Matt’s Guitar Lesson

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It was a good night at the Crow’s Nest Coffee House. The audience was larger than usual, probably because it was the beginning of the tourist season. My set went off without too many problems, rare when I’m working on new songs. At the end of the evening several people came up to the stage, where I was packing up my guitar, and commented on my playing. This always made me feel good, considering the time I put into my music.

I was just closing the guitar case when I heard a woman’s voice behind me say, “Excuse me, are you Gail Coulter’s boy?”

I turned to see this attractive looking woman staring at me. She had dark hair and a beautiful set of tits that I could hardly take my eyes off of. I figured she was in her thirties, but how she knew me….. I didn’t have a clue.

“Yes I am.” I answered.

“I was a teacher at the elementary school with your mom a few years ago. How is she doing?”

“Fine,” I said. “She sometimes comes down here to hear me play, but she stayed home tonight.”

“I’m sorry I missed her,” she smiled. “I was wondering… do you give lessons? My son is 10 and I’d like to get him started playing the guitar.”

“Sure, Let me give you my information and…………”

“Matt!” I was interrupted by one of the other performers in the blues band I was playing with. “Are these your picks and capo in this bag?”

“Oh yeah… Jeez, I don’t want to forget those.” I threw them into my guitar case and turned around only to find the woman I was talking to was gone. Damn, I thought. If nothing else, I was hoping to get one more look at those tits. I hoped I didn’t insult her, but she was here once, maybe she would be back in the future.

“You got a ride home, Matt?” asked my friend.

“Yeah, I got my mom’s car tonight. Thanks anyway,” I responded.

I awoke the next morning to the sound of the phone ringing in the kitchen. It was 9 o’clock. I rarely slept this late, but I continued resting a bit and thinking about the concert the night before. When I finally got my head together, I went to the kitchen where my mom was sitting at the table.

“Good morning sleepy head,” she said while sipping her coffee.

“Morning mom,” I muttered as I poured a cup of orange juice.

“I just got a call from Marie Lindstrom. She said she met you at the Crow’s Nest last night and wanted to talk to you about giving her son guitar lessons.”

“Oh yeah, I got distracted and she left. I hope she didn’t think I was being rude.”

“She said you were busy but she had our number. You can call her back when you have a minute.”

“Yeah, I can do that. Who is she anyway? She seemed to know you, but I don’t think I’ve ever met her before,” I queried.

“She lives over on Oakwood Lane- in the big house on the end. She and I were on the teachers committee. She taught second grade but gave it up last year after she lost her baby. Actually, I’m surprised they had any children. She married this engineer who is the biggest nerd you’d ever meet. What she saw in him I’ll never know, besides being one of the biggest brains down at Stillman, Inc. There’s plenty of money in that so…….. I don’t know. “

“She lost a baby? How did that happen?” I was puzzled.

“Her baby died at birth. She was devastated of course. She loves kids, so I could see where that would have a very negative effect. I didn’t get into it on the phone with her, but she sounded okay. Anyway, give her a call. Her number’s on the counter there.”

I took a shower and after, called Mrs. Lindstrom. We set up a lesson for her 10 year old son, Allen, on Thursday night around 7:00 p.m. I got as much background on Allen as I could. He had a guitar handed down from his grandfather and has tried to play it even though he knows nothing about it. From what I could gather he could play “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” on one string, so I guess I could safely put him into the novice category.

I arrived at the Lindstrom’s house right at 7 o’clock and rang the bell. I was greeted by some guy with a bad haircut who just stared at me. This must be the husband my mom was telling me about.

“Hi. I’m Matt Coulter. I’m here for Allen’s guitar lesson.”

“Oh, right,” the guy mumbled and held the door open.

I followed him in, but he mysteriously disappeared somewhere as Mrs Lindstrom made her way to the entrance area with her son in tow. “Hi, Matt… Boy, you’re right on time.” She was dressed in a pair of white shorts that were so tight that the entire outline of her crotch could be seen pushing against the fabric. When she bent overt to talk to her son, I had no problem seeing all the way down to her navel. She was wearing a black lace bra which really accented her well rounded tits.

“Allen? This is Matt. His mother is a good friend of mine and he’s going to show you how to play the guitar.”

I extended my hand. “Good to meet you Allen. What kind of songs do you like?”

He just shrugged his shoulders as his mom bent over, revealing her huge tits to me one more Avrupalı porno time.

“Allen? Is there any song you’d like to learn?”

Again he shrugged his shoulders. “That’s okay,” I said. “Let’s get to know the instrument first and then we can figure out some tunes to play.”

We went into the den where Mrs. Lindstrom left us alone during the lesson. I spent about 45 minutes with Allen and I must say, he caught on pretty quick, but I wasn’t sure if he inherited a musical ability from his grandfather or the genius from his father to grasp the concept of how things work. Either way, I got him started.

After the lesson Allen ran off to play some video game. Mrs. Lindstrom walked me to the door. “Are there any books I should buy for him to help him practice?” She asked.

“I have some I can give you. They’re beginner books I don’t use any more, so you can keep them.”

“That’s great!” she exclaimed. “I’m also thinking of getting him his own guitar as the one he has seems way too big for him. I thought maybe you could give me some suggestions.”

“Gee, I have tons of catalogs you can have, or you can go online.”

“I want it to be a surprise, so I don’t want him to see the catalogs. He’s going to the air show with his father tomorrow and staying through the weekend. Do you think you could drop them off here tomorrow night?”

“Sure,” I said. “I’ll bring those beginner books with me as well.”

She touched my shoulder and kissed me on the cheek. “Thank you so much. I’ll see you tomorrow around 7:00.”

“Mom? Do you mind if I take the car tonight?”

“I don’t mind. What’s going on?” she asked.

“I have to drop off this guitar info to Mrs. Lindstrom and then I thought I’d go to the music store to pick up some strings.”

“That’s okay, just be careful. I’m going to stay in and watch a movie,” she told me.

“I shouldn’t be late,” and with that I headed out the door.

I got to the Lindstrom’s just after 7:00 and Mrs. Lindstrom greeted me at the door before I even rang the bell. “Hi, Matt. I heard you drive up. I’m glad you’re a little late. I just got out of the shower. I was in the garden all day and didn’t want you to think I was always sweaty and dirty,” she laughed.

She was dressed in only a bathrobe and stood before me combing out her beautiful dark hair. “Come on in and let’s see what you brought,” she said.

We made our way to the den where she sat on the couch. When she sat down, I didn’t know where to look. Her robe rode up over her knees and the top opened enough to allow a glimpse of the top of her breasts. She patted the seat next to her. “Come on, sit here and you can tell me what this stuff is all about.”

I sat next to her and sorted the instruction books from the catalogs. I started going through the different guitar companies, explaining prices and tonal quality and with each catalog she would lean forward, loosening the tie on her robe and exposing more of her tits. When she took some of the catalogs off her lap the bottom of the robe fell open and gave me a clear view of her inner thigh almost up to her crotch. I placed a few catalogs on my own lap to hide the growing hardness in my pants. I thought she was beautiful when I met her at the Crow’s Nest, but seeing her in this opening robe was really getting to me. She took the catalog from my lap and placed them on the coffee table.

She must have seen my excitement through my pants, I thought. She then stood up and her robe was now opened all the way in the front giving me a close up view of her trimmed pussy. It was totally shaved except for a small landing-strip at the top. I couldn’t take my eyes away.

“Oh my!” she said sounding embarrassed, pulling the robe tightly around her. However in doing so she opened the top, showing me her large tits and dark brown nipples. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize I was coming undone. Well, I guess it’s nothing you haven’t seen before, I mean living with your mother and all.”

I just raised my eyebrows and gave this dumb looking smile.

“Well, I guess every boy has seen his mother nude at one time or another. Your mother said you were going off to business school in the fall. I didn’t realize you were that old. You must be….. What?”

“I turned 18 last month,” I responded.

“That’s a great age. I remember you when you were only about a year old. In fact, I baby sat you once when I was around 15. Your mother was nursing you then. I guess you wouldn’t remember,” she smiled.

“No, that was some time ago,” I said

Mrs. Lindstrom came over and sat next to me again. “It’s a funny thing that Allen remembered how good mother’s milk tasted up until just a few years ago. But then, I did breast feed him until he was over five years old. I was hoping to breast feed my new baby, but it wasn’t meant to be.”

“Gee, I was sorry to hear about your baby Mrs. Lindstrom.”

“That’s very kind of you. I’m still producing milk, which is why my breasts get so heavy. Video porno Every once in a while I express some into a glass and drink it myself. They say it’s very good for you.”

“I remember in my public health class they said cows’ milk was for cows and human milk was for people.”

“That’s true and it tastes much better. You can try some if you like,” she said while caressing her breast under her robe.”

“Gee, I don’t know Mrs. Lindstrom.”

“Oh, don’t be shy,” she said as she removed her breast from under her robe.

I wasn’t sure what was happening here. I knew I wasn’t dreaming and thought maybe I should get up and leave, but another part of my brain was telling me to stick around and enjoy this once in a lifetime event.

She started rubbing the area around her nipple, gently squeezing until the first few drops appeared. Then she squeezed harder, forming a small pool of milk in the palm of her hand. I couldn’t take my eyes off those magnificent tits as she held her hand to my lips. “Here, I think you’ll enjoy it.”

Well, this was unusual. I had a few questions to ask, but I thought I would play along until I could figure where this was going. I put my tongue out and took a small sample from her hand. It was thinner than regular milk but had a sweet taste to it. I licked a few more drops from her palm and nodded my approval.

“Here, try some more,” she said as she turned her nipple toward my mouth. “It’s even better when it’s straight from the source.”

Milk or no milk, I wanted that tit in my mouth. I placed my lips firmly down on her erect nipple and started sucking. My cock got even harder as I filled my mouth with milk. Mrs. Lindstrom placed her hand behind my head and started purring like a kitten. “That’s it honey, suck mommy’s milk. Do you like it?”

“Yeah, Mrs. Lindstrom, I………..”

“Shhhhh,” she whispered. Call me mommy. Okay?”

Mommy? Hmm, another piece of this mystery puzzle fell into place. Was I the child she lost or was she just a horny woman who wasn’t getting much from her nerdy husband?

“Okay, mommy,” I replied and went back to her tit for more.

“Oh, what a good boy you are,” she said softly.” Suck mommy’s tits. Mmmmmm… Suck me dry and I’ll give you my other one.”

She opened her robe all the way and caressed her left tit while I kept sucking on the right. “Oh yeah, baby. Suck mommy good. Suck mommy’s warm milk.”

I was in heaven. I had felt a girl’s nipples a few times when we were fooling around, but that was nothing compared to this. These tits were huge and I couldn’t get enough of them. Mrs. Lindstrom was breathing hard as I felt her hand slide down between my legs and grab hold of my shaft through the fabric of my jeans. She stroked it for a minute before undoing my pants and freeing my hard-on.

“Ooooh… What’s baby got here for mommy?”

I removed myself from her firm tit and took a deep breath. “Does my baby want more?” she asked.

At this point I decided to go with the horny woman theory. “Yes mommy. Please give me more.” With that, she turned and gave me her left tit to suckle.

I took her tits in my hands, squeezing on one nipple and sucking on the other while her left hand started stroking my manhood harder and faster. “Oh, mommy… I want to cum,” I shouted.

“Oh yes. Give me your cum, feed mommy your hot man milk.”

Her head fell into my lap and her mouth engulfed my entire shaft. It was more than I could take. I felt my balls empty its store into my shaft and explode into Mrs. Lindstrom’s wanting mouth. Spurt after spurt, she took it all and moaned loudly before swallowing.

Her head lay in my lap for several minutes, her eyes fixed on my cock. She squeezed out the last few drops onto her tongue before looking up at me. “Did you enjoy that, Matt?” she said softly.

I took a deep breath. “Oh, yeah…”

“There’s that and more- anytime you want it.” she smiled.

My knees were still weak as I was leaving. “If you have any questions about those catalogs just let me know, Mrs. Lindstrom.”

“I’m sure I will, and thank you Matt. I enjoyed our evening together.”

When I got home, my mom had just finished watching her movie. “You’re just in time. I made some brownies during the break. They’re on the side- in the kitchen,” she said as she turned off the TV. “Did you get your strings?”

“Ummm,” I forgot I told her I was going to the music store. “They’re on order. I can pick them up in a couple of days.”

“There’s milk in the refrigerator if you want some with that brownie. I’m going to read in bed for a while. Goodnight.”

I wanted to tell her I just had all the milk I needed. Besides, I’m not sure I ever want cow’s milk again. I stayed up for about an hour watching TV but mostly thinking about Mrs. Lindstrom and what she said about there being more anytime. I turned out the lights and went to my room with the anticipation of jerking my cock and thinking about my first blowjob.

The following Thursday, I arrived at the Lindstrom’s for Allen’s guitar lesson. The kid seemed to pick up on musical theory, but his hand was too small to span the neck of his grandfather’s arch top guitar. I mentioned this to Mrs. Lindstrom after Allen’s lesson. I told her from now I can show him some bass runs and in time, he’ll grow and be able to form the chords that are difficult for him right now.

“Maybe I should get him that guitar sooner if you think it would be easier for him,” she responded. “I’ve looked over some of the material you gave me, but it gets a little confusing. Could you come over tomorrow and help me pick one out? I have to take Allen to day camp in the morning, but I’ll be back around ten.”

Ahhh, I guess so. I………….”

“Good. 10 o’clock it is.” She said as she walked me to the door.

At the door, Mrs. Lindstrom turned and looked over my shoulder to see if anyone was behind us. “I was thinking you might have come by earlier this week. I enjoyed what little time we were together last week,” she said as she reached for my crotch and gently caressed me through my jeans. “I was certain you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

“Yeah, it was nice,” was all I could come up with.

“You better go home now and take care of that hardness you have,” she smiled. “I’ll see you tomorrow around ten.”

I drove my mom to school the next morning. She had a teacher’s meeting and now that school was over for the season, she thought it would be a good time to clean up her classroom. From there I drove home and grabbed a bowl of corn flakes before heading over to the Lindstroms. I got hard just thinking about our last meeting and hoped for a repeat this morning. It looked like my wish might come true as Mrs. Lindstrom answered the door in her robe while combing her hair.

“You always seem to catch me after my shower,” she said, “Why don’t you go on in, I just have to finish drying my hair.”

I sat on the couch for quite some time before Mrs. Lindstrom came in. “I picked out a guitar, but you can tell me if it’s a good one for Allen,” she stated.

She showed me the catalog and I agreed with her choice. “I think that would be a good one. It will play well and it’s not overly expensive. If he decides he doesn’t like playing you won’t be out of much money.”

“Good. Then that’s settled. Can I get you something to drink?”

“No, I think I’m fine,” I responded.

“Oh, you… Don’t be so shy. I know how much you enjoyed my milk last week so I’ve been saving some for you today.” With that she opened her robe to expose her beautiful round breasts to me. I went instantly hard and Mrs. Lindstrom noticed. She started rubbing the bulge in my pants. “You see? You’re enjoying it already and you haven’t even tasted me yet,” she smiled. “Come now, taste mommy’s milk,” she said as she offered me her right tit. I cupped her breast in my hands and started suckling her hard nipple. I didn’t get much at first but soon her milk started flowing and filling my mouth.

“That’s a good boy,” she moaned. “Suck mommy’s tit. You like it don’t you, honey? Yes, I can tell. You’re getting harder for mommy, aren’t you?”

I just nodded at her questions as I kept sucking. God, I was in heaven feeling so lucky having these tits all to myself. I glanced upward. Her head was thrown back, her eyes closed and her tongue licked the lips of her open mouth. Her robe dropped from her shoulders as she stood up, leaving me with a mouthful of her warm, sweet milk to savor before swallowing.

“Lay down,” she whispered. I followed her instructions, not knowing what she had planned. Throwing her robe onto the coffee table, she stood over me, mumbling some incoherent words before placing her right foot on the arm of the couch and giving me full view of her trimmed pussy. She pulled her cunt lips open. “Do you want to see mommy’s pussy? You want to don’t you? Yes. Look at it. Tell me how much you want mommy’s cunt.”

My eyes grew wide as I stared up at her exposed womanhood. “Tell me,” she repeated, “Tell me how much you want my sweet pussy.”

“I want it so bad,” I moaned.

“Awww,” she said licking her lips. “That’s no way to ask. You should always say please.”

“Please.” I said.

“Please what?” she smiled. “Tell mommy what you want”

“Please give me your pussy. I want your pussy, mommy. Please”

“That’s a good boy,” she said quietly and lowered her moist cunt onto my waiting tongue.

I went straight for her clit and swirled my tongue around the swollen bud before sucking it between my lips, much like I did with her nipple moments before. She braced herself with her hand on the back on the couch and put her head back. She again started mumbling but this time the words were more coherent.

“Oh yeah, lick it baby….. Can you see it Bob? Can you see how it’s done? Take a good look at how a real man pleases my cunt. Look and see how a cunt should be treated.”

I kept up this oral action pretending I didn’t hear any of her words, but who the hell was Bob? A lover? Her husband? My tongue moved down slightly and I scooped the juices from her now free flowing hole before returning to her hard clit. I looked up to see Mrs. Lindstrom smiling at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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