The Photographer

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This is a true story, except for a few details I’ve changed or added for privacy’s sake.

Back in the summer, I was corresponding anonymously by email with this local photographer. I’d been thinking about doing an explicit, erotic shoot for a long time.

Since I’m a confirmed exhibitionist, I wanted to make sure that whoever was taking those close-ups of my voluptuous breasts, my great ass, and my long legs was as turned-on by what he was seeing as I was by posing. I wanted to get naked and show off in front of somebody I wanted to fuck.

This guy, whom I’ll call “Dave,” certainly fit the bill. I picked him up in my car at a major intersection downtown. He was tall and nicely defined, with cheekbones to die for, and aggressive. Did I mention how much an aggressive guy turns me on?

Before even introducing himself, he leaned over in the passenger seat and kissed me hard on the mouth. Wow. I felt an amazing tingle run through my whole body, right down to my pussy. It was going to be a hot day in more ways than one.

As we pulled out into traffic, a young Chinese woman in a Honda cut me off. I caught up and pulled up beside her at the next red light. I looked over, made eye contact, and gave her the finger. “Fuck you!” I said in a loud voice. “Go fuck yourself.” She looked away.

I glanced at Dave and smiled. “I warned you, I’m not a lady. Do I shock you?”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Dave said. “Just wish I’d had my camera out for that.”

I glanced between his thighs and the bulge in his jeans told me he was fully erect due to my filthy words and the way I’d established my superiority over the other woman.

He placed his hand on my right thigh as I accelerated forward. Without asking permission, he began to fondle my body as we headed for the place I’d chosen for my photo shoot. Dave was taking what he wanted and that turned me on even more.

I’d told him I was going to wear a low-cut white top that showed off my big tits, and we exchanged a knowing glance before his hand strayed right escort vip over my cleavage. Fuck, I can’t get enough of having my breasts squeezed and played with.

Dave squeezed and pinched my nipples at the last red light before the bridge. I grimaced with open pleasure, catching a glimpse of two girls in the crosswalk wearing workout gear who craned their heads to watch with curiosity and envy. I love driving around with a hot, drenched cunt, and the more people see me, the better.

We finally parked at a long beach just outside the city. Technically, it’s not a nude beach, but I know places where you can strip down here, and I’ve taken full advantage in the past. Way out in the dunes, we spread out my blanket.

Dave produced his camera. “Start showing off,” he encouraged me. “Be spontaneous.”

I was wearing a blue halter top and navy skirt. Feeling very powerful, I moved over to a nearby log and bent over it with my ass jutting out in a “take it or fuckin’ leave it” manner. Dave started snapping away. Yeah. I could tell he wanted me. He reached down to touch his dick through his jeans between shots. I let out a low moan and clasped the waist band of my lacy blue thong. I pulled it up crudely between my cunt lips, soaking the fabric.

Moments later, I had my skirt hiked halfway down to my knees and my full breasts had spilled out of my top. Dave crouched to take close-up shots of my full ass, as I reached back with both hands to spread my cheeks for him. I could feel my asshole opening up in the fresh seaside breeze and the hot August sunshine. God, that felt good. I’ve been engaging in more anal play lately and it’s an important part of who I am. I just wished I had something sticking out of my asshole that I could show off.

I told Dave to turn around. “I’ve got a surprise for you,” I said. When he finally got to turn around, I was wearing a green-and-yellow one-piece bathing suit – with some heavy modifications I’d made at home. My ass was fully revealed and my breasts were also on display escort rus thanks to the cut-away fabric.

“Holy shit, look at you,” Dave exclaimed. I smiled and got down on the blanket in the sand.

As I bent forward, arching my ass up in the air, it felt unbelievably good, so powerful and crude. Dave was photographing and lusting over me from all angles. I held my pussy open for him to show him my juices. A Coast Guard helicopter circled several times over the beach, clearly eager to get a glimpse of what I had to offer.

We paused the shoot for a quick, late lunch of sandwiches and blueberries I’d brought along. After that, I needed something more decadent than just a siesta. “You said in your emails that you give a great massage,” I said. “Care to prove it?” Dave was already reaching for his massage oil as I stripped in front of him.

I stuck my hand underneath my deliciously pampered body to touch myself as Dave went to work, rubbing me down expertly. His hands were all over my ass, causing me to arch uncontrollably again. God, it was so fuckin’ hard to restrain myself. I had an urgent need to come and I wanted Dave to be the one who brought me off.

After the photo shoot, I suggested we have dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant. We were tucking into our noodles and sitting side by side in a booth, admiring the photos on his camera, when I made my decision.

“I want you to fuck me in the park after dinner,” I said. “I want you to show me what those fingers are good for besides taking photos. Are you game?”

It was getting dark when we arrived in the large city park. We found a parking spot in a lot with virtually no lighting, surrounded by huge cedar trees. I turned off my Eagles CD and looked down at my lap. I didn’t want to make any choices right now. I wanted Dave to get rough and treat me like his fucktoy.

He satisfied me beyond measure when he grabbed me by the wrist, yanked me out of the car, and shoved me down on the hood. I spread my thighs like the unapologetic slut that escort elit I want to be, and Dave put his fingers right up my hole. I didn’t need any lube: I was fucking soaked. I started to scream out like an animal while he rammed his fingers hard into me, yanking down my top again and sucking one of my big tits right into his mouth.

Dave rubbed my G-spot furiously as I let out loud guttural screams, not giving a shit who heard me. “Oh please play with my clit, baby, play with it!” I implored him. As his thumb grazed my soaked bead and then circled it, I screamed and clutched myself against him, my body stiffening up completely as I orgasmed on the hood of my car.

But I wasn’t done yet. We drove to another lot in the park, less secluded but larger. “Dave, I want you to get out of the car and come around to the driver’s side window,” I told him. When he obliged, I rolled down the window.

“Want me to suck you off through the window, sweetheart?” I asked. “I know what I’m doing. I’ve done it before.”

Dave unzipped his jeans eagerly for me and put his thick, uncircumcised cock right into my mouth. I loved the feeling of his thickness and the power of giving oral in public. My head bobbed up and down on his long shaft as he moaned into the summer night for me.

“Jesus, I’m getting ready to come,” he said.

“Get back in the car with me,” I said. I wanted to see him shoot that load.

In the passenger seat, he worked his cock rapidly, his forehead creasing.

“Jack it off for me,” I said in a hungry, harsh tone. “Jack that fuckin’ dick. I want you to tell me what you really want. I want to hear what’s going to make you blow. Let your filth out. Say something you’ve never said in front of a woman before.”

Dave jacked faster and faster as I leaned over, brushing my tits against him. “I wish I had my finger up your asshole while you were pissing,” he gasped.

As soon as it came out, he let out an enormous yell and started to ejaculate, spraying ropes of come across his stomach and my thigh. It felt almost as good as when I was orgasming myself.

It was an incredible outing. I have every intention of doing another shoot with Dave. I enjoyed fucking and sucking him so much, and I want to show him all the other things I’m willing and ready to do on camera.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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