Other Fantasies Come True

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After Sandy, my big, beautiful wife, and I returned from our adventurous weekend in Nashville; our lives got back to a semi-regular basis. We did have sex more often than before for about a month. Our sex life returned to normal after that first month. I was happy and content and could have continued with just Sandy and me in our sex life until one of our deaths separated us. I would find out my loving wife had other ideas. When I got home from work one afternoon about three months later, I did notice Sandy’s clothing that time. She had on the other see-through gown she owned. It was red lace and barely covered her magnificent (to me) 40DD breasts. She also had on the matching pair of crotch less panties that went with it. I knew two things right off the bat. One: Sandy wanted something. Two: I was going to enjoy her sexual persuasions to get what she wanted.

“Mikoli, did you enjoy our weekend with April?” Sandy purred at me after our customary hello kiss and grope.

(I always kiss Sandy goodbye when I leave and hello when I get back. I can usually tell by her facial expressions whether it is safe to do more than a kiss.)

“No, I didn’t!” I told her in a teasing tone that I hoped she picked up on.

“What?” She pouted at me curling her bottom lip.

“You dumb ass!” I thought to myself. “She didn’t catch the tease in your voice! You better do or say something before it is too late!”

“I LOVED IT!” I yelled gleefully at Sandy as I grabbed her into a big hug. “I’m sorry I upset you! I was teasing and you didn’t catch it!”

“Okay, Mikoli.” Sandy replied relaxing against me. “I forgive you. Can I finish? “

“Yes, please.”

“Well, since I know the answer to the first question, I’ll get to the next one.” Sandy explained to me getting that excited sparkle in her gorgeous, green eyes. “Would you want to do something like it again?”

“As long as we are in it together, yes.”

“Was there something you would like to try that we didn’t do last time?”

“Sandy, please don’t get mad at what I’m about to say, okay?”

“I’ll try not to be is all I can promise, Mikoli.”

“Since you can’t have anal sex with me because of your illness, I have been fantasizing about anal sex with other women.” I answered her truthfully. “You’re always present and sometimes watch and the other times you participate.”

“How do I participate?”

“All kinds of ways. Sometimes you kiss and play with the other woman. Sometimes you are underneath her eating her out as I fuck her in the ass doggie. And sometimes even though it is probably awkward and maybe not even possible, you are riding her face reverse cowgirl while I fuck her ass and you and I kiss each other above her.”

Sandy had dropped to her knees in front of me by that time. She had my fully erect penis out of my pants and into her mouth. I stopped talking to enjoy another wonderful blowjob from my sexy wife. I was spurting my jizz into her mouth within ten minutes from when she started. After my last half spurt, Sandy made a point of looking me in the eyes as she swallowed my hot load.

I helped her up and led her to the bedroom, gently laid her onto the bed, and went to work sucking and licking her tits and nipples. I worked my mouth down to her sex and began kissing and licking all over her mound, avoiding her clit. I was kissing, sucking, and tonguing her vulva and pink center. When I sensed she was fully aroused, I grabbed her clit in my lips and sucked and licked it till she came on my face. My dick was fully engorged again so I lifted up and plunged it home into her moist depth. I started hard and fast, knowing I would last awhile from my previous ejaculation. I drove Sandy to another big orgasm while pumping in and out of her hot, wet pussy. I was very close so I continued hard and fast until my seed splashed her interior walls. She shuddered in a small orgasm beneath me.

I rolled us over on to our sides and we cuddled as we calmed down. We smiled and giggled at each other happily.

“Can I tell you something, Mikoli?” Sandy questioned me after we had caught our breaths.

“Sandy, you know you can tell me anything.” I answered her. “I might get mad, but I always get over it.”

“Yeah, okay here goes.” Sandy began again. “I have been having a similar fantasy, also. There is a difference though. I am participating but in a different way.”

“Please, you are killing me! Just tell me what it is!”

“Instead of you fucking her, we both are!” Sandy stammered as she turned red.

“How would that be possible, you don’t have a cock?”

“I would be using a strap-on with a dildo in it, dummy!” Sandy calmly explained as it was my turn to turn red.

“Wow! Where did that come from?”

“That website, Literotica, you showed me.” Sandy answered me with a giggle. “I don’t know why, but I was drawn to the lesbian and group sex sections. One of the stories’ had something similar in it. It turned me on so much; I started fantasizing about you and me doing it.”

I was totally surprised by my wife’s comments. An image immediately jumped into my head. Sandy with a strap-on Betturkey lying on our bed with a beautiful blonde woman impaled on the dildo it held. Me with my dick buried balls deep into her anal cavity. The little guy sprang to full attention.

“I see that idea turns you on.” Sandy murmured as she grabbed my erect member and prepared herself to straddle me.

She placed my bulbous head to her slit and coated it with our combined juices, lowered herself down and started riding my dick. She wiggled back and forth with my dick buried to the hilt into her moist opening. I knew she was getting close when she leaned forward and started slamming her pussy up and down on my turgid organ. I reached my arms around and pressed down on the small of her back. She had instructed me into doing this early on in our sexual lives. She rose and fell on my hardness until she came. Although we tried different positions and she had numerous orgasms during the effort, I didn’t reach orgasm again that day. We stopped from exhaustion and hunger. It was the first time that had ever happened, but wouldn’t be the last.

Sandy and I talked about our fantasies. I was still leery of having anyone else stick anything but a finger or tongue into Sandy’s pussy. I had almost lost her twice before, once to death and once to another better hung man. I knew and still know it is her body and she has the right to do what she wants with it, but I didn’t want her involved with other men like I had earlier in our marriage. I had made it clear that I would divorce her the next time she cheated on me. Although my desire to see her fuck another man had started the whole thing, I no longer had the desire or stomach for that type of lifestyle. Even playing with other women scared me. If Sandy every decided she wanted more than I could provide, I would let her go. I wouldn’t like it, but I wouldn’t fight it either.

I told all that and more to Sandy. She agreed with almost everything I had said. She adamantly professed that nothing would cause her to want to leave me again. She promised we could stop any time I got too concerned about our activities.

Sandy asked if I wanted our mixed fantasy to come true so I told her yes. She told me not to worry she would handle everything necessary to make it happen.

It had been a couple of months since Sandy and I had discussed enjoying another woman again. I was mildly surprised when I got home from work that particular Thursday night. Sandy had one of her sexiest non see-through gowns on. It was light purple and the top portion was made so it hugged her upper body. It also had built-in support that lifted and accentuated her gorgeous breasts. The hem fell to a little below her crotch. When Sandy lifted her arms and stretched upward, her already moist sex winked at me. My dick sprang to full attention.

“I have a big surprise for you, my love!” Sandy purred at me.

“I can already see that!” I replied as teasingly as I could.

“No, not this!” Sandy exclaimed in excitement. “In the bedroom, come with me!”

Sandy took my hand even before I could grab her for a kiss and a grope. She pulled me into the bedroom and started to undress me. I kept trying to reciprocate on her, but she kept resisting, giggling and laughing.

“God, she is in a good mood tonight.” I thought to myself. “I hope she hurries and shows me her surprise. I don’t know how much more of this I can take.”

“Lie on the bed and don’t move, Mikoli!”

Sandy left the bedroom as I lay down in the center of the bed. When she came back in, I noticed two things. One: she had put on a different gown. Two: it was tented out at her crotch level as if she had a hard-on. I went from mildly aroused to super aroused in a millisecond, but I also got a mild case of nerves. I had an idea what was under her gown and I was not interested in it being used on me.

“Do you know what my surprise is now, my love?” Sandy gushed at me as she swiveled her hips so I could see whatever she had on under her gown from many different angles.

“I would guess you have a strap-on underneath your gown, my dear wife.” I answered her with a touch of apprehension in my voice. “I hope you don’t have ideas on trying it out tonight.”

“The thought had crossed my mind!” Sandy exclaimed as her green eyes sparkled. “But you know I would never force you to do something you weren’t comfortable with, Mikoli!”

“Hey that’s my line, you bitch.” I answered trying to imitate her sexy purr.

We both started laughing hysterically at that. It was a few minutes before we regained a small sense of normalcy.

“Are you going to show me your “cock”, Sandy?” I finally asked. “Or are you going to continue to parade around like a teenage boy in awe of his first true hard-on?”

“I can show my “cock” to you, Mikoli! It is fun and exciting parading around like this though!”

Sandy pulled her gown up over her head. She had on more than the strap-on though. She was wearing a bustier that left her magnificent breasts exposed yet lifted and supported them. The harness for the strap-on was brown Betturkey Giriş leather with a belt like upper portion that encircled her waist and padded leather straps that went around her upper thighs and around the back of her legs. The dildo that stuck out from it was very life like in appearance. Mushroom headed, with darker colored streaks to imitate veins running up and down its length. The length I would shortly find out was 8″, a couple inches longer than mine in length , 2″ thick matching mine in thickness. I was into the stratosphere on the arousal scale as I gazed at my big, beautiful wife and her new appendage.

“Mikoli, I hope you are as turned on as I am right now!” Sandy exclaimed. “I think in doggie you would be able to fuck me with my “cock” still on! Can we try it, please?”

I moved to the bottom of the bed as Sandy climbed onto it. After we were in position, I tried to push my turgid organ into her hot, wet, pink center. Sandy had to rearrange her “cock” before I could gain entry into her body. I had the head of my dick in her when she slammed back onto my rock hard member. I remained still and let her do all the work. In no time Sandy was thrusting herself back and forth in a frantic pace.

“Fuck me back, please!…I need to cum!…Please fuck me!” Sandy implored me.

I started ramming into her as hard and as fast as I could. She began to grunt and moan in that familiar way she had before she cums. I continued to plunge into her as she shuddered in orgasmic bliss. I finally joined her when she clamped her vaginal muscles tight around my dick. My dick pulsed inside her as I emptied my scrotal contents deep into her. We remained in doggie position as we recovered from our peaks of ecstasy. I flopped to the side when my dick had shrunk and fallen out of her hot and extremely wet hole. Sandy lay down beside me as we both continued to catch our breaths. Her new “cock” got in our way as we tried to cuddle. I had her turn with her back to my front when she started to take the harness off.

” Please, leave it on a little while longer.” I asked her. “We can spoon like this for a while.”

I laid with her for a few minutes until our breathing had returned to normal. I took her right hand into mine and reached both down to her new appendage. I used my hand to close hers over her “cock”. I started stroking it like it was real.

“Do you like me playing with your “cock”, Sandy?” I whispered in her ear. “Is this turning you on?”

“Yes, yes! Oh, Mikoli this is so hot!” Sandy exclaimed in her most excited voice.

It had been years since I had heard that level of excitement in her voice. Hearing it at that moment filled me with so much love for my big, sexy wife, I became emotional as tears came into my eyes.

I removed my hand from hers and lifted up so I could reach her mouth to kiss her. I turned her torso towards me for better access to her mouth. I began kissing her passionately as I stroked her face and neck. I dropped my hand to her right breast and started squeezing its mammary flesh. After squeezing the body of her tit for a couple of minutes, I moved my hand to her nipple and started twisting it lightly between my thumb and fore finger. I knew Sandy was completely aroused when she started kissing me back hard and pressing her breast against my fingers.

“Show me how to take your “cock” off so I can fuck you again!”

“I’ll take it off! It would probably be easier and faster that way!”

Sandy unbuckled the belt like portion of the harness. She next unbuckled the two straps that went around her legs. She dropped the entire apparatus to the floor and jumped back onto the bed. She had not much more than settled into position before I was between her legs, ready to shove my hardness into her. We were both so excited that we started thrusting against each other in a frenetic pace. Sandy matched my plunges with her upward thrusts. She came twice on my rock hard dick before I spurted my load into her welcoming depth. We lay together kissing and caressing until Sandy urged me off her. We cuddled for a while on the edge of sleep.

“No, no, buster!” Sandy said nudging me. “I am hungry so you need to clean up a little so we can go get a bite to eat.”

“Can’t you fix something here?” I asked in a semi-dream like state.

“No, nothing is thawed and I am starving now!” Sandy exclaimed nudging me a little harder.

I knew better than to say it, but I couldn’t resist. “It’s not like you are going to waste away if you miss a meal, baby!”

I had to move quickly to grab her before she huffed off the bed. I started laughing as I grabbed her in a hug and started tickling her ribs. I knew I had saved myself from grief when she started laughing also. We both cleaned up a little and went to Sandy’s favorite Italian restaurant in town for dinner.

“Two questions.” I commented to Sandy in the car on the way home. “When did you get your new play things? Where did you get them?”

“They came today by mail. I ordered them from “Adam and Eve” online.” Sandy stated in a tone as neutral as I had ever heard. “Are you mad?”

“No, baby! NO!” I told her. “I’m sorry if I sounded mad. You should know by now there is not that much difference in my mad voice and excited voice. I’m still excited from the images of you in your new attire in my head. I love you and couldn’t possibly be mad about anything from today!”

“Okay, I forgive you.” Sandy giggled at me. “I have one more surprise tonight.”

“I don’t know if I can survive another surprise tonight.”

“I think you can, Mikoli!” Sandy said to me. “We have a date Saturday night.”

“We have a date every Saturday night. That’s not much of a surprise.”

“We have a date with another woman Saturday!” Sandy answered back with an emphatic tone to her voice.

“Who is she? Why are we meeting her? When Saturday night? Where Saturday?” I let loose with four of the big five questions as they entered my head.

“All of that is part of the surprise!” Sandy answered me with a twinkle in her eyes. “You’ll have to wait until Saturday.”

The tone in her voice although happy was also sharp enough that I knew to let it go. We had been together long enough for me to recognize most of her tones and facial expressions. Both of them were warning me not to push it. Not wanting to spoil the gleeful mood we were both in, I dropped it. The remainder of the drive home was filled with exclamations of love and laughter. We watched a little TV and went to bed. All my efforts for more sex that night were deflected with statements that I needed to wait till Saturday. We went to sleep in each other’s arms.

Saturday finally arrived and Sandy had laid out the clothes she wanted me to wear. She had selected a black Hawaiian shirt with green fern leaves and orange orchid flowers on it. A new pair of red slacks were with it. Black socks and loafers finished the ensemble. I was informed that no briefs were needed that night. Sandy had on a red sun dress she had gotten on our trip to Hawaii. Black lacy bra and panties were her under garments. A pair of black, spaghetti strapped, open toed sandals with two inch heels completed her outfit. I wanted to strip her naked and not leave the house.

Sandy drove us to a local steakhouse. We arrived a few minutes before 7 PM. Our waters had been delivered to our table when Sandy stood and walked toward the front of the restaurant. I saw her walking back with a beautiful, black haired woman. She had on a blue dress with a hemline that fell mid-thigh. I guessed that her breasts were 36C, not as big as my Sandy’s but still big enough to get a lot of the men’s attention in the restaurant. She was not super model beautiful, but was still a very attractive woman.

“Mikoli, this is Maggie.” My loving wife said to me. “Maggie, this is my wonderful husband, Mikoli.”

“Hello, Maggie. Nice to meet you.” I said standing and extending my hand.

“Hi Mikoli, I’m so happy to finally meet you!” Maggie answered me back ignoring my hand. “Give me a hug!”

I tried to give Maggie a quick hug, but she had other ideas. She grabbed me and pulled me into a full body hug.

“I’m so excited about tonight!” Maggie whispered in my ear during the hug. “We are going to have so much fun!”

Sandy had requested another round table and booth when we had first gotten to the restaurant. I got in first, but unlike Nashville, Maggie got in so that she was between Sandy and me. I had no idea why Sandy had me help her pull the table closer to the booth. If I had been more observant, I would have noticed that the tablecloth covered our crotches now. I was paying too much attention to the two beautiful ladies to my left.

After ten minutes the nervous vibe the three of us had first had evaporated and we were talking and laughing like old friends. Sandy ordered a light meal for all three of us. I think the waitress was surprised when not a one of us ordered a steak. Sandy and I stuck with water while Maggie drank white wine.

After the second glass of wine, Maggie must have been feeling frisky. She turned to me and using her right hand pulled my head to hers for a kiss. At the same instance I felt her left hand on my crotch. With the passionate kiss and her hand’s rubbing against it through my slacks, my dick sprang to attention. I glanced to see Sandy’s reaction. She had a big smile on her face and when our eyes met; she gave me a small yes nod. Maggie continued to kiss me until the waitress brought our food. As we ate, we were talking and laughing.

After we ate, Maggie turned to Sandy. I was the one who was smiling when they started kissing as passionately as Maggie and I had been before. I saw the shocked look on our waitress’s face as she came to clear our dishes. I gently nudged Maggie with my elbow. She broke from kissing Sandy and that is when they both saw our waitress. Both ladies started laughing hysterically when they saw her surprised look. She hurriedly cleared our table and said she would be right back with the check. I watch as Sandy eased out of the booth and followed our waitress. Sandy caught up with her before she made it to the kitchen. I didn’t see what happened next because Maggie grabbed me for another make out session. My member had stayed semi-hard throughout dinner. When Maggie started rubbing my organ a second time, it was rock hard in a millisecond. I tried to stop her when I felt her trying to unzip my slacks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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