The Seduction of Jasmine Ch. 01

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She was short, about 5’2, with honey blonde hair and an attractive ass. Wearing a tight baby blue blouse that hugged her slender figure well, I noticed her nice, medium sized breasts peeking out from under her clothing. If I had to take an educated guess, I would say they were full a full B cup. Her top was nicely paired with her slim jeans, which accentuated her ass perfectly.

Armed with a cute baby face and luscious pink lips, she was indeed a jewel among the more plain students who studied at my school.

Unable to resist her beauty, I decided to make her acquaintance. Putting on my best smile, I approached her, “Hey there.”

Seeing me, she gave me one of her most shattering smiles, “Why hello.”

An awkward silence ensued.

I need to think of something to say quickly.

“I’m David,” I stuttered out, conscious of how I was dressed for the first time in months. “Are you new here?”


Another awkward silence.

Damn, this is just fabulous.

“So…uh, what class are you in?

“2A. This place seems like a maze. How do you find your way around?”

“That’s a coincidence. I am in the same class too, 2A. Would you like me to walk you there?”

“Sure, thanks David,” She gave me a smile of relief. “At least I won’t be late for class again.”

Waiting for her to grab her books, I led her to our class all the while trying my best to make small talk. After a few minutes of digging, I found out her father’s occupation, he is a manager situated in the West.

However, as Jasmine wanted to study in the east, she rented an apartment here. She also had a younger sister, Amelia, who would be coming down in two months.

In the classroom the only empty seat in the classroom was the one beside me so Jasmine sat next to me.

Turning to me, she said. “So your locker’s beside mine, we’re in the same class and we sit together. Wow, a lot of coincidences.”

“Mmm hmm. So does the string of coincidences appeal to you?” I replied with a grin.

“Maybe.” She grinned back.

And this is how it all began.


A month passed. We met up at our lockers every day and I always walked Jasmine to class. As time passed our bond grew. It also helped that we shared the identical subject combinations, with the exception that I took Physics, and she Biology, other than that, our time at school intercepted quite often.

One afternoon, Jasmine beckoned me as I was just about to leave the classroom. She asked if I had the time to tutor her in math after school at her place.

She explained that she did horribly on the test. With every passing word as she explained, her face began to flush and her squirming reached new heights. Looking at her cute, adorable face, how could anyone have the heart to decline?

The Saturday afternoon arrived. Toweling myself dry, I looked into my full length mirror as I tousled my sandy brown hair. It slowly curled back to its natural look.

I wouldn’t say I’m very fit. However, years spent playing tennis paid off well because it toned my upper body muscles and gave me a nice, rich tan.

Daily swimming had led to a well rounded body and broad shoulders. As I walked into my room, I put on a navy, long sleeved t-shirt and a pair of brown khakis. After dabbing on some cologne, I was good to go. I grabbed my backpack and slung it over my shoulders.

As I was walking to the front door, my mum saw me from the kitchen counter.

“David, are you going out for a date? You look so prim and proper. It’s been so long since you had a girlfriend.”

“Hilarious mum, I’m just going over to my friend’s house to teach her some math.”

She looked up from cutting her fruits and commented. “Her? Who’s the lucky girl?”

“Ah, her name is Jasmine,” I said dismissively. “She’s new in school.”

“Oh. Ah well, have fun then. Don’t stay up too late.”


I hailed a cab to Jasmine’s house, with each passing street the houses grew noticeably bigger and grander. As I got off the cab, I noticed her house had a small porch and a garden with a pond in the middle.

Her father’s business must be doing pretty well to live in such a nice place alone. I reached for the intercom and waited tentatively. Soon, her sweet voice filled the speakers.

“Is that you David? Come on in.”

The automatic gate slid past like a whisper and there she was at the door steps.

The moment I saw her, my first thought was, “Oh my god, she looks so hot.”

She was wearing a red halter top that cupped her breasts nicely and it showed off her nice toned arms. Her short shorts were displaying her nicely shaped calves and her fat free thighs.

She was drying her hair, a towel in her left hand, the other holding a comb as she lightly brushed her blond hair until it cascaded perfectly onto her shoulders.

She looked so stunning that I was at a lost for words for a couple of seconds till I caught myself.

“H… hey.”

“Hey, you,” she smiled coyly. “Aren’t you a bit early?”

“Maybe, do you need some more time?”

“Nope, ankara escort come on in, make yourself at home. Do you need any drinks?”

“Naw, I’m good.”

From the outside, her house looked very grand. However, as I stepped inside, the interior was simple. There was a couch and a flat screen LCD television. The sunlight which streamed through the window was blocked by the golden drapes that hung down from the window frame.

It matched perfectly with the creamy brown walls that surrounded it.

She led me upstairs to the study room. As she was walking up the staircase, her shapely ass swayed in front of me. Resisting the temptation to squeeze it, I satisfied myself with just staring at it.

As I gazed upwards, I saw she was not wearing any bra as her halter top was backless, I would have noticed if she wore a bra. I kept fantasizing what her breasts would look like beneath the top and my cock grew semi-erect just thinking about it.

As I entered the room, I dropped my bag on the floor and began taking out the stuff we needed. From this vantage point, I could see the side of her breast as she sat on a chair. I stole many glances until I involuntarily straightened up and sat beside her.

I realised that I had not been this close to Jasmine, not even in class. Although we sit beside each other during class, there was always this invisible boundary that she had that I didn’t dare cross. Now, however, I could smell the delicious scent of her shampoo lightly wafting into my nose. I tried to tear my gaze away from the side of her breast and distract myself by attempting to solve a question.

“Hey David, how do you do this question?” she asked, while she was lightly tapping her pen on those pink, luscious lips of hers. Her mouth was open slightly like it was an invitation for me to kiss them.

I was distracted by that sight that I forgot what she asked. “Huh?”

“This one, over here.” She leaned towards me and I could feel her breasts pressing against my arm. I could feel her nipples, hard little nubs on my arm. And as I looked down to view the question, my eyes had other ideas. They averted to Jasmine’s chest and to my delight, her top had loosened up as she was leaning forward and I could see the top of her breasts.

This proved too much as my cock grew harder. “Excuse me.” I hastily said as I dashed to the bathroom. I splashed my face with water to cool myself down and thought to myself, “is she doing this on purpose? God, those tits looked so gorgeous.” As my erection subsided, I returned back to the room.

“Sorry about that. Nature calls.”

“It’s ok, so about that question, how do you solve it?” she arched her eyebrows in anticipation of my answer.

“Well, first you have to find their common multiple.” And as I taught her the, hours flew past and Mother Nature decided to change the weather.

We heard distant thunder claps I glanced out of the window and noticed the weather was turning dark and angry. The soft patter of rain drumming on the window announced that this was no regular light sprinkle but an oncoming storm. From the looks of the darkness that had quickly enveloped the town, it seemed that it was going to be an all-nighter.

As I was deliberating whether to brave the rain and go home or stay here for the night, my phone vibrated in my pocket. It was my mum. I excused myself and walked out of the room to answer.

“David? Your room is in a mess, you forgot to close the window before you left and the rain has drenched your mattress.” She was shouting over the phone, fighting with the howl of the wind.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jasmine glancing out of the window and as she turned her head ever so slightly to look at me, was that fear I saw that quickly flashed past her eyes?

“David?” my mother asked once more.

“Damn it,” I swore under my breath. “Are my other items wet?”

“Well, your computer and stereo set seems ok, but your bed is drenched.”

“Shit, I will think of something and call you back. Bye”

I hanged up my phone and saw that Jasmine was looking at me worriedly.

“Is everything fine? Water troubles at home?” she asked me in a concerned tone.

“Yeah, only in my room though. My bed is drenched, seems that I forgot to close the window before I left and water leaked in.”

We were quiet for a moment until Jasmine broke the silence.

“Um… If you don’t mind, you could sleep in the guest room down this hall.” She was looking at me intently, was that a flicker of hope I saw in her eyes?

“Are you sure? Cause I could sleep on the couch at home, and I don’t wish to inconvenience you.”

“It is perfectly fine, I don’t mind. And I am feeling lonely in this big house.”

She stared at me intently for a while until I shrugged and then called my mum to explain the situation. I then turned back to her and said. “So what do you want to do now?”

“Do you want to watch a mov-“she said enthusiastically until she was abruptly cut off by the room suddenly ankara eve gelen escort plunging into darkness.

I thought to myself, “damn, why now of all times? Stupid lightning.” Looking out the window at the surrounding houses, it seems like ours was the only one that was affected. It was then that I heard the soft, muffled sobs from Jasmine.

“D… David? Where are you? I’m scared.”

Shit, she’s afraid of the dark.

I just remembered this and since the only source of light was the silver moonlight pouring in from the window, the house wasn’t as bright as I hoped it to be. I hurriedly walked over to her.

“Hey, it’s alright, I’m here.” I could feel her slender form trembling in my arms as I held her tight. Her head tilted on my chest as her sobs slowly subsided. She was cold to my touch, probably from fear.

As I held her in my arms, I could not help but softly kiss her forehead. She was so beautiful, kind, gentle and warm-hearted, I could not help myself from being attracted to her. As she lay in my arms, I decided to take it to the next step.

Seeing as she did not react, I slowly kissed her eyes, drawing circles around it and then I kissed her nose, then her cheeks, gently nibbling her ear and I planted soft pecks here and there. I tilted her head up and gazed into her deep, brown hazel eyes as she stared back right at me, her eyes held me to the spot.

I looked deep into her eyes and finally admitted what I wished I said a month ago, “I love you Jasmine,” I murmured as I lightly traced her perfect lips with my fingers.

Jasmine looked straight back at me and mouthed the four words I wanted to hear. “I love you too.”

She then pressed her soft lips against mine. She lightly sucked on my lips as I traced my tongue over her teeth, enjoying the smoothness. I finally pushed my tongue deep inside her mouth and ravaged it. I felt her initial surprise but it was soon overwhelmed by passion, brought on by the arousal which was stirring deep within her. She wrapped her hand around my head and hungrily attacked my mouth while wrapping the other around my waist, pushing us closer together, so close that I was pressing my bulge against her abdomen.

After what felt like an eternity, we broke the kiss for air. I stared into those enchanting eyes and as if reading my thoughts, she led me to her bedroom, all the while kissing me hungrily, devouring my mouth.

Never once did we break the kiss as we entered her room. I then slowly slide my hands from my side up to her bare back, tracing circles sensually on it, while relishing the goose bumps that popped out every time I stroked her back.

I began to tease her by stroking the underside of her breast, tracing her round breasts with my fingertips, lightly touching her areolas but never touching her nipples. I squeezed her breasts ever so lightly and felt the wonderful sensation, the softness and the smoothness of it.

Oh god, I wanted more.

We reluctantly broke the kiss a second time as I fumbled to unfasten the string that held her halter top in place. I felt the silky material lightly slid past my hands. I finally saw her perfects tits, with her erect nipples poking out. My lips then kissed her neck, slowly tracing down, while my left hand wandered up to lightly pinch her nipples. I heard her gasp and her breathing quickened.

I trailed my lips down to her collarbone and I alternated, playing with her left or right nipple at random. As my lips were about to touch her nipples, I could feel her anticipation, but I denied her the pleasure by sucking on her right earlobe.

“Please David, don’t tease me anymore and just suck my nipples.” She moaned out.

She began to removed my cashmere top, letting it fall to the floor, while she fumbled with my pants, my hard-on pressed uncomfortably on it. I finally felt the strain disappear as my pants slid down my legs. Now I stood there with only my boxers on, as my cock formed an impressive tent.

Jasmine gasped when she saw how huge the tent was but her surprise was quickly turned into a moan as I sucked on her nipple for the first time. I nibbled it and rolled my tongue over the delectable flesh, tasting the sweetness of her sweat. While my mouth was busy sucking on her right nipple, my left hand was squeezing her other breast, relishing the softness of it. My right hand then slid down to her ass, giving it a good squeeze and I began to strip her pants off.

As I stripped her, Jasmine’s moans turned to howls of lust as she quickened the undressing process by tugging it straight down. I began to finger her pussy, pushing my fingers against the wet spot on her silk panty that continued to rapidly get larger because of Jasmine’s increasing excitement.

She was shaved! God, do I love shaved pussy.

It was as if I was playing with her naked crotch as I could feel her clit throbbing beneath her panty. I pushed her panty to the side as I pushed a finger in her pussy.

Oh god, she was so tight.

My çankaya escort digit was quickly coated with her juices and it slid in easily. I inserted a second finger and heard her moan. Furiously pumping with both of my digits, I used my thumb to lightly nudge her clit. With every nudge, more juices seemed to pour out from her hot pussy. She aided me with thrusting her hips to the rhythm as I fingered her and soon I felt her pussy walls contracting around my digit. She was close to coming.

When her legs start to buckle, I brought her to the bed and teased her by sensually pulling her silk panty down and taking my time to stroke those calves of hers. When she started groaning, I decided not to prolong both our lusts anymore by eating her out.

This is heaven…

I thought as the sweet smell of her sex drifted to my nose. It was intoxicating. I was drinking in the sweet nectar as it poured out from her pussy, and I lightly flicked my tongue over her sensitive clit. With every lick, it brought her closer to the edge and her pussy was twitching. She responded by arching her back in sync with every lick. Seeing that she was nearing the edge, I ignored her clit as I licked her slit and her puffy labia. I thrust my tongue into her pussy, slurping more of her juices.

Soon, the teasing was too much for Jasmine to take and she pressed her pussy against my face. She grinded her clit on my nose and clenched her legs harder against my face.

“Oh yea, oh yea,” she moaned. “I’m…I’m coming David, I’m coming!” Her pussy twitched like crazy as the juices exploded out. I groaned as her juices washed over my tongue. She tasted so sweet. I already wanted more of this delicious drink. Spurts of it flew into my eye and I laughed, trying to scoop as much of her come as I could. A final squirt of her hot cum oozed out, dribbling over my tongue and chin, then her body relaxed as she went limp. I kept sucking and lapping for several more moments, not wanting the delicious feeling and taste to end.

Finally, she released the grip around my head and I took a breath of fresh air.

“Wow,” I said between gulps of fresh air. “That was certainly intense.” I curled up beside her and slowly stroked her hair, liking the softness of it. “But my little member here does not like feeling left out.”

She giggled her cute laugh. “Here, let me help you with that.”

She slowly removed my boxer and when my cock sprang out, I could hear her gasp of astonishment.

“Y- your cock is so huge.” She said staring at my engorged cock.

“Like it?”

“I shall see about that later when I test it out.” And she gave a girlish giggle as she tossed my boxer away.

She pushed me down on her bed then she straddled me, slowly inching my cock inside her hot, wet pussy. As the head finally penetrated her, she let out a moan of pure lust as she finally plunged my entire 7 inches into her tight pussy.

“Oh God!” Jasmine cried, her body trembling as her pussy got filled up.

She started to ride me until a small orgasm rocked through her petite body. Some of her pussy juices oozed out from her tight pussy and dripped onto my balls. She rocked her hips once more, letting my cock slide in and out of her pussy, feeling the delicious friction on my dick as it slid through the walls of her wet tunnel. At one time, she slid the whole length of my cock out of her and then plunged right down, impaling her wet pussy with my hard cock. Her tits swayed and bounced with every thrust she made and her hard nipples stood out proudly.

I pulled her body down to me as I kissed her passionately, both our tongues battling it out, while my hands were massaging those pert breasts of hers. I pinched and tweaked both her nipples and heard her moan out between kisses.

Jasmine breath was getting shorter, more laboured as tingling sensation shot through her body. My hands on her nipples felt so good. I pinched ’em harder. “Mmm, yeah!” She gasped as my dick hit her G-spot. “Fuck me harder. Shove that huge cock up my pussy.” The tingling sensation then manifested in her pussy as I felt her cumming.

“I’m going to come David!”

I felt the tremors and felt her pussy twitch erratically around on my cock. The feeling was bringing me to my orgasm too. Shit, her pussy is so good, so tight… ah this feeling is too nice, I’m going to cum. I began to thrust my hips back, making the thrust even more powerful. “I’m going to come Jas!” I said as I felt the familiar sensation of my orgasm coming. “Cum in me David, fill me up with your hot cum. Fill my pussy with your cum. I want it all in me!” she said huskily as she relentlessly pounded my cock into her.

Finally, the last thrust broke the dam within Jasmine as her orgasm hit her. She clawed on my skin as tremors erupted within her body and wave after wave of pussy juices gushed out and hit my balls. Her pussy contracted against my cock and the twitching against the head of my cock was all that was needed to push me over the edge. I pushed in all the way as my cock erupted in her, all the while the tremors inside her pussy felt like it was milking out more cum. I sprayed the entire load inside her, dumping all my semen inside. I could feel the ropes of cum shooting out as pleasure coursed through my cock. Both our juices mixed and it flowed out a clear milky substance. I kept thrusting into Jasmine, wanting to prolong this sensation.

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