Tap Out Pt. 03 – Sarah’s Story

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That one-night stand was the biggest mistake of Sarah Jennings’s life and the birth of her new one. She’d temped with the company for three months before the Christmas party and even up to the last week wasn’t sure she was invited. The women in the office were friendly and helpful but the men less so. Having to listen to the constant tales of their weekend conquests were tiresome and the running classification of each woman in the office by hotness grew very old.

While attractive Sarah knew she was not their type, a little chubby and maybe dowdy. Certainly not the perfect blonde gym bunnies they seem to admire, so she was left alone immune from their attention. They didn’t even bother to change the conversation if she sat near as they would for others, almost one of the boys.

The chief ringleader of the pack was Mike, now she had to admit he was attractive. Over six feet of pure gym made muscle, gleaming white teeth, and just enough annoying charm to get away with his behavior. His were the stories she heard the most, the rest of the guys circling him every Monday for the latest escapades. And tell a tale he did, gynecological descriptions of each naked body, mocking all minor imperfections and minutely detailing each salacious sexual performance.

The only plus to him was he did not attempt to sleep with any of the staff, as he beautifully put ‘i don’t shit on my own doorstep.’ A few of the girls had flirted with him but he stayed good to his work until they at least changed department, then they were firm game again.

That all changed that fateful night of the Christmas party. Sarah knew if he hadn’t been drunk it wouldn’t have happened, breaking his motto and lowering his standards for her. She had just been in the wrong place when his drunk eyes scanned for a conquest. Was he a good lover, she really couldn’t tell? As soon as came he was leaving, the only hope she had was he certainly wouldn’t boast about this in the office.

Unfortunately, they had been seen leaving together, and once grilled he threw her under the bus. By the time she got to work on Monday the whole office had heard every detail, from the noises she made to the color of her underwear. She knew immediately from the sudden hush and secretive glances towards her as she arrived.

She spent days crying alone in the toilets, not once did he apologize or explain his actions. It was as if it had never happened for him, his reputation unlike hers never changed.

Work was now a chore, any enjoyment had been ripped away. Her female colleagues tried to cajole her and help her through it but the smiling new girl was now a morose silent entity. Her friends tried their best to bring her out of the darkness, but even on a night out she more of an obstacle to their enjoyment. Leaving alone as they paired off with another lucky conquest.

It was yet another Friday with her sat alone at a bar, watching her friends dancing away. Not even a drunk tried to catch her eye, so she nodded to the barman for another. As she sipped, she felt a strange awareness of a person close to her, as she turned her eyes they met the bluest eyes she’d ever seen.

The beautiful Blonde girl moved her chair closer and continued her gaze, Sarah blushed puzzled by attention towards her. To be honest, if she ever contemplated dabbling in lesbianism this woman would be the first on the list. Why she was interested in her she couldn’t fathom. As she leaned in to whisper, Sarah got lost in her deep blue eyes, she snapped back to reality after hearing the name ‘Mike.’

“Sarah let’s go outside so we can hear ourselves speak,” the blonde girl rose and flicked her long blonde hair towards the door, Totally confident that Sarah would follow her.

Outside, the cool night air swept against her as she scanned for the mystery blonde, finally catching her leaning and waving across the road. “What’s all this about? if he’s your boyfriend, I want nothing to do with him.”

This comment brought a roaring cackle from the blonde, “Oh fuck no.” After composing herself she strode nearer, “I heard he treated you badly and I wanted to know if you’d be interested in getting some revenge.”

Every inch of her fiber screamed yes but she didn’t know this stranger and certainly didn’t trust her.”How did you hear about me and how do you know him.”

“We share the same gym and I’ve had to listen to the prick boasting of his conquests and your name came up.” The blonde came closer to Sarah’s face, “and I didn’t like the way he spoke about you.”

It certainly did sound like him and she could only shudder at the thought of what he might have said about that night, knowing he would describe every single act. “I’m interested but what do you plan to do?”

Her smile shone at the response, “My name’s Cassie and if you give me your number I’ll be in touch about what we do next.” She passed her phone over to add Sarah to her contacts.

Giving out her number what not something she did illegal bahis lightly but she felt a kinship with Cassie already, like their meeting was predestined. She’d never really met a woman who exuded such confidence and control.

“I’ll be in touch soon, in the meantime I’ll send you a little video I’m sure you’ll enjoy. A little taster of what the real Mike is like.” Her grin was now at bursting point and with a twirl, she disappeared into the night.

Sarah returned into the warmth of the club to find her friends had still not noticed she’d left, immersed in the drunken flirtations. Her heart was not in the night out anymore so she bade her farewells and made her escape.

As she slumped in the taxi seat, going home solo once again, she felt her phone buzz. When she saw the name Cassie, her excitement grew, hoping to solve her final cryptic remark. She clicked on the small video clip and frowned at what looked like a wrestling clip, a chanting crowd watching two people in a dimly lit ring. As she peered the image came more into focus before her, it was two people having sex in front of a crowd. She paused and placed in her EarPods to not attract the driver’s attention, why had Cassie sent her this?

As the camera zoomed in the question was answered and Sarah’s jaw dropped, there on the screen was Cassie in all her glory fucking a man. She looked magnificent, strong and muscular, totally in control of him. Sarah laughed as she caught the chant of fuck the bitch and then dropped the phone when she saw his face.

Fumbling under the seat she snatched it back up and paused, there was no doubt.

Frozen on her screen was the face of the man who had used her and then blanked her for months, but this face was in ecstasy. As she replayed it she could see close up his mouth groaning in euphoria from Cassie’s strap-on. So that’s the real Mike.


Over the next few weeks, Sarah texted Cassie daily, reporting every change in Mike’s attitude. And it had changed, he’d become quieter, less boastful, certainly not cocky anymore. Even his much-increased trips to the toilet she reported back to Cassie, who explained that he’s wanking himself silly. Sarah was never as confident that he would succumb as Cassie was, her assurance never wavered. When Cassie told her he had finally answered her text Sarah burst out laughing.

‘I’m doing it now, keep an eye out,’ as soon as she read the text Sarah rose and casually strode to the filing cabinet giving her a nice view of Mikes’s desk. She bit her lip in anticipation of the phone lighting up, then she saw it. ‘So you want my cock bitch,’ she had to turn her back to stifle her laughter. Oh Cassie you are a star. When she turned around Mike had already gone.

Back at her desk, Sarah tried to regain her composure till Cassie sent his last message, “I want your cock, Miss Cassie.’ This was too much for her and she had to bury her face in a cushion crying with laughter. She gleefully watched as Mike crept back to his seat after yet another wank, knowing exactly what drove him there.

The following day Cassie turned up at her flat, “It’s on.” She bounced with delight, “Be ready Friday, I’ll pick you up and you’ll be seated at a table with my friends,” Bursting into laughter, “Obviously with the winning ticket.”


Sarah was shocked at how full the event was, all the clientele was female and in their best finery. Table after table of boisterous loud ladies, drinking rather heavily. A stunningly beautiful red-haired woman kissed Cassie, tightly hugged Sarah, and delivered her to her table. When Cassie left to attend to her bitch, Sarah gawked at the occasion around her. She giggled as Cassie sent a text pic of Mike in his little pink panties, looking good enough to eat.

As enjoyable as the fights were and those women were ferocious, she tingled with excitement for the raffle. As the striking red-haired compare who had hugged her earlier grabbed the microphone she knew it was time. Out came the boys to mocking wolf whistles and catcalls, glistening and shiny in the spotlight. Gripping the winning ticket she waiting breathlessly for her acting role.

As the compare shouted ‘fuck this bitch’, the crown went berserk. It was impossible to hear what she was saying and Sarah worried she’d miss the call. There was no need to worry, as it got to the raffle the noise reduced as they eagerly awaited the number.

“Number 106,” she knew it was coming but she still couldn’t help squealing with delight. “Yes!” The faces around her changed from disappointment to congratulations within seconds, and they grew in loudness as she approached the ring.

When her eyes met Cassie’s they both burst into laughter and Sarah bounded into the ring, still waving her arms. The compare took her in her arms as the boys removed their masks, attractive boys but there was only going to be one winner. When finally she was in front of him she looked him straight in his arrogant illegal bahis siteleri face, “This one.”

As the noise went through the roof the compare steered her to choose her strap-on from various colors and sizes. She chose a thick black veined cock and attached it securely over her trousers. When she turned she saw his naked round backside, last time she saw that it was leaving her bed rapidly. This time it was going nowhere, till she was finished with it.

She poured lube over her cock and smoothed it all over, she slapped him on the arse.”Bend over bitch.” When he obediently bent forward Sarah knew this was not the man she knew, his body trembled with anticipation as she teased her cock on his hole.

With a push her whole world changed, he let out an ecstatic cry and the noise level went through the roof. The compare teased the crown into the chant ‘fuck the bitch’ and they joined in, to a deafening level. Never had she ever imagined fucking a man but the exhilaration and the power felt euphoric. Each justified hard thrust brought animalistic groans from him and rapturous adulation from the crown.

The noise and words got lost in the turmoil, the only words she remembered were ‘Sarah is the best’ shortly before he crumbled beneath her. She knew he had cum and angrily pounded some more into him for taking away her pleasure. Basking in the glory she bowed and milked the applause from her rapturous audience. She leaned into him, “Thank you mike.” She meant it, it was the best night of her life.

For the rest of the night, she took the hugs and handshakes from all who passed and had several bottles of champagne sent to her table by well-wishers. The compare hugged her strongly, “Marvellous performance.” This was the Miss Danvers Cassie had talked to her about and she could see the attraction, She slipped her a card, “Call me anytime.”

One of the most surprising aspects of her prize-winning role was a sudden rise up the working ladder. Miss Danvers ran a members-only club, mostly composed of powerful or rising businesswomen. Many of whom had witnessed the events of that night and were rather impressed. On Monday morning her desk was overflowing with bouquets of flowers from various heads of the company congratulating her on an impressive debut. Later as she collected the mail one of the heads of department stopped her and whispered, “jolly good show.”

This happened several times during that week, a wink here and a thumbs up there, all by powerfully positioned women in the company. So it wasn’t a total surprise when HR called her into their office to explain she was being taken on full time, no more temp agency. What was a surprise was the change of job and position, she had risen to a higher position than Mike. Second only to Miss Carlisle, the female head of department.

Miss Carlisle sat on the second floor of the building, slightly secluded from the rabble, fiercely protected by her PA Nicola. As she sat nervously in front of her she could understand her fearsome reputation, she barely lifted her head from her paperwork to acknowledge her arrival. When she did she peered at her over her black-rimmed glasses, her face as austere as her dress sense.

A slight smile broke the surface on her face, “You’re probably wondering how you got this position, I mean I’ve seen your work, and it’s ok but not groundbreaking.” She leaned back to take in the full vision of Sarah, “but it was your other work I was vastly impressed by. You see this is a mainly male populated company and some of them can be quite boisterous.” At this, she leaned forward, “some boys need to be taken in hand.” She stood tall, her hands resting on the desk. “a lot of women don’t have the stomach to do what’s needed but I’ve seen you in action and you very much do.”

Miss Carlisle came around the desk and perched herself on the edge, “Miss Danvers showed me how women like us should be in command of our destiny not prone to the will of men. If any of them are silly enough to get in our path they must be broken and yield to our ways.’ She leaned in smirking, “between you and me there are several men in the company now who learned that the hard way, but learn they did.”

“Come, follow me,” she clicked her fingers towards Sarah. “I’ll show you to your new office.” As they passed, heads disappeared behind PCs, hiding from Miss Carlisle’s redoubtable reputation. “He’s one,” she winked as a red-faced manager bowed his head towards her. “Here we are, all yours” as they entered a small wooden office. “First thing you must do is get a good PA, my girl Nicola is fabulous. Lost her boyfriend to the gays, threw herself into work.” Then like a whirlwind, she was gone and Sarah’s new career was beginning.

From Miss Danvers’s assertiveness courses and Cassie’s fitness training, this was a whole new Sarah, she felt reborn. Miss Carlisle also sent her on some courses to learn every detail of her job, to stay one step ahead of any naysayers. canlı bahis siteleri The team under her seemed fine, they worked hard and there were no disciplinary problems in their records. The only possible fly in the ointment would be the two team leaders, Oliver Proudfoot and Emily Jones. Both had interviewed for the position and their response to losing it was the question.

In honesty both had good reason to be angry, they had more experience and much better qualifications. It was Oliver who took it worse, he was furious when he was told he had failed, originally he thought to Emily. That was bad enough but to this outsider, who he’d found out had previously only been a temp. He did little to hide his disdain towards her, he was curt in conversations and sarcastic in meetings. For the first time, Sarah’s new position was being challenged and she could see the others losing confidence in her leadership.

She went to Miss Carlisle for guidance, fearful of blowing her chance already. But her mentor just smiled and set the team in motion.

“Do not worry, I will ask our ladies in IT to run a brisk check on his computer and I guarantee we will have some good news soon. One thing I know about these boys is they are no better than sewer rats. there will be filth.” She leaned back in her chair, “this might actually be the making of you both. “

Sarah left the office elated, her stuttering confidence rebuilt and fortified. Even passing the smirking face of Oliver failed to dent it, just waiting for the chance to wipe it off. The uppity little schoolboy might have just thrown his hat into the ring and given her the opportunity to prove her worth.

When IT delivered a full breakdown of the contents of his hard drive she nearly danced a jig, Miss Carlisle was correct as usual. For a supposedly intelligent boy, he had hidden nothing, video clips, obscene emails, and internet history to die for. Leaning back in satisfaction, she took a deep breath, stood, checked herself in the mirror, and strutted to the door. “Oliver, can I have a word?”

“Close the door,” her assertiveness made him jump. “Sit,” She clicked her fingers towards the chair and buried her head in the papers in front of her.

Oliver sat uncomfortably in the silence, as he attempted to speak she abruptly cut him off.

“Do you like working here?’ Her eyes burned straight into his, “I mean you do want to stay here don’t you?”

His cockiness was ebbing away as she barked the questions towards him, “of course yes I deserve to be here, I deserve to be there.” With his last ounce of anger, he pointed back to her chair.

One of the lessons she had learned from Miss Danvers was you don’t show your emotions, you take control of the situation. She kept her simmering anger under check, “really you think you should be in this position.” She pushed the list of findings on his pc under his nose, “I don’t think so and neither does HR.”

Oliver’s mouth dropped open as he read the first line and as his eyes scanned the list it got drier. The color drained from his face and his hands started to tremble, he knew instantly it was a sackable offense. Pathetically he craned his face back to her for any sign of charity.

“You do know the consequences of this, one call to HR, and you are gone and all this goes on your record.” She slammed her hand down to emphasize her point and managed to bite down on a smile as he trembled.

Oliver nodded helplessly, all his perceived privilege had shattered before him. It was taking all his strength to keep the tears from falling.

Sarah rose sternly leaning down at him, “Now I want you back in here at five and hopefully for you, I will have calmed down. If I have then I might give you a chance to salvage your career. If you’re lucky!” Her voice rose in anger as she moved nearer, “Now get out of my sight.”

As Oliver ran from the room, Sarah clapped her hands in glee. Her tutelage under Misses Carlisle and Danvers had come to the fore. And she spun in her chair like a child, counting down the hours till five.


At five she heard the nervous knock on her door, “Come in”. Sheeplishy Oliver crept into the room closing the door quietly behind him. Sarah ignored him, reading the report whilst he stood pacing. “I’ve decided to give you a chance boy but you must do everything you are asked without comment or argument. From this moment on you have no say in proceedings. Yes or no.”

Oliver leaped at the lifeboat without thinking of the details, “Yes Sarah, Thank you.”

Sarah thumped the table, “It’s Miss Jennings to you.” Before he could reply she strode towards him, “Now face that wall and strip,” pointing his direction.

As Oliver tried to splutter out a reply, a sharp smack across his face brought him back to his senses and he trudged towards the wall to undress. Stopping only at his boxer shorts.

“Everything boy, ” Sarah barked her orders with increasing enjoyment. She also took in the surprising joy of Oliver’s pert round bottom, how had she not noticed that.

For the next half hour, not a word was spoken as Sarah continued her work and ignored the naked boy. The silence was only broken from a visit from Miss Carlisle.

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