Rehabilitation Pt. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Sorry for the long delay in getting Part 02 published. It was rejected in its original form as it apparently fell afoul of the rule against ‘ “snuff” – i.e. death & extreme torture with the aim of sexual titillation.’ I have now removed an entire section that seemed a possible offender (though no-one died!) and so hoping it will be acceptable now.


Despite the horror of their situation and the continuing discomfort of their harnesses, their plugged bottoms and tightly strapped cocks and balls, they collapsed immediately into a sleep that was more like a faint, mentally and physically drained but their ordeal. But sleep did not last long. Still in a state of extreme arousal, and stimulated by the vibration and swaying of the van, they both soon started to moan, grunt and stir as confused erotic images ran through their minds. In their semi-conscious state, their world of darkness was filled with the overpowering feelings of naked skin on skin, hard bruised nipples pressed together, lips touching around their cockgag, cock heads rubbing as they squirmed against their bonds, grinding their bellies together.

The plugs in their rectums moved in and out as they wriggled their hips, clenching and unclenching their anuses and buttocks. Their arousal was so great they lost all inhibitions. Their pain simply increased their excitement, and within minutes they exploded, shooting strings of cum onto their leather cinchers and up onto their chests, balls pulled tight up against their straps, their bodies heaving, fingers locked together, legs straining against their cuffs and their lips working, twisting and straining to kiss, their cock gags pressed into their throats.

As Nick slumped, spent and limp, against Don’s sweating body, his mind struggled desperately to make sense of what had happened to him. Abused and molested in ways he had never imagined possible, captive and at the mercy of two thugs, with who knew what torments to come, he had just had the most intense orgasm of his life trussed up against the body of his best friend with both his holes well plugged. He groaned, and Don, responding to the faint sound that emerged through his mask, squeezed his hands with their fingers intertwined. The moment of tenderness in this world of madness and pain overcame Nick and he sobbed and wept, the tears and snot soaking the leather mask, making it cling horribly to his skin.

At that moment, the van stopped. He heard the door open and footsteps approach. Rapidly, the hooks and chains tethering him to Don were removed. The mouth dildo was unlocked with a click and slipped out as his head was pulled back, but before he could make a sound was replaced with the dildo used when he was first captured. Hands grabbed the collar of his hood and he was dragged up and forced onto his hands and knees. The blindfold flap was unsnapped from his hood, and once more he blinked as light streamed into the van through the open door. Blondie appeared in front of him, holding a leather dog collar. This he buckled around Nick’s neck, while Brunette did the same to Don.

For the first time, Blondie spoke. His accent was refined, with a hint of Italian pronunciation, at odds with his appearance.

“Now listen to me, both of you. You will obey our orders exactly and without hesitation. Nod if you understand.”

We both nodded.

Then Brunette said, “We think you know why this is happening to you, but we doubt very much that you understand what is to be your future. Let me enlighten you both.”

He had an accent similar to Blondie, but his voice was lighter toned.

“My name is Marco, my colleague is Luca, but you will call us both Master from now on – when you are allowed to speak, that is. The girl you attacked and abused, Maria, is the daughter of a senior judge, who in his spare time is a keen motorcyclist and President of the Hell’s Devils Motorcycle Club. You may have heard of the Club. Its members have a reputation for extremely violent gay sex but of course Maria’s father ensures his name is not publicly linked to them.”

Blondie added, “Our advice would be not even to think about escape. Better to accept that your future is planned for you and yield to it. I assure you, in good time, and sooner rather than later, you will not only accept but enjoy your new condition. Now you will be reintroduced to Maria, in very different circumstances, and meet her father.”

They each clipped a leash to our collars and chained our ankles to our wrists so we could not stand up. We were forced to crawl on hands and knees out of the van and onto a loading platform, then we were led through a door into a dimly lit warehouse-like room. Inside a small crowd was gathered. Maria was there, of course, but dressed as I had never seen her before, in a leather catsuit laced tightly to her body, and thigh high boots with needle sharp heels. She was holding a riding drop. Standing next to her was a Betturkey heavily built olive-skinned man with thick black hair, who I took to be her father. Other men, all clad in biker jackets, some with tight black leather pants, others in sheer black tights, were standing round, grinning. We were led into the middle of the room, and the men formed a circle round us, with Maria and her father behind us. I was utterly humiliated, horribly aware of my naked bottom, balls and penis lewdly displayed to the woman we had used so brutally and to her father and anyone else who cared to look.

I heard and sensed Maria approaching, her heels clicking on the bare concrete floor. From the sound I could tell she had stopped right behind us. I heard Don take a sharp breath in through his nose, and very soon I did the same as the tip of the riding crop touched my balls and was dragged gently the length of my penis. Maria sniggered and lightly tapped Don on the buttocks. I could see Don out of the corner of my eye. He gasped again and twitched. Maria tapped him again, then with all her strength brought the crop up, whistling through the air and striking Don’s penis with a sharp smack. If his mouth had not been gagged, he would have screamed. As it was, he just uttered a stifled sob and bucked violently. Before I had time to process this, she had done the same to me. The pain was indescribable and my inability to scream made it all the harder to bear.

At last Maria spoke, her voice light and sweet, at stark contrast with the message she delivered.

“My father wants me to make it very clear to you both that from now on, both literally and metaphorically, he owns your arses. You are self-evidently guilty of rape, buggery and sexual assault on me, so it only remains to pass sentence. I have my own suggestions and have communicated them to my father, who is only too happy to impose them on you. Father, the floor is yours.”

Her father spoke now for the first time. He had a very light, precise and rather effeminate way of talking.

“You two boys are clearly guilty of false imprisonment, assault, rape and sodomy. The crimes are made worse in my eyes because the victim was my daughter. As a judge passing sentence I have to take into account the various objectives of disposal, which include retribution, deterrence, prevention and rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is the re-integration into society of a convicted person and is non-punitive in nature. A successful rehabilitation of a prisoner is also helped if convicted persons:

– are not placed in health-threateningly bad conditions, enjoy access to medical care and are protected from other forms of serious ill-treatment,

– are able to maintain ties to the outside world,

– learn new skills to assist them with working life on the outside,

My daughter who, you may be surprised to learn, is a part time dominatrix, has made some suggestions which in my view achieve the objective. Based on the clear assumption that you are both gay submissives trying to assert your masculinity through sexual violence, she suggests that training you to become anal whores will make you useful members of society and no longer a danger to women. Your training will take place in civilised conditions and we have here the finest medical facilities, though of course you will have no option but to submit to whatever treatment we deem appropriate. Ties to the outside world will be achieved by making you available to paying customers during your training. You will acquire new skills using you mouths, anuses and other body parts to give pleasure to men. I will leave it to my daughter’s discretion just how exactly you will be physically transformed, but she will ensure that your mental states are harmonised with your true natures. Maria, I invite you to speak now.”

“Thank you, father. My plan is to turn you both into permanently sexually aroused anal bitches and give you to my father’s biker and legal colleagues to use, before selling you at auction. Of course you will be physically and mentally changed so you have the appearance of ravishingly beautiful women and similar, if perverted, desires and urges, but of course you will actually be shemales. Who, I am reliably informed, are the secret desire of many men, so my father can find profitable uses for you both.”

She paused to let the full meaning sink in. My heart sank. This was not just a temporary if drastic lesson. Don and I were likely, no, certain to remain in this condition, or worse, for the rest of our lives. I felt my body slump.

“You did not know that you were abusing a biker princess and semi-professional dominatrix. In one way that makes you offences worse, but in another I should be grateful to you for the learning experience. I will be much more effective professionally having experienced what it is to be humiliated and hurt. If, however, you think that will make me any more merciful, think again, little bitches. I not only want, no, need my revenge, I need to practice on someone, Betturkey Giriş and who better than my aggressors? Now let’s get started.”

“Turn them round,” she ordered, and our minders obediently tugged on our leashes until we had turned to face Maria and her father. There was a whiteboard there too. Maria took a marker pen and started to write.

“Outcomes: subjects will

1 learn to orgasm only with a cock in their arse

2 learn to desire this above all else

3 learn to enjoy and be stimulated by pain and restraints

4 become pervertedly excited by fetishistic items eg leather, latex, inflatable suits and so on.”

She paused, touching her lips.

“I think that is all for now, but we can always add to the list later. Now for the means…”

Again she wrote on the board.


1 repeated anal and oral rape to teach compliance and, in time, enjoyment

2 binding, whipping, teasing

3 surgical procedures to modify bodies (breasts, buttocks, genitals etc)

4 drugs and nano-machines for same purpose.”

“Yes, I think that looks like a programme,” she smiled. “Does anyone here have any suggestions or amendments?”

Her father spoke again.

“If I may suggest one or two additions. The outcomes should include being permanently aroused and eager for sex and to desire to dress as females and do so. And the means should include electrical reconditioning, for which I have a particular like, and maybe some pony-girl training. I have always found a period living like a pony-girl to be beneficial to the poise and general submissiveness of subjects both female and male.”

“I am always eager to learn from my father, who has extensive experience in this field. Let it be so. So the full lists of outcomes and means are:

“Outcomes: subjects will

1 learn to orgasm only with a cock in their arse

2 learn to desire this above all else

3 learn to enjoy and be stimulated by pain and restraint

4 become pervertedly excited by fetishistic items eg leather, latex, inflatable suits and so on

5 be in a state of permanent sexual arousal and receptivity

6 desire to dress in female attire and do so”


1 repeated anal and oral rape to teach compliance and, in time, enjoyment

2 binding, whipping, teasing

3 surgical procedures to modify bodies (breasts, buttocks, genitals etc)

4 drugs and nano-machines for same purpose

5 electrical reconditioning

6 pony-girl training”

“Oh, and in case you have not realised or been warned, please do try to submit and adjust as soon as possible. You will find it much more, let us say, comfortable, though it is more pleasurable for the trainers if you resist. But you will yield in the end, of that I can assure you. So now, let’s put the plan into action!”

She nodded to our minders, who led us roughly off to a side room, which contained showers, baths and lavatories. First, they stripped us of all the straps, plugs, gags they had put on us earlier. The pain and then relief as the butt plug was pulled out were intense but soreness remained and I felt a worrying emptiness. The troubling thought flashed across my mind that I wanted something back in there to stretch and fill me. I was not to be disappointed. Maria said, with a nasty sneer, “Now I am going to give you both an enema to clean you out, and after that one with drugs in it, to make you horny and lubricate you before we start to use you.” I watched as Don was held down by four men, bent over a kind of upholstered trestle, his buttocks spread apart. Maria got a handful of gel from a bucket and plastered it on Don’s naked arsehole. Then she took a length of rubber tubing with a penis-shape on one end and a bag like hospitals use for drips on the other, and started to insert it in Don’s anus.

He moaned and struggled but it was futile. Soon the penis end was fully swallowed up in his body and his cock started to stiffen. I felt my own cock twitch. The thought crossed my mind that their methods were already working on me. Maria opened a tap under the bag and I saw Don’s belly start to swell. His eyes widened and he began to moan. Maria, untroubled by this, continued to let the fluid pour into Don’s bowels until his belly was distended like a pregnant woman. “Now, hold that in or it will be the worse for you,” she snapped.

Then four other men took hold of me and I was pulled into the same position. I knew of course what was coming. My penis, worryingly, started to stiffen in anticipation. I blotted out the thought that I was already anally conditioned. I felt my buttocks pulled apart and a cold blob of lubricant spread in my crack, and next the rounded end of the tube pressing on my sore anus and then easing inside. I gasped, not sure whether to be outraged by or welcome the invasion of my body. Then I felt a warm flow into my intestines and my belly started to swell. The liquid flowed into my bowels until I thought I would burst and I moaned and moaned, but Maria took not notice. When she stopped the flow, she repeated her warning not to let go.

She left us there for about 15 minutes. I could feel the liquid trickling past the dildo in my bottom and running down my legs. It was all I could do to hold it in. At last, Maria told us to sit on the toilets, which had no seats, and pulled the tubes out of us. A huge flow of liquid mixed with shit poured into the bowl together with wet farting sounds and a terrible smell. Maria sighed. “What dirty bitches you are! I can see I will have to wash you both out again at least once more.” With that, we were both pulled back to the previous position and the procedure repeated, and repeated again.

At last the fluid gushed out clean. Maria announced “Now it is time for your first girl treatment.” She took another tube with a smaller bag of gel on the end of it and proceeded to fill Don and me with it. This slid in nicely with no discomfort and I was soon aware of a warm glow coming from my guts. My penis became painfully stiff and my nipples very hard and sensitive. I wanted to wriggle my bottom and thrust my nipples out in front of me. Don too was looking in an aroused state. Maria noticed this and smiled. “I think these two will be easy to convert,” she said. “They are already moving and feeling like women and soon will permanently be converted into bitches on heat.”

During this, the men and her father had all come into the washroom and were watching with keen interest. Those in leather pants had obvious bulges in the crotch and of course the erect penises of those in tights were clearly visible, bursting to escape from the thin transparent fabric.

“Now they are open to all to be raped front and rear. Please form an orderly queue at each end.”

They needed no second invitation. No sooner had she spoken than the first ones had their cocks out and were forcing them into our mouths and bottoms. I would have screamed as a huge penis pushed into my bottom hole, dilating beyond what I ever thought possible, but was gagging as another forced its way into my tight throat at the same time The only sounds were muffled grunts from Don and me and the men raping us and wet sucking sounds from the cocks working in our bodies. They used us hard, until they came, crying out and spurting huge jets of sperm. Some went straight down our throats and some into our bowels. As soon as one pair finished, another took their place. There were perhaps 12 men, and they all came in us at least twice, so we were very well used by the time they had all done. I spurted semen in huge quantities at least once every time they climaxed inside me. I was feeling utterly dirty and used but at the same time was loving it.

The last one to have his way with me was the judge and president of the MC, who took his place at my bottom. The other men stood aside, and so I had no-one raping my mouth. His penis was huge but by this time my anus was so well stretched that it slipped in easily. He slid it in and out very slowly at first, almost taking it right out, then thrust it deep into my body, working deep in my bowels, his balls slapping on my buttocks. I moaned and screamed as he worked on me, hating and loving it at the same time. “Yes, scream like the bitch you are,” he gloated. Finally, he came inside me and I felt the jet of sperm gushing into my body. “Now, you are really mine,” he said. “Maybe when you are fully transformed I will marry you. Then I can sleep with you all night, fuck you before we sleep and in the morning and in fact any time I choose. And I am always horny and need my cock satisfying.” I could not believe what I was hearing. Not so long ago I was a perfectly normal, heterosexual boy and now here I was with the prospect of being the slut bride of a judge and president of a motorcycle gang.

We were both very messy now so they washed us down and gave us another girl enema. My nipples were now permanently stiff and painfully sensitive and I felt incredibly horny and sluttish. I found myself looking closely at the men in glossy sheer tights, not sure if I wanted them to fuck me or to be dressed like them. I was already becoming very gender-confused.

“Now it is time for you girls to get some sleep,” said Maria. She stroked my bottom and slid a finger into my dilated hole, then another, and another. She did the same to Don so she had one hand in each of us. “Come on now, off to bed with you,” she said almost kindly. We were escorted down a corridor to what would be our bedroom. It was decorated all in black. The walls, floor and ceiling were covered in black leather, the bedsheets and pillows were soft-looking black leather too. There were black leather straps with shiny steel fittings hanging on the walls.. “The sexing suite,” Maria announced. “I am sure you will be very comfortable here.” We were laid on the bed, facing one another. My right wrist and forearm were bound to Don’s left arm, pointing up, and the same with my left and his right. She then pulled tights onto us with holes for our penises and access to our bottoms. We were secured together at the waist by straps attached to cinchers and our ankles were strapped together in the same way.

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