Blowing Eric

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On a warm New York night in June 2017 I found myself looking for a horny stud on Craigslist’s “Men Seeking Men” page. It was late at night, and I had a massive urge to suck cock. I am skilled at fellatio, but also very selective, so just any guy was not going to do. As I screened posts, one with the subject line of “Straight, horny & curious” caught my eye. It was a 32 year old guy who, as I learnt later, had recently sired a child. At 3:04am I started my first e-mail to Eric, drummer and composer.

Me (3:04am): “hey man, sounds hot. horny to service you. i watch cock sucking videos in my spare time … service oriented and eager to please 🙂

“let me tease and edge you to an intense orgasm in my mouth, or just fuck my face and cum in my warm, wet mouth. you control the pace, as you like it.

“stats are 32, 6.1, 165, clean, healthy, and discreet, safe and sane.

“we don’t have to talk. watch porn in the dark, fuck my mouth.” I attached a pic of my muscled, headless torso.

Eric (3:08am): “Wow! Sounds great! Tell me where and I’ll be there!” (sent from Yahoo mail for iPhone)

So many thoughts went through my head. Going down on a straight guy is the ultimate achievement, because only girls are allowed access to this most guarded of all domains. It’s like eating the ultimate forbidden fruit. I rarely say no to the privilege of servicing straight cock because it thrills me to show a straight stud what good head feels like.

Me (3:11am): “cool … share a body and cock pic? have you been with a guy before?”

Eric (3:16am): “I’ve been with a guy once a long time ago. Wanna get together?”

A photo of his erect white cock (POV) was attached, his Hanes briefs visible below. He was nicely sized, his cut head ready for a sensational blow in my warm, wet mouth. My excitement began to rise.

Me (3:18am): “oh yeah, hot cock. how do you like to be serviced … any fave positions? what makes you cum hard?”

Eric (3:32am): “I don’t really have a preference… I like what feels good! What makes me cum hard… keeping me on the edge and teasing me.”

Hot! I knew I wanted to please this straight, young stud.

Eric (3:34am): “one of my favourite positions is me on my bed on my back, you straddle my head, one leg on each side, then lower your dick into my mouth, lean forward, and fuck my warm, wet mouth like pussy while you watch porn of your choice, until you’re ready to shoot in my mouth and on my face. i’ll clean you off and keep you in my mouth till you’re soft again.

“how does that sound? what kinda porn do you wanna watch? trade face?”

I was already hard thinking of servicing his straight white cock. Give him something to remember the next time he was plowing his girl.

Eric (3:39am): “That sounds amazing! Porn … I like anything sensual. We can decide once I’m there. Yea, we can trade face. I only ask that you respect my privacy and I will certainly do the same”.

A minute later, he sent me his face. Fuck he was cute! Green eyes, light brown hair, and a sexy, masculine, boyish smile. He looked hungry, like a big cat eyeing its prey. I was hooked.

Me (3:41am): “cool. here’s me. low key and non scene here myself, so discretion is respected and appreciated.” I attached my face, and added:

“fuck you’re hot. i want to kneel before you and kiss your head in total submission. then gaziantep escort kiss your balls, and taste you in my mouth and lick the precum as it oozes from your tip. 🙂

i’m on the ues … where are u? (UES stands for “Upper East Side” in Manhattan.)

Eric (3:46am): “Cool! Want to get together? Here’s my cell # (646) XXX-XXXX. Shoot me a text”.

Me (3:49am): “cell was stolen two days ago … sucks. how long will it take you to get to me … 82nd and york here”.

Eric (3:52am): “I’m in midtown. If you’re for real, I’ll jump in a cab in 10 min”.

Me (3:57am): “come now? i’ll let you into my darkened living room, you drop your pants and i’ll fall to my knees, and strip your undies down to your ankles, to kiss your cock tip and balls.

“porn will be playing (hot young stud getting head from a guy for the first time), and you start slow humping my mouth. then we’ll move to the sofa bed, where i lie on my back … and you mount my face for more slow humping until you’ve had your fill. shoot in my mouth, on my face, and use your dick to track your cum off my face and into my mouth. make me suck on your cum soaked fingers. sound good?”

Eric (4:03 am): “Oh my god! I’m on my way! If I come, will you definitely be there? I really don’t want to travel all the way uptown to find out you won’t answer or be there.”

Me (4:12am): “blowing you and tasting your cum will be the highlight of my week, man. you’re seriously hot. Show me what your dick looks like right now :)”

Eric (4:14am): “Not as hard as I know you will make me… but it’s what it looks like right now”.

Attached was a close-up of his soft cock, resting in his hand. I imagined him growing in my mouth, sighing and thrusting. I was so wet for him.

Me (4:20am): “your soft cock is the hottest thing i’ve seen … love a soft cock in my mouth and making it harden as i kiss and lick and massage your head and glans. Come now :)”

Twenty minutes later, Eric showed up at my door. We looked at each other with nervous anticipation, and he smiled shyly. He was shorter than me (I’m 6′ 1″), muscular and well-proportioned with broad shoulders, short brown hair, and a sweet, boyish smile. So hot. I let him in quietly into my darkened living room, the sofabed out for our fuckmaking, porn playing on the TV.

“How are you?” My attempt at small talk, as I led him to the edge of the sofabed, my cock starting to rise in my shorts.

“Pretty good,” he replied quietly, his eyes on the porn. A hot young boy getting head for the first time by another guy.

I knelt before him in the semi darkness, the room illuminated only by the light and shadows of the video, and started unbuckling his belt, then the button and zipper of his khakis, and lowered them to reveal his grey Hanes briefs.

The simple act of undressing a straight boy is one of the most erotic experiences I’ve ever had as a gay guy. I was going where only one guy had possibly gone before.

Still on my knees, looking up at Eric, I knelt forward and kissed his inner thighs softly, my hands on his ass, taking in his smell and noticing with excitement the lump in his briefs. He stiffened slightly, sucking in his breath. The musky smell of his pubic sweat, dried in his briefs after a long day, made me wet. Slowly, deliberately, I put my fingers on the waistband escort gaziantep of his undies and peeled them down, revealing a growing cut cock inches from my face. He looked down at me, like a god in front of his worshipper, allowing me access to a deeply forbidden place.

I leaned forward and kissed his large ball sac, my nose buried in his full natural bush, then took his balls in my mouth one at a time, in gratitude for the incredible privilege of being allowed to see him naked, smell his most intimate smell, and for the life-giving semen he was going to discharge into me when he was done using my mouth for his pleasure. Eric instinctively bent his knees slightly to push his genitals into my face.

Eric’s cock was now almost fully erect. I kissed his head in a gesture of submission, then took his tip in my warm, wet mouth. I swirled my tongue gently against his glans, making him sigh.

“Yeah, that’s it,” he whispered, watching the porn.

Eric began thrusting gently in my mouth as I used my hands to explore his muscled ass, caressing and lightly scratching his butt as he moved in my mouth, his hands at his hips as he watched me and the porn in turn. I teased and edged him on, covering his beautiful genitalia with soft, warm kisses and licks. After several minutes, he sat down at the edge of the sofabed.

I took off his shoes, and his jeans and briefs completely. He lay back, head on a pillow, still intent on the porn, while I raised his hairy muscled legs and put them over my shoulders. With unrestricted access to this gorgeous young stud, I took his ball sac in one hand, now wet with my saliva, caressing him gently. Then I lifted his ball sac and kissed his perineum, the sacred space behind his balls, where his pubic scent was strongest.

“Oh my god,” Eric moaned in approval. I moaned like his bitch on heat, hooked to his smell.

I licked off a bead of clear precum forming on his tip, slowly wrapping my soft, warm lips around his head, tasting him for the first time. He was somewhere between sweet and salty. What a thrill! I moved my tongue up and down his shaft, greasing his pole with my saliva, then took his head in my mouth and started simulating fucking, my senses filled with his musky genital pheromones.

“Fuck yea,” whispered Eric. He was in heat, bucking slightly in my mouth as he sighed heavily from time to time. I placed each of my hands under his butt, pushing him into me in unison with his own thrusts.

“You like that?” I asked, whimpering, almost trembling with arousal.

“You’re going to make me cum,” he sighed as he thrusted in me. It was clear he hadn’t experienced head this good in a while.

Minutes later, I pulled my mouth away from his aromatic pubes, his hard, wet cock pulsing in the semi darkness. Another bead of his life-giving precum appeared on his pulsing tip, then streamed down his shaft. I licked it up. Eric watched me, smiling.

“Mmm you’re good,” he whispered. The approval of this young, life-giving god meant everything in that moment.

“I wanna know how you fuck pussy,” I ventured. “Wanna fuck my mouth missionary?”

“Sounds hot,” he smiled, lying in front me, naked, legs parted.

I lay on my back on the sofabed and motioned for him to climb on top of me.

Eric climbed on top of my chest, mounting my head, one hairy, muscular gaziantep escort bayan leg on each side. I was about to discover how this straight boy liked to fuck girls and what he enjoyed in bed. Being allowed this kind of access almost made me cum without even touching myself.

I raised my head slightly and put my hands on his hips. Eric leaned forward, his cock entering my pussy mouth.

“Oh my god,” he whispered.

I moaned instinctively, receiving his instrument of creation. Eric then went on all fours, his pelvis on top of my head, his full bush in my face, and started slow-humping my mouth as he watched the video. As Eric settled into my mouth and fucked me deeper, I kept my hands on his undulating hips and ass, feeling him flex as he thrusted slowly, deliberately, expertly, in and out of my mouth.

“Ahhh … ahhh … ahhh,” he started moaning softly with each thrust like a little boy. Occasionally he would go balls deep and hold that position, moaning an elongated “ohhh yea”, his engorged cock touching my throat and making me gag. The taste of his precum mixed with my saliva to create an intoxicating cocktail in my mouth.

“Is that okay? You like that?” he whispered a few times. I had to slow him down as his thrusts became more aggressive, his wet balls slapping against my chin, creating a most intimate kind of percussion between us, as he watched the young stallion in the video get close to orgasm. We must have gone at least ten minutes with Eric fucking my mouth missionary, his entire focus now on achieving orgasm. The sheets were damp, smelling of his sweat. I could have stayed like that for the rest of my life.

“I’m close,” Eric whispered, his breathing shallow, his steady thrusts quickening. He was pounding my mouth as if he were raping pussy, his beautiful body undulating on top of me. With one hand on his pelvis, I squeezed his cock with the other, creating a tight pussy tunnel as he fucked my mouth. Eric started moaning as he gathered speed and intensity, his powerful thrusts mounting.

“I’m gonna cum,” Eric moaned as he thrusted in me. “Can I cum in you?”

So this is how he likes it, I thought. This is the moment I had been waiting for. That every gay guy dreams of.

“Mmm,” I moaned in assent, and put both of my hands on his muscled ass, sticky with sweat, pushing him into my pussy mouth, my senses filled with the smell of his pubes and bush in my nose.

“Here I cum!” Eric moaned. “Ah … ah … oh my god!”

Every part of my body was ready to receive and enjoy Eric’s climax inside me.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Eric moaned as he thrusted forcefully, and sudden rush of warm, life-giving cum flooded my mouth. With every loving, generous thrust, Eric shot powerful spurts of his seed in me, impregnating me. I tried not to gag as Eric’s creamy ejaculate mixed with my saliva to create a delicious, frothy milkshake in my mouth, as this young god gave me his unique elixir of Creation.

Eric’s thrusts slowed and he pulled out just enough so that only his head, pink and swollen, was in my mouth. Sticky strands of cum and saliva stretched between his shining, pulsing shaft and my mouth.

“The tip, just the tip, yeah,” Eric whispered, looking down at me, as I swirled my tongue around his mushroom head, cleaning him off as he slowly micro-fucked my mouth a few more times.

“Eat it,” Eric smiled, using his still hard cock to track his cum around my lips into my mouth. I licked my lips, savoring his cum, as his wet, hairy ball bag hung over my nose.

“Swallow it,” he said, pulling out completely. I swallowed Eric’s semen as he watched, still sitting on my chest, naked, flushed, and wet from his orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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