Under The Influence of Surrender

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Double Penetration

Five minutes into her presentation and Fran Crawford already knew she was losing them. Her attempt to enlighten her classmates with her PowerPoint presentation only illuminated the screen behind her. Fran believed the richly detailed research on the Amazon Rainforest, the fascinating photos of de-forestation, and the graphs and statistical projections should have entranced her classmates as much as it had her.

Yawns and muted conversations were her reward for all her hard work, confirming her suspicions about her twelve-grade science. They were all assholes. Fran often wondered if they were best suited for scientific experimentation involving abnormalities of the brain.

She had been bravely continuing, imagining herself giving a dissertation at the Smithsonian, and letting the darkness of the room conceal the peanut gallery, when in the middle of describing the complexities of animal life she felt a strange and pleasant sensation between her legs. She stopped in mid-sentence, her laser pointer aimed at the ceiling, her face flush with pleasure and embarrassment.

“Is everything alright Fran?” Mr. Yardell lay his pen down on his desk. He slid his thick black glasses up the bridge of his nose, a habit he had when unsure what to do, and stood up slowly.


Fran didn’t hear him at first. She was stunned by this unexpected change in her body. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm down. Exhaling slowly she opened her eyes and noticed that the lights had been turned on and every face was as full of questions as she was. She had to get out of the classroom fast.

“Mr. Yardell, I suddenly feel nauseous. Can I use the restroom?”

“Of course. Let me send someone with you. Laurie?”

“That’s ok.” Fran ran out of the classroom and down the hall to the nearest bathroom.

The bathroom was empty. She whisked herself into the first stall and locked the door. Sitting on the toilet with her legs clenched tightly together and her arms wrapped around them, Fran focused on the floor tiles and counted the number of small black squares compared to the number of small white squares. Counting out loud she hoped that if she ignored what her body felt it would just go away.

The feeling became more distinct, and it felt as if fingers were rubbing her clit. She grabbed her crotch and pressed her hands as hard as she could between her legs but it didn’t interfere with the roaming fingers. Fran unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down half expecting to see a disembodied hand running amok in her underwear but she only saw a damp spot in the middle of her new aqua blue panties.

She took the panties off and waved her hands frantically across her pussy, trying to wipe away whatever it was that was playing with her pussy but nothing she did made any difference.

This doesn’t make any sense, she thought.

She was reaching for her panties when she felt fingers slide inside her. She had never felt anything like it. Her body responded despite her protestations. Her nipples hardened and begged her attention. Without thinking she touched her breasts through her T-shirt while still holding her pussy in her palm. The invisible fingers moved in and out and Fran stretched out. She pointed her feet and rubbed her clit.

She moaned not caring if anyone heard her. Thoughts of being discovered were no match for her body’s demands. Her own fingers explored inside her pussy and she moved in unison with her invisible partner. She bit down on her lower lip when she came and her hands flew up to cover her mouth and muffle the sounds of her orgasm. She shuddered for a moment before collapsing against the toilet.

Her panties were too wet to put back on so she bunched them up into a ball and pulled her jeans up. When she opened the stall door she was surprised to see Laurie Rodgers standing in her way. Fran stumbled back and dropped her panties.

“Mr. Yardell sent me to check on you.”

“I’m fine.”

“I’m sure you are. Did you have fun?”

Fran’s face reddened. Laurie looked down at the floor and picked up the panties. She unrolled them and saw the huge wet spot in the crotch.

“You fucking perv.” She grinned.

Fran tried to grab her panties back but Laurie drew her arm away and held them behind her back.

“You’re really something. You walked out of class to come in here and play with yourself.” She laughed.

“Give them back.” Fran demanded.

“Just wait until I tell everyone that little Fran was pussy plunging in the bathroom.”

“Who’s gonna believe you?” Fran pushed past her.

“They don’t need to take my word for it. I’ll just show them this.” Laurie held up her phone. Fran gasped. On the screen was a photo of her on the toilet, legs wide, and her fingers deep inside her pussy.

“I know you were trying to be quiet but you’re pretty noisy. I was hanging over the top of the stall next to you and you didn’t hear me let alone see me. Nice picture. Although I’m betting you don’t want anyone having a peek.”

“Delete it.” Fran demanded.

“Actually, Betturkey I was thinking of posting it on Facebook.”

Fran tried to grab the phone.

“Back off, bitch.” Laurie pushed her away. “Try that again and I smash your teeth.”

Laurie walked into an open stall. “Get in here or I press send.”

Fran slipped into the stall.

“Take a seat.”

Fran sat down on the toilet.

“Now. If you behave I’ll delete it. But if you try that shit again I will send it faster than you can start crying about it.”

“What do you want?”

Laurie knelt down in front of Fran and placed her hand on Fran’s knee. “I’ve got to admit Fran that I liked what I saw.”

Fran’s face turned even redder as Laurie slid her hand between Fran’s knees.

“Stop it.” Fran slapped the hand.

Laurie held up the phone and said, “Uh-uh. Now shhh.”

Laurie moved Fran’s legs apart and gently stroked her thighs. Fran jerked causing Laurie to laugh.

“You know what to do.”

“No, I don’t.” Tell me, Fran thought. Just tell me and I’ll do it.

“Take off my jeans.” Laurie stood up, one hand on her hip the other gripping the phone.

Fran closed her eyes and could feel the prickles of heat on her skin. She was more frightened than she had ever been in her life.

“C’mon Franny. Click. Click.”

With trembling hands Fran unbuttoned the girl’s jeans and slid them down to the ground. Laurie stepped out of them.

“Now my panties.”

Fran hooked her fingers beneath the fabric, swallowed hard, and pulled the panties to the floor. Her face was inches away from Laurie’s trimmed pussy. Laurie raised one leg and set her foot on the toilet seat. She took hold of Fran’s head and pulled her face into her pussy.

“Start licking, freak.”

Fran slowly opened her mouth and let the tip of her tongue slip out. She had barely made contact when Laurie shoved Fran’s face more forcefully into her pussy.

“Get to work, Fran.”

Fran couldn’t breathe for a moment. She panicked and felt like she was choking. Laurie’s grip was tight on her head and her neck hurt from the force. She didn’t know what to do so she just started to lick, running her tongue up and down Laurie’s outer lips. She must have been doing something right because Laurie was moaning and rubbing her fingers against the back of Fran’s head.

“Eat me. Yes.”

Fran parted Laurie’s pussy with her tongue and shoved it inside. Fran wanted to cry when Laurie moaned. She took her hand away from Fran’s neck and covered her mouth in the same way that Fran had done earlier.

“Oh fuck, yeah. Stick your finger in.”

Fran shoved a finger in hard and began finger fucking her.

“Is everything alright in there girls?” It was Mr. Yardell.

Fran lifted her head but Laurie drove her head back down.

“Don’t stop. Suck my clit.”

Fran took her clit between her lips and sucked as hard as she could.

“Fran? Laurie?” Mr. Yardell knocked on the door.

Fran lifted her head again.

“We have to stop.” She whispered.

“I’m not done.” Laurie snapped and forced Fran’s head down again. “Just a minute.” She called out.

Laurie ground on Fran’s mouth. Fran felt like she was being tossed about in a storm. She didn’t know how much more of this she could stand but with a cry from Laurie she knew it was ending.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” She hissed and shoved Fran’s face so hard into her pussy Fran’s teeth were cutting into her lips.

With her orgasm over she pushed Fran away and began to dress.

“Get out of the stall and answer him.” Fran stood up and left the stall which Laurie locked.

“We’ll be out in a minute.” Fran’s voice shook. She washed her face and rinsed her out her mouth. Laurie came out of the stall intending to leave the bathroom when Fran hooked her hand on Laurie’s shoulder.

“The picture?” She tried to look Laurie in the eye but couldn’t.

Laurie took the phone out of her purse. With a couple of taps the picture disappeared and she gave Fran the middle finger. “Happy?”

“What?” Fran couldn’t find the words to express herself. All she could think of shoving Laurie’s head in the toilet and slamming the lid down until blood poured out of her ears.

“Fuck.” Fran screamed and grabbed the phone throwing it into an empty stall where it landed in the toilet. She stepped out of the bathroom leaving Laurie on her knees fishing for her phone. Mr. Yardell stood in the hallway with his arms folded across his chest.

“Feeling better now?” He asked.

“Thank you”, was all Fran could say as she hurried down the hallway. _________________________________________________________________________________

After her last class ended Fran went to her locker to put her books away. Inside was a small red envelope. She opened it and took out a card. The front showed an old-fashioned illustration of a little girl with blonde curls swinging on a rope. At her feet, a cocker spaniel puppy chased a blue and white ball. Inside it read: Be My Valentine. Betturkey Giriş There was no signature. Who the hell put this here? Fran was angry enough to tear it up but didn’t want to touch it anymore. God, I just want to be left alone. She threw the card back in the locker and went down to the gym.

Colleen was already waiting for her. Fran put on her best smile and hugged her friend.

“I heard you got sick or something today during your presentation.” Colleen was shaping her Mohawk.

“You heard? Man, this school loves to fucking gossip.”

“How does it look? Colleen turned her head to each side showing off her profile.

“Awesome.” Fran answered without really looking.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I’m good. I just felt nauseous for a moment but it went away.”

“You’re not?” Colleen looked down at Fran’s belly.

“No.” Fran slapped her friend lightly on the shoulder.

Fran was too humiliated to tell Colleen what had happened. It was bad enough what she was forced to do but she imagined that if it had been Colleen instead of her, Laurie would have left the bathroom with broken bones – or not left the bathroom at all.

They entered the gymnasium which bristled with activity. Decorations and lights were being set up for the Valentine’s Dance, and Fran and Colleen had volunteered to help. The two girls were hardly full of school spirit, but the extra credit they would receive was all the enticement they needed.

“Well, hello girls.” Mrs. Farrow came toward them like a torpedo and embraced them both. Her thick arms enveloped them as she steered them to a pile of boxes.

“You’re just in time.”

“What’s in here?” Colleen asked.

“Those are the banners for the dance.” Mrs. Farrow opened one of the boxes and removed a large sheet from the top. With Colleen and Fran’s help she unfolded it.

The banner read: Seniors Valentine’s Dance.

“Now those are going to go up all around the gym. High up above the bleachers and a couple for outside the front and back doors.”

Fran and Colleen looked at each other. Neither had expected to do this much work.

“When you’re done with these come find me and I’ll get you started on the streamers.”

“Ok then.” Collen grabbed a box and Fran picked up another. Mrs. Farrow set a roll of tape on Fran’s box and, with another squeeze of their shoulders, she was off. They climbed the bleachers, pulled out the first banner, and unfurled it between them.

“Toss me the tape.” Colleen said.

Fran tossed the tape. It hit the wall and slid down behind the bleachers.

Colleen laughed. “Nice going.”

“I’ll get it.” Fran said.

“I’m gonna get a bottle of water. Want one?”


They bounded down the stairs together. Colleen left the gymnasium while Fran headed to the back of the bleachers and crawled between the metal bars beneath the steps.

Dust and dirt clung to her clothes and hands. How do I get myself into these things? she thought. She coughed on dust and picked her way through the labyrinth until she reached the area where the tape should be. She saw the roll wedged between the wall and a metal bar and was just reaching for it when she felt a hand grab her ass. She jumped up and banged her head on a bench.

“Shit.” She grabbed her head. There was no one behind her but she could feel that hand all over her ass.

“Not again.” She said aloud.

Invisible hands moved up her back and rested on her cheek. She could feel a finger enter her mouth and tickle her tongue. She thought she should feel violated but this time was different. There was a sensuality about the way it felt, sliding between her lips. Then she felt something fill her mouth. It moved in and out slowly and she was sure that she was sucking on someone’s cock. Was she being raped by a ghost? That was ridiculous but the sensations were undoubtedly real.

Fran let out a sigh. There was an element to this that aroused her, something that was meant for her to enjoy. She rested on her knees and found her imagination running wild. She imagined a faceless boy standing naked in front of her, his hard cock in his hand as he forced it between her lips. She liked the way he filled her mouth, sliding on her tongue. She swallowed him feeling his muscles tighten and his cock flexing. She had always wondered what it would be like to suck someone off. The thought had frightened her before, but now it only filled her with excitement.

Suddenly he let loose with a hot splash that filled her mouth and ran down her chin. He tasted salty and she was unconsciously licking her lips when she realized the sensations had stopped. She touched her face with her dirty hands. It was as dry as it had been when she first came down there.

Fran had to admit that she was disappointed it was over so quickly. She couldn’t explain what was happening to her but she was enjoying it. She grabbed the roll of tape and crawled back out, the taste of semen still in her mouth. When she got back up top Colleen was just entering the gym holding two bottles of water.

Fran handed Colleen the roll of tape which was covered with dirt and dust balls.

“Thanks.” Colleen replied sarcastically.

“Yeah.” Fran replied distractedly.

“Hey. Are you sure you’re ok?”



It took them three hours to make their way through all of the boxes. At six p.m. they finished and headed for their lockers. They loaded up their school books and drifted out to the parking lot.

Fran was tired and wanted nothing more than to get home and crash. They were dragging themselves across the parking lot when a car pulled up unnoticed behind them and hit the horn. They jumped out of the way, and the car pulled up alongside them. It was Laurie and her two friends, Candice and Sheryl.

“I should have known.” Fran said.

“Hey. You twats wanna watch where you’re going?” Laurie said to the delight of her friends.

Colleen stood her ground in front of car. “Fran, I didn’t know the school allowed diseased pigs to drive around the parking lot infecting everyone with STD’s.”

“And I didn’t know the school allowed worn-out whores with dirty snatches to drum up customers in the parking lot.” All three girls in the car gave them the middle finger as Laurie gunned the engine. Colleen stepped out of the way and Laurie hit the gas and peeled out of the lot.

“God, I hate those bitches.”

“Yeah. Me too.” Fran said softly.

“I know I keep asking you this but are you ok?”

“Yup.” Fran gave a small smile. “You dirty whore.”

“That’s worn-out whore, fuck you very much.”

They laughed until they reached Fran’s car and said their goodbyes.

“See you tomorrow, Franny.”

“Bye Coll.” _________________________________________________________________________________

After a night of disturbing dreams Fran woke feeling a stab of uncertainty in her gut. The shame she felt from Laurie’s blackmail almost paled at the shame she felt over her reaction to it. She decided to tell the one person she could trust. After showering and downing a quick cup of coffee Fran drove over to Colleen’s house.

She pulled up in front of the house and ran up the walkway. There was no answer when she rang the doorbell and she wondered if she should have called first.

Fran rang the bell again. Maybe Colleen wasn’t home. Fran spun on her heels to leave when the door opened suddenly.


The girls hugged and Colleen pulled her inside quickly.

“Ow.” Fran rubbed her arm.

“Sorry Franny.”

“Is everything ok?” Colleen scrunched up her face in worry.

“Yeah. I’m fine.”

Colleen looked up the stairs then back to Fran.

“So what’s going on?”

“I just…um…”

Colleen glanced upstairs yet again.

“Are you alright?” Fran asked.


“Because you’re acting a little weird.”

Colleen looked upstairs again.

“Ok. What’s going on and why do you keep looking upstairs like you’re expecting Michael Myers to come down?”

Colleen looked worried then burst into laughter.

“What?” Fran smiled.

Colleen tried to talk but each time she tried her laughter increased until there was no sound coming out of her. She doubled over, her body shaking uncontrollably. She fell to the ground and lay in a ball. Fran put her hand on Colleen’s shoulder. An enormous peal of laughter escaped Colleen’s lips, transforming into a prolonged howl.

“Colleen?” A voice from upstairs called.

Colleen quickly put her finger to her lips to keep Fran silent. She got up and shook off her laughter and pulled Fran once again, this time into the dining room.

“Who was that?” Fran whispered.

“Brad Gilliam.” Colleen answered, obviously fighting the urge to laugh again.

“Brad ‘The Hammer’ Gilliam is in your house?”

“In my room.”

“In your room?”

“In my bed.” Colleen’s eyes went wide as Fran took in this information.

“I had no idea you guys were seeing each other.”

“We’re not. I’m just having some fun.”

Fran looked at the ceiling. “I should go.”

Fran moved toward the door but Colleen took her arm once again.

“No. Don’t go.”

“What am I supposed to do? Wait for you?”

“Come on up. You’re not gonna believe this.”

“Don’t you think he’s gonna mind me being there?”

“He’ll never know you’re there.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh god. Just come with me.”

Colleen pulled her up the stairs so fast Fran almost lost her footing much like when they were kids and Colleen had dragged Fran through Disneyland.

“Don’t say a word and be completely quiet.” Colleen said outside her bedroom door.

Before Fran could ask for an explanation Colleen opened the door. Brad lay naked on her bed. His hands were tied overhead to the bedpost and he was wearing a blindfold. His legs were spread and his cock was hard.

Heat spread on Fran’s cheeks. She thought she should leave but she couldn’t take her eyes off him. Colleen closed the door and giggled. Fran couldn’t help herself and laughed silently.

“Colleen?” Brad called out tentatively.

“Who else?” Colleen said.

“What’s so funny?” Brad’s tone sounded hurt.

“Nothing. I’m just a little nervous.”

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