The Preacher and A Virgin Ch. 03

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Reverend Cherry couldn’t believe that Vee had disrespected him and the Church that way. He thought that she had certainly lost all her dignity and possibly her mind. Maybe it was his fault, but he was still angry. He thought it bad enough that the little wench had actually fucked the janitor in front of him; and then again on the church bus practically in front of the members. But how dare she come into his house of worship and put on a display like a common whore. John Cherry was pissed off . But he was also stressed, depressed, jealous, confused and very horny. Every since the incident with Vee he had been in a smoldering rage. He didn’t sleep well, he snapped at church members and he had to pray constantly to quiet his mind. Between the incident with Vee and the finality of his divorce, he was having a serious melt down.

His rage had convinced him that he hated women. He hated his mother for being sick and abandoning him. He hated his grandmother for dying of a broken heart. He hated Vivian for loving her ambitions more that him. He hated Marvetta for unleashing his sexual beast. He hated Vee for being twenty two years old. But lately he hated himself most of all.

It bothered him that he was a selfish coward and pervert…

It bothered him that he had been caught…

It bothered him that someone knew he was a common lech…

It bothered him that Mack found out…

It bothered him that Mack might tell other church members…

It bothered him that Vee offered herself to Mack…

It bothered him that he had watched and masturbated…

It bothered him that Vee saw him masturbating…

It bothered him that he didn’t do more to stop them….

It bothered him that he was a hypocrite and let Mack do his dirty work…

It bothered him that Mack thought they were now equals…

It bothered him that he thought himself better that Mack…

It bothered him that Mack used Vee to avenge his imagined affair with his wife…

It bothered him that he had seen Vee’s car at Mack’s trailer…

It bothered him that Vee hadn’t just given herself to some college boy…

It bothered him that he would have been bothered if she had…

It bothered him that he was afraid of Vee…

It bothered him that his Grandfathers story could be his own…

It bothered him that he didn’t have a wife and helpmate…

it bothered him that he might never find another sex partner as good as his ex wife…

It bothered him that Marvetta kept getting remarried…

It bothered him that he was horny all the time…

It bothered him that he wasn’t interested in the women who were interested in him…

It bothered him that the people in his congregation weren’t intelligent and dynamic…

It bothered him that he sometimes felt like their mule…

It bothered him that he was having doubts about being their Pastor …

It bothered him that it was possibly he who had destroyed his marriage…

It bothered him that he felt like a fraud when he had to counsel couples…

It bothered him that it mattered to him what people thought…

It bothered him that other ministers would never be as bothered…

It bothered him that he barely had the one flesh and blood being to talk too…

and it bothered him that all these things bothered him. He didn’t have time he had a church to re-build.

He prayed and prayed about it that fateful Sunday afternoon and finally just admit to himself that he really wanted Vee but she was just not enough- not yet. She was a mere woman-child. An adult only by law. He had learned from his marriage that age did matter, and how important it was that a man and woman in love be able to synchronize their lives. He hated to fail at anything, so he made sure he rarely did. His divorce was a blow to his ego and the depths of his heart and soul. He vowed he would never fail at marriage again.

After the incident with Mack and Vee, Rev had very wisely sought and found a support group for clergy. He was just at the get acquainted stage so he hadn’t shared a lot of what was on his mind yet, but his assigned prayer partner was a very attractive female assistant minister at a non denominational church in the next town. He was grateful to find her, though it seemed he was more of an ear for her than she to him most times. He accepted his fate however. He was used to being the dad, the rock, Mr. large and in charge. She was single, looked good, smelled good, was highly spiritual, and intelligent but for him there was something bland in her spirit that made him understand why he was always drawn to outspoken, independent women like Vivian and well…Vee. He would certainly have a lot to share with her that week.

After the display at church, he knew he needed to be the grown-up, stop avoiding both Vee and his feelings and finally have a serious talk with her.

* * * * *


When I got home from church there was already a message from Rev on my answering machine. He escort bayan şişli asked me to meet him a little later that evening at our favorite ice cream place, which was just a walking distance from my apartment. He said we needed to talk. Yeah right, he just couldn’t wait to fake fuck me again. I should make him wait I thought. But I called him back and agreed to meet. We decided on 6:30. It was a perfect summer evening. I decided to wear the same low cut top I had worn to church without the jacket of course and a long flowing gauzy printed skirt perfect for the warm weather. For good measure I decided to go panti-less again. The skirt was dark enough to get away with it and I knew it would cling to my butt as it jiggled and occasionally situate itself deep between my crack. I knew after all these months that although the Reverend loved my tits, he was without a doubt an “ass” man. I got to the ice cream palace at exactly 6:30. Rev was already there eating his usual double scoop vanilla cone. How boring I thought, and so like him.

I waved and stood on line to get something for myself he came over to pay for mine and returned to the umbrella table. As I walked over to him I remembered that I was panti-less, so I purposefully posed in the setting sunlight while pretending to look for something in my purse. I knew that he would be able to see my silhouette through the gauzy skirt. And of course my breasts were shouting in the tight fitting top. He and several other men at the parking lot tables definitely noticed. I saw one or two of the men look at each other and another touch himself. It made me uncomfortable though I had long made peace with my body. Rev looked a little embarrassed. I had walked to the ice cream place so he suggested we go for a ride in his car. I agreed.

I was in the car still eating my double scoop of rum raisin. I tried to make conversation but he was stiff and said very little. Just for the hell of it, I decided to eat my ice cream as if I was sucking a cock. I opened my mouth wide then slowly licked and sucked then pulled it out over and over until my double dip had a fat cylindrical shape. Then I looked down from the corner of my eye at his crotch. Bingo! there was a fairly large bulge in his pants – but his jaw was tight, and he looked as if he was seething. It was the kind of look your parents had when you were five and you’d acted up in public and you just knew you were due for an ass whipping when you got home. Oh well I thought, what could his boring ass possibly do to me but give me another lecture about maintaining my dignity and his expectations and hopes for my future. Blah, blah, blah… I tried again to make conversation but he was as stiff and un-responsive as he had been before. So I gave up and continued to work on my ice cream.

“Where we going?” I asked.

“Not far.” he said.

We had been on the interstate now for a good 25 minutes. Soon he got off. There was a Ramada Inn there at the exit. But he went over to CVS across the street.

“Do you want anything?” He asked tightly.

“Some cinnamon gum please.” I said.

He came back very shortly and handed me the gum but I had no idea what he’d really gone in for or if he’d bought anything at all. He Drove over to the Ramada Inn, parked at the main entrance and went in to the desk. It took him a while but he returned with a key. Ha! I knew he just wanted to fuck I thought. The room was in the back of the complex He got out and motioned for me to follow him. I was actually excited to be with him again even if he wasn’t his usual self. He opened the door to the room and he allowed me to enter first.

No sooner did he close the door behind him that he grabbed a hand full of my braids wrapped them around his fist and threw me down on the double bed nearest the door.

I winced in pain “Rev” I screamed “let go!”

“Shut up.” He said.

He was on my back I could hardly move.

“Rev please I begged that hurts I just had my braids done it hurts Rev.”

He was merciless. He started to grind his cock that had been hardening in the car into my hips. Then he lifted my skirt and saw my bare ass.

“Oh so you’re ready for me huh?”

He had not changed after church so he let go of my hair to take off his suit jacket. I looked around to see him remove lube from his inside pocket. But this time he also had condoms. While he un-buckled his pants, I tried to get up to remove my skirt which was all bunched under me and making me very uncomfortable.

“Don’t move.” He said.

I looked around at him.

“I said don’t move.”

I was feeling very uneasy he didn’t even sound like Rev his voice was mechanical and weird. I could hear him put on the condom then I could feel the cold stream of lube he usually put between my open cheeks; but this time he also put a generous amount near the entrance to my vagina and between my upper thighs. For just a minute his hands felt wonderful. I reached around; I wanted to hold him between my thighs escort beşiktaş so badly.


His voice was like thunder and my heart started to pound. I felt really vulnerable not being able to see what he was doing.

He snatched off my skirt which luckily had an elastic waistband, soon he was naked and on my back grinding away again. It was at least nice and slippery this time. Then he got up to get two pillows from the bed. He put them on top of each other ordered me to lie on the pillows, which he adjusted under me. I was positioned so that my naked ass was practically in the air. I looked around to complain about it being cold and he thundered again


Then he bent over, to open my legs and rub even more lube into my vagina. Suddenly he was on my back again pulling my hair even harder than before. He whispered in my ear:

“Since you want to be a whore, I will show you how a man treats a whore.”

He let go of my hair pulled my thighs apart then the lips of my vagina. He positioned his cock at the door it knew so well, he then let go of my hair and reached pass me to hold onto the headboard He pulled on the head board and began to climb inside me. Even with all the lube it hurt like hell.

“Rev please not this way.” I begged.

I wanted foreplay and holding and my usual clit massage the whole nine.

“This is all about me, you are just my whore for the night, understand? Don’t tell me what to do.” He said

He started to pull on the head board again.

“Rev!” I yelled.

“What’s wrong, you not woman enough?” He said.

He pushed, again, but his huge cock barely budged. It was just pass the door just enough to cause me discomfort. He pushed again and gained maybe another inch. It was torture. I started to cry.

“Rev please stop now, please.”

“No” he said “you wanna be a good whore don’t you? Good whores take all shapes and sizes.”

Then he said, “How would you have liked this in you for your first time?”

All of a sudden I got it. It had taken Mack three hard strokes to get past my hymen and he wasn’t nearly as thick as the Reverend, who I thought I wanted inside me so badly. It made me ache just to think about him popping my cherry. I was already open and his dick hurt like hell!

“Ok Rev, Ok please stop.”

“I said don’t tell me what to do.” He said.

He pushed again another inch. Finally he reached down to spread my legs apart again he pulled out of me and added more lube and put some on his cock. Then he lay on me again and positioned his fat dick head once again at the door to my pussy. He reached for the headboard and pulled hard then again, and again. I didn’t think giving birth could be any harder I went limp and tried to relax thinking it would help. Then he made a hard push with his hips and he was in as far as he could go.

He was breathing hard and just lay still for a minute to adjust. It occurred to me that he might be hurting too, I was so tight. He wound my braids around his fist again.

“So whore how do you like this big dick inside you?”

I said nothing so he jerked my hair.

“Answer me how do you like this dick inside you?”

“It’s good Rev, it’s good, please let go of my hair.” I said coldly.

He just pulled tighter and started to stroke in slow deep strokes he could hardly move. He let go of my braids and grabbed the headboard again and pushed then I could feel him lift his hips then he pushed again. Then he made a deep winding motion with his hips and pushed again. Finally I was getting looser but it still hurt like hell. He moved just a little easier each time. I thanked God for the lube. Soon he was moving smoothly in and out my tight pussy.

Though I was in pain I thought I could feel my pussy suck once or twice.

“Move” he said.

“I can’t’ Rev.”

“I said move whore!”

Then POW! He slapped my ass so hard it felt like Needles.

“Owwww!” I yelled.

I must admit the slap was motivating. I pushed my hips hard into his crotch. He leaned into my ear again.


POW! He slapped my ass even harder


I felt Pins.

“Keep going,” he said “faster.”

POW! — his hands felt like a wet towel that time.

I was doing the best I could for someone impaled. I had to stop to catch my breath.

“Don’t you dare stop.” He said.

POW! — A thousand bees.

“You know what, this is what you really need. How dare you act the fool in my church.”

POW, POW, POW! His heavy hands felt ten times worse that my grandma’s peach tree switches.

“Rev Noooooooo!” I cried.

Soon he was meeting my motion and his dick was gliding in and out of me. All the lube made disgusting sloshing sounds but I was sooo grateful for it.

He held on to the bed tight again and started to fuck me even harder. I started to like it. And I thanked God he didn’t have a free hand to hit my ass anymore. The lube was helping me move and I was pushing esenyurt escort back hard in spite of my self. The slaps had my hips stinging still, but his dick was starting to feel the way I had always imagined his big black dick would feel inside of me. There was nothing at all “punk-ass” about his stroke. It was purposeful and powerful ,sensual,and self assured . It was obvious the Good Reverend knew his way around a pussy. I decided it was well worth the pain and the wait. I just wanted to change positions so that I could get even more of him I liked having him inside me that way. But I couldn’t move my hips the way I really needed to in order to cum.

Soon I was begging, in a whisper.

“Fuck me Rev, Fuck Me give me all of your good dick. Fuck me Rev, Fuck me.”

Suddenly his voice changed, it was soft and warm. He leaned to kiss my neck and whisper in my ear again:

“Do you like it baby? You feel good too.” He said.

His tenderness made me both melt and move faster. Then my pussy started to suck which made him start to move fast and talk dirty.

“Whose pussy is this baby? Whose Pussy is this huh?”

I got so turned on at hearing “Mr. Vanilla Double Scoop” say “pussy” that mine started to clench. But I said nothing. He grabbed my hair again.

“Whose pussy is this huh baby?” He said softly, kissing my neck again.

I still said nothing just continued to move my hips. He started to fuck me even harder, then he wound my braids around his hand again.

“Whose pussy is this Vee?” He growled in my ear.

I wanted him badly, and I was glad he finally wanted to claim me at last; but I was hurt and angry still that he had called me a whore, that he had slapped my ass so hard, and also I was jealous. His dick was so good I wondered if he had been giving it all to the prim and proper bitch he’d brought to church or as Mack suggested some other women in the congregation and leaving me dry. I wanted him to hurt too. The tenderness in his voice moments before gave me a little courage, and I had at least a “teaspoon full of bitch” left in me still. So I whispered:


He stopped thrusting just for a moment

“Whose?” He said.

He asked as if he hadn’t heard me correctly, or maybe I had lost my mind. So the little bit of bitch left in me said it again:


He said nothing; he just sighed deeply as if he had lost his patience. He took about five more furious strokes into my pussy and then pulled out of me.

He then separated my cheeks, squeezed in even more lube, pulled off the condom, then slowly and carefully but very determinedly; pressed his hot, steely, fat cock into my ass. I only thought I was in pain before. Thank God for the lube I kept thinking. I never felt anything like it.

“Rev no, Rev no Please Rev, Rev, Rev, Rev Pleeeeeease no!” I begged.

My ass was on fire but he pressed and pressed then he leaned down to whisper again in my ear.

“Mack left me a little something huh? It doesn’t feel like you’ve had it like this before.”

I cried and he pressed harder. He was in. I felt as if I was sitting on a log. Then he asked in a matter of fact way.

“So tell me, whose is this?”

I said nothing.


“It’s yours Rev.” I whined.

“Rev’s not here. Say my name.”

I said nothing.

“I said say my name whore.”

He plunged hard for emphasis.

“John” I said.

I had never called Rev by his name before. I realized I had only seen it in print.

“Say it again”

“John” I said.

“That’s right, that’s who I am to you tonight, Just John, your John, whore.”

Suddenly he started to pump fast; I felt his body tense then something warm and wet in my bowels, it felt like a river. He collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily. Then he whispered in my ear:

“How do you like your john’s hot cum inside you whore?” He said.

I was still crying. Soon I could feel his dick start to soften and shrivel, and he pulled himself out of me. I was so glad it was over and I was ready to go. I desperately needed to use the bathroom. I felt as if I was going to have an accident.

“Rev I need to go to the bathroom.”

“What’s my name?” He said.

“John I need to go to the bathroom.” I said.

He let me up, I reached for my skirt but he snatched it away.

“Take off your shirt.” He said.

“Rev I’m freezing, it’s so cold in here.”


“I mean John its cold I whined.”

“I said take your shirt OFF!” He yelled.

I took it off and went into the bathroom I could feel his cum dripping down the back of my thighs my teeth were chattering it was so cold I wanted a hot shower so badly. It was the first time I ever felt dirty or unclean with the Reverend. I sat on the commode and cleaned up as best I could, then I started to run the shower. I jumped suddenly when he came to the bathroom and flung the door open with such force that there was a loud bang and the knob made a dent in the wall.

“I’m not finished don’t get in that shower until I tell you to.”

He was getting scary again.

“Rev please.”

“Who?” he said.

He walked over to get in my face.

“What’s my name?”

“John please let me wash.”

“When I tell you to shower you will, now get back on the bed.”

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