Courtney Texts a Stranger Ch. 03

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Thank you to my readers who spent the time to read the previous two chapters of this story and leave ratings and/or comments. Comments from the last chapter provided a diverse set of opinions as to how the story should proceed. It is impossible to appease everyone, but I hope that you will find this chapter a worthy addition to the story. Feedback is always welcome. I’d be most interested in hearing from my readers as to whether this story should continue into a fourth chapter, or if not, what you would like to see in a new story. Thank you!


As he stood in the room for a moment, Chris couldn’t help but stare at the two naked beauties in bed. The redhead was being spooned by his voluptuous girlfriend, Lauren, and her ass was exposed to the air as the thin silk sheet had obviously slid off her back during the night. It was a beautiful view.

Sadly, it would not last. The vibration in his pocket had startled Chris from his gaze. His phone was ringing, and with a heavy sigh, he walked out of the bedroom and back downstairs. Though he had just returned from a business trip, his boss needed him to come back into the office to tidy up the details of a deal that he had just completed with a rival company. It sounded as though he would be traveling again. Quickly and quiet, he snuck into the closet and retrieved a fresh set of clothes. Neither woman moved. As quickly as he had arrived, he was gone again.

The noise from the roar of Chris’s car as it quickly made its way down the street suddenly jolted Courtney awake. She was usually a heavy sleeper, but the warmth of feeling Lauren next to her combined with the sound outside had caused her to quickly reassess her surroundings. As she rolled over, the thoughts of the previous evening flooded to her consciousness. She smiled, and her happiness increased upon seeing Lauren’s face. Courtney could tell that she was in a blissful sleep. Her straight, shoulder-length dark framed her face perfectly, and it looked as though it was still perfectly styled despite their passion the previous night. As Courtney scanned a bit lower, she couldn’t help but notice how the sheet had slid part of the way off of Lauren’s body, revealing a generous amount of cleavage.

It was upon seeing Lauren’s skin, especially the top of her chest, that Courtney was reminded of all the wonderfully crazy things that they had done the night before. She had not known that intense passion and love in years, and while being with a woman was an unexpected experience, it was certainly one that she had hoped to repeat with the woman lying next to her. Her first kiss, her first everything, had been amazing with Lauren. She felt as though their personalities and passions were completely in tune. It’s not something that she had experienced with another person except Matt, and she certainly didn’t ever expect to embrace that same level of connectedness with a woman.

As she continued thinking of Lauren and the quickness with which they hit it off, she couldn’t help but think back to when they first texted each other. She had lost her control and sending Lauren a naughty video was something completely out of her realm. Yet, as she thought of what she had done and how it had turned on this woman laying next to her, the mental picture of it aroused her. Her nipples, already slightly swollen from the chill in the room, were tightening a bit more. Careful not to wake Lauren, she slid her hand quietly down between her legs and could feel the dampness already overwhelming her.

She turned her head to face Lauren. Her new girlfriend was fast asleep. It had been a late night, and as much as she wanted to touch her new friend, she thought it would be rude to disturb her. She let her mind drift back to her days with Matt. On many occasions he had tried to wake her in the morning, wanting to play so very early, and she wished she had not rebuffed him as much as she did. But, she was being truthful to herself. She had only known this woman a day, and despite all they had done the night before, she wanted to be careful. She couldn’t take another heartbreak.

Her mind didn’t wander in the past too long. Courtney let her fingers slowly slide through her red bush and along her glistening labia. She was surprised at just how wet she had already become. She moved her fingers to gently slide between the lips and felt a pool of wetness at her hole. As she looked over at Lauren, she reached out and gently pulled the sheet a bit lower to see her girlfriend’s large breasts again. Courtney gently bit her lip, loving the sight of Lauren’s breasts. Her fingers moved along her hole, spreading her juices all over her slit. The fingers of her other hand were massaging her nipples, encouraging them to harden. She gently rubbed and tweaked them as the sensation drove pleasurable chills throughout her body.

Courtney brought her fingers to her face, letting her tongue lick her juices off of them. She loved the taste, and the act of doing it made her feel extremely naughty. She quickly went görükle escort bayan back to her slit, sliding her fingers along her folds before finally letting two push deep into her hole. Her pussy was on fire, and she felt herself spreading her legs more as the ever increasing wetness urged her forward. She used her thumb to gently graze across her swollen clit, the gentle touch sending a jolt through her body. She had the desire to be vocal, to let the moans of pleasure escape her lips, but she was still cognizant of Lauren sleeping next to her.

Courtney was too engrossed in playing with her pussy to realize that her girlfriend had woken up. Lauren had felt the movement of Courtney’s hand under the sheet, and the motion had stirred her awake. As she looked at Courtney, the redhead’s eyes were closed, and it was clear that she was about to reach an orgasm. She was obviously muffling her passionate moans, but her fingers were moving crazily. The sight of her lover masturbating greatly excited her, and it wasn’t long before Lauren let her own fingers slide between her legs to feel how wet she had become. Lauren discreetly played with her bush and let her fingers rub along her slit as she watched Courtney play with herself.

As Courtney’s body jerked on the bed, Lauren rubbed her thumb on her own clit. She was enjoying watching Courtney pleasing herself, and it was clear that the redhead wasn’t done yet. She was still gently rubbing her pussy, and Lauren could not stop fingering her own. In her eyes, it was extremely hot that Courtney was not aware of what was going on next to her. Lauren had two fingers buried inside her as she watched Courtney continue to play. Courtney was breathing much heavier than before, clearly wanting to stay quiet, and Lauren was getting wetter at hearing the sloshing sounds from the girl next to her.

As quietly as she could, Lauren slowly moved her hand to the back of her and ran it underneath the mattress. Tucked away there was something that she desperately needed. She slowly moved the object to her pussy, rubbing it all over her slit and coating it in her juices. After getting it nice and wet, she reached behind her and slowly pressed it against her ass. As she gently pushed and relaxed, she felt the object slide into her. A moan escaped her lips, and she was sure Courtney had heard. But she could not help what she desired, and she loved the full feeling of the plug in her ass. Her fingers moved back to her slit, and she ran them up and down, her own body on fire now.

Courtney had heard Lauren but pretended that she had not done so. It was hot to her to know that her lover was masturbating next to her. It made the burning feeling in her body hotter, especially when Lauren opened her legs more. She could feel Lauren’s leg against her own, as well as her toes on hers, and she felt as though she could no longer stand it. As she slid a third finger in herself, Courtney started moaning and draped her leg completely over Lauren’s.

Lauren took the cue and let her own moans fill the room. She had two fingers inside her, and she looked over at Courtney whose eyes were still closed. She was hungry for her lover, and she slid her body down under the covers. Courtney had her legs spread wide and Lauren pushed her face between them. Still fingering herself, Lauren ran her tongue along Courtney’s protruding clit as the redhead continued fingering her hole. Courtney jumped and nearly screamed. Lauren smiled to herself and rapidly flicked her tongue on Courtney’s clit.

The excitement was nearly too much for Courtney. She bucked her hips and gasped loudly as she felt Lauren licking and sucking her clit. She thrashed around on the bed, rubbing her feet on Lauren’s back. She slid her hands down into Lauren’s hair and pulled. “Ohh Lauren, don’t stop honey!” She held Lauren’s head between her legs and felt her juices slowly running down her thighs and onto her ass. As she looked down at Lauren, the curvy brunette stared back, her eyes full of passion as her mouth pleasured her.

Lauren still had her fingers in her own pussy as she slid her tongue into Courtney. She gyrated her butt against the bed, stimulating it using the plug in her ass. Her own moans escaped into Courtney’s pussy and she slid her mouth back to Courtney’s clit as the redhead writhed in pleasure. Lauren started rubbing her own clit and soon was on the brink of orgasm herself. She was quivering as she sucked on Courtney’s clit and finally felt the wave of pleasure hit her hard.

Courtney could no longer tame herself and screamed, “Yesss Lauren!” Her body thrashed about on the bed, Lauren moving to ensure that she kept her mouth on Courtney as she came. As her orgasm subsided, Courtney grabbed Lauren’s hair again and pulled her up to kiss her deeply. She tasted her juices on her lover’s mouth and whispered, “Mmm I taste good.”

Lauren giggled. “Yes, you do honey!” She leaned over to kiss Courtney passionately, their tongues playing in each other’s bursa otele gelen escort mouths.

Courtney wrapped her arms around Lauren, pulling her girlfriend on top of her. She ran her fingers around Lauren’s butt, squeezing it firmly. Her tongue was running deep inside Lauren’s mouth, her fingers sliding down between her asscheeks. That’s when she found it. She could feel the soft handle of the toy inside Lauren’s ass. She had never used a plug but suspected that it must feel incredible or Lauren would not have left it in. She gently grabbed the handle of the plug and slid it slowly out then back into Lauren’s ass.

The reaction was immediate. Courtney felt Lauren moaning in her mouth. She continued moving the toy in and out of Lauren’s ass. She felt Lauren’s hand move between their bodies, her pussy needing attention as well. Lauren slid two fingers deep into her, and Courtney continued the repetitive motion of moving the toy in and out of Lauren’s ass. It wasn’t but a few minutes before the brunette was moaning out loudly and her body convulsing from another orgasm.

Lauren rolled onto her back. She was still breathing heavily. “Wow. I’d love to do this every day with you honey!”

Courtney just smiled. “Me too sweetie. This has been one amazing night – and morning!”

Lauren leaned over and gave Courtney a soft kiss on the lips. The tender kiss reminded them both of why they got together in the first place. It was a loving kiss, and Courtney wanted nothing more than to see Lauren again.

“So I need to run some errands today. Have any interest in meeting up for dinner tonight?” Courtney was hopeful.

“Absolutely! I need to text Chris though. He was supposed to be home from his trip today.”

Lauren sent a quick message to Chris, asking if he wanted to join her and a friend for dinner.

“I’d love to babe, but this deal is about to fall through, and I need to head back to London later today,” Chris replied.

Lauren read the text and felt a bit of sadness. Chris was always away on business trips, and it seemed like they spent very little time together anymore.

Chris sent another text. “Besides, it seems like the beautiful redhead will keep you company. ;)”

Lauren giggled. It was true. But she couldn’t hide her disappointment that Chris would not be able to join them.

“Oh yes. But I am going to miss you!”

Lauren heard the reply come back. “Well, I need to stop back home in a few hours before catching my next flight. Will you be there?”

Lauren smiled. “For you, I will!”

Chris replied, “I’ll see you soon then honey! Love you!”

Courtney was gathering up her clothes and putting them back on. She noticed Lauren grinning. “You sure seem happy!”

Lauren almost forgot Courtney was still there. She was thinking of Chris. As happy as they were, they needed to be together more often. It seemed like Chris either couldn’t make it happen or was unwilling to do so. This had been frustrating her for awhile, but she did feel happy that she would see him today.

“Well, it seems as though I’ll finally get a few hours to spend with Chris. Although my night is open since he must head out on business again.”

Courtney smiled. “So why not come over to my place around 7 tonight? I’ll make us some dinner.”

“Sounds great to me. Should I bring my sleeping bag?” Lauren winked at Courtney.

“I don’t think you’ll need it. My bed is rather big.” Courtney winked back at the lovely brunette. Their strong connection was impossible to miss.

Courtney walked over to Lauren, pulling her close and kissing her deeply. “I’ll text you my address. Bye sweetie!”

“Bye honey! Can’t wait to see you again later!”

With that Courtney walked out of the bedroom and out of the house. She drove away as Lauren waved from the bedroom window. She was already excited to see Lauren again later, but she had numerous things to do, including going to the grocery store, before seeing her girlfriend later.


Courtney had never been a master chef, but her meals had always been more than just edible. Matt would always tell her how much he enjoyed it when his wife cooked, and he had a list of his favorites. One of those was chicken parmigiana, and that’s what Courtney had decided to make for her girlfriend.

In Courtney’s mind, the past day or so had been a whirlwind. She had texted a stranger, met the new acquaintance, had sex, and now invited her new lover to her home. It was out of character for her, but she was tired of being alone. She loved sleeping next to Lauren all night. It made her feel secure. The sex was just an added bonus that really boggled her mind. She had no idea that women could be so in tune with each other, and she would be lying to herself if she denied wanting to get naked with her curvy brunette lover again tonight.

She had done something else unusual that day as well. While running her errands, she stopped at bursa escort bayan the lingerie store in the mall. She found a sexy piece to wear under the black skirt and dark red button down blouse that she was wearing for tonight’s occasion. She thought that it would be an excellent surprise for Lauren, and needless to say, it made her feel incredible sexy.

As she worked on dinner in the kitchen, she heard the notification sound from her phone. Lauren had texted her.

“Courtney, I’m so sorry honey. I can’t make it. My best friend Michelle is in crisis mode.”

Courtney quickly replied, “Michelle – your friend from high school? Is she okay?”

Lauren, not wanting to keep Courtney waiting, texted back quickly. “Eventually she will be okay. Her husband wrote her a note and left. He isn’t coming home.”

Courtney frowned and felt disappointed. She didn’t know much about Michelle except that she had been close with Lauren since high school and that they hooked up a number of times. None of that bothered her, but she desperately wanted to see Lauren again tonight.

She texted Lauren again. “Well, does your friend Michelle like chicken parmigiana? It sounds like she could use some company. You are both welcome to come over. There is plenty of food.”

Courtney tended to the meal again. The chicken was baking and the bread was in the oven. She had wanted everything to be perfect for Lauren, but now it sounded as though her effort was wasted. She heard the familiar notification tone on her phone and saw Lauren’s reply.

“I talked Michelle into coming with me. I have to pick her up on my way to your place. See you soon honey!”


About twenty minutes later, she heard a car pull into the driveway. As the two women made their way to the front door, Courtney opened it and hugged Lauren close to her. She had dressed a bit more than casually, wearing a snug pair of black pants and a blue pullover top that was stretched by her voluptuous breasts. Courtney immediately thought that she looked amazingly beautiful.

Lauren made the introductions. “Courtney, this is my friend Michelle. Michelle, this is Courtney.”

Courtney extended her hand. “Nice to meet you Michelle. I’m sorry to hear about your troubles, but you’re very welcome here.”

Courtney noticed the redness of Michelle’s cheeks and tears in her eyes. Her hurt was obvious. Michelle was slightly shorter than Lauren and had straight, dirty blonde hair that reached her shoulders. Her blue eyes, had they not been red and obstructed with tears, would have been beautiful. She wore a pair of blue jeans that fit tightly along her curves along with a black tee that showed off her chest. Despite the hurt on her face, she looked beautiful, and Courtney could understand why Lauren was attracted to her.

“Thank you so much. I’m sorry to intrude on your dinner plans.” Michelle was genuine in her apology, and Courtney took quick notice of that.

“No intrusion at all. You are more than welcome here. Why don’t you two have a seat at the table? Dinner is just about ready.”

As Lauren and Michelle sat down, Courtney brought the food into the dining room. She poured all of them a glass of red wine to accompany the pasta.

“Everything looks delicious. Thank you Courtney,” Michelle complimented.

The three women chatted on a variety of topics during the meal. They avoided talking about Michelle’s situation however. After the meal, Lauren helped Courtney clean up and and wash the dishes. Most of that time was spent with Lauren running her hands along Courtney’s body as the redhead washed the dishes. Courtney could only smile and giggle as she was focused on getting the kitchen cleaned up. When the two women finished, they moved into the living room to sit with Michelle. Michelle was sipping on her second glass of wine as the other two women walked into the room.

“I still can’t believe that asshole left me!” Michelle was understandably angry.

“Well, you deserve better anyhow.” Lauren tried to soothe Michelle with words, but that didn’t seem to have much effect now. Lauren turned to Courtney. “Apparently, Brad thought that he was too good for Michelle, so he just decided to abandon the marriage. Guys can truly be assholes.”

Courtney could hardly agree. Matt had been her one and only, and he had been an amazing friend and husband, so it was difficult to see the other women’s perspective. To be polite, she just nodded her head in agreement. She didn’t know what to say or how to console Michelle as she didn’t know her well.

Lauren was doing her best in trying to help her best friend. “Don’t worry about him. You will be better off. There’s no point in having someone in your life who doesn’t appreciate you.”

Michelle couldn’t hold back her emotions. She put her hands over her face and started crying. It was all too much for her. Lauren walked over and sat next to Michelle and put her arm around her to comfort her. “It will all be right in the end. You’ll see. In the meantime, I’m here for you.”

Courtney felt helpless. She had just met Michelle and didn’t know what to say. She heard her sobbing fade a bit as Lauren held her friend. Michelle wiped the tears away and attempted to smile at Lauren. “I’m so sorry that I ruined your evening with Courtney. It was selfish of me to come with you.”

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