Didn’t Expect This

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I am an married white male that happened onto this by accident. I was in my 40’s when it took place and I have enjoyed more. I am 5’8″, 190lb, not bad looking and body is trim.

I should also add that my wife has a few boyfriends and I am aware of all of them and she describes her times with them to me.

I was out of town for a week of extra training for a new computer system to be installed in our company. The school was a week long so I stayed in a motel leaving my wife and children at home. First night I decided to check the bar room and see what was there.

I was sipping on my first beer not planning on another when this nice trim lady stood next to me, and commented in a pleasant voice

“Oh quiet night huh?”

I nodded my head as she ordered a beer and asked “Are you from here or in town for a day or two?” “I’m in town for the week.”

She then asked

“Can we sit down and talk a little?”

I shrugged my shoulders and nodded my head. As we headed for an empty table I followed her and watched her ass move. I was getting a hard on and wondered what she was willing to do.

As we sat down I was taken back, she was a lovely lady, trim, in figure, and nice dress. Her tits were large and almost spilling out of her dress, no bra outline. The dress length was very short and to be honest she looked like a prostitute. I was taken back by her and wondered what she was after knowing I was a lot older than she was.

As we sat there sipping our beer she spoke up, “I’ll bet you wonder why I started to talk with you?”


“I don’t want anything just some company.”

I smiled and asked her

“You mean you aren’t going to tell me how much it casino oyna will cost me to have you come to my room with me?”

She laughed “Oh that’s what you think?”


She paused and sipped a little more then with a smile said

“Well no money, but you look like a man I’d love to be in a room with, are you interested it that?”

I smiled at her as she unbuttoned another button of her blouse revealing a lot of breast saying “You like these?”

I sipped some more and looking her in the eyes told her

“I’d love to see all of you and yes I’d like to take you to my room, interested?”

“OK let’s go.”

“But first just what is it going to cost me?” Her smile and simple


And to my room we went.

In my room I slowly stripped the sat on the bed watching as she undress. What a nice pair of tits she pushed close to my face letting me suck on the nipples before she removed her panties. She was slow as she stepped back and smiling and with her back towards me removed her panties. She then said

“Hope you like this.”

and turned around and faced me showing me a 9″ stiff cock. She stepped close to me the cock almost touching my face


I just stammered looking up at her as she still smiling put her hand on the back of my head and I didn’t try to stop her as she push her cock to my lips saying

“Open up and see what a cock tastes like.”

I don’t know what caused me to do it, but soon I had a lot of that cock in my mouth. Slowly got me to sucking and slowly it slipped down my throat. My thoughts were

“What am I doing?”

She looked down at my face as she worked her cock into slot oyna my mouth saying

“I’m soon going to fill your mouth with cum then you’re going to fuck me.”

She was right, because soon, his, or her cock swelled up and a hot blast of cum filled my mouth, I swallowed and tasted it and suddenly I liked the feeling of her, his, cock in my mouth, the taste was a little salty but I liked it.

True to her words he or she pulled away and lay on the bed, on her stomach spread her legs and looking at me

“OK fuck me”.

Soon my 7 inches were all the way into her ass and she was saying

“Oh, that feels nice fill me with cum.”

I did as she asked and at once she was on her knees with my cock in her mouth humming as she went. She swallowed the cum eagerly and rose and smiling at me as she headed for the bathroom to clean up, saying

“Like that huh?”

“The first time I’ve ever done something like that”.

I told her as she dressed and before she left the room we kissed and made a date for the next night. I cleaned up and decided to go back to the bar and another beer before bed time.

At the bar I stepped to the counter and the bartender came over with a smile and after my order said

“Understand you had some fun.”

I looked at him smiled and said

“first time and really didn’t know what I was going to do when she turned about and let me see her naked.”

“Yes and she said you gave a nice blow job too.” He stood there a few minutes and then asked me “Would you like to do that to a black cock?”

I sat there sipping my beer and when he came back from another customer.

He asked “Want a black one to suck on?”

“Where?” canlı casino siteleri

“Right here come around and a stool under the counter will have you at the right position to take my 12 inches.”

“I don’t know if I can get that much in my mouth but I will try.”

I looked around and saw another black clerk watching out of the corner of his eyes and slowly got off the bar stool and came around the counter and sat on the stool he told me was there and soon I had a black cock in my mouth, now I knew why my wife liked to get fucked by black men. When he came I had trouble taking care of all of it he shot so much. He smiled at me saying

“She was right you do a nice job, here comes my partner show him.”

I didn’t get away from the bar until he closed it at 2AM. I don’t know how many cocks I sucked but the bartender made sure there was a lot of cock hanging out for me.

The next night she, he, met me and we soon were in my room and ready for more. This time she, he, fucked me shooting a load in my ass. Boy did I like that. And again I tasted her, his cum.

I went to the bar on Thursday night and was greeted by several men black and white for blow jobs and I had a good time.

Once I was home and unpacked on that Friday night I told my wife

“Now I know why you like black cocks.”

“How did you find out?”

I told her of the week and what happened and she laughed at me then added

“You will like eating me out after I get fucked by black men huh?”

I nodded my head and then told her

“The only thing is I fucked her and she, he, fucked me.”

She laughed again,

“I can get you more of that, my friends will be glad to open your butt with their black cocks, want them to?”

She then added “I know, you can suck them getting them ready for my cunt, then you can suck them clean after they fill my cunt with cream.”


That’s the next story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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