Guitar Freakout Ch. 02

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Twist Party

The week seemed completely unbearable for Sandy, seeing Tammy at school, talking with her, but not really able to be with her. Sure they had lunch together and had a few classes together, but she wanted to hold her hand, walk arm in arm and perhaps give her a quick kiss before each class. Their friends with boyfriends were doing it and it just didn’t seem right that Tammy and she had to keep how they felt secret.

Tammy seemed to do better with it all, she was always talkative and well she just seemed fine now. Maybe it was she was just putting up a better front than Sandy, either way the week seemed to simply crawl along. When the weekend finally came Sandy had cheered up and even though they rode in separate cars to the beach, everything was good.

This week the group brought along a couple of guys with bongos so they added “Wipe Out” to the songs they were butchering for everyone. Between “Pipeline,” “Walk, Don’t Run,” and “Wipe Out,” with a few inspired bongo solos, they had a good fifteen minutes of dancing before the songs began repeating. When someone screamed, “Twist Party,” everyone jumped up and danced, including Sandy and Tammy who danced together.

After two runs through the music dancing settled down and the musicians kind casino siteleri of moved off to the side to start fooling around with a “new” song while everyone else began to pair up. The sun was setting and their view out across the water was beautiful Tammy and Sandy sat apart watching the sunset but then both got up to walk down the beach. No one really noticed and when they walked around a sand dune and were out of sight of the group they took each other’s hands and continued walking.

Finally, after such a painful week everything felt right again for Sandy. In the distance they could see a group of surfers loading up their cars so they were hopeful they could once again borrow the beach shack. They continued walking as the cars pulled off heading back into the nearby town. When they reached the shack and looked around they confirmed it was deserted so they both slipped inside.

They quickly pulled off their blouses and bathing suit tops, falling into an embrace. They kissed a while until Sandy began kissing down Tammy’s neck and to her breasts. As she kissed and sucked her lover’s nipples, she let her hand slip into Tammy’s bikini bottom. Her fingers burrowed into the soft tufts of curly pubic hair and then slowly moved downward until she slowly pushed slot oyna her middle finger into Tammy’s wet opening.

Feeling the juices coat her finger she slid up between her lips and found her clit. Slowly sliding her finger over the tiny nub, Sandy watched as Tammy responded to the touch, slowly raising and lowering her hips as her breathing quickened. After a few moments she began kissing around the slight curve of Tammy’s breasts and down her stomach.

Reaching her belly button, she pushed her tongue into the little hole as she moved her finger from her lover’s clit and grasped the waistband of the bikini and pulled it down. She quickly worked it down past Tammy’s ankles and then put them on the cot beside them. Moving her head up Sandy noticed Tammy’s legs closed together.

She whispered, “Tammy?”

“I, it’s just that, well, no one has seen…”

“Tammy I know what it looks like, I mean I have one too,” Sandy said.

“I know, I just have never…”

“The boys haven’t tried anything on your dates?” Sandy asked.

“They tried but I only let them use their hands, and then never saw it.”

“Well Tammy I am going to see it now,” she said, gently placing her hands on her lover’s thighs and lightly pushing them apart.

Tammy canlı casino siteleri didn’t resist.

Looking down at her friend’s pussy, Sandy said, “Tammy, it is beautiful and I am so turned on just looking at it.” She immediately began kissing her thighs quickly moving down them to her pussy. Pushing her tongue into Tammy, she was surprised a bit by the tangy taste. Pushing her tongue deeper, she slid it in and out for a few moments and then moved up, sliding between Tammy’s lips up to her clit.

Sucking the tiny nub into her mouth she let her tongue move in slow circles as she gently sucked on it. She could feel Tammy trembling in response to the sensation as her hips began to lift up, pushing her pussy against Sandy’s face. She kept sucking as Tammy reached down and grabbed her head, tangling her fingers in her hair.

“Oh Sandy yes, it feels so… oh yes, so good,” she moaned. Sandy felt Tammy pumping her hips as she hovered on the edge and then finally gasping loudly as she came. Sandy quickly slipped two fingers inside Tammy’s pussy and felt the sensation of the woman’s pussy gently squeezing and releasing her fingers. Tammy fell back down on the cot as her orgasm slowly subsided. Wrapping her arms around Sandy she whispered, “Oh Sandy, I’ve never felt anything like that before, you are so good.”

Smiling, Sandy leaned over to her friend, her lover and kissed her lovingly on the mouth. “I’ve wanted to do that to you for so very long,” she said, kissing Tammy again and again.

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