The Sexy Librarian

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Katia was a librarian, a good librarian, but it wasn’t her first choice. She had graduated college with a degree in anthropology years earlier and with all the exuberance of a fresh face kid with dreams of great discovery in her field, she was soon dismayed at the actual positions that were available. Two years of frustrated job searching, she returned to college for a secondary degree in library science. After graduation, she found a position almost immediately at the local library in her home town, a place where she had vowed she would leave and never return. It seemed life had a way of taking precedence over Katia while she was making plans. Not the stereotypical librarian, she was stunningly beautiful with long auburn hair that was swept to the side over one eye reminiscent of Veronica Lake of the classic film genre. In fact, that was what Katia patterned herself after. She wore fitted sweaters, tight pencil line skirts with tall heels more conducive to the forties or fifties era, but it was the style she liked and she wore it well filling out her clothes with her luscious curves. Her eyes were like pools of emerald green water that seemed to engulf the person she was speaking to and her lips were full, plump and when she smiled, she drew you into her like a siren.

No one knew what Katia did with her off time and she didn’t offer to tell anyone either. She had few friends and didn’t seem to mind. She was an enigma. Following the crowd didn’t appeal to her and she frowned on anyone whose intelligence was not equal if not more impressive than her own. However, the fact was that she lived in a small bungalow near the water where she preferred to be and found her peace there away from the rotting crowds that she abhorred. That wasn’t to say that she was lonely, because she had a lover or two that kept her appetite for sex at bay, but it wasn’t very satisfying. To her, their skills in the bedroom were nothing more than a drink of water that quenched her thirst, but had no taste to it. She craved more and the men she saw just didn’t provide it and although she was asked to make a permanent commitment to one or another, she couldn’t bring herself to do so. If the magic wasn’t there in the bedroom, then it wasn’t there anywhere else was her thinking. Consequently, her days were filled with work grilled to a computer and, if not that, then helping patrons at the library which consisted mostly of the nerdy type or older folks who were retired and found solace from their empty lives in the stacks of books where they could escape. It was a job, she thought to herself and it paid the bills, but that was all. For the most part she had resigned herself to the dowdy position yet she knew there was so much more out there she wanted to experience.

One summer day on a rainy Wednesday, she sat behind the front desk diligently searching for a book a patron requested and let out a deep sigh at her inability to find it. The elderly gentleman requesting the book didn’t seem to mind that she couldn’t find it and patiently waited content to stare at her breasts engulfed in pink sleeveless blouse. She looked up at the man and smiled weakly.

“I’m afraid I can’t find it sir. Are you sure it’s still in print?”

The old man had to catch himself from his gaze, “That’s all right dear. Maybe I was mistaken that it was available.”

Katia sucked in her breath now convinced the book probably didn’t exist at all, “Well when it does become available, I’ll let you know.”

“That would be fine,” the elderly man said leaning heavily on his cane. “I’ll come back next week and see if it’s here.”

“You do that,” Katia mumbled sarcastically as the man hobbled off.

“Can you believe that guy?” Katia said to the older plump woman standing behind her loading books into a cart to be re-shelved.

“Honey, you’re his fantasy girl. I bet he goes home and jerks off after seeing you,” she whispered and chuckled carefully looking around to be sure that no one else heard.

“Great, a horny old man getting his thrills at the library is all I have to look forward to,” Katia replied giving the coworker an exasperated look.

“It’s more than I get, Honey. Soak it up. One of these days your gorgeous looks will fade and you might enjoy the lecherous looks of an old man,” the older plump woman chuckled.

“You know what I mean,” Katia sighed returning to her computer.

“Remember what I said,” the plump woman called back as she pushed her cart down an aisle and immersed herself in the stacks.

The afternoon dragged on and the rain continued. Katia looked out through the front glass doors of the library to see the greyness engulf the day and bury itself into the night then glanced at her watch. Only an hour before closing and she could escape the dreariness of the world that she called her job. With the schedule rotation, it was her night to stay late and close up. Begrudgingly she watched as one by one the patrons left followed by the staff who were hurrying to be on their way. A few minutes ankara escort later just before she was about to lock the doors, a tallish man with long wet black hair, a leather jacket, wearing blue jeans and boots rushed into the library out of the weather and up to the desk where Katia sat.

“I need to use your phone,” he said flatly with dark eyes that seemed to penetrate her.

“You don’t have a cell phone?” she asked mindlessly.

“Yea, that would be great if I could find it,” the man stated his face firm and lips pursed.

“Oh, I see,” Katia said somewhat embarrassed. “Well we don’t usually let patrons use the phone.”

“I don’t mean to bother you, but I was riding my Harley when it started to pour. Water must have gotten into the carburetor or something and it stalled. I had to walk almost a mile in the pouring rain to find a place that was open,” the man explained

Katia looked at him across the counter. Even wet, he was devilishly handsome, the kind you would never take home to mother and she was attracted to him more than she wanted to be.

She reached under the desk to retrieve her purse, pulled out her cell phone, and handed it to him, “Go ahead. Use mine.”‘

“Thanks,” he replied taking the phone and stepping aside so that he was not disturbing her.

He dialed a number and waited for it to be answered. A few minutes later, he handed the phone back to her.

“Did you get someone?” she asked.

“Yea, but it’s going to be awhile. The garage said the tow truck was out and couldn’t pick up my bike for a couple of hours.”

Katia thought for a moment. It wasn’t her usual method to give strangers a ride, but she was inexplicably drawn to him and the words came out of her mouth before she realized what she was saying.

“The library is closing, but I guess I can give you a lift.”

“I wouldn’t want to put you out.”

“Depends on where you want to go,” she replied.

He looked at her, eyed her body then slowly raised his glance to study her face.

“You really should be careful who you say that to. It could get you in a lot of trouble,” he said grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“I guess I’m willing to take the chance,” she replied turning her chair so that he could glance at the slit in her skirt before she crossed her legs.

“I didn’t think librarians were like that,” he lowered his voice.”

“Like what?”

He let the question drop.

“My name is Gordon Lipton,” he began. “Dr. Gordon Lipton. I have a medical practice in the next town over. It’s my day off and I was hoping to get a ride in before it rained. I guess I misjudged.”

Katia hitched her breath and he noticed.

“You’re surprised that a doctor rides a motorcycle?”

“Maybe,” she managed to say.

He leaned forward towards her.

“And I’m surprised that a knockout woman like you is working as a librarian,” he replied throwing a sexy glance at her that almost brought her to her knees.

Katia licked her lips. Gordon’s very presence made her heart pound in her chest and she couldn’t imagine what he was like in bed. She shook her head. What was she thinking?

“Errrr my name is Katia Jergenson,” she quickly said. “So you can’t get a hold of anyone? You know like a wife or a relative?”

Gordon pursed his lips, “No. I can’t get a hold of anyone.” He hesitated, but for only a moment. “And I’m not married.”

Katia swallowed hard. “Oh I see.”

Gordon took off his jacket and let it hang on the back of a nearby chair revealing a white t-shirt that hugged a well-toned muscular chest and torso. The jeans were tight and showed a well-endowed package. He sat in the chair where he had hung his jacket, and pinched his nose with his fingers to clear his thoughts before looking at her again.

“And what about you? No jealous husband or boyfriend who works in a gym by day and bouncer at the local bar by night?”

“Nope to all. Nothing like that,” she quickly replied.

Gordon ran his tongue over his lower lip and cleared his throat.

“Ok. Good to know, but I still need a ride,” he reminded her.

“And I think I can give you one,” Katia cooed brushing her hair from her face.

“I’m sure you can,” he agreed.

Katia knew he was playing with her. “So where’s your bike?”

“I pushed it under an overpass. Hid it the best I could and locked it. It’s was the best I could do until I can get it towed,” Gordon said running his hand through his hair again. “Whenever it stops raining.”

“Well if you have to wait a couple of hours, I can take you to my place. I have a cottage on the water. We can get some take out and you can dry your clothes. By then you can get your bike towed and you can be on your way.” At least it sounded well intentioned to her.

Gordon thought for the minute. He was tired, hungry, wet, and Katia was beautiful. It was a no brainer. “Sounds good to me.”

Within minutes they were heading towards Katia’s cottage with the windshield wipers kızılay escort slapping a steady rhythm against the pouring rain lulling them into an excited anticipation of what the night would hold. Once arriving at the cottage, Katia called for takeout and threw his clothes into the dryer while Gordon showered and wrapped a towel around his waist.

“It should take about an hour for your clothes to dry,” she said breathlessly as he stepped into the living room wearing only the towel. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on the good doctor and the need to feel his skin touching hers was becoming more and more apparent. “Take out will be awhile too,” she finally managed to say.

Gordon could feel her eyes following him and smiled to himself. This was definitely going to turn a bad day into a good night if he played it right and he usually did for most women, but he could sense that Katia was not most women. She was intelligent and sure of herself. She didn’t throw herself at him nor did she push him away. She oozed sensuality, but not neediness. At any moment no matter how much she desired him, if he made the wrong move, he could be standing outside in the rain again with the door slammed shut behind him. She was going to be a challenge, might be his match, but worth the effort he concluded. If life had taught him anything about women, it was that the ones who held back on their impulses until the time was right were the best.

“Have a seat,” Katia said pointing to the sofa where she sat at the opposite end.

Gordon sat down eyeing Katia, who had now changed into denim jean shorts that hugged her hips and barely covered her ass and a white sleeveless top that rounded out the curves of her breasts. She tucked one long leg under the other, leaned back at an angle on the sofa so that he could catch the full view of her body and allowed her hair to fall across her shoulders in a cascading fashion. She then tucked her hand behind her head to support her neck. It took Gordon a few minutes to comprehend the coolness and the confidence of the woman who reclined leisurely in his presence. She wasn’t nervous having a strange man in her home nor was she inviting him to make an advance. She was comfortable in her own skin and he liked that in a woman. Now he feared that the sensuous confident woman could be his undoing with his need to ravish her growing close and she seemingly so far away. He deduced that she was going to make him work for what he wanted. It was a challenge, yes, but not an unattainable one he thought. He got a whiff of her delicate, but heady perfume. He liked it. It was like Katia herself, subtle but with the intention to lure.

A clap of thunder followed by a streak of lightning seemed to electrify the mood and Katia, although she tried not to show it, found herself wanting him more.

“Would you like a drink?” she asked rising from the sofa and walking towards the mini bar near the fireplace.

“Scotch and soda, if you have it,” he replied.

Katia nodded. “That’s is a nice cool drink on a hot rainy night.”

Gordon followed her ass as she reached the bar, made his drink, and poured a daiquiri with ice for herself. She walked back with a drink in each hand, but all he could see was the sway of her hips and the tightness of her shorts hugging her crotch. She handed him the drink then resumed her position on the sofa again leaning back on the arm of it while she sipped her daiquiri. His eyes smoldered as she ran her finger over the condensation that had formed on her glass then ran the same finger along the side of her neck in an attempt to cool herself.

“It’s hot tonight,” she murmured closing her eyes.

“It’s certainly is getting that way,” he replied sipping his own drink.

Seemingly not having heard him, Katia took her glass and rubbed it along her cheek then slid it down her neck to her chest just above her blouse. Gordon watched as if she were making love to the drink oozing her pent up desires with the touch of the glass on her skin while his cock jerked growing harder and harder with every moan she let out as the coolness touched a particularly hot spot on her chest while the condensation droplets dripped down her ample cleavage.

“Does it help?” he asked his voice low.

“A little.”

“Maybe it’s just too hot to cool everything.”

“Do you another way?” she asked.

Maybe it was the way she said it or the fullness of her lips when she said it, but Gordon needed no further encouragement. He took his own drink, leaned over to her and ran the glass along her inner thigh of her right leg up to where it pressed against her crotch where he let it linger for a moment then ran the glass down of length of her left inner thigh. Her body tensed as she closed her eyes enjoying the sensation and let out a sigh that stirred his cock once again.

“Maybe you just needed a little unwinding,” he whispered, “or maybe we just need to temper the moment.”

“Maybe,” she polatlı escort said coolly.

He chuckled to himself amused at her response. Katia wasn’t about to give it up easy. He was going to have to work for it and he licked his lips at thought of the ride getting there. The pursuit. The hunter and the prey. Primeval. Yes, it would be divine. His towel slipped open and his hardened cock peered through in all its majestic glory awaiting the next step to be taken on the journey to ecstasy. Katia took another sip of her drink noticing Gordon’s erection and the fact that he didn’t try to hide it.

“I see that I have gotten your attention,” she said nonchalantly.

“Isn’t that the point?”

“Clever boy. Very clever boy,” she answered focusing on her drink.

Gordon slid over next to Katia so that his thigh was touching hers sending an electrical charge straight to Katia’s pussy. He ran his hand over her thigh gently caressing it as he moved to the metal clasp of her jeans, released it and unzipped the zipper. She wore not panties and the urge to stroke himself grew stronger, but he resisted. Then he slid his hand down her jean shorts and found the mound of soft curls greeting his fingers. He tugged at them and Katia hitched her breath. His fingers slid further to the heated lips of her pussy and the juices that were spilling from it. With his middle finger he dipped into the heated honey, retrieved his fingers from her jeans and licked if off with his tongue slowly while she watched him intently.

“Delicious,” he murmured as the musky scent tantalized his senses.

Katia leaned back with the hopes that her rapid breathing would lessen and her heart would stop pounding, but it didn’t work. Gordon now moved to unbutton her blouse easily flipping the disks from its opening with the twist of his fingers. When the last button was released, he opened the blouse exposing the soft full mounds with the taut protruding nipples. Cupping her left breast, he leaned over and licked flicking his tongue over the nub before taking it fully into his mouth and drawing on it. Katia let out a soft moan as his teeth scraped across the nipple sending chills throughout her body while he cupped her right breast with his other hand kneading the nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

“You certainly seem to know what you’re doing,” Katia said between breaths.

“Since I’m a doctor, I like to examine everything before I decide whether I want to probe further,” he replied.

Katia ran her fingers through his hair. He was driving her insane, “and the verdict is?”

Gordon didn’t answer but moved over her and kissed her fully on the lips. The solid erection of his cock pressed against her stomach and throbbed. Her hands moved over his shoulders, slid down his back, and grasped the cheeks of his ass. He kissed her again, his tongue darting in and out of her mouth as hands molded her breasts. Her hips began to gyrate involuntarily beneath him. Sensing her need, he raised up and tugged at her shorts until they slid down over her hips, to her thighs then off her body completely.

“That’s better,” he whispered in her ear.

“Much,” Katia whispered back.

He ran his hand over her mound again and tugged at the curls.

“I think I may have to do some more checking.”

Katia slid down on the sofa. “Well, I certainly want you to be sure.”

Gordon slid off the sofa onto his knees then reached his hands under her ass and drew her to him. The musty wanting sex smell of her pussy drove him to stroke his cock as Katia spread her legs allowing Gordon a full view of her entrance. With his fingers he separated the lips exposing her clit that had piqued into a firm tight rosebud. He quickly licked it with his tongue and she shuttered. He licked it again and her hands grasped the sofa to hold her steady. He leaned in and sucked the rosebud into his mouth pulling at it until Katia thought she would explode right there, but he released it before she did and blew on it sending convulsions through her body. Next he inserted two fingers inside her pussy pushing deep into her swollen cave of desire while his thumb rubbed her clit in a circular motion. Katia’s back arched off the sofa as he relentlessly probed her with his fingers. She bit her lip determined not to cry out as his fingering began to push her over the edge once again. Just when she thought she couldn’t stand anymore, he released her again inhaling her aroma on his fingers before licking them dry.

“I think you’ve met with my approval,” he said as he stood with his cock dripping precum over her belly.

Katia could barely breathe as he kneeled on the sofa, drew her legs over his shoulders and poised his shaft at her entrance. Gordon readied himself as the tip of his cock rubbed along her pussy lips.

“Not yet,” Katia said breathlessly.

Gordon hesitated. Beads of perspiration formed on his brow. If he didn’t enter her soon, he would explode. His balls were swollen filled with the cum load he wanted to expend in her, yet she wanted him to wait.

“What?” he asked hoarsely.

“Just a few moments,” she begged.

He could see what she was doing. She was trying to calm herself so that the effect he was having on her would subside leaving her more in control, but Gordon wasn’t having any of it.

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