Office Adventures Ch. 01

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I just needed to make a quick stop by the office to drop off some paperwork in my boss’s box. It wasn’t due until the next week, but I was headed out for a girls night and wanted to have it out of the way in case the rest of the weekend was a blur.

I certainly wasn’t dressed in office appropriate attire. My low-cut corset top with tight, short skirt and knee high black boots would certainly shock everybody I worked with. My breasts were spilling out and my skirt barely covered my ass; I was in one of those moods. But it was late, and nobody would be around, and I was just breezing through anyway.

Except that when I unlocked the door and moved into the dark entryway, I saw a light in my boss’s office. My heart started pounding. I’d had a secret crush on him for years, and only in my wildest fantasies had I imagined him seeing me dressed so provocatively. I thought about sneaking out but it was too late; he had heard the door.

“Who’s there?”

I saw his wide shoulders fill the frame, backlit by the light coming through the doorway. His thick dark hair was disheveled and his collar unbuttoned; he’d clearly been working on something for a long time. I could hear voices coming from the tiny room – he must be in the middle of a conference call.

I realized neither of us had spoken in several beats. I pushed my hair behind my ear, imagining his disapproval at my slutty costume, and took a deep breath. As my cleavage cleared another few inches of my bodice, I could see his eyes lose focus. He cleared his throat.

“I’m sorry, sir,” I broke in, “I just wanted to drop these by before I went out for the night…” My voice trailed off. Quickly I stepped forward and held out the sheaf of papers. With obvious effort, he dragged his gaze from my chest and refocused on my face. He looked about to say something, but then a voice from the speaker phone came through.

“Rob? Do you have those numbers for us?”

Quickly he turned and went back in. I trailed after him. His office was small and cramped, with the big desk taking up most of the room right along the wall by the door. I saw him punch a button on the phone, un-muting it.

“Yes, I’ve got them here but I need to double check a few things before I give you the final totals.” He held out his hand and looked at me again. Silently, I held out the papers, feeling torn between embarrassment and desire. The way he was looking at me, I wondered what would happen if I just pushed him back in his big office chair, and…

Guiltily, I swallowed. My breath was coming fast and my heart was racing and I needed to get out of there quickly. The talk through the speaker had moved on to another topic. I pushed my hair behind my istanbul escort ear again and opened my mouth to apologize one more time before fleeing, but he held up a warning hand. He stood looking down at the papers for several moments without taking them. Then, very deliberately, he reached out a single finger and pushed down the mute button.

“Why do you do that?” His voice was low and deep, but startled me nonetheless.

“What?” I blurted.

“Always tuck your hair behind your ear like that. You do it all the time.”

My gaze flew to his. I swallowed, considering my words. Then, I decided.

“It’s a submissive gesture,” I said with a touch of asperity, “I see you as an authority figure.” He just looked at me. “Do you really want me to go on?”

The atmosphere in the tiny room become chokingly thick. The voices over the speaker were carrying on with their debate. I could see it was taking every ounce of my boss’s control to maintain his decorum. Was it impatience or desire? Silently, he stepped behind me and shut the door.

“Put the papers in the bin, please,” he said from behind me, his voice with a steel edge.

Haltingly I took a step forward. I was so wet by now that I could feel the slickness travel down my thighs with a single movement. I could see what he was doing. His collection bin was all the way on the other side of his desk. I could walk over there, trapping myself in the corner, what he clearly was hoping for. I had no idea what he would finally do with me – he was always so proper and correct in our interactions that I always imagined my erotic feelings to be entirely one-sided. But he was clearly interested in prolonging our interaction. So instead, I brought matters to a head. He would either fire me, or…

“Yes, sir,” I said, walking up to the near edge of the desk and then reaching over as far as I could.

I heard a quick intake of breath and then felt his hand like a steel trap descend on my back, pushing me roughly down on the hard surface. His other hand stroked my leather-clad ass, his breathing ragged. Suddenly, he reached across to the phone, pressing against me so that I could feel in exquisite detail just where the direction of his thought was leading. He pushed the mute button once more.

“I’ve got a little more polishing to do here. I’ll sign off now and email you those numbers by Monday.” Then he pushed the disconnect button.

The small room filled with silence and the sound of my rapid breathing. I could feel him behind me vibrating with conflict, so I whispered, “Robert. Sir. I am so wet right now that avcılar escort a horse could fuck me with no trouble at all. I have wanted to rip your clothes off since the day you hired me and if you don’t fuck me over this desk right now I will probably cry with frustration.”

“Why, Alice,” he murmured. “I had no idea you had such a dirty mouth. Such a dirty, pretty mouth.”

I turned my head and looked him squarely in the eye. “All due respect, sir, you don’t know me at all,” I stood suddenly and faced him squarely. “There isn’t really a whole lot that I wouldn’t do, and if you want to do it, I want you to do it to me.” My cheeks were flaming, but he might as well know it all.

“Hmmmm,” he said consideringly. “In that case, why don’t you start by stripping off your clothes. Everything but the boots,” he continued silkily, arching an eyebrow.

Slowly my hands moved to the corset clasps. As the top fell away, I saw his eyes devour my breasts, already flushed with nipples hard and red. My fingers continued to my skirt zipper, and soon that fell away as well. He was still so far away, and we hadn’t even kissed yet…

I took a step forward.

“No,” he commanded sharply. “Stay where you are.” I froze. Slowly he began to circle me. Behind me again. My skin prickled all over in anticipation of something…anything…

He moved in front of me again. He was nearer now, and I could feel heat coming off his body in waves. I itched to reach out and touch him, but kept my arms firmly by my sides.

Slowly, he reached out a single finger. Touching my breast ever so lightly, he circled the aureole leisurely and then with sudden swiftness, flicked my nipple. Hard.

I bit my lip. His gaze was so dark, asking me a silent question. I nodded.

He flicked out again, sending that pleasure/pain directly from the tip of my breasts down deep to my belly. It was becoming hard to stand.

With a feather light touch, he stroked my collarbone and traced down my arms. Then, in another startling switch, he grabbed roughly, and turned me, pushing me down against the desk once more. The cold hard surface on my throbbing breasts made me moan out load and I heard him laugh softly. He leaned in close, pressing his erection against my ass once more, and with his hot breath in my ear, said, “Alice. I promise to make you moan like that more than you ever have in your life.”

Then he slipped his hand down to touch me, slowly cupping me with his long fingers, and I was so slippery that without any effort at all his two fingers slipped inside.

“Jesus,” he whispered hotly. “Sweet fucking Jesus Christ.”

With that he slid down me, parting şirinevler escort my legs with his hot hands, and licked, as if he couldn’t wait to taste me. I couldn’t suppress another moan, and my hips bucked as his tongue found my clit.

He laughed again, low and deep, and said, “Oh, Alice. I have waited so long for this. We are going to have so much fun.”

I was stretched across my boss’s desk, my tits mashed against the cold wood and my legs in their high boots spread wide with my boss’s face shoved in my cunt. He was older than I was, and always very professional. I had had a crush on him forever and always viewed him with respect and admiration, so I had been embarrassed and exhilarated when he caught me in my nightclub clothes one late night by surprise. I had been even more exhilarated when he took them off me.

Slowly, he inserted two long fingers, making me squirm. I was dripping wet and not far from cumming.

“Boss,” I said, “if you keep that up I won’t last more than a minute.”

I could feel him smile against my clitoris. A beat, two, then he withdrew the fingers. I started to raise my torso, but he pressed his broad hands against my back, restraining me. I caught my breath. With one hand still on my neck, I couldn’t see but instead heard the sound I had been waiting my whole life to hear – my boss’s zipper.

I could hear him breathing heavily as he stroked himself with one hand, taking in the view of his office subordinate splayed across his desk with her hair disheveled and her juicy pink cunt spread open for him. Then I felt the tip of his penis. Slowly he stroked up and down, pausing at the entrance.

“Robert,” I caressed his name with my lips, an emblem of my desire for him. And then, oh so very carefully, he pushed inside. Despite my earlier boast, it was a tight fit. He was larger than I was used to, heavy and hot, and so very hard. As he slowly pushed forward, I my pussy closed over his cock like a glove and he groaned. He began to withdraw and I whimpered. Then, with a grunt, he thrust forward again, sheathing himself fully.

I felt speared, impaled. Feeling my cunt surround his throbbing dick, I also felt powerful. I wanted to see the effect I had on him and glanced behind, to see my boss with his head thrown back and throat working convulsively as he mouthed over and over, “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God…”

And with that, I came, clenching hard around him and whimpering “fuck, fuck, Oh Christ, Robert, fuck me harder pleeeease.”

He did. With a guttural sound, his hips suddenly jackhammered into mine, pushing his cock even deeper in. He flattened his broad hands on my back, pushing me relentlessly down on his desk, capturing me so he could fuck me even harder.

And then he pumped into me, pouring his cum deep into my womb and pinning me to the desk like a butterfly, spread and helpless.

I gulped in air with deep breaths, trying to slow my racing heartbeat. He collapsed in his big desk chair and regarded me through narrowed eyes.

“Well,” he said drily.

I bit my lip and smiled.

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