Jenny and Carrie Ch. 13

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Well here is the 13th chapter in my book. Thanks to everyone who read, those who gave feedback and mainly to those who voted. I hope you all liked the story so far, if not I’m sorry but like I said I started writing this 20+ years ago. I agree that I have no writing back ground and it may be ‘choppy’ if you will. To some it makes no sense, but it does if you have read the book Possessions (which inspired me to write this sequel).

Now some of the parts in this book were drawn from personal experiences (mine or family or friends) or from news stories from papers or TV. Now if you like this story, then everything will make total sense. All the so called far- fetched and crazy things Jenny and Carrie can achieve that is. Have fun!!! And don’t forget to vote and add feedback!!


Jenny and Carrie took their time and answered their sisters’ questions to the best of their ability; it took a very long and very gratifying feeing to both to help Liz, Jess, Carole and Sheryl out, after awhile Carrie glanced at the wall clock to see it was now 11:45. So they all stood up and headed for bed, just as the phone rang. The girls went ahead and hit the beds as Jenny reached for it.

“Hello?” She answered.

“Hi Jen, its mom hun I was just calling to see how did it go teaching your sisters?”

“It went perfectly. Our sisters all learned very quickly.” Jenny said as Carrie sat down beside her, and they explained everything they had taught Liz, Carole, Jess and Sheryl. But as they were telling this to their mother and Leslie, neither could help but feel each other up. Teaching their sisters had gotten both hot, not because of their sisters, but because for a long time there both were naked and talking about sex, and all they could do then was look.

“We both thank you ladies for helping with your sisters’ education, and we both are glad each loved it. But, dears, the reason I’m calling is we have a big problem up here.”

“Problem what kind of problem do you mean mom?”

“Dears your great grandmother Victoria was rushed to Woman’s Hospital an hour ago. She had suffered a massive heart attack. Linda had told us all that it doesn’t look very good for her. Dears, it may not be long. Plus your dad and Claude have to go back to Paris. They will be gone for up to 3 months. So, if you ladies don’t mind keeping your sisters, Les and I will go with them on their trip.”

“Mom, you know you don’t have to ask that question. We both would be very happy to keep our sisters with us, and I know those 4 would love that. Look, we’ll try and get the first flight up there, to be there for Victoria, and to get some more of our sisters’ things. As soon as we all get dressed, and get to LAX. We’ll call you and give you both our flight information.” Carrie explained.

“That’s fine ladies; we’ll be waiting for you 6.” After they hung up, both ladies had really made themselves very hot and sex starved, with all their petting. But now they couldn’t really relieve each other, because they had to rush home to be there for Victoria.

They could take the edge off in the shower, because they needed showers before they left, so, they went into the bathroom and stripped and got in the shower together and bathed each other and had a few quick orgasms, then dried each other off and went and woke their sisters and explained everything to them, and let those 4 get dressed and ready as Carrie called a cab for them. When they all were dressed and ready, all 6 locked up the apartment and sat out of their steps waiting for the cab which arrived 5 minutes later.

Which took them to LAX, once there, they found out their flight for San Fran was due to leave here at 1:15 and that meant that they would land home around 3:30. So, while Jenny got the 6 sisters on the flight, Carrie went to call and tell the info to Katherine. When she got a hold of Katherine, she was crying. Through her tears she told Carrie that Victoria had died 15 minutes ago. This in turn made Carrie start crying, through her tears Carrie gave Katherine their flight info and hung up.

Carrie then tried to numbly make her way back to her sisters. Jenny, seeing how Carrie looked knew what had happened. She got up and ran over to Carrie, and they hugged, as Carrie told Jenny about Victoria’s passing which made Jenny cry. They both slowly made their way back to their sisters and sat down.

“What’s wrong Jen? Carrie?” Liz asked.

“Ladies, our great grandmother Victoria passed away about 20 minutes ago. Jenny told her little sisters through her tears. Now there, were the 6 sisters sitting there holding onto each other crying.

At SF International, both Ross and Claude were at their gate waiting on their daughters. As soon as they saw those 6 distraught faces come off the plane, both men rushed over to them. The men hugged each of the ladies and then led them all out to the car, and headed home.

When they got there, they all found Katherine and Leslie, who were still in the den crying. The 6 sisters went over and hugged Katherine and Leslie, then they too izmit escort sat down and all cried heavily. Which all 8 females continued to cry for about the next hour or so, during this time both Ross and Claude were trying their best to sooth all 8 down. Soon after, they finally calmed down; this was where both sets of parents could really tell that all their daughters were very tired and exhausted.

“We’re all sorry ladies. But knowing what we all do now, we should have waited till the morning to call all of you. We all can tell just how tired you all are. Come on ladies, let’s get you 6 to bed.” Katherine said as she and Leslie took the sisters up to Jenny and Carrie’s room, where they stripped them, and put all into the bed. As soon as all 6 lay down and cuddled up tightly they each fell asleep that quickly. Seeing how their daughters slept made them yawn too, so they went down and got into their beds.

Everyone was finally awake by 12:30 the next afternoon, all in the den talking the bad news to their family over.

“How is Uncle Tobias taking this news?”

“We don’t really know ladies. None of us have heard from him since it happened.” Ross answered. To this both Jenny and Carrie got up with their sisters.

“Can we use the car? We have to go and at least check on him. To make sure he’s doing fine.” They explained as Katherine gave her keys to Jenny. They all hugged and then the sisters left for Pacific Heights Jenny parked outside the building, and each ran into the lobby and punched the button for the elevator. All 6 were impatiently waiting for the doors to open. All occasionally yelling ‘come on’ at the doors.

Finally the opened and those 6 ran in and told the guy which floor. He took them up, and as soon as the door opened they ran off and down the hall. At Victoria’s front door, Carrie opened it using the key that Victoria had given her and Jenny. Once inside, they all searched all of the ground floor, and not finding Tobias there. Jenny spotted the intercom, and she tried to reach him, but no answer came. So, they all rushed up to his wing of the place, where they all split up and searched for Tobias everywhere. Soon, Jenny heard Liz yelling from the far end of the place. Both she and Carrie made a mad dash for where Liz was. Crying at what she saw. Carrie hugged Liz calming her down, as the other 3 showed up to find Tobias laying flat on his back unconscious.

Carrie grabbed the phone and called for an ambulance, while Jenny knelt beside him, and using all they were taught in Med School to see just how Tobias was doing. She checked for a pulse, and finding a rather slow and faint one. Then with Carrie’s help they checked him all over for signs of injury, which they didn’t find any. So, Jenny cradled his head in her lap. She did that as Carrie got up and called Linda and told her everything and that they were taking Tobias to a hospital.

In turn, Linda told them to bring him there, to which Carrie agreed and they hung up. Then she went back over and kneeled down beside him with her sisters.

“Oh no Tobias, don’t do this!” Jenny cried to him. She laid him back down, as she and Carrie checked him over again, but this time not finding a pulse. Jenny started very calmly doing CPR on him, while Carrie did mouth to mouth on him. Every 5 minutes they switched places, and finally brought him back. It took 10 more minutes to arrive and got him loaded on to a stretcher and into the ambulance.

“Which hospital does he use?” One of the attendants asked Jenny.

“He needs to go to Woman’s Hospital. The family’s doctor is there and waiting on him.” She answered, and then they followed the ambulance to the hospital. Both Jenny and Carrie met Linda at the door. The ladies got their sisters a place to sit and went in with Linda into the room. Once in there, Linda got them to assist her.

Together, all 3 stabilized Tobias’s condition, and fixed his problem. Once, they finished, and saw he was going to be alright, Linda she him up to a private room. Jenny and Linda went into the doctor’s lounge, while Carrie went out and led their sisters in. Where Carrie saw Jenny was on the phone relaying everything to their family about Tobias and where they were. When Jenny finished, she came over and sat with her sisters and Linda.

“Thank you Linda. WE all appreciate it dearly.” Jenny told her.” One major death is more than enough to deal with, let alone two. It will probably take quite a while for our family to finally come to terms with losing our strongest member.”

“You all are welcome dears. I can tell just how rough this is for all of you. But, dears you both had a lot to do with this today. You ladies brought him back before anyone could get there and help, and then you both helped me our quite a lot in there. Both of you ladies are very professional, calm and collected. I’ll swear that you ladies could be great doctors, but you both are headed for the new born center. Hell, dears you both remind me of myself, not only that but, for me it would be nice to work with you both too ladies.” Linda explained to Jenny and Carrie. izmit escort bayan “I wish there was some way I could persuade you both into becoming doctors instead. You both know you each could, it’s only 2 more years away.”

“Yes. You’re right that is something for us to talk about. I think we both will discuss this over and decide just what we’d like to do. Thanks Linda.”

“Ladies you both are very welcome.” She said as they all went out into the lobby of the ER. Where they spotted Katherine, Leslie, Ross and Claude and walked over to them. Where Linda, Jenny and Carrie explained just what was wrong with Tobias. Then they told the family to go on home and get their rest. Then Jenny and Carrie told their family that they were going to stay here and help Linda, this news made each smile, even as hard as it was for the to do so. Linda told Katherine and Ross that she would drop the ladies off on her way home tonight.

Their sisters hugged Jenny and Carrie and went home with their parents. Jenny gave Katherine her keys back so she could take the car home with them.

At a little after 6, Linda dropped Jenny and Carrie off after their first tastes of being doctors. To which, this had changed the ladies plans big time. They both decided to stay in school for the next 2 years, and be doctors like she was because both really wanted to come back and help Linda out.

“Linda dear this has changed everything for sis and me. We both will stay in school and become doctors with you here. We both enjoyed and loved helping you today. Thanks for letting us help.” Jenny told Linda who smiled.

“Great dears, I’m glad to have helped you ladies out. And you both are very welcome. Listen, why don’t you come and help me until you have to head back for school? More hands on training you know? I’ll swear just from today, you ladies make it a lot easier for me. A hell of a lot better than the help I usually get stuck with.” She finished as she pulled into their driveway.

“That sounds great!” Both said happily. “When should we show up tomorrow?”

“How about, I just come and pick you both up at say 7 in the morning. How’s that sound to you?”

“That sounds fine. We both will see you then.” The ladies said getting out of the car and heading for the house. They entered the den where their family was.

They all got up and greeted Jenny and Carrie, and then the ladies sat down beside their sisters on their loveseat. Where they both explained to everyone about their day and the decision they had made. To stay in school for 2 more years and become doctors with Linda then explained that they would during the day, be going with Linda and helping her at the hospital till they had to leave for Pasadena. This news made everyone very happy for each lady.

‘So, when do you all have to leave for Paris?”

“Next Saturday dears if you ladies want to, you all can stay here until school starts. Then head home.”

“Sounds good, but sis and I will have to get our sisters settled into a good school in Pasadena. Because we don’t want them to miss any of their school work so, that I’m guessing will take a week to 2 to get done.” Jenny said.

“Yes sis that does sound right. The first step would be, finding out just what will be needed to do this.” Carrie agreed, as Claude handed them both a piece of paper.

“Ladies, you both will need those for Carole and Sheryl. And also these papers for Liz and Jess.” He said handing them another sheet of paper. Then he explained just what the papers were for, both ladies smiled and put them in their purses as Katherine and Leslie called them all in for dinner.

After dinner was over, the twins wanted to go bowling with Jenny and Carrie again. What those 4 really wanted was to get revenge for the ladies beating them. Both ladies knew this, but didn’t let one that they knew it. The six sisters split 6 games. Liz won 1, Jenny 2, Carrie 1, Sheryl 1, and Carole 1. Jess didn’t win one, but she did herself proud, because she gotten 2nd place in all 6 games.

When they got back home, Jenny and Carrie called their husbands and told them where they were and why. Then talked for 30 minutes and traded I love yous and hung up. Both re-entered the den, where they hugged and kissed their parents and Leslie and Claude and went up to bed with their sisters.

That Saturday, Victoria was buried, in the same cemetery where both Hugh and Jennifer were. Then on the following Wednesday, the family was at her attorney’s office to have her will read. After the will was read to them all, this was how her $ 3 ½ billion estate was divided up:

Jenny and Carrie: Victoria left the ladies her and Hugh’s Villa in Menton. And that included everything that was there and both of the Cadillac limos. Plus she finally gave them every picture she had of their Aunt Jennifer lastly Victoria left them $ 150 million each.

Katherine: As Victoria had promised her, she left Katherine the Pacific Heights apartment, and all the furniture that was in her wing, and also left her $250 million.

Ross: She had left izmit sınırsız escort him all the titles and every important paper for The Hayward Corporation, which was now his solely. And she left everything that was left from Hugh and $ 300 million.

Jon and Todd: She had left them her beautiful Rolls Royce, and $100 million each.

Leslie: Victoria left her all for her valuable crystal, and 25 priceless painting and $150 million.

Claude: She left him all of her study room furniture, which he had fallen in love with and all her law books and manuals and $250 million. Liz, Jess, Carole and Sheryl: They got all of the game room artifacts and her beautiful baby grand piano and $100 million each.

And lastly Tobias: She left him all of her and Hugh’s rare books, and all of the furniture in his wing. And he was left the rest of her money, $ 500 million. That was it; there wasn’t anything left for the rest of the family. Simply because she didn’t believe they deserved anything from her, so she didn’t leave one thing to any of them.

Tobias pulled through with the help he got from Linda. And he was really very grateful to both Jenny and Carrie for their help too. After discussing it with all of his family, he decided to move back up to Boston and return to the University as a professor.

From Thursday till Saturday, the parents helped Jenny and Carrie get their sisters ready for the switch of schools. Then Saturday night, Ross, Katherine, Leslie and Claude left for their trip to Paris. So, Jenny and Carrie finished up the last details for their sisters’ move to Pasadena to live with them. By Wednesday, all was finally clear for the move. So, that night, the ladies helped their sisters pack, and then they left for Pasadena.

By Friday, Jenny and Carrie had taken their sisters and had gotten them enrolled into a perfect school. With all that taken care of, all the 6 sisters did was relaxed until time for their schools to start.

Om February 10th, Both Jenny and Carrie were getting ready to go and pick up their husbands, who were due in at 6:30. AT 3:30, before the twins got home, the ladies went out and rented a Chevy 15 passenger van. Now the ladies were in their room taking their bath and also making love. When the 4 did come home, they went and got cleaned up and had a snack, then all left for LAX.

For the 2 whole weeks since coming home, both Bobby and Ken were back to their old selves once again. What really worried Jenny and Carrie was that the guys didn’t care if they did it in front of their little sisters. Now this pissed both Jenny and Carrie off royally. The punches, slaps, or kicks, and then add the curse outs, and all for no reason at all. So, Jenny and Carrie took their sisters and moved into the weight room, to escape the boys neither lady even wanting to call either a man after what happened.

“Sis, I do believe we both have had about all of this we can take. They must have thought we were kidding them about what we said, to each of them after the last time.” Carrie said looking at Jenny.

“Yes. Sis you are right. Neither of those boys gives a shit! Both of them should have the common decency for our sisters. But what do they show them? This sick type B.S.!” Jenny said getting madder by the minute. “I meant that it’s bad enough to be doing this to us in the first place. But now they just do it and in front of our sisters. Well Dear. It’s up to us to put an end to this once and for all. And now is the perfect time! Come on sis!” Jenny said as they headed for the door. “Sisters, you ladies need to stay in here please.”

“That’s fine with us. But please don’t go in there.” Their sisters pleaded with Jenny and Carrie. “Please don’t. We don’t want either of you to get hurt.”

“Dears, we have to do this. None of us needs, wants or in any way deserves any of this crap. And we aren’t going to put up with it one more minute!” They said and left the room.

10 minutes later, Liz, Carole, Jess, and Sheryl could hear all the yelling and everything said.

“So, you two women beaters want to play rough do you? Well, you both have just pushed the wrong buttons on us. We’ve both had it up to here with all this sick treatment we both have been subjected to. And for us boys, this is where we draw the line! Neither of us is going to take any more of this fucked up shit!”

“Shit! These marriages are the worst mistakes, we both have made. We should have stayed in New York, where we each could have easily had all the women we could have wanted.” Bobby said.

“Ok really? Well. What in hell’s name made you both come back then if that way true? Actually, you both would have been doing sis and me a big favor that way. But, both of you are wrong about the marriages being the mistakes. They are not the problem; it’s picking both of you to enter in them with. And you both are looking at two women who don’t make mistakes, but as we see we both did here with the both of you. Lately, both of you have made sis and I wonder as to why we wanted to get over our shyness and have husbands. There are only 5 men, that we each know of that can wear the titles of being ‘gentlemen’, that would only go to our father, Claude, our brothers and Uncle Tobias. Neither of you are any better that the 10 guys we both had to deal with.” Carrie said loudly, losing her composure every second.

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