both fall asleep.

To Be Continued…

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