Love at the Magic Store

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When Jared and Janet are asked how they met, they usually just laugh and say fate. In a way, it was. Jared’s first real partner was a beautiful and brilliant girl. They stayed together for a number of years. One day, however, he realized he just didn’t have her interests anymore and somehow never did. They ceased to be intimate and she knew the romance was over. She tried to get him jealous by finding someone else but this just made everything more dramatic.

The truth was that she was tenacious and smart but without a true interest of seemingly irrelevant things. Despite her brilliance, it was not like the classic artistic sense of Jared. He was the kind of person that would read about certain works of art at a museum before attending the exhibit.

Empty knowledge is useless, too. A historic passage, if it is alluring enough, does not have to be relevant but most others need context to give some anecdotal value to the given conversation. Jared knew about a half dozen poems and pieces he knew on the piano and guitar which he, admittedly, used for the right occasions. That being said, the farthest thing from his mind would be to embarrass or bore his audience. This would make them resentful and more obstinate to change. He tried to propitiate an understanding and reverence of analysis in text born data.

His world had been stagnant in that relationship but now he was happy to be free again to date and mingle. He had lost his position at work partly due to his unhappiness. He adored the women he worked with in the office. His immediate boss, Lora Collins was very stylish and voluptuous. She could have been Jared’s grandmother but her eyes were bright and she always make sure she looked and smelled very good each morning. When overwhelmed, she ran around pointing at things and they would laugh. But they always got the job done.

Lora would put her big butt on his desk and talk to Jared all the time. She went on about how much money her husband makes, how she doesn’t really need a job, how the divorce is going through and how much she will get, about guys, and drinks and crazy parties and so on. Chatter with him all day like he was a girlfriend. She flirt shamelessly with him but he never seemed to notice though they always had a good time at work. Lora could be crazy on a Friday for the little team. In the end, after making all the passes she could at her subordinate, she didn’t have the heart to just come out and take him. She felt like she was an evil old crone breathing down his neck.

After a period, he took whatever employment he could. For the time being which happened to be stocking at a supermarket. The work was hard but the effect on his body was impressive. He got leaner and stronger and more confident.

He moved into a smaller place. It was a second story apartment with two very small bedrooms on the West side of the city. Oddly sivas escort enough, the very house next to this was a kind of Curiosity Shoppe complete with a dusty front view. Magic odds and ends hang in the window display and tender timbers accompanied the breeze.

The front of this place had lawn chairs and an umbrella. Stone gardens and a little pebble path running crookedly to the front door. On this particular day, the day Jared was moving in, winds were gusting occasionally. So, just by coincidence, she was right there. She was bent over with her back toward him and she was picking up something at her feet. She moved in a measured way how old ladies do. Her body language was cute, the way she wiggled her ass in the air when she apparently found what she was looking for in the grass. She obviously had no idea she was being watched.

She turned around then and held her hand over her eyes as a visor to look at Jared. Something strange happened to Jared then. It was one of those rare times in life when the mind has two revelations almost at once.

The first is that he realized he had always loved mature women. He suddenly remembered trying to talk to strangers that stirred his emotions as they walked around the city. He thought of certain pictures he had in a scrap book deep in his personal things.

Second, he realized he needed someone intelligent, too. More than this, he knew how to find someone like this. It was by the eyes. He needed someone unusual like himself who could be the center of attention when necessary but still hold a higher secret without breaking the mantra of the means justifying the ends.

Her face was classic and beautiful he thought like a picture of a proper lady. Her eyes were deep and wrinkled and very wise. He admired her sexy curves and fell in love with her regal face. Bu her deep calm eyes made him understand right then and there that he loves her in her entirety.

Ironically, this possibility was the absolute last thing on her mind. The two of them together would look like an old mother and her son except that their bodies and skin tones were entirely different. He was a little taller and this dream girl before him was big and curvy and of Spanish descent.

He knew that it would never occur to her that he was attracted to her no matter how he stared at her.

Suddenly, he did something that was surprising even to himself. He gave her The Look. He had never given anyone The Look before. The Look that says, “I could just eat you up for dinner!”

Her face lit up in a smile and then she noticed his brazen look and understood everything he was conveying all too well. She mouthed a surprised, “Oh!” for a moment probably shocked by Jared’s gall.

They must have talked a little at this point but Jared just couldn’t remember. He was so nervous and she was so beautiful. sivas escort bayan He was making his goodbye and backing up, he stumbled over a lawn ornament as she yelled “Look Out!” She seemed to be in a kind of trance, too. The two of them awkwardly fumbling kind words back and forth.

“Hello, neighbor!” he said to her on another day. He felt like he was on a quest to get his Welsh princess. His full-bodied Lady Godiva.

The Shoppe next door was quite busy. According to her sign, she did card readings and other mystical spells. He wasn’t superstitious but the Gothic romance of the old house was in keeping with his aesthetic. Every little thing surrounding her was perfect just as she was.

From his back window, which was on the second story, he could see her backyard. She had a tiny garden there but mostly it was gray and dry. She played music when she was outside and worked on the garden. He hated to be openly voyeuristic but the view from the kitchen window over the sink looked onto her backyard. He watched her from here sometimes while washing dishes.

She knew he was there, above her, possibly watching, but also felt that he couldn’t possibly be interested in a friendship much less a relationship. So she brushed it off and they exchanged introductions a few days later.

“Janet, what a beautiful name,” he said foolishly.

When you know someone likes you, your perception of that person changes. But Jared wasn’t on her radar. She thought he was simply always nervous when talking to people. She was nervous, too, when she talked to him. Especially when he was up close. But the reason for that was obvious. He was muscular and gorgeous and just about any woman with any sense should be glad to have him. This young man who made her thoughts fly away and her heart beat.

The way the houses were, he heard a lot from her yard. He came down occasionally as if by accident to try and catch her out front. He did and she looked nice but she couldn’t glance at his direction though he must have been smiling from ear to ear. He certainly didn’t want to mess with her business so he disappeared inside again. And so it went, longer than necessary. Once she even seemed to flash him an accusing look.

On other occasions, he would go for a walk in the dusk. Imagining that she looked at him as he walked around the block by himself. She was, when she was sitting outside on her lawn chair underneath her umbrella. He smiled and waved. She looked so good and so elegant in a clingy sweater that accentuated her enormous breasts and left her bust on display. He was glad she was relaxing. It made him happy to see she was done working for the day. It was evening and she was just outside enjoying the air. They both were.

She continued to be as neighborly as possible to him. Lots of other daily concerns distracted her escort sivas and many other people with any number of characteristics for many different reasons made her tongue-tied and breathless. So when the front door opened and he stood before her, she was certainly surprised.

He handed her the letter that should have come to her house in the first place. After a few words of greetings, her heart turned to ice.

“Oh my god, he’s flirting with me!” she thought.

She ran her hand through her hair and began picking up or moving around some meaningless items on the ground from nervous energy.

He made a gracious exit and she followed him outside feeling awful about her unmade up face suddenly and the general disarray of her state. She all but hugged him out the door unable to turn away.

“I hope I see him again,” she mused.

That night, she slept in the nude. Her hands roamed her thighs and arms and caressed her breasts. She imagined something naughty. She closed her eyes and meditated for a minute. She imagined in a different world, he was here with her watching. Her hands became his hands. His fingertips roamed slowly up and down her body exploring new curves not daring to go any further. It felt electric. But it also felt so wrong. She wasn’t exactly cougar material. She was a big woman. It felt like messing around with young men wasn’t for her. Yet, ushering the boy out like that instead of offering him at least a cup of tea was wrong, too. So what if she has a crush on him. An old woman like her should be able to handle herself in a dignified manner regardless.

She brought herself to an orgasm for the first time since God knows when and fell asleep pondering per next move. Maybe she could ask him to move something heavy for her. That would be sweet of him. But nothing needed to be moved and she still hesitated from anything like outright seduction. The very idea of trying real deceits, as she saw it, and with her body being what it was and her age, was simply horrifying to her. She had some idea of how easy this may be provided she makes the first move. But the next morning, the show would be over. She would be exposed under the covers as the granny that she is and she would be a one night stand.

Jared seemed really tongue tied around her. Nonetheless, he still wanted to be around her. He could have simply placed the letter in her mailbox for example. He was not nervous with other people, it turned out. She saw him talking to other neighbors. It was all so endearing. She wanted to bottle that feeling up and keep it forever. No, she wanted to bottle him up.

She became more aroused as her evening progressed. More and more nude until she only had her jewelry on. To this, she added a waist chain. No one could see her but it was erotic and so wrong to pretend various things.

Then she thought to herself, “Janet, you’re not getting any younger. What’s left to be afraid of?”

She lost her looks and figure years and years ago. There was only herself left now and nothing to be afraid of.

“Besides, you’ve seen how he looks at you,” she said aloud to no one.

And just like that she was a woman again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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