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Big Tits

With my arms above my head, I feel him roughly tightening the knot. The rope cuts into my flesh and I savour the burn.

I need this pain.

I need this release.

His fingers graze over my back and he gives me a slap on my butt cheek.

His hand moves between my legs and cups my pussy. He inserts one finger inside and I know I am wet. He pinches my clit and I hear his pleased growl at the juices that flow from anticipation.

His hand snakes around my waist till he cups both my breasts. I feel his bare chest against my back. He pinches my nipple and then squeezes them and twists them till I moan in pain. I hear him chuckle and his hot breath tickles my ear.

He grounds his growing erection against my lower back and I squirm waiting for it.

“Are you ready?” he growls in my ear and I nod.

“I said, are you ready?” he says in a louder voice and I realise my mistake.

“Yes master,” I say and await the punishment.

He then blindfolds me and I stand listening to his movements. I hear him shuffle items on the table and hope he gives me what I need.

I hear the crack of the whip and my heart pounds in my chest. My hands clench into fists, my back arches and I clench my butt and wait.

I wait but hear nothing.

I know he does this to increase my anticipation.

I strain my ears listening but hear not even the sound of a pin drop.

My heart beats faster and my body is coated in a sheen of sweat. My body tense as a coil.


The Betturkey whip takes me off guard, like it always does. I shriek in pain. The first hit is always the worst. The whip cuts into my flesh and I feel the burn, the sting on my flesh. I love this feeling.


The whip sounds again and I arch my back, silently begging for more, I need this as I need my next breath of air. I crave this burn. I desire this pain.




He whips me harder as I deserve it. My shrieks of pain turn into moans of pleasure. It takes me closer to the release. I feel lighter. I feel the emotional chains break off. I am like a Phoenix arising from the ashes.




My body is now slick with sweat. My arm muscles burn in pain. My back is almost numb yet I feel every whip intricately. Tears fill my eyes and my mind clears.

I am reborn.

I am free.

The whipping stops and the only sounds heard are my laboured breaths.

I wait.

I feel fingers plunge into my pussy and my legs tremble, feeling weak.

His fingers touch my lips and I open my mouth to taste myself on his lips. I suck on his fingers as I would his dick and feel him growl.

Suddenly he releases my arms and makes me kneel in front of him.

“Suck my dick!” he commands.

“Yes, master,” I reply taking his cock into my hands.

“Good girl,” he says and I shiver.

I guide his cock into my mouth. I taste his salty precum Betturkey Giriş and roll my lips against the tip. I hollow my cheeks and suck his dick. I enjoy his musty scent as I move my mouth over his dick.

I feel his hands tighten in my hair and pull, making me wince.

He pulls my face closer, almost choking me as I deep throat his dick.

He tugs my hair again and I groan around his cock. I hold onto his thighs for support and feel the muscles clench.

He is close.

He shoots his load down my throat with a roar, holding me in place as I swallow eagerly.

He then lifts me up and guides me to a bench. He bends me over it and ties my hands again to the bottom of the bench. He spreads my legs and I wonder what he is going to do next.

I am still blindfolded as I listen to his movements.

He returns back and I feel him caress my buttocks and I relax under his touch.

Without warning I feel him smack my butt cheeks with a paddle and I shout. The pain intense and sudden.

“You’ve been a naughty girl haven’t you?” he asks, hitting me with a paddle.

“Yes master! Please punish me!” I plead.

“You will get what you deserve!” he says in a low voice and continues spanking me till I’m squirming on the bench.

My pussy is so wet and I try to relieve myself by grinding my clit on the bench.

“Stop!” he shouts and I stop my squirming.

He sounds angry now.

“Naughty girls always get punished!” he says and ties my feet to the bench as well making me immobile.

He returns and parts my ass cheeks and I tense.

“No,” I groan trying to escape his hold.

“This is what happens to disobedient girls,” he says and I could hear the glee in his voice.

I felt lubed fingers touch my hole and involuntarily clench my muscles.

“Relax,” I hear him say as he rubs my lower back. I take a deep breath to relax my muscles and slips one finger into my hole. He slips another finger and makes scissoring motions to open up my hole. I clench my teeth as I feel the burn of his finger sliding in and out of my hole.

He withdraws his finger and suddenly pushes a dildo into my hole. My eyes water as my I feel my muscles stretch to accommodate the dildo.

He then slides the dildo in and out and I relish the feeling of fullness. I moan in pleasure.

Then abruptly he stops and I whimper.

He unties my arms and legs and removes the blindfold.

I am still bent over the bench when his arms come around my body to cup my breasts. He rolls my nipples between his fingers and squeezes my breasts. I whimper and groan at the sensation.

He suddenly slips his dick into my sopping pussy and I gasp at the fullness of both my holes. He pounds into my pussy and I grunt in pain. I moan in pleasure when his fingers find my clit and strums it skilfully.

I feel the pressure building up inside of me, I hear the sounds of his dick pounding into my pussy and I give into the sensation, feeling my walls squeezing and milking his cock as he shoots his load inside me.

He removes the dildo from my ass and slips his cock out of me and turns me around and I gaze into the smiling face of my husband.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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