Domme Punishes Cheater

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Cara was handcuffed tight and wearing nothing but a short silk kimono, loosely belted. Jessica had just caught Cara sucking off her boyfriend and now she was due to pay. Jessica came in and looked at her prisoner. The boyfriend had been dealt with satisfactorily. Television smashed on the pavement, clothes cut to pieces, and a neat black eye to see him on his way. Cara’s punishment would be more subtle. Jessica was bisexual and knew exactly how to punish the other woman.

Jessica herself was wearing a spandex pencil skirt, neat brown stockings, patent courts and a sheer, striped blouse. The last thing she had felt like doing when coming in from work had been this. She had looked forward to a quick shower, a nice, de-stressing fuck and maybe a take-away. But this had potential.

Cara was obviously scared, but that was warring with guilt, and the knowledge that she had done something deeply wrong. Jessica ran an eye over her body and judged how best to manipulate her. She slapped Cara briefly, then raged at her for a few minutes. She then acted like she had calmed herself, with difficulty. Cara had seen her lover packed off and was expecting a beating, especially while at Jessica’s mercy. Instead, her eyes widened as Jessica ran a gentle hand through her hair, then seized it tight, wrenching bursa eve gelen escort her head back.

“These are good cuffs, Cara,” she murmured, keeping eye contact. “You won’t get out of them without my key… and therefore my kindness.” She kicked off her shoes and stood closer to the woman. “Are you ready to be kind, Cara?” Using her name over and over, keeping eye contact, Jessica hoped to patronise and intimidate the other woman. It worked.

“What do I need to do?”

“Whatever I want.”

Cara weighed up the odds and realised she wasn’t going anywhere. Hopefully, she thought, it’ll be over quickly.

Jessica reached inside Cara’s robe and ran a gentle hand over her breast. As Cara began to relax, she pulled out a pair of nipple clamps and hooked them on painfully, enjoying the other woman’s discomfort. She ran a contemptuous finger over Cara’s pussy.

“Still wet. Stupid slut.” She spat on Cara’s chest. Jessica then began to undress, exposing vintage brown silk stockings, affixed to a garter belt, a thong and a neat, lacy bra. “You, slut, are going to do whatever I tell you. You won’t enjoy this. Or at least, not much. This is punishment. I would have punished Alex like this, only he deserved worse.”

Jessica bursa escort dragged Cara by her handcuffs and quickly hooked them over a bedstead. There she gave her the beating she’d been expecting, spanking her taut, juicy ass with her hands and a paddle. To finish the beating off, she slid her pinky into Cara’s asshole and pushed mercilessly, smiling at Cara’s yelps.

Jessica dragged Cara round and handcuffed her behind her back. Cara felt dizzy after the long spanking and the incessant tug of the clamps and was slow to see what was expected of her. Jessica had pulled aside her thong, exposing her pussy, and expected Cara to lick it. Her face was pushed into it and she tried to think what she should do.

“Just think what you liked him to do to you bitch. Now lick it. Run your tongue up and down my pussy and make it good.”

Cara felt suffocated by the other woman’s scent and struggled to comply. She tried to do some kind of French kiss and was encouraged at Jessica’s reaction. She just kept going, exploring the unfamiliar sensations and textures, a little nauseated but strangely fascinated. The scent slowly became sweeter and more intoxicating and eventually, Jessica came. Cara was thrown down unceremoniously while Jessica caught her breath.

Minutes görükle escort later she was dragged to her feet. Jessica felt refreshed and more creative. She went to a drawer and laced on an enormous strap on. She pushed Cara down so she was on her knees. Cara let herself feel a little relief. She could take being fucked, even if it was by a woman. Jessica rubbed the tip gently against the mouth of her pussy and stroked Cara’s back, almost tenderly. Cara felt a little turned on by the teasing, gentle motions. Jessica plunged in a few times then whispered, “How stupid are you?” she withdrew and plunged into Cara’s ass. The pain was instant and overwhelming and she begged Jessica to stop, to slow down, anything. Jessica’s only response was to clamp a hand over her mouth. When it was over Cara was slumped, sobbing, still handcuffed and with the nipple clamps biting into her soft flesh. This was what Jessica had been waiting for. She only slept with women as a domme and this had been a perfect opportunity. Every sub had to suffer but every sub, however vile, also got a little reward.

Confident that Cara was subdued Jessica uncuffed her. She then gently unclipped the sharp little clamps and spread Cara’s legs. Jessica first sucked the tender nipple flesh, which was a little painful for Cara but felt delicious after the former bite. Then she went between Cara’s legs. Despite the soreness of the fucking, it had aroused her under the agony. She was soft and wet and got wetter under Jessica’s skilful tongue. She was betrayed into orgasm, and completely humiliated. Jessica got up, smiled.

“I’m done.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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