No Regrets

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Female Ejaculation

Author’s note: This is my very first story I hope you enjoy it as is did writing it.

I would really like to give a Very Special “Thank you” to arbenitre, after driving him crazy he still went above and beyond and took the time out of his busy schedule to edit this story for me. All feedback is welcome and I will always answer any and all questions.



“So, Gale, are you excited?” A coworker asked her.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“What’s the matter, starting to regret your decision?”

“I don’t regret it. I’ve been waiting a long time for this.”

“I know you have, but are you sure you’re ready to give up everything? Think about all the fun you used to have and could still have. Are you sure you did everything you said you ever wanted to do?” Her coworker looked at her wistfully.

“It’s funny you should say this Gale said; because the other day I was thinking about what you just said and having all the fun I had and all the crazy shit I had done. Then I thought about the one thing I said I was going to do before next week but haven’t done. Otherwise, I covered everything and now it’s time to move forward.” Gale wondered why her friend was so persistent with this and at the same time realized she was missing something.

“You know, you still have this weekend to fulfill that one thing you haven’t done or anything else you haven’t done or want to do or redo, that way you have no regrets.”

“You know you’re right, I should.”

“Do you have any idea who could fulfill that last wish of yours?” She said with a wicked smile.

“Yea a couple of past flings comes to mind. But if I had to choose then there is only one I really want.” Gale’s thoughts turned inward.

“Well you know I wish you all the luck and my best wishes for your future.”

“I know.”

Gale walked down to the bus stop and waited for the bus home.

While on the hour ride home, she gazed out the window and reflected on what her co-worker said. She thought about this being her last weekend and that she could go and do what she wanted and fulfill her last desire. But then again would it be right? As she contemplated her predicament, a single tear fell down her cheek as she thought about all that she was giving up. She wiped the tear away and said NO! I’m making the right decision and I have to go through with it. If I missed something I wanted to do then it was meant for me to miss it.

As she walked into the house she put her keys down then started to put all the gifts away. When she was done she looked around the house then she heard her friends voice in her head “You know, you still have this weekend”.

“You are right I do have this weekend and I owe it to myself!” She knew who she wanted to see and what she wanted to do and where she needed to go. She took a shower, changed out of her work clothes and was out the door within forty minutes. Out to the other side of town, to the bar they would hang out at. It was Friday and she knew he would be in.

It was about 9:30 pm when she pulled up to the place. She walked in looked around, searching for any familiar faces. The place was crowded. As she was trying to make her way through the room she was stopped by the sound of cheers; old friends surrounded her with hugs and kisses. üsküdar escort They were all excited; they hadn’t seen her for a while. They bought her a drink and they all began to talk to her at once.

While talking, she kept looking around the room. Not seeing the reason she came there for, she started to feel disappointed. She had just about decided to go, when she looked around the room one more time and out of the corner of her eye, found who she was looking for. He was sitting at a table way back towards the end of the bar. He had all his old friends around him. Her heart began to beat so fast that it hurt. She started to feel the heat between her legs along with the ache in her stomach and the pounding of her heart as she stood and continued talking with her friends. All she wanted to do was leave her company behind and go to him.

As she looked over at him she wished he would turn around . As if reading her mind, he slowly swiveled and glanced right at her. His blue eyes meeting hers as he smiled. Now she wanted to go to him more than anything. She took a deep breath and finished her conversation, excused herself and started walking towards him.


Glen suddenly looked up from the group of friends he was sitting with when he heard several people at the other end of the room getting very loud. He knew someone just came in. He could see that the group was hugging and greeting this tall woman. He continued to stare at the group for a few moments. He wanted to see who this woman was but she was being semi blocked by the people that were greeting her. All he could see was the outline of the side of her body. He looked at her brownish black hair, which came just below her shoulders it was soft looking with a slight wave to it. She was wearing tight blue jeans that hugged her body and six inch heels that helped accent her long legs and firm round ass. She had on a very tight green tee shirt that molded to her very large round breast and flat stomach. Her body was hot.

Looking at this woman made him think of someone he once knew. Oh if it could only be her, he thought. But it couldn’t be her she hadn’t been back in a long time and from what he heard about her he knew he would never see her again. Yet there was something about this woman that was causing a stirring inside him and only one woman could ever do that. It was causing his body to harden and his heart to race. He needed to see her face. He needed to know if it was her.

Just then Glen heard someone call his name and turned around.

“Glen to earth! Did you hear what we were just talking about??” John asked. “No! What did you say?” “We were saying that it’s great we’re all back together again. And how much we missed you guys. And what had caused us to all break apart in the first place.” “Yea it’s great that we’re back together, I missed it too. But it was you who caused the fall out with all of us if I remember correctly. You were pig headed and jealous.” Glen said

“What did you expect, you where walking around with your head so far up your ass that you couldn’t see how she had you wrapped around her little finger and I only wanted to protect my friend. And no one could say anything to you.”

“John, she didn’t have me wrapped tuzla escort around her finger!”

“Yes she did. From the moment you met her you couldn’t think straight. When she called you, you dropped everything and ran to her and if she said jump you asked how high. You left us and went with her whenever she showed up.”

“No I didn’t!”

“Yes you did!” His friends all shouted in unison.

“Fuck all of you!” Then he took a drink of his beer as they all burst out in laughter.

“No! That’s what you did with her all summer long. Whenever she showed up, you ran. You were her boy toy, she only needed you when she wanted you. And I bet if she showed up right now you would jump again!” “That’s not true! You didn’t know anything about her and you didn’t know our relationship. You only saw what you wanted to see. And yes if she did show up right now I would jump I would always jump for her! What, were you Jealous of what we had?”

“Hell yeah!”

Glen was surprised at his friend’s confession.

“Are you serious?”

“Yea! I was so jealous of you. I couldn’t believe that you were with the hottest and sexiest piece of ass I have ever seen in my life and you where fucking her all summer long. Every time you two where together it drove me nuts. I couldn’t even think straight when she was around.”

“Why didn’t you say something?”

“What would you have liked me to say?” John looked up, “Glen I want to FUCK your girlfriend and I’m in love with her? Oh that would have gone over really well.”

“Yea I guess you’re right. So that’s why we had the fall out because you where in love with her?” “Yes! But that’s only part of it. It killed me that she only used you as her Boy Toy and when I said something to you about it you flipped out.”

“I wasn’t her Boy Toy! We had a very special relationship.”

“Yes you were. No matter where we were or what we were doing she showed up and you disappeared with her for at least three hours or more and sometimes never come back. When you did come back you always had that queer smile on your face for the rest of the day.”

“Yea well that girl did know how to put that smile on my face and keep it there. So that’s why we had that fall out Because of her?” Glen said

“Yes. And I am truly sorry that I let a girl get between our friendships.” John said.

“You should be! I can’t believe you broke up our friendship over a girl?”

“Glen she wasn’t just some girl. You should know that!”

“Believe me I know she wasn’t just some girl, but we were best friends John. “

“Well I’m glad we’re back to being friends again Glen.”

“So am I!”

Just then Glen had a strange feeling to look back at the woman he’d been watching earlier. Just as he looked up she turned and looked straight at him. It was her! He looked into her green eyes and gave her the biggest smile he had as he felt his heart start to pound. Only she could make him feel this way. Glen couldn’t believe his own eyes, she was really here and she was smiling at him. He watched as she was saying something to the people she was with, then hugged and kissed. She then started to walk towards him.

He watched her as she slowly made her way to him. He looked her up and down. He knew pendik escort she was beautiful, but right now she was fucking gorgeous. Her breasts were even larger and fuller then they were before, she had to be close to a double D by now, her waist was smaller and her stomach was flatter, her hips curved just right. She had the perfect hour glass figure Thirty six, Twenty four, Thirty four. Her eyes were still the greenest he had ever seen. He remebered getting lost in those eyes. Her hair was dark brown almost black and went to just below her shoulders. She had a little nose that fit her perfect face. Then there were those lips. Those red delicious lips, he remembered they were so soft and sweet and did the wildest things to him. As he thought of it, she walked towards him and his cock became hard and his pants too tight.

At that moment he realized she was here to be with him. He could see as she walked through the room towards him, every woman in that bar was envious of her and every man stopped what they were doing and turned and looked her over then watched to see where she was going or who she was meeting. He gave himself a bigger smile because he knew that everyman wished they were in his place.

When she passed everyone at his table they became quiet, as they looked up and saw her. He stood up when she was standing right in front of him. They stood there for a moment just staring into each other’s eyes when Glen then slowly lifted his right hand up to her face. His finger’s barely touched her skin as he brought his hand close to her face and cupped her cheek as his thumb lightly brushed her lower lip. He stepped closer to her, his hand went to the nape of her neck as his left hand wrapped around her small waist and pulled her up close to him. He lowered his head as he tilted hers up to his and their lips met. He kissed her softly first, then his tongue licked across her lips tasting her sweetness and demanding entry. She parted her lips for him and he pushed his tongue into her sweet mouth and made his tongue mingle with hers. The kiss deepened as he pulled her head and body closer to his and she wrapped her arms around his back .

They kissed for a full five to seven minutes till Glen’s group of friends began to make cooing noises at them and John said “Get a room”. Both breathing heavy as they broke from their kiss, glen just pulled her closer and held her in his arms. He looked around the bar as he saw the face of everyone that had watched their heated kiss. Smiles on their faces as they turned away and went back to doing what they were doing before they stopped to watch.

Glen bent and placed a kiss on her forehead before she pulled away from him then turned and looked at everyone at the table. Glen watched as she made her way through their friends giving everyone a hug and kisses on their cheeks as she began her hellos around the table. She started with James then came Mark, then Frank, then George, as John stood up to get his hellos from her she stopped and just looked at him.Where she gave everyone else but Glen a kiss on the cheek, she took both her hands and placed them on each side of Johns face, pulled his head down and kissed him full on his lips.

Stunned by her action and his feelings for her he placed his hands on her hips and pulled her close to him. He started to deepen the kiss trying to gain access to her sweet mouth when he heard Glen clear his throat.

John broke their kiss and backed away from her and his face became red as he looked at Glen. Glen pulled Gale back into his arms and sat her down into the chair right next to him.

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