Sweet Morning, Sweet Ass

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As I woke up, slowly feeling my senses come back to me, a slight fuzzy light hitting my eyes, a slow ringing in my ears, a bit of a parched throat, I tried to get a sense of my bearings. I hate mornings like this. So discombobulated in those first few moments, needing to piece together the details of last night. Clearly I had had to much to drink, clearly I was a bit hungover.

I rolled over to reach out for my water glass and heard a small groan and felt a hand swipe down my arm, pulling me back closer. Ah yes. Not I drank too much. We did. This makes me feel a bit better, that I am not the only one in this hungover haze. Your arm swung around me slowly, pulling me back to you, spooning behind me and kissing the back of my neck lightly, groaning just a bit.

“Do you feel as wounded as I do?” You asked, with just a little hint of laughter. I nodded and allowed myself to mold my body back into you slowly more. Your arm and your warmth felt good against me, despite my pounding headache.

Last night was fun. We love to go out, be social, drink with friends, so waking up a little worse for the wear is nothing too different for us. We went to your coworkers party last night, and I, for one, know I had far too much champagne. I saw you with a seemingly self refillable glass of scotch, so I know you are feeling the same way, if not worse. I like your coworkers, they are outgoing, fun, sociable people. We had a good time, but truth be told I barely remembered our cab ride back to your apartment, nor getting home or climbing into bed. Seeing as I still had on my dress from last night, I assumed we didn’t get into that much fun at home last night. I turned in your arms and pouted a bit.

“I don’t really remember the end of last night. But I still have this dress on…I assume that means we didn’t get into too much fun.” I pouted. You laughed and brushed away some of the stray hairs from my face. I realized you had managed to get your clothes off, you were naked besides your boxer briefs.

“Not too much, no” you smiled, trailing your fingertips down my arm lightly. Despite the hangover, your touch raised the flesh on my arm. “You, little lady, were quite drunk. Wouldn’t even let me take that dress off of you. Let alone fuck you.” You grinned, I groaned.

“Did you try?” I asked, sliding my hand over your chest a bit slowly. I loved your body. Athletic but not over muscled, just slightly toned, with little indents and crevices where they should be. Your skin felt soft but the muscle underneath hard. I could feel a little warmth between my legs as I ran my hand slowly up and down your stomach.

“Only a little,” you smiled and used the tips of your finger to gently push down the strap off my dress off of my shoulder. “You wanted to sleep. And you know, what my lady wants, my lady gets.” You moved over slowly and pressed your lips slowly to the crook of my neck. Your breath hitting my skin first, hot and slow, followed by your lips, warm and soft. Just a very gentle kiss, but it immediately ignited me inside. I felt my pussy squeeze, wanting something to pull at. I crossed my legs together and let out a little moan. Your lips trailed a small path of little kisses down my neck, while your hand made its way back to the zipper on my dress. Your lips nuzzled behind my ear and you spoke quietly into it.

“And what” you paused a moment to suck gently on my earlobe “does my lady want now?” I moaned slowly and squeezed my hand on your side. It amazed me that even through this hangover, all it took was a couple of moments, a couple of touches and words, and you had me so turned on I could barely stand it.

“I want you to fuck me.” I wispered out, rolling closer to you and hooking my leg around you, feeling my dress pull up as I tried to steady myself against you, pushing my body into yours. You squeezed my hip to steady me and slow my insistent hips. Your other hand slowly pushed the zipper down on my dress.

“Is that what you want?” You asked while gently yet deftly sliding me out of my dress, pushing it down my body so I was left in only my underwear, my warm skin against yours. “Do you just want me to fuck you? Or do you want me to play with you first?” Your hand slowly moved its way up my soft stomach to my breasts, large and soft, filling your hand. You squeezed it lightly then let your fingers softly cirlce my hardening nipple, playing slowly with it, brushing your thumb back and forth lightly, then with a bit more pressure. I pushed my body insistently at yours. I already was so wet.

“I want you to fuck me. Just fuck me, I need you inside me” I moaned out, rubbing my pussy against your leg, needing friction. You dipped your head down and slowly lapped at the nipple you had been playing with, first softly with the whole of your tongue, then firmly flicked at it with the tip, finally sucking it gently but firmly in your mouth. I groaned out loudly and held your head to my breast. It felt so good, and erotik film izle the feelings went straight down to my pussy, which was insistently rubbing against your leg.

“I don’t think so. I think you were a little bit of a bad girl last night. We came home and I was hard. My cock was so hard for you, Sarah, and you went to sleep”. You took my hand and placed it over your cock, so hard and warm, against your boxers. I know you’re teasing me, talking dirty to me because I like it and it gets me hot, but it makes me mad I was too drunk last night. Thinking about any time I’ve missed out on your hard cock, so big, nearing 8 inches and so thick, to stretch me perfectly, makes me ache. Your cock is absolutely perfect, and I crave it inside of me as much as possible. I’m impatient, I slid my hand inside your boxer briefs and felt your beautiful cock, so smooth, so hard, so warm. I squeezed it gently and slid my hand up and down slowly a few strokes.

“Feel it? It’s even harder now than it was last night because I didn’t get to fuck you. Do you think it’s fair you got to tease me last night, looking so sexy in that dress, dancing with me, knowing you’d get me hard, and then not fucking me? I don’t think that’s fair, for you just to wake up and get fucked, just because you want it. I think I should play with you a little first”. You moaned a bit and moved your mouth to my other nipple, playing your tongue around it in the same manner. I groaned. I love this game. You know I love this game.

“Baby please. I know I was a bad girl but I need you to fuck me. I need you inside me now.”

You kissed my nipple lightly a few times, sucking on it slowly, twirling your tongue around it slowly, firmly, holding my hip steady so that I can’t move around you. “You were a bad girl. A very, very bad girl. Do you think you should get punished?”

I moaned out and tried to push my hips harder into you. The way you were touching me, talking to me. I needed to get fucked. My moan caught in my throat when you asked about punishment. I loved our dirty games, and wanted any kind of “punishment” you’d give. But I wanted, needed to be fucked more.

“I was bad. I want you to punish me with your big cock. Inside me now, fuck me baby, please, fuck me hard.” I begged. You slowly slid your hand down my body and let it fall over my pussy. I immediately rubbed my body into your hand, trying to get your fingers inside of me. You simply rested your hand against my wetness for a few seconds, driving me absolutely insane.

“No, sarah, you were really bad. I think you really need to be punished. And you’re so wet. Your pussy is so wet. Only naughty girls would get so wet when they knew they had been so bad”. You rubbed one finger slowly around my soaked opening and I could actually feel my pussy throbbing, needing your finger, something, inside of me. Instead you dragged my wetness up my slit slowly, with two fingers, playing with my inner and outer lips, avoiding both my clit and my hole. It was driving me crazy.

“I know” I nodded “I’m so wet. So bad…please baby, please. Punish me, put your cock inside of me. Use my pussy, please.”

You shook your head and began to rub your fingers in slow, firm circles on my clit. A welcome relief but not what I really wanted, which was to be filled up, pressure against my gspot, a scratch to the deep itch forming inside of me. You rubbed my clit deeply, with intention, moving up to my lips and kissing me slowly, biting gently at my lip.

“No baby, not yet. Does this feel good?” You asked, rubbing my clit just a bit faster.

“Yes” I moaned, circling my hips with your rhythm, moaning out, trying to reach for your cock. You pushed my hand away with your free one.

“If you cum from me rubbing your little clit I’m really going to have to punish you. You keep saying you want my cock inside you, but you seem to be enjoying yourself without it.” You rubbed deeper and slower on my clit, dipping down again to suck my nipple. I felt my breathing pick up. This wasn’t fair.

” I do” I moaned out, holding tight to your shoulder. “I do need you inside me, I do need your cock.” I begged, feeling myself get closer as you rubbed harder on my clit. You shook your head and moved back to my lips and kissed me deeper as you brought me closer to an orgasm with your fingers.

“I think you’re a dirty, naughty little girl who is going to cum from me playing with your clit. Without anything even inside you yet. Such a bad, bad girl. Going to have to punish you so much”. You moaned out and pressed your hard cock against me. I tightened my grip on your arm and began to cum as I heard your words and felt your hard cock pressed against me, your fingers circling my clit expertly. It was too much. My body tightened deeply, slowly, and for a second I thought I would explode. My orgasm rushed through me and spread from my clit outwords, making me moan and thrash about. You bit my lip slowly and dragged film izle your fingers down, slowly pushing three in to feel my pussy cumming. This immediately excited me more, both because they felt so good, so satisfying to the ache I had deep in my pussy, and because you have started with three. You so rarely start like that, usually so gentle. I love it when you get naughty though. It makes me even hotter.

“You came, you little slut.” The words caught in your throat and I felt you twist your fingers stretching me out, upwords. They began to pull and play at my gspot. I could barely think. Your voice and your eyes were both thick with want and lust. It was driving me completely insane. “You came and now you’re even more wet. I want to punish you. You’re so bad, tell me how bad you are.”

I moaned deeply, pushing my hips with your fingers as they played inside me, squeezing my pussy at them. “I’m so bad baby. A little slut that wouldn’t let you fuck me last night but wants it so much now”. I whimpered. I needed your cock so much. You pulled your fingers out of me and I groaned harder, expecting to feel your cock at my hole, ready to push into me and bring me into excstacy. Instead I felt nothing. I opened my eyes and looked af you, questioning. You looked back at me then slowly pushed me over onto my stomach and pulled my hips up, my head pressing into the pillow, my pussy and my ass opened for you. You leaned in and lapped a few times at my wet pussy then leaned away, pushing 3 fingers back into me and keeping them there, rubbing deeply inside me.

“You are such a bad girl. I’m going to show you how bad you are. Show you what a little slut you are.” Your fingers pressed deeper, I moaned harder. I loved it so much when you got naughty. You leaned down as you fingered me a bit harder and snaked your tongue slowly around my little asshole in circles. I groaned out so hard and clutched deeply to my pillow.

I love anal. I love it when you play with my ass in any way. I love how naughty it makes me feel, how tight it is for both of us, how intense . You loved it as well, but loved to tease me with it, keep it a somewhat sacred thing. I wanted it all the time, but you’d only let me have it every now and then. Secretly, it was hotter this way. Not knowing when it was coming, when you’d let me indulge in my secret passion. Feeling your hot tongue on my little hole, though, I knew it was one of those times.

“Fuckkkkkkkkk” I let out, feeling the warmth of your tongue against my little tight, puckered asshole. You dragged it around in circles and played it back and forth, sucking a bit. I pressed my ass and hips back into your face. You probed your tongue lightly into my asshole, licking slowly, pressing your fingers deeper in my pussy. I reached down and rubbed my clit furiously, grinding my hips back into your fingers and my asshole back into your face. I came thunderously, shaking, moaning, screaming your name.

You let me come down and eased the pressure inside me, slowly lapping at my little asshole. I moaned quietly a few more times and bit lightly at the pillow. Your fingers, soaked in my wetness, slid out from my pussy and up to my little asshole. You stroked one gently against it, firm little circles, the wetness from my pussy and your mouth working around it slowly. I felt a coolness drop onto it and smiled a bit. Even as worked up as you are, you always prepare me so well, so much lube, even if I’m so turned on, like now, that all I want is your cock inside me, no matter. I feel you rubbing the lube around and lift my face to look back at you. Our eyes make contact as the pad of your index finger begins to sink slowly into my tight asshole. You keep your eyes on mine as your finger makes its way all the way inside my ass. I moan slowly, feeling it stretch me so slowly, my little sphincter allowing the invasion, slowly but enthusiastically stretching to accommodate it.

“I told you you needed to be punished”. You said quietly, slowly, so slowly stroking your one finger in and out of my tight ass, circling it a bit to stretch me more. I nodded slowly, whimpering feeling my ass submit to its stretching.

“Sarah.” You say, pouring more lube slowly on my asshole, adding a second finger so slowly, stretching my hole larger, sinking them both into me deep slowly, all the way inside. “Sarah look at me.” You twist your fingers in and out of my asshole. It’s so tight, so intense, my pussy is literally dripping, I can’t think. I look back at you and moan more seeing your cock, so hard, and your eyes, so filled with lust.

“I am going to fuck your ass.” You say, locking your eyes with mine. I whimper and nod. “I am going to take my big, hard cock and I am going to stretch open your little asshole, do you want that?” My pussy is throbbing, I nod fast, yes.

“Yes, I do, I want you to fuck my ass”. I groan and push my hips back harder. Your fingers feel as though they could go no deeper, but they do. I seks filmi izle gasp. You slide them in and out slowly.

“It’s been a long time little girl. A long time since you’ve had a big thick dick in your little asshole. Can you handle it? Can your little ass take a big dick deep inside of it?” You ask, humping your fingers in and out in a slow, steady rhythm. I groan and put my fingers to my clit to ease the tension building from my dripping pussy and my tight ass. You push them away and slowly sink a third finger in, pausing a moment to let my little asshole accommodate it.

“I asked you a question”. All three of your fingers slide, so slowly, deep into my ass. It is so tight, so intense, I almost can’t handle it. “Can your little asshole take my big cock? Will you be a good girl and handle your punishment well? I’m going to fuck your ass. I’m going to push this big fat cock so deep inside you. Your sweet little asshole is mine Sarah, and I’m going to take it.” You moan and stroke your cock as you fuck my ass slowly with your fingers. I watch it and moan so long I’m not sure ill ever stop.

Your fingers slide out of me, slowly, with a little tiny sucking noise. The dirtiness of it turns me on even more. I’m shaking, shivering, pulling at the bedsheets in anticipation. I hear the lube open once more, hear you slathering it over your big cock, push my hips back at the empty air, hoping to feel you.

A moment later I feel it. Feel your body and warmth behind me, you leaning over me, soft warm lips on my neck and your hard, perfect cock positioned at my asshole, rubbing against it.

“You are a little anal slut aren’t you?” You whisper quietly by my ear. “Yes. Yes” I say, moaning out deeply. “You’re beautiful. Your ass is beautiful. I’m going to fuck you so deep. You pretty naughty anal whore. Open your ass for me”. I pull my hands back, opening my cheeks and feel your head pressing against my asshole, burning, opening me so deliciously.

Your cock so big, feels massive as it begins to open my asshole. Three fingers seemed like a lot but this is different. This is huge, tighter, smoother. I can feel every wet, hard inch of you pressing into me. When you’re in as deep as I think you can get, you press in deeper. This happens a few times until I am so full I think I can’t breathe. Its so intense, so amazing, so deep. I rock my hips in slow circles, feeling you so deep inside. You wrap your arm around me and begin to rub my clit as I circle my hips, letting my ass slowly eat more of your cock.

“That’s good, move your hips. Take my cock Sarah, take it deep inside you”. I circle more, holding my breath as you rub my clit. The minute I feel you start to slide out for your first stroke I cum. Intensely, insanely. My whole body shakes, my pussy clenches so hard. The world stops for 20 seconds and all I feel is pleasure, and you.

When I come back to full conciousness, still shaking, still moaning, you are sliding your cock slowly, but rythmically, in and out of my ass. It feels amazing. I push my hips back and nod, letting you know I like it, I want more. You rub my clit more and slide your cock out of my ass for two reasons. First, to admire the little gape your cock has ravaged on me and second, because you know how much I love it when you take it out and slide it back in. I love how my ass clenches and squeezes, needing to be filled again, and how it feels so intense when you push it back in me, as if I am losing my anal virginity time after time.

You do this for a few minutes, slide in and out of my ass, little pops out, then in, thrusting your cock deep as I moan and bite the pillow. I’m in heaven.

Finally, you thrust in deep, and grind your body against mine, rubbing my clit harder. You begin to fuck in and out of my ass deeply, rhtymically. It hurts just a bit, but feels so good. I live for this, love it when you give it to me. Fucking, in and out, driving deeply in me, using my ass to bring your hungry cock pleasure. I tense as you fuck harder, on the verge of another huge orgasm.

“I love your asshole. I love your ass. You are so tight. My cock is so deep inside you. Do you want my cum, Sarah? Is your little asshole thirsty for my cum? ”

“Yes baby, fuck me, fuck my ass harder, give me all of your cum”. I beg, whimpering, on the edge of my own orgasm. I feel you pulse a bit harder and speed up your fingers on my clit. Your cock pulses deeply inside of me as you push in so deep, spilling your cum so deeply inside of my asshole. I groan and allow myself to cum again feeling your warmth fill me up. Again my body shakes and shivers in total satisfaction, moaning along with you.

After a few moments, both of us shaking and spent, you slowly slide your softening cock out of my ass, kissing my neck deeply and laying your weight down on me, pushing me into the bed and sliding your arms around me.

“Did you like your punishment?” You cooed into my ear, suckingly lightly on my earlobe.

“Yes, so much” I moaned out slowly.

“Good.” You laugh, pulling me closer. “Now let’s nap so we have energy for more later. If you’re lucky…maybe ill stretch that perfect little ass twice today…..”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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