Insatiable Rob , Eric Ch. 06

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I had my pickup and he had his jeep, and we were harvesting flagstone from an abandoned farmstead. It was used as paving and edging throughout the once-handsome garden. The owner was getting ready to take the house down and she wanted the stone to go to someone that would put it to good use. So that’s where we came into the picture…Eric was going to help me stack and stockpile it for use at the Garden.

After pulling it up with a pry bars and a spade, we had it piled and sorted…we had the truck filled and it was just a matter of loading a few more pieces into the jeep. It was early October, around 70…a little windy because we were out in a field, in the middle of nowhere. The corn had been harvested so everything was wide open. We decided to take a break and sat in the back of his jeep to have a couple beers. Never a lull in conversation…we were talking (and laughing) about some shit in his office. Eric, attempting casual, reached over and gently rubbed a cold bottle over my crotch. “You ready for some fun?” I recognized the look and caught his eyes moving down between my legs.

“What do you think…and I can see your eyes wandering, dude.”

“Busted…I admit it,” we both laughed. “Fuck, I love a man in a sweat-stained tee.” He stripped me of my shirt, kissed his way over my chest and sucked at my nipples. Our tongues met in a deep, aggressive, probing make-out session…I could taste the salty sweat on his tongue.

I slipped his shirt off, heard his shorts hit the ground and felt him loosening mine. We both grabbed and pawed at each other before he stooped down and shoved my legs apart. He held me in his hands, lovingly stroking and admiring the subject of his lust. He lunged forward to wrap his lips over the first couple inches, working the tip and poking the slit with his tongue. With a hand at the back of his head, I gently nudged him to go further. He knew what I needed and took over…slamming his face into me and poking hard at his throat.

“Ohhhh fuck, that’s good…keeeeeppp that up…need that. I need that!” An amazing blowjob, he knew exactly what he was doing. I really couldn’t handle too much more, though, so I had to switch gears, “Dude, it’s your turn…I want yours…need that big, fucking dick, look at him…he’s all hard and ready!” I took it deep into my mouth, working the head…licking the very tip…washing the glans with my tongue.

I worked him till he was ready…ready for more. He was almost breathless when he groaned, “Mmmm…fuck…fuckin’ got me so horny, Rob.” “You ready to put it in…put that meat up my ass!” He spread himself, laid back and raised his legs. I thumped it over his balls a couple times, before rubbing it across the muscle. He was in heat, with a tight, toned ass, pushing against me. I used some spit for lube, “Fuck yer tight…you want it bad don’t you?”

Eric replied, “Fuck, I’m horny…I do…fuckin’ split me in half with that thing!” He moaned loud as I slowly pushed the entire length up into his belly. He took it easily enough so after a few gentle thrusts, I humped into him, faster and harder. His moans…his reactions encouraged me to do some really hard fucking. He met each stroke by pushing against me, urging me to fuck harder, “Fuck that ass, dude…love it…hard…fuck me hard…ohhh… god, fuck me.”

“Ohhh fuck that ass…fuck it…fuck it! Love that big thing! Robbie, that’s what I need…stretch me…stretch that ass! Yeah…fuck it, deep!”

My mind was flooded with an intense feeling that I’d been here…before. Finally, I connected the dots and it started to make sense…it was just like an encounter, many years ago, with Robin. As I looked over his hot body, prone and spread for satisfaction, I kept comparing them…Robin and Eric…then Eric and Robin…fuck! It was obvious that it was more than just the situation…they were similar…freaky similar, in appearance. Same color eyes, both lean and muscular…she had the hottest, perkiest tits…I could never get enough. But, Eric had a chest that I could spend endless hours petting, caressing…sucking. Of course, there was that beautiful cock, bouncing between his legs…fuck, it was hot…it lurched wildly, with my pounding strokes.

It was all I could do to keep from groaning out a confusion of words, “Ride it Robin…or Eric…or Robin!” As he moaned and begged for more, I thought further…shit…she used to beg, too…just like he is…fuck! Together, the two of them, would be no end of fun. I wish she was still in the picture, I know she’d be into it…Robin was always comfortable with any sex…sexual expression…whatever you might label it. The very thought of Eric and Robin on their back, side-by-side; it would be fucking amazing. Then it struck me that maybe this was getting too weird…isn’t it? While fucking his ass, I was creating an imaginary threesome, featuring the current boyfriend and a past girlfriend. WTF!! Maybe…maybe not…I’m bi…this is me. I guess the mental rambling solidified all that. Anyway…Eric would understand…we’ve Bomonti Escort both been at this point before. Fuck…he’d probably love it, too. Probably wouldn’t even give a damn, if did I scream her name or call him Robin.

Eventually, the sight of that cock cleared my head. With the thought of fucking them together, I nearly lost it. Now, I could focus on what he needed, a hard, pounding fuck…he loved every second…his tight ass clenched around me After some heavy grunting and pounding, I felt my orgasm start to build, as his tight ass clenched around me.

“Bury it, dude…want it deep…that’s it…mmmmm…fuck me!” With one last, hard thrust into his ass, I pulled out to spray a hot glazing over his dick…I had my release…it felt so fucking good! My load waned and I slowed my stroking to watch him pump himself. Unable to break the intensity of his focus, his eyes swept up and down over my body. “Fuck that thing’s sweet…stroke him for me, dude…stroke with me!”

Still turgid and ready for another round…but before I even had a chance to get off one stroke, he begged, “I want it…want that dick…do me some more! You gotta fuck me some more, man!”

He got on his knees and climbed further up into the jeep; he leaned through the seats and spread his thighs in a wide, prone stance. Before I could get it all in, his craving took over; he pushed back into me and wildly stroked himself. I held his hips tight and humped every last inch up into his belly. The sight of my dick piercing those tight little cheeks pushed me closer to another release. His body stiffened and he screamed with complete abandon…and ecstasy; I pummeled his ass till he creamed out a load over the arm-rest. The frenzied release had him bucking his ass into me, almost knocking me backward.

Before we collapsed in a sweaty heap, I pumped yet another load, this time deep inside his shuddering body. “I’m cumming…fucking cumming…again!”

When the orgasms subsided, he leaned down and licked cum from arm-rest. We shared it with our kiss and I nestled him in my arms…I used a t-shirt to soak up the nut leaking from the two of us. I held up the shirt,”That’s a good afternoon…right there!”

The sun warmed and comforted our bare skin…and the leaves rustled in the warm autumn breeze. We just laid there talking and enjoying the moment; I remember we talked about a conference we were heading for that weekend…we were both excited to spend the weekend together. He was really jazzed about introducing me to some friends from college. We decided to avoid the traffic and leave around 6, the next evening.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day for a little hard work and hard sex…we finished with the stone and shared a quiet relaxing evening together. I still remember the evening…some of the final sounds of fall were in the air and we toasted the day’s accomplishments with a couple saisons…and best of all…we could wake up together and share coffee, in bed. We both went off to work and met up at the house. Tina kissed me and grinned when she said, “You boys stay out of trouble. Eric watch over him…he often needs supervision.”

He laughed, “I’ll do my best…he’s a challenge.”

“Oh I know, honey.”

Once on the road, we chose the breakout sessions we wanted to attend. About two hours into the drive, Eric had to pull over at rest area to take a piss. He parked out in a secluded part of the rest area; it was dark and we were sandwiched between a big truck and some shrubs. Looked over at me “After I piss, maybe we can…uhhh…”

I interrupted, “Eric, don’t even finish…I know what you need.”

“Now, let’s hurry and get back to the car…I want some of that,” and squeezed his ass.

“Fucker! You know it’s yours.”

I slid my pants down as I got in the car and my dick popped out and stood straight. The minute he got the door closed, he as down on me, giving me a killer blowjob…he worked himself down over the entire length, pushing and prodding his throat.

I was just starting to moan and roll my hips off the seat to push harder, brushing his lips in my pubes. But, I got a little startled by a guy standing just outside the car, rubbing his crotch. “Eric, ahhh…we’re being watched…there’s a guy watching.”

He jerks his head up…”What!”

“Don’t stop… I just wanna watch…you guys are fucking hot…um my name is Luke. I drive this rig, right here. It’s gonna be a long night drive and I like what I see.”

“Well, Luke, I’m not giving you head…he’s all I can handle.”

“Dude, I can see that, but you got it wrong…it’s not like that…I’m married.”

“So am I!”

“That’s cool, man! I don’t want to interrupt you, dude…just wanna watch…ya know…”

“Yea, I know man. It is kinda hot having somebody watch.”

“You okay with it, Eric?”

“It’s cool,” going right back to where he was.

Luke watched as he stroked his hand over my dick. Lovingly, he took it in both hands and kissed up and down the length of Bomonti Escort Bayan the shaft. He ran his tongue in circles around the head and over the tip before taking it back in his mouth.

“Fuck man! That’s fuckin’ hot.”

It wasn’t long before our friend Luke pulled it out and was stroking what stood beyond the fly. He was just another married man with a swollen cock that told the true story. If we had opened the door, he’d be fighting Eric for a mouthful.

Moans escaped his open mouth and blended with his choppy breathing. He looked up at me watching him and grinned; he was loving every second of this. Almost drooling over the scene, Luke watched intently as it pumped through his lips, over and over. Thick, pulsing with blood, Eric plunged me deep into his mouth. He’d take it from his mouth and push it aside to suck the balls; then he would put it all back in, this time fucking his face, harder.

“Fuck Eric…suck…suck me…mmmm…fuck yer throat…fuck me.”

“Dude, fuck’m…fuck’m with that thing. I’m gonna…gonna cummm…cumming…fuckkkk!” Luke stiffened his body and pumped seed all over. Some slid down over his hand but most of it was running down the window

Catching his breath, “Sorry dude, I jizzed on yer car.”

We were way too occupied to give a damned…gripping the back of his head, I was close and feeling the final pleasures before a release, “That’s it, suck that dick…suck it.”

I groaned as he pumped hard with his face. “Yea Eric! Come on, give me that throat! Yeah, you like this fuckin’ dick don’t you? Throat me…mmmm…that’s it…give me some throat…yeeeaaaa!” Finally, I dropped the load and he swallowed what he could…the juice that slid down the shaft glistened for our friend Luke (still watching).

Pulling off to breathe and lick over his lips, “You like that, dude?”

Eric was really directing it to me but Luke said, “Fuck yea!”

I replied, “Baby, I love it…you keep me satisfied.” And then to be funny I smiled at our trucker, “Luke said it…Fuck Yea, I like that!”

Our friend thanked us for letting him watch. He told us, he’d be rerunning this in his head for weeks…and we were a hot couple. He even called us “stroke candy.” I laughed, “Thanks bud, that makes us feel good and you can watch anytime.”

“Sorry again about the jizz, on the car.”

“No worries, dude. Take it easy.”

He thanked us again and we drove off, while he got in his cab.

We checked into our hotel and made it up to the room. Still talking about what happened at the rest area, we wanted a cocktail or beer. He teased, “You had a stress release earlier, but I think we both stress a little with the traffic.”

“Valet parking certainly takes some hassle out of the process.”

“Yes, it does…I’m sort of likin’ all this.”

I squeezed his hand and pecked his cheek, “Eric, you’re an amazing travel buddy…and lover. Thanks for sharing the weekend with me.” We found a cozy little table in the bar, nestled between shelves loaded with books…sort of felt like a library…we talked

“Eric is that you?” he jumped up and gave her a big hug.

“Lar, get your ass over here! You need to meet somebody.”

“I’m so glad to see you…I don’t mean to interrupt…my husband’s expecting me to call in 15…20 minutes, but we have all weekend, honey.”

“That’s cool…sorry…Rob this is Laura…she was one of my studio-mates, senior-year…and Laura this is Robbie, my boyfriend.”

I extended my hand, but she raised her arms and leaned in to hug. “Rob, you’re getting a hug from me…when we talked, he told me you were coming. I’m so happy to meet you.” We both blushed with her remark, “You guys are twins…you’re both hot. But, ya know…Eric’s always been hot.”

“Anyway, give me a call…let’s try to do lunch together…we need to catch up. ”

“Sounds brilliant…it’s a date.”

“I got to go…long story, but I have to see when my husband’s flight’s coming in on Sunday.” She hugged us both again, “Sweetie, I’ll see you guys tomorrow…nice to meet you, Rob. See you all later” and she flew out of the bar.

I looked at him, “Laura’s cute and she sounds fun.”

“She is…one of my best friends from college…she’s always been a whirlwind. What you saw is what you get with Lar.”

“I can’t wait to talk more and get to know her.”

“Thanks…I’m excited about you meeting my friends…its cool. I guess it’s a chance to be myself, with no façade of being straight.” “She’s right…you are hot and I’m proud…and excited to have you in my life…but I want them to know me.”

“Eric, I understand…I know how important it is to be out with people, especially people that mean something to you.”

Enough serious…let’s finish our drinks and do you mind if we walk. No…sounds perfect…it’s a beautiful city. We finished and grabbed our coats. Hand in hand, snuggling some, we walked several blocks north, south and a little west of the hotel. Just taking in Escort Bomonti the sights and checking out a couple restaurant menus (for later).

We made our way back to the room. The door closing behind us, I leaned in to trace his lips and kiss with my tongue. His lips eagerly parted, as my tongue pushed into him. As he sucked my tongue, I pulled him tighter and rubbed my hands down over his ass. As the making-out and crotch-grinding escalated, I reached lower and used both hands to grope his ass, two muscular globes that always excited me. He had such a hot, little ass…fuck!

“Yeah that’s good!” Paired with Eric’s deep moans, I kneaded his cheeks and rested my head on his shoulder, kissing up over his neck. Working my belt off, he tugged and rubbed on my bulging pants. I moved higher to chew an earlobe and trace it with my tongue.

“I think we need to see more of that cute ass.” My hands worked his pants and boxers down over those solid thighs.

I felt his fingers frantically working to free the hard flesh…he had the pants resting on my ankles in no time. The sexy smile that appeared, as he pulled at the tightly-packed briefs, was priceless. After we both stepped out of our clothes and flipped underwear to the side, we stood back and gazed over each other’s bodies. Eric admiring the endowment that was pointing at him, and I was salivating over the beautiful, upright cock, emerging from his sandy, brown pubes.

“Fuck Rob, l love yer whole body…sometimes I can’t think about anything else…that cock takes up a lot of space…in my head…and yer pants,” we laughed but he kept his eyes between my legs. He reached down to brush over my torso and pubes. He grabbed the hard, flesh and wandered his fingers around its girth.

All sexy and smiling, “I want you first, I didn’t get enough, back there with our friend, Luke…I fuckin’ need a taste…need it in my mouth,” That was all he said before dropping to his knees…he just looked up into my eyes as if to thank me. I ran my fingers through his cropped hair and smiled, “I’m yours, Eric…all yours…suck it…you can have anything.” I moaned, as he leaned in to drag his tongue over the drool, coming from the tip. He sent a sexual shivering through my body…all I could do is moan. I really couldn’t speak. As if it was somehow uncharted, he physically explored every inch with his mouth. After all this time together, our sex often seemed just like that…new. I think we both made efforts to keep it that way, but this time, it just struck me how much we meant to each other. Eric had his mouth around my dick, hundreds of times, but it was just like it was a first. It’s rare to have that intensity, repeated over and over.

Eventually, I got to a point where I was getting close and pulled his face up to mine…I could taste my precum in the kiss. “Let me do you…honey, I almost came.”

His hard cock bobbed, as I pushed him back onto the bed. I wasted no time before taking him, bobbing and working it through my lips. I filled my hands with his butt cheeks and pulled him deep into my throat. After a few minutes of bouncing my face into his pubes, Eric held my head steady and gently rolled his hips into me. “Mmmmmm…fuck you know what I need, every time…let me help you face-fuck.

Pumping till he was at the very edge of orgasm, he was going just deep enough to poke into my throat. The intimacy we shared gave us insight into what we needed from each other…his rambling moans and quivering body told me he was close. I wanted to play out all his desires and knew it was time to back off. “Dude, I’m going to make this a good one.” I straddled him to spread cock drool over his nips, sucking and chewing till his body started to buck again. Then, again, I moved on…I teased him with my dick, bouncing and bobbing it over his skin. I gave him everything he wanted…a swollen cock to suck, nourishing precum, a close-up view of a stroking session and juicy balls, full of seed…Eric was in heaven…but I was, too.

Eventually moving back, I went down on him, again, licking and sucking at every inch. “Mmmmm, fuck Rob…you fuckin’ know what I…waaaannt…need…that’s perfect…suck it…suck the head…suck it…know you like the pre…”

His grunts and chatter enabled me to edge him over and over, but after five attempts to push it back, his body shook and finally his balls took control. “Fucckkkk…take it dude…big…it’s a big one…Robbieeeeee cumming…cumming!” A thick stream pulsed from the tip. Before I got my mouth over the tip, it sprayed up over my lips to drip down my chin. Once, I got hold of it, I wrapped my lips tight to catch the last of his seed…his nuts emptied, into me. As he shook and jerked to finish, I pulled back to where I held just the big, purple head; it soaked in all the warmth, resting in my mouth. I swallowed some, but I spit most of it into my hand to spread over my body. My chest glistened with his seed…his sex. It smelled like Eric.

Knowing full well what it would lead to, I went back to stroking within a few inches of his face. Again, his eyes were fixed. “You want more, don’t you? He only smiled, because we both knew where things were going. “I know what I want…gonna have some fun with that tight hole…see if we can stretch it with this…what do ya think?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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