Outdoor Fantasy

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Long ago, we were discussing fantasies. I love those conversations — sure, they amp me up and get me hard, wanting to explore with you, but the other reason is that I get to hear things that come from down deep in your brain. I love your brain.

You’ve told me variations over the years about sex in public and tonight we are going to have some fun. Your neighbors are generally real adults with real, full-time jobs. No one is out, heading to socialize during prime time with friends; they are heading to bed before the news is on. (Let’s pretend, for the sake of my reference, that anyone watches the 11:00 news these days, both for reasons of the ongoing depressing realities as well as the archaic medium.)

At 10:00, I tell you I have a surprise for you, but you need to follow me. I take your hand and lead you to the door. We leave the apartment and head downstairs. As we reach the bottom floor, I pull a face mask out of my pocket and put it on you. I take your hand, open the door and lead you into the courtyard. All is quiet and not even a dog walker is in sight.

I sit you down on a bench and I sit next to you. As I lean in to kiss your neck, I say, “I love you and, tonight, you’re mine.” You smile. I see your cheeks blush. After all these years, I love how I can make you blush. What you don’t tell me, but I also know so well, is that even just my hot breath on your neck makes you wet.

I take my time, kissing your neck. All the while, I caress your cheek, the middle of your chest and down to your thigh with just the very tips of my fingers.

I tell you to lift your arms and I pull your shirt up, taking it off you entirely. I set it down next to me on the bench and lean forward to kiss the middle of your chest. Your breathing increases. For a fleeting moment, your brain is conflicted between living out what’s obviously my desire to run with your fantasy and actually doing this where people you know could see you.

We’ve anadolu yakası escort had fun in public before — how many rest stops on long distance drives have we engaged in mutual masturbation? — but this is different. As I run my tongue up your cleavage and you get wetter, any conflict is gone. I unhook your bra and release your breasts to the night air. Your breath catches. I lean down and run my tongue around your nipple. My hot breath and warm tongue grab your focus. You wonder how visible we are — are we in the shadows? Can anyone see us? It’s exciting, scary and a host of other emotions.

I reposition you and lay you down on the bench. As I kneel down on the ground, I pull your arms above your head and place them gently on the arm rest. I kiss your lips, my tongue dancing with yours. My hands wander all over your body and you feel every ounce of my passion and lust.

As you had already changed for bed, you are wearing sweatpants and no underwear. I tell you to arch your back and, in one fell swoop, I pull your pants down to your ankles. Your pussy excites me and everything about you right now is an incredible sight. Seeing your lips wet, I tell you I can’t get enough of you.

With one hand caressing your breast and one hand on your ass, I dive in and need my tongue between your legs.

I glide my tongue up and down your lips as I listen to your breathing. Everything about this excites me and my right hand goes from your breast to the hair between your legs. I love everything about your pussy and the hair is such an incredible turn-on.

“Take off your pants. I need to feel your cock,” you say. I’m no one to argue. Your hand drops from the arm rest and seeks out its target. You take me in your hand and waste no time in making my erection grow.

My slow stroking tongue shifts a bit and I slip it between your lips. Very few things are better in ataşehir escort this world than tongue-fucking you. With the change in your breathing and the firm grip you have on my cock, I know you are appreciative. Your pussy contracts a little to embrace my tongue. I move my hand down farther and lightly massage the area all around your clit.

After several moments, I home in on my target. I bring my left hand up from grabbing and caressing your ass to glide my fingertip along your lips and move my tongue to your clit. You let out a gasp; it all feels so good and you love having me between your legs as much as it means to me. My cock throbs in your hand and everything in your world right now is about our sex life.

I’m single-focused and have no intention of stopping until you go over the edge.

My finger moves inside you as I lap at your clit. “I love that finger,” you gasp. So much sensation dizzies you: My tongue, my finger, the cool night air on your nipples, my hot breath and the glee of living out a fantasy. You are one happy girl.

My tongue dances around your clit in a familiar pattern. Our familiarity gives me confidence and I love to help bring you to orgasm. The excitement of the scene moves you closer, more quickly. I move my finger in farther and head right for your g-spot. She and I are friends and she is very happy to see me. I massage your g-spot and she grows, almost reaching out for me and my touch. If you were a happy girl before, you are well beyond that point now.

I hear the sounds for which I have been waiting. Your panting quickens and you’re squirming with delight. I increase the pressure on your g-spot and lighten it a bit on your clit. You tell me it’s coming, and I can feel it; you get wetter as you say it. You say my name repeatedly in short bursts, each word more intense than the last. Finally, with one long and very suppressed moan so as not to bring too ümraniye escort much attention, you cum hard. The excitement of the scenery, along with the thorough attention I gave your g-spot, has you squirting while you cum. I always find it fantastic when you do. I keep going simultaneously at your g-spot and clit until you let a long exhale and push my head from your pussy.

You unmask as we hear a car coming nearby and quickly dress. We head inside, hand in hand. When we get inside the building, you take my face in your hands and kiss my passionately. “I love the taste of my pussy on you,” words you utter as you know how much they turn me on.

We get back upstairs and go into the bedroom. In what seems like one smooth motion, you strip and appear on the bed, spread eagle. My cock has been up and down; you gave me a hell of a hand job as I ate you and then the night air had its predictable chilling effect. That kiss inside the doorway downstairs gave it life again, but seeing you on the bed, your arms and legs each extended, send blood rushing to my cock once again. Your position only highlights, all the more, several of the things I find sexy about you — your incredible breasts, the fantastic fur and your glistening pussy, still wet from cumming as well as squirting.

“Fuck me hard,” you say, “and don’t stop until you’re screaming in ecstasy.”

You don’t have to tell me twice.

I climb up on the bed and slide right into you. God, I love how wet you get. I lean on my palms as you bring your knees up and your feet flat on the bed. Seeing your breasts bounce as I pound into you is always incredible and I will never tire of it. Your hands are on my ass, nails digging into my flesh in your own lust.

You start talking as I am sliding in and out, every nerve on my cock very happy and a very familiar pressure building.

“I wonder if anyone saw us,” you start. “Maybe, next time, I’ll invite a friend to watch from her window. We will inspire her. I’ll forgo the blindfold and tell you everything she’s doing as she gets herself off.”

The image sends me over the edge and I cum with everything I have. I can’t tell how long I scream in my own orgasm, but it is a fantastic end to round one for the weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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