Stroke Story

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Big Dicks

“Hi, Jay!” sang the pastor cheerily as she passed his open door.

He turned in his seat. “Good morning! Hungry today?” It had been a week since he’d seen her, since she had been at the Baptist summer camp. She looked very good to him.

“Are you?”

“Yeah, you got a little something I can eat?”

“Step into my office!” Agatha called, dropping her voice into her throat like Mae West. “I got just the thing!”

Jay flipped the DO NOT DISTURB sign up and locked the office door. Agatha slid immediately into his arms for a good kiss. Her ass felt exciting under his big warm palm; he could feel her muscles working, nuzzling her cunt into his thigh.

“I missed you last week,” she said. “I was surrounded by kids all the time, and alone in my cabin at night.”

“You poor thing; no vibrator?”

Jay sucked her nipple, exploring her wet slit under the sensible wool worsted dress with his experienced fingers. The fifty-year-old was a very moral man in every way but one, ever since his wife had died. He was making up for a lot of lost time.

“Never mind,” she said. “You should meet someone, too; can you be here in the evening on Tuesday? After the Bible study?”

The married pastor was in a rocky period of her life, thirty-eight and finding her husband overweight and less responsive and eager than before. And she had to act like some kind of paragon for the public. The utterly wanton man kissing her clit was just the ticket. Without him to take the edge off, she had poor impulse control.

Jay lifted his face from her cunt. It gaped dripping before him, hair dark and sticking out crazily in wet spikes around her open hole. She looked absolutely ready.

“Suck my cock, Aggie. Lick my ass. Yes. You really are hungry this morning! Where do you want that first?”

“Come like this, and then I’ll need some more, but I want the taste!”

“Who’s the lucky girl for Tuesday? Oh, god, Aggie, Jesus, that’s so nice!”

Agatha slid off the tip with a slurp and ducked lower, licking circularly around the old fellow’s asshole. He called her a wanton, a fornicator. She loved to be called a slut in Biblical terms. She insinuated her tongue into his ass, grunting, sliding a feverish hand along his cock as she degraded herself.

“Oh, Jay, I want you on me, let’s switch around, come to the couch!”

“Who you got for Tuesday?”

“Uh, Bobbie Douglas, Roberta; she’s the librarian’s assistant at China Lake; she does research and shelving and stuff. I told her you were hot, discreet, reliable, and very good. I told her you’d be gentle!” She laughed.

“What? Is she young?”

“Young! She’s a sophomore at Ricker!”

“Wo. All right,” he said, considering. This sounded all erotik film izle right, but Aggie was publicizing him too widely nowadays. He worried. But her mouth danced over his bag, her tongue rolled his balls, her hands stroked him! He couldn’t sustain the worry for long.

“I get to help,” she said, eyes twinkling.

“Suck! Okay, I’m in. Let’s talk later.”

“Mmm!” The reverend pastor sucked cock like a porn queen. Jay was pretty randy that morning, having anticipated her return. His rod and staff had come up fully hard– curved, ridged, hot, solid. Her graying head swerved side to side and her tongue loved him in detail.

“Blow me, harlot! Lick cock! I’m going to fill your head full of come, pastor. The cum shall flow down like an everlasting stream.”

Her lips hardened into a tighter ring, her fingers pushed in little circles, opening his anus. In they slid, two slim fingers, corkscrewing into his ass! Her brows knit, her eyes shut tightly and her head worked her lips along the shaft. He felt really fabulously hard; a cock like a crowbar! Agatha speculated that he’d been abstinent while she was out of town.

He let out an involuntary little moan; the note told her what was about to happen, and then the head expanded on her tongue and his hips locked, pushing in deep. She sent her tongue swirling and waited in rapt anticipation. The next spasm drove a stream of atheist sperm into her waiting throat.

She took the first two and then bobbed her head again, to drive him nuts. She knew he felt a strong twinge each time if she kept moving. He moaned in rhythm as the shots succeeded each other.

He cradled her head, her mouth and tongue felt so good his toes clutched, and then the forces gathered, focused and released– pulse after pulse. When she pumped during the spasms, he felt each move like a spark, almost unbearable.

He froze, mewing helplessly in the grip of his powerful come. Diminishing lightning bolts shot the length of him in the minister’s hot mouth. When he could open his eyes again, she rasped her tongue across the tip, making him jump and squeak.

Gratefully he plunged into her wet cunt, licking and fingering. She suckled like a tired baby on his cock’s end and toyed with his balls, but her focus was on his loving lips and tongue.

“Eat that thing,” she whispered.

Generally when Jay ate her she relaxed into a receptive state and let time pass, just at first; but today she was ready before he even began. The time came very soon when she had to have cock. She pushed her hips tighter onto his face. And sucked the man’s cock again– to fill her nose with Jay’s scent and her mouth with his flesh.

It hit fast: hardly any buildup and then a soft explosion film izle like a bag of flour bursting. Her toes and fingers tingled and she lost her eyes’ focus. As she returned, a second wave ramped up, broke, and swamped her completely.

Her sexual response was better than ever in her life. Jay’s mouth teased come after come from her. Her licking and sucking, meanwhile, had raised him up again, like the banners of the king unfurled. “Aggie, let me fuck you,” he said.

“Fuck,” she encouraged him. She was incoherent; she had come so much. “Me on top!”

He curled up to nuzzle her tits, but she straightened an arm, holding his chest down. He played with her buns. In concentration she rode him, loving the feeling of the invading pole of gristle, the warm muscle and bone she sat on.

“Oh, God, I’m going to come again!”

“Fuck me, Pastor!”

She rode him. Her slim body straddled his fleshy hips and she slid on his cock while he strained to remain hard for her. Two comes succeeded one another quickly, but she rode him again even more determinedly.

His hands met and held at the small of her back. With a heave he stood and held her up, impaled. They grinned at each other. Her hands pulled his shoulders as she rode in the new position and her hips orbited rapidly, held tightly to him by her strong legs. It was more effort, but it helped him keep his control.

The pastor’s eyes closed again; her normally expressive mouth hung open. Her third orgasm drew nearer. Jay was going under, too; he could feel his cockhead flaring, skin pulling back. He turned and perched on the desk for support, then locked his arms on her and let himself come again.

The spurting meat inside her cunt was such a great feeling! She whined high in her nose and had a third strong come. Her cunt clutched his spasming cock, she hung from his neck and twitched, keening, until it passed. His come gathered at her open cuntlips and drooled slowly. Two fat wads of it fell onto her office carpet and more was dripping along Mike’s bag.

“I love doing it raw, Jay; I like the come to splash inside.” She kissed his flushed face and let him nibble an ear before dismounting. She stretched like a cat, then reclined on the desk, gracefully lifting a slim leg. “Lick me clean, baby. Then we have work to do.”

“Suck the last of this up, Aggie, and I’ll lick you.”

“Deal! Yum.” She applied herself, then wiped her lips and sat back again.

Jay replaced his clothes and licked his boss. She told him she had another little one, then patted his head and reached for her blouse. Their talk became business talk while she was dressing, and the two of them began their work day.

Agatha was very content. On her first days back seks filmi izle from some event she frequently fucked the man a second time before the day was out. The kids’ camps were the hardest on her, since they meant a week of abstinence. She’d fucked the little library assistant quite thoroughly on the previous Thursday, so she’d only gone half a week between sessions on this particular camp. But the odds were still about even.

She took a phone call from her husband, in fact, at eleven-twenty. Hanging up, she sang out, “Jay?”


“I got lunch with Jordie. He’ll want to fuck me afterward–“


“– But he won’t do my ass; he never does. Would you mind?”

“Not a bit. Let me set this printing and lock the door.”

“Good. I need a good buttfucking.”

“I could tell!”

“You could?”

“You’re breathing, in and out. That always means you need cock up your ass.”

Agatha laughed sunnily while she stripped off her clothes again. It was too true. She loved being buttfucked– jam up the ass until she bit the rug! It was this, their guiltless sodomy, which set them apart. The secretary was an atheist and didn’t care about the church’s teachings. Aggie was convinced God encouraged ass fucks, even though her pious husband felt sure it was an abominable crime for which the deity reserved hideous revenge in the life to come.

“You’d probably have demons fucking your ass for eternity,” he had said, the one time she’d tried to get him to do it. Agatha had spent a lot of time masturbating to that little fantasy!

Mike removed his slacks and shorts and took her to the couch. Their first step was always the same. Mike loved tonguing Aggie’s tight anus until it lay stretched open. He spent twice the time licking her ass as he had ever spent fucking it. Both degenerates loved that part the best.

“I should have you at the house, chained to my bed,” she told him, reaching down, stroking his hair and ears as if he were a cat. His tongue wormed into her ass. “I’d have you lick my asshole while I wrote sermons.”

She’d come while he licked, and then had another peak with his cock pistoning in her rectum.

He held her ankles and stood; she was rubbing madly at her clit. Jay watched her closely, sweating and grunting, cock driving into her. He could look down and see it disappear into the muscular hole or look up to watch her face while she came.

Once she’d come, he asked her to bend over for him. She tucked her elbows under her ribs and let him have her ass from behind. In their afterglow she sucked his cock gently and sweetly. But when Jordie showed up, her anus had been licked clean; she was primly ready to leave on their lunch date.

“It’s a living!” Mike quipped, watching the couple get into their car. You could never interview for a job like this, he reflected, although it would be interesting! “I’m just one damn lucky beast!” he congratulated himself. “Allelujah!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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