I Owe You One

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Public Sex

“What do you need to do to get ready?” Sarah asked me as she added the finishing touches to her makeup.

“I guess just throw on my clothes” I replied. I headed to the basement where I had my shirt and pants hanging. I quickly undressed and put them on. I threw the tie around my neck and was set. I headed upstairs and saw my sister coming down from the second floor. She looked amazing.

“Wow Sarah you look stunning”

“Thank you” she said with a smile.

My sister almost always looked beautiful, she could have been a model if she wanted to. Today she went above and beyond the normal clothing and makeup she’d put on. It was our parents wedding day. After almost 25 years together they were finally tying the knot. When I told most of my friends, they all responded saying they thought my parents were already married. It makes sense, they should have done this years ago. Needless to say, I wasn’t thrilled about this. My parents were rather lazy, so it was long overdue and at this point in their lives unnecessary.

I grabbed my camera, grabbed my keys, and headed out to my car. I sat in it for only about two minutes before Sarah came down. She hopped in the passenger side and plugged her phone into the aux. we started on the 30 minute commute to our parents. My sister lives and works in Chicago, and my parents and I live in St Louis. I moved out over a year ago and got a place downtown with some friends. Sarah likes to stay with me when she visits because the parents can get pretty annoying. She’s only staying three days and then leaving the day after the wedding, so in 24 hours she’ll probably be gone.

I’m very close to my sister, growing up we always depended on each other. The car ride was pleasant. Sang along to a couple of songs, talked about how ridiculous it is that they are getting married, and talked relationships.

She wasn’t seeing anyone, and hasn’t really for a year or two. She’s been on a couple of dates but I’m not sure why someone hasn’t scooped her up. She’s gorgeous.

I just split with a girl I was seeing. We didn’t fool around at all but dated for about a month and a half. She wanted something different than I wanted. It was a mutual decision.

We finally arrive and I drop my sister off at the front door. I drive about another mile to my friends house, he’ll be taking the pictures.

I run him through the camera really quick and let him loose. He wasn’t even dressed, I didn’t need to be distracting him any further.

I get back to my parents house and go to sit by my sister. She’s just waiting for our parents to finish getting ready. The wedding would be starting at 3 and it was around 1:30. She sees me an gets up and grabs my arm and takes me to another room.

“Hey I was gonna sit.”

“I know, you can, just listen to this first.”


“Mom told me that her divorce papers from her first husband haven’t come in” she says.

“That guy Doug? What do you mean they haven’t come in?”

“I mean she’s lost her divorce papers, ordered new ones, and they just haven’t arrived yet.”

“What does that have to do with the wedding?”

“It means mom and dad won’t officially be married today.” Sarah said.

“What the fuck? When did she order these?”

“Two weeks ago…”

“She’s literally not been with him for like 30 years, they plan a wedding, so she knows she’ll need them, and she waits two weeks before the wedding to order them?” I ask.

“I know.”

“She can be so ridiculous. So what’s happening today?”

“The ceremony will still go on but they are not going to be officially married.”

“They are fucking ridiculous. I didn’t want to be apart of this wedding in the first place, now it’s not an actual wedding either? Ugh”

“I know” Sarah replies.

“Alright qiqitv.info time to get this show on the road!” Dad says.

“It’s not for like another hour and a half, dad” Sarah says.

“I meant the cooking, honey.” Dad replies.

He almost all makes food for any event, Thanksgiving, he’s the guy that makes food for the family, Christmas, he’s throwing something together, 4th of July, you’ll find him on the grill. Why would his wedding be any different?

“You want me to grab anything?” I ask.

“No I think I got it” my dad said. He was carrying two pans of lasagna and a tray of casserole.

“Well if you spill that on your suit you’ll look like shit.”

“Wouldn’t the same go for you though, son?” He had a point.

“Alright well I’ll meet you over there then.” I said. I had to just take a breath from all of this chaos.

My dad headed out and I ran downstairs and opened the fridge, empty. “Shit” I said. Not a single beer. I quickly texted Sarah-

– Any alc at the reception?

– there will be a little bit of like wine but these people are mostly church goers so not a lot

– Hey wine works

Well, it was time to put on a show for everyone, considering it wouldn’t be legal. I headed across the street to the church and found my way inside. I approach the sanctuary and I see standing in the back my sister. I give her a smile, she returns it.

“Okay” I walk in on my dad saying. “So Wesley and Louise will walk together” (Wesley was my other brother, Louise was my dad’s sister.) “You’ll be first, Sarah you and Thomas will then walk together after them. I think that’s it” music began to play. It was about to begin.

“Well this will be either fun or a waste of time” I said to Sarah.

“Oh!” My dad exclaims. I look over at him “I don’t have the rings!”

“Not the time for jokes” Sarah warns him.

“I really don’t have the rings. They are on the tv stand across the street.”

“Thomas can you grab them?” Sarah asks me. Immediately I spring into action and start running. Why is this church like a maze? I get across the street and into the house and found them exactly were dad said they were. Again I run across the street and into the church. I reach the back of the sanctuary and see Sarah ready to head down the aisle. Aunt Louise and Wesley already went.

“Here” I say handing the rings to my dad. Sarah and I quickly interlock arms and start to head down the aisle.

“That’s ridiculous” I whisper. “I’m not surprised though.”

She grabs my hand and gives it a little squeeze “thank you for getting that though. I owe you one.” As she says it, we’ve reached the end and part ways to separate sides of the alter. Our parents start coming down and they stand in front of us.

The pastor says “friends and family…”


“There is entirely not enough wine here” I say to Sarah. “I’ll have to sneak a few more glasses.”

She starts giggling. She was on her second glass.

“Congrats to your parents” Bill says. Bill was a part time carpenter that went to the church our parents went to. He was holding a decent size plate of food.

“Thanks” we say in almost unison.

“I was just trying to get me a glass of that wine.” Bill reaches for the bottle and I suddenly realize Sarah and I are almost guarding the wine.

“Oh my bad sorry” I reply.

He grabs the bottle and gives it a shake. It’s clearly almost empty.

“Hang on one second, Bill” I head down to the churches kitchen and see my aunt there.


“Hey we are out of wine” I reply.

Without saying anything she grabs two bottles of wine and hands them to me.

“Do you need any help I ask?”

“No I’m just reheating this casserole and that should be the last of the food. Thank kızlık bozma porno you though.”

I head back down the hall towards Bill. As I walk I pass by the door to the garden. I stop and look outside the glass door. I open it up and put one of the wine bottles there and shut the door. I hand Bill the other bottle and give him a smile, before turning around and heading to the garden.

Inside the garden area I sit down and open the wine. My aunt had already pulled the corks out and had just put stoppers in them. I sit down and start to drink. Silently. Observing. The garden is nice. 4 benches, a bunch of flowers and 3 trees, that one day may become big enough to be an issue, but today were just small trees. Had I already drank 1/3 of this wine?

“Mind if I sit here?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah go ahead” I didn’t even notice her come outside.

“Didn’t know where you were” she sits and grabs the bottle from my hand and takes a swig. She pauses for a moment and starts laughing.

“What’s so funny?”

“We are just so in need of being drunk we are drinking an entire bottle of wine” she says. That was pretty funny.

She hangs on to it and sits in silence for a minute before extending her open hand. I grab it and interlock our fingers.

“Thanks for getting the rings.” She says.


She laid her head on my shoulder and we sat for a bit, holding hands.

“I love you” she said.

“I love you” I replied. I leaned in to peck her on the cheek, but she moved her head a little towards me, and I kissed her right on the lips.

“Sorry!” I said as I immediately pulled away.

“No I’m sorry I just sort of moved and I didn’t think you were going to lean in and then you did but I had moved and I’m sorry” she rambled.

I laughed.

We sat in silence.

“Still not as bad as our parents wedding though right?” I asked. She immediately moved in and kissed me on the lips. This time for real. I pulled away. “What are you doing?” She attempted to kiss me again. “Sarah stop”

She stopped. Realized. “Oh my gosh I’m sorry!” She says. “I don’t know what came over me. Someone could have seen us! I feel like an idiot.”

“No it’s okay. We are both just a bit drunk.” I say.

“You are a sweet boy” she says with a smile. She looks at me. She slowly leans in and kisses me. Only this time I don’t stop her. I kiss back.

Just then the garden door opens and she quickly stops. It was dad “hey we are gonna be heading home soonish.” He shuts the door.

“Sarah that door is glass, he could have seen us.”

“I don’t think that he did.”

We get up and head out. Stop off at our parents and drop a bunch of stuff off, the night finally rolled around and I was good to drive so Sarah and I said our goodbyes and head to my car. We start driving and within minutes she’s asleep. I drive to my home in silence, so as not to wake her.


“Sarah… Sarah… Sarah” I whisper to get her up. She opens her eyes and smiles. “Anything to carry in?” She shakes her head no. “Alright let’s go” I say as we head for the house. We head up to my room and she says she’s gonna take off her makeup. I sit on my bed and she is inside the bathroom in my room taking off her makeup.

“Wasn’t a terrible day” she says.

I smile, not for her, but for me.

“This is a little too much” she says. She walks out of the bathroom and grabs her pajamas, and heads back inside the bathroom. She shuts the door and calls out “I’m just gonna shower and get it off there.”

“Okay” I respond. While she’s in the shower I quickly change into some shorts and lie down for a bit. I think about the day and I think about fact that their marriage is fake. I think about the kissing. I think about köylü porno the food. I think about the kissing. I think about the photographer. I think about the kissing. It was getting me a little worked up. I hadn’t thought of Sarah as someone I would ever kiss so I just never thought I’d enjoy it so much. It was giving me a bit of a boner. I rub my hand over my shorts and try calming it some. Just then, Sarah turns off the water. I think about gross things and I get it subsided. Sarah steps out of the bathroom. She’s got her towel around her and she’s still a little wet. I look at her glistening legs while she’s turned away. She comes over, still in the towel, and says:

“I had a pretty good day”

I smile. “I did too”

She looks at me and leans in and kisses me.

I stop her. “Sarah”

“We aren’t drunk anymore… plus I owe you one” she interrupts and then continues to kiss me. I return it. She stops for a moment and says “do you love me?”

“Of course.”

She steps back and pulls her towel. It falls to the floor and I take in her wet naked body. Her gorgeous legs. Her cute breast’s and perky nipples, her shaved mound. Immediately my shorts spring up from fully erect cock. She come over to the bed and straddles me where I’m sitting.

“I love you too” she says.

“I can see that.”

She smiles and kisses me some more. She pushes my chest and I fall back on the bed. She grabs my shorts and yank them and my underwear off in a smooth motion. My cock was now on view in front of my sister. She lays down on the bed with her head right next to my cocks. She wraps her hands around it. My cock was in my naked sister’s hand. She guides it to her mouth and wraps her lips around it and starts to bob. I close my eyes and I have trouble even imagining that my dick is being sucked by my sister. Yet that’s what is happening.

I start to moan. She reaches up with her free hand and digs it in to my chest. I look down at her and she holds my eye contact. That was enough to send me over the edge. I cum in her mouth. She grins with my dick still in her mouth and makes a loud sucking sound. My sister swallows. She finished every last drop.

I get up and push her to the bed. I kiss her thighs to tease her. She grabs my head and pushes me towards her vagina. At first I just smell it. She smells, intoxicating. I slowly start to lick her vagina. She’s so wet. I get about three or four licks in and reach up to pinch her nipple. She immediately moans out in orgasm.

“Holy fuck” I said.

“Its been a year since I’ve been with someone so I’m super sensitive.”

I look back down and start eating her out again. Her juices on my tongue are outstanding. I’m doing my best to bring her to orgasm as quickly as I can.

I can feel her quiver but never orgasm. I remember her nipple and I reach up and pinch hard. Immediately I’m met with a wave of fresh juices and she climaxes.

“Holy fuck” she says.

“Hey that’s my line!” I joke.

I stand and grab her thighs and pull her to the edge of the bed. I line up my dick with her mound.

“Are you sure?” She asks me.

I answer by immediately pushing into her. It was a wonder how I didn’t immediately cum. It feels amazing. I start pumping into her and she starts moaning. I pull her body as close to mine as I can and kiss her on the lips as I continue to thrust into her. I reach my mouth down some and let her nipple enter my mouth. I suck and bite and it seems to do the job as she begins to orgasm. I let go of her nipple a pump a little faster not too far from my own orgasm.

“Ohhhh ohhhh wait… ohhhh fuck yes” she moans. I continue to pump until I blow inside of her. Rope after rope after rope of my cum inside my sister.

“Holy fuck” we say together.

“Thomas I was gonna say, I’m not on any birth control.”

I stand and collapse next to her on the bed. “Oh” is all I can say.

She cuddles up next to me and says “I can go to the pharmacy soon. Let’s just sit here.”

“I love you” I say.

“Not as much as I love you” she replies.

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