Shanti’s Sexual Odyssey Ch. 03

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Suhas was a famous businessman and had accounts in all the accounts but loved the bank where Shanti worked – she was his attraction and he had a big role in turning her into a paid whore, the Bank Manager Sumit himself a recipient of Shanti in all forms, offered her to Suhas as a ‘gift’ for the multicrore investment the tycoon made in the private bank and Shanti became a sex toy of the varied pleasures she and Chitra offered.

He fucked her on Varamhalxmi day every year since last 3 years – he loved the smell of Shanti with that dress on her – the smell of the incense sticks on her saree, the silk saree per se, the scent of the rituals on her and above all the beauty radiated after the pooja and he love fucking her – inserting the flowers and the pearl necklace and the silver thread in her cunt and ass at the same time while she took his cock in her mouth along with the milk she would bring in the silver vessel – which she would pour on hid dick before devouring it. It was extremely difficult to make out the slut in her – she was pious spiritual and above all extremely docile and dormant – and temple freak – a very religious woman on the outside and nobody could ever know what a slut she was inside.

Suhas besides being a well off man also was an ex neighbor of Shanti and had seen her as a child and especially when she was 18 – on the marriage of his own son- made the sinned mother of Shanti who was his whore – offer her daughter to him at the same time while her daughter was losing her hymen to the new husband – it is a different story that Suhas and the son-in-law Shyam fucked Geeta – the mother and Shanti together multiple times and in various holes and left them in spunk for days.

He was well-off and enjoyed spending his money on whores and call-girls, especially Shanti.

He knew her for nearly 11 years now –she was 26 and married and she was the best, and only three other women he knew came close, mother Geeta who was now touching 50 but still had all the sex in her cunt as much as Shanti, her sister, Chitra, their other niece, Neena and her friend Maya and Reema.

These were the finest women to fuck in the country and, quite possibly anywhere. Suhas was a well-travelled man. To his mind, few women were as sexy or competent. What set these girls apart was their unbridled and evident enjoyment of their fuck moments one was passionately addicted to sex. There was nothing mechanical about their lovemaking, no hint of indifference or jealousy, no matter how many times they fucked him. They gave themselves completely to him, as they would to a lover or a bridegroom.

Suhas looked forward to a night of exceptional fucking. As an old fuck mate and her regular client and because he wanted privacy – he was going to enjoy her at Shanti’s place – the safest, the night was clear and warm, with a gentle breeze from the sea. Shanti and he were out on the broad, long porch,Shanti was seated on the top but one step, looking relaxed and lovely. She wore a dangerously small kurti, the brassiere barely covering her breasts, the panty very small and thin, barely covering her cunt. The lehanga was see- through and in fact as good as not there.

Shanti was extremely sexy, very sexy sensual and desirable – Suhas saw it in her when she was eighteen, while she would visit his place aa a friend of his daughter – he wanted her since then and a time came to fund her education and the price was – she gave him all her holes in the presence and with the assistance of her mother Geeta – who was a socialite whore- all her children were born to different fathers – and the man she married, Rangan – was a cockold like the husbands of her daughters, that ran in the Family.

Shanti was tall – for an Indian woman, around 170 cms, with an extremely well-kept figure. Her face was round and sweet, with a pert little nose, dark, hooded eyes, hair that hung to the middle of her back in a wave and was clipped behind her neck in a pony-tail with a broad tortoise-shell clip. Her rosebud mouth was lightly rouged. Her skin was smooth and creamy and fair, and she had square hands and feet. The wrists and ankles were slender and nicely turned the limbs smooth and unflawed. Her breasts were full and high and firm. They thrust invitingly outward, erotik film izle squeezed together by the taut silver colored blouse to form a delectable cleavage with the black bra.

Her belly was flat and firm, her hips curved with slender buttocks, her legs shapely.

She wore a thin gold necklace.

Suhas had attended her marriage when she was 23 years to Sridhar, but that only made it more exciting. There was a diamond ring on one hand and a gold wedding band on the other. Suhas was a tall, well-built man in his late forties, much older to her. He had a good, hard, lean body. He had a V-shaped, hairless torso with a hard, flat belly. The chest was broad and deep, the shoulders and arms thick with muscle, as were his legs. His face was lean and handsome, clean-shaven, with a firm jaw and a fine nose and a slim mouth. His hair was cut short, the eyes dark and deep-set. Shanti knew his body intimately.

Shanti let her eyes slide over his body and felt a ripple of genuine desire. She returned his smile. He moved closer to her. She leaned on her elbows of the step behind her and tilted her face up. He reached down and cupped her pretty face in one hand, his eyes sliding down the deep valley between her breasts. The blouse was of some translucent material, and he could see the stubby points of her nipples through the bra which was completely soft and skinny and the dark shadow of their aureoles.

She toyed with her necklace sensuously, twining her fingers in it, moving it between her breasts, encircling one mound with the chain, stroking her nipple with it. She lifted the necklace to her sensual lips, parting them, letting her tongue slide out and around the gold braid, plucking at it with her lips. He grinned. “Horny?”

“Very. And getting hotter by the minute.”

“That’s good.”

“It’s what you pay for. And you have been fucking me since that night when Mala your daughter was into her first night – don’t whether she lost her cherry – I lost mine to your massive prick and soon – two days later , you took my ass.”

“Is that all that matters to you?”

She grinned. “No. You know that. It’s the man that counts .and I’m glad you do,” she replied softly, her eyes glittering.

He bent forward and cupped her breast in one hand, his head bending to hers. He felt her breast swell and harden in his hand, the nipple shooting erect as their lips met. Her lips parted slowly beneath his, her tongue snaking out to fence against his,her lips plucking at his. He flicked the straps of her bra through the blouse – tore the blouse off her shoulders and they fell low, exposing her now turgid breasts. She sighed and her face became gently suffused with pleasure as he fondled one breast then the other. His head dipped, his tongue sliding down her neck.

Shanti’s body warmed at his touch. He was a good lover, competent and gentle, and she enjoyed the sex. He plucked off the blouse completely and fondled her breasts, relishing the weight and shape and size of them, thumbing the erect nipples gently. Shanti murmured softly in deep pleasure. His lips hovered tantalizingly over her breast, and Shanti sighed deeply, her eyes closing languidly. She arched her chest to his face, lifting and squeezing the mound to his lips. She gasped softly as his tongue snaked out and swirled over her aureole and nipple, flicking at it rapidly. His finger slid between her thighs through the silk saree and petticoat and they parted without hesitation. Suhas slid his thumb under her panties and rolled them down. She kicked them off quickly, saree petticoat and panties and forked her legs wider still. He slid his forefinger down her crack and it came away wet. Suhas grinned at the look of un-faked lust on her face, and bent his head to her breasts again. She arched, her face turning to one side as his lips parted and she felt her gorged breast slip into his warm, moist mouth. Her body arched and she clenched his head, her eyes half-closed.

“Mm, that’s lovely,” she murmured. “Yes … ohhh yes …”

Suhas sucked on her breast gently, then more firmly, and she gasped, moaning thickly as his teeth and tongue rippled at her breast-tips. He scraped his teeth across the nipple, squeezing and crushing the other breast, pinching film izle and twirling and tweaking the nipple in his fingers. His tongue rolled and coiled and swirled lovingly around the one in his mouth.

“Mmmmm, yes ohhhhhh yes baby yes …” Shanti moaned softly.

Suhas moved to the other breast, and now Shanti raised her foot high, pressing it to his crotch. Suhas’ cock throbbed and began to rise. She began to stroke it through his trousers with her shapely foot, moving it up and down. Suhas sucked on her breast hard, making her whimper thickly. Slowly, he slid lower, his body warming as she caressed him. She leaned back further, tilting her face upward as he kissed her fair belly and ran his tongue through her navel, stroking her thighs with his fingers. Her legs splayed wider apart and her hips arched as his head slipped even lower. He paused, his mouth inches from her fuzz-rimmed cunt-lips and chuckled as she lifted her loins and clawed her cunt-lips open. “C’mon Suhas … lick my cunt …,” she muttered.

He leaned forward, pulling her cunt-lips open and she moaned thickly as his hot breath seared into her cunt. His tongue swirled into the pool of cunt-juice between her thighs and Shanti moaned thickly and her head dropped forward. Her lips parted and her face glowed with excitement. Her shoulders hunched and her breasts felt hot and swollen and hard. She caressed them sensuously, watching him tongue-fuck her, excited as much by the sight as by the exquisite sensations flooding her loins. His tongue darted in and out and rolled round and round in her cunt. His head swam with the taste and musky smell of her cunt-juice. She gripped his head and moved it round and round and up and down between her thighs, moaning as it rippled in her slit. Her loins writhed and twitched under his mouth.

“Mmm … ohhhh yes … mmm yeh ohhhh mmmm yeh ohhhhh yes yes … mmm, yes … ohhh that’s so good … yes …,” she moaned softly, arching her head.

He left her teetering on the verge of an orgasm when he rose to his feet, his lips shining with her juices. Shanti was in deep heat now, like a rutting bitch. He smiled. Like the very best whores, Shanti enjoyed her fuck with im.

Shanti slid to her knees before her client and, reaching up, undid his shirt, knotting the ends at his waist. Then she flicked open his trousers and slid down the zipper, tugging the trousers down to his ankles. His cock was thickening already, big and long and dark. She took it in her hands and he gasped as her adroit fingers curled lovingly about the thick, vein-ridged shaft. She began to caress his cock, jerking it slowly, rolling it in her open palms. She was an experienced and adroit lover and knew how to give pleasure.

She slid the foreskin back and he gasped as her long tongue snaked out and coiled and swirled over his cock-head. It was wet and warm, incredibly erotic. His loins surged violently. He controlled himself head bent, his breath short, jerking his hips at her face. Her lips parted and slipped down around his cock-head, her tongue still flicking at his, teasing it. Slowly, she took more and more of it into her moist, warm mouth and her cheeks hollowed and her face distended as she began to suck his penis, still jerking his tool with her hand. Her head bobbed slowly back and forth. She paused, licked his cock-head than resumed her sucking. Dipping her head, she sucked his balls, tongued them, drew her tongue down into the crevice between his buttocks, rose again sucked him again.

Suhas fucked her mouth slowly, holding her head, moving it back and forth to suit his pleasure, his hips pumping and jerking slowly at her face.

“Ohhh fuck yes!”

Suhas bent his head and gasped, riveted and excited by the sight of his enormous cock sliding wetly in and out of her lovely lips. His cock throbbed, his loins burned and there was an ache deep in his belly.

“Mm … yeh … ohhhhhh yes Shanti yes … c’mon bitch … suck it good … mmm, yeh that’s it … oh yeh baby … yeh … suck it… c’mon slut … suck it hard … OHHhhh yeh that’s good ohhh yeh yeh … that’s it … mm, yes baby yes … suck it, you whore… suck my cock … mm yes … suck it hard!” he moaned.

He tugged her to her feet and she turned around, standing seks filmi izle on the ground and leaning over on the topmost step on her hands, her buttocks thrust back at him. Suhas stood behind her and, moistening four fingers with his tongue lubricated her anus. He masturbated for a minute, and then pressed his penis into the cleft between her buttocks and smeared her asshole with his gunk. Shanti knew that he loved fucking butt. Fortunately, she enjoyed it, too.

“I want your ass, whore,” he rasped. “I want to fuck your butt.

Come on, whore … let’s do it!”

She was ready to please him, he was the man who took her ass the first time and he only like her ass and rarely speared her cunt. Moaning softly, Shanti leaned forward to rest her shoulders on the top step and reached back and pulled her buttocks open, exposing her puckered anus. His eyes glittered with lust at the sight of her creamy buttocks pulled wide in her hands, the gold wedding band glinting. Her puckered anus was irresistible temptation.

“Shove it in, Suhas,” she gasped. “Come on, fuck my ass … I want your cock in my butt … fuck it hard!”

Shanti’s client grinned at her words and flexed his buttocks. His swollen cock-head popped into her asshole. She cried out, her head snapping up, her mouth jerking open, her lips drawn back in a rictus, but remained as she was, holding her buttocks open. Suhas gripped her hips and flexed his buttocks and slid his hips forward, squeezing and forcing his penis into her rear channel. Shanti gasped loudly. His penis was hot and hard and throbbed fiercely in her ass. Waves of pain and pleasure washed over her. Spreading his legs wide on either side of her hips so as to penetrate her even deeper, groaning and flinging his head back, Suhas flexed his buttocks and, his belly sucking inward, eased his hips forward pushing his cock inexorably into her ass. Deeper and deeper it went, and she cried out in agonized lust as it sizzled and seared into her. At last, he was buried in her ass with his thighs pressed to her buttocks, her hands pinned between their bodies. He relaxed lightly and she pulled her hands away and clung to the edge of the top step, panting and groaning in an agony of pleasure. Her buttocks moved slightly, swaying and writhing against him. Suhas chuckled softly and leaned forward to squeeze her swollen, pendulous breasts that swung like succulent jack- fruit.

“Like it, eh, cunt?” he grunted, nuzzling her neck. “Like my prick in your ass, eh?”

“Yes,” she whimpered. “Oh god yes!”

Slowly, grunting with pleasure, the handsome man fucked Shanti’s butt. His buttocks un-flexed slowly and his cock slid outward. He paused for a fraction of a second and then slowly skewered her anus again with a low sigh of pleasure. Shanti moaned thickly, her body swaying and undulating erotically under his. His hands slid down to her hips and he slid out and in again. Her anus convulsed and spasm on his throbbing penis.

“Mmm … yeh … your asshole’s nice and hot and tight, as the first time six years ago, Shanti,” he grunted. “Yeh … take it … take my prick, whore … yeh … that’s it … mmmm … yes …”

“Ohhh … UNHHHH … OHHHH … OHHHH … Unhhhh OHHHH!” she moaned.

Suhas sodomised Shanti slowly and unhurriedly, savouring every minute. His hips swung gently yet steeply back and forth, his penis sliding in and out a good six inches or more. Shanti lurched and jerked beneath him, her face contorted with pleasure as the pain receded. For several minutes, he butt-fucked her steadily as the fires grew and spread in his loins.

“Suhas,” she gasped. “Come in my ass … I want your jizz … in my ass!”

Shanti had her orgasm slowly, the climax building inexorably, than, flooding her with an intense warmth as her cunt and anus went into a spasm frantically on his stroking penis, Suhas gasped softly and swinging his hips in a gentle circle, spiraled deep into her anus. Shanti cried out as she felt his hard penis surge into her again. Deep in her, he held still, his hips twitching at her buttocks. With a low, shuddering moan, he exploded and Shanti gasped softly in joy, chewing her lower lip as the hot spoot spurted into her anus.

With a satisfied chuckle, Suhas slid his penis out of Shanti’s anus. She fell to her knees, gasping and panting and whimpering, her head bowed between her arms. Her body trembled. Casually, Suhas strolled across the room, opened the fridge to a bottle of cold water.

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