Old Friends Reconnect

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Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and all parties are over the age of 18 when the sexual fun begins. And special thanks to Sexystarlet99 for helping with editing!


I met my best friend, Dana in my junior year in high school. She was a year younger then me and happened to be in my Math class. She sat behind me and I definitely noticed her, as she was extremely attractive but a bit shy. I was also shy so I didn’t really talk to anybody I didn’t know. We actually didn’t talk until two months into class when she randomly asked, “If you don’t have a date for your prom, I will go with you.” I agreed of course and we immediately became close. We did not go a day without talking to each other whether in person or on the phone (yes this was a time when people actually talked to each other on the phone.)

A few months later our friendship grew into something more. We slowly began to date and eventually became boyfriend and girlfriend. Though we experienced many firsts together, we never advanced past kissing and some above the waist touching.

One particular passionate make out session always makes me smile. We were downstairs playing a game of pool while her parents and other family members were upstairs. I happened to sit down on a stool and she came by and gave me a quick soft kiss. She then came close and we slowly began to kiss. Our tongues slowly began to touch (this was our first French kiss). We started off very slow and hesitant, but quickly got into it. Our tongues began to explore each other. With each kiss getting deeper and more passionate, she slowly sat into my lap. As she pulled closer to me, I felt her breasts press against me. Our kissing lasted about 15 minutes. But this still stands as the sexiest and most intense make out session I ever had.

There was nothing we didn’t talk to each other about. We knew everything there was to know about each other. I knew exactly what she was thinking before she told me. I also told her things I have never told anybody….some things I have never said out loud again. There was just an incredible amount of trust and support anadolu yakası escort that we got from each other.

After dating for about a year, things began to slow down between Dana and me. She was caught up in school work and other activities. I was becoming jealous of her lack of time for us. The previous few time we got to spend time together I would do stupid things, just to bring more attention to myself. Eventually she grew tired of my shit and broke up with me. It wasn’t an easy breakup and I made her life difficult, mostly because she broke up with me a month before my senior prom. We were unable to remain friends for a few months, but as time went by the wounds healed and we became close again.

By this time I was 19 years old and in college. While in college I did meet a few girls but most didn’t go past a few dates. However, I did meet one girl who was a year younger than me. She was a thicker woman named Jenna who was a bit crazy and adventurous. I met her on the internet and when we first met each other in person, the sparks were immediately flying.

We went on a date to the movies and when I took her home, we began to kiss. This kiss immediately became intense and we both agreed we wanted to do more. We then found a quiet place and parked the car. We began to kiss again and I felt her hands slide down my chest. I felt her hand on my bulge as she began to explore my body. She began to rub my hard cock through my jeans, as our tongues wrestled with each other.

My hands found her breasts and her breathing got heavy as I slid my hand over her left breast. I began to massage her breast over her shirt. Her rubbing on my crotch began to match my slow methodical massage of her breasts. Her breasts was supple and firm and I needed to feel the bare skin in my hands. I slid my hand underneath her shirt and pushed her bra above her breasts. As my hand touched her bare breast, she let a small gasp and showed her approval by kissing me more intensely.

As I massaged her breast, I felt her nipples harden underneath the palm of ataşehir escort my hand and I felt myself grow harder. She then began to unbutton my jeans and pulled my stiff cock out through the fly. She began to slide her hand up and down the length of my shaft… using my precum as lubrication. She started stroking me very slowly, teasing me. I began to pinch her nipple very softly and she began to stroke me faster. She pulled away from the kiss and said,” I love how your cock feels in my hand.” She began to kiss me with even more passion then before. I began to feel that tingle and immediately began to cum. I shot my cum all over my steering wheel and she pulled away with this cheeky smile on her face. It was a very erotic moment.

I dated Jenna for a few months with our weekly date ending very similar to that first one. Jenna was always very jealous of my friendship with Dana, which ultimately led to the end of this relationship in fantastic fashion… but that is a different story.

I eventually met Maria and got married to her. Dana met her eventual husband and we lost touch slightly. We would text each other every now and then. But life just got in the way of our friendship.

About 10 years later I was 38 and she was 37 we reconnected. We were both divorced and decided to rekindle the friendship we once had. We immediately picked up where we left off and it felt like old times. We began to see each other weekly for dinner or just to hang out on the couch. We became close again and soon a weekly visit became a daily visit. Then last night happened.

It began like any other visit. She came over my house after work at around 7 o’clock. We ate dinner together and sat at the table talking about how our days went. As the conversation went on we decided to move to the living room and sit on the couch. As we were sitting on the couch watching a movie she moved closer to me. She laid her head on my shoulder which wasn’t out of the ordinary. And as we sat watching the movie, there was a scene where the two actors began to make out.

She looked at me and ümraniye escort moved her lips toward mine and we began to kiss. As we began to kiss, it became very passionate and soon our tongues were dancing. I began to slide my hands up her shirt, as her hands were exploring my chest. I slid her shirt up and over her head and my hands found her bra covered breasts. I began to massage her breasts through her bra and I heard her let out a little gasp. Soon I felt her hands slowly creep down to my pants. She began to massage my 7 inch hard on through my pants. I felt myself get harder as her hand expertly unzipped my pants. I was soon in ecstasy when she took a hold of my member with her hand. Soon she had it exposed and was slowly sliding her hands up and down. She used the precum escaping the tip as lubrication. I was momentarily disappointed when she pulled away from our kiss but she immediately began to lick my penis. Her tongue slowly traveled up and down the shaft of my cock, eagerly exploring every inch of my dick. Her tongue felt amazing as she went from the tip to the base and I felt my balls tingle as she tantalizingly explored them with her tongue. She then began to gently kiss the tip of my manhood sending shivers down my spine.

She slowly took my cock into her mouth and slowly began to move down the shaft. She took as much as she could and then began to slowly go back up the shaft. As she reached the tip her lips smacked as she released it. She then began to repeat it very slowly. She was driving me wild and I could feel a tingle throughout my entire body.

As she was sucking my penis, I removed her bra and took her pink nipple between my fingers. They immediately reacted and became hard at my touch. I began to roll them in my fingers, placing very slight but firm pressure. I then took her supple breast back into my hands and began to massage them from the bottom to her nipples. Her skin felt velvety soft underneath my fingers.

As I started to massage her breast she began to pick up the speed. The outline of her mouth felt incredible on my cock. She began to use her hand to help and the combination sent me into a frenzy. I began to feel the tingle in my balls. As she sucked harder , the beginnings of my orgasm began to build. Until I finally blew my load in her mouth. She greedily took it all into her mouth and swallowed. She looked at me with a bit of a smirk…

To be Continued??

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