The Shower

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Big Cock

Using the key to your house that you gave me, I open the door after I had knocked and no one answered. Thinking you were not home, I hear the shower running in the bathroom and figured that is why you didn’t answer.

I walk into the bathroom and see your silhouette behind the curtain and hear soft moans coming from you. I pull the curtain back slightly and see you leaning against the wall of the shower and see your hands busy working on your body. One hand is on your breasts and the other is stroking your pussy, but your eyes are closed and you don’t notice me.

I back away and quickly remove my clothes and slip in unnoticed until I stand between you and the shower head, cutting off the water spray that was massaging your body. Your eyes open as if startled and see me standing there and after the initial shock, a smile falls on your face.

“Don’t stop honey, keep playing with yourself,” I say to you.

“Hmmmm,” you say, “No, I have something else to play with now.” As you say that, your hand reaching down and taking my cock in your hand and slowly move your hand back and forth over the head, feeling it grow to your touch.

I move over to the side of you, letting the water continue to pelt against your skin, as I take my hand and gently grab the nearest breast to me and start squeezing it as I lean my head towards you and kiss you in a full, opened mouth kiss. Our tongues dancing with each other’s as you reach up and put your hand behind my head, pulling me closer to you.

I move my hand over to the other breasts and squeeze that one as well before moving my hand lower to your pussy where I feel your puffy lips, inviting my touch. I insert a finger and feel extreme wetness, partially from the spraying water and your natural juices from your manipulations.

My cock now standing to attention, rubs against your hip as your hand continues to stroke it. You break away from our kiss and move your head down to my chest as your tongue busy’s itself, roaming over my nipples.

Your teeth biting me tenderly on the nipples, causing them enough pain to get them aroused and erect.

Pulling me over under the spray of water, you start moving down my body, licking and kissing as you go until ankara escort bayan you reach the my cock and use your tongue to glide over the head and down the sides and back up again. Partly from the spray of the tiny needles of the water on my skin and the hot caressing of your tongue, my cock feels like it wants to burst out of the skin from the pleasure it is receiving.

You take the head into your mouth and continue to slide your hand up and down on it as your other hand reaches under and caresses my balls.

Suddenly, without warning, you plunge your mouth over the length of my cock, taking it deep within your mouth and slowly withdrawing it until only the tip of my head is feeling your licking tongue. You continue this manner several times as moans escape my lips and my hips start thrusting forward, wanting to lose my cock in your mouth again. Your teasing causing tingling sensations throughout my body as you plunge forward again, this time taking your time to let my cock feel your throat manipulating the head.

“Oh baby, I can’t take much more than this,” I said, “I’m fixing to cum.”

My words only enhance your assault on my cock as you take both hand and move them around to my ass, and pull me deeper as my cock is now fucking your mouth. My hips in complete rhythm with your moving mouth as my balls are slapping against your chin.

“God, baby, here it comes, Oh yesssssssss, please don’t stop what you are doing.” I moan.

You pull me into you as far as you can and hold that position as my cock erupts, sending jets of hot cum against the back of your throat. You feel the cum shooting into your mouth, but maintain your position with my cock buried deep inside of you and swallow several times, but not letting any drops fall from your grasp.

My body tenses and just my cock throbs and jerks, giving you every drop my balls could muster.

You slowly withdraw your mouth from the length of my cock and begin licking the head, catching the last few drops of my cum. You look up at me and see total satisfaction gleaming from my face. As you stand up and move closer to kiss me, and show me your tongue, with droplets of cum that you want to share with me in our kiss. I kiss you, demetevler escort tasting myself and feeling the warmth of your tongue. I say, “Geez, you are so wonderful……Damn, you make me feel so good.”

Changing our position, you against the wall and the water now spraying over your body, I move my head down and begin kissing your erect nipples. Taking them between my teeth, biting you lightly, I hear your moans, sending shivers down my spine.

I move down, running my tongue over your belly, pausing at your navel and twirling my tongue inside of it, causing you to moan even louder.

My hand moves lower and you part your legs to accommodate my touch as I begin rubbing it over your already swollen lips from your earlier manipulations of them.

“That’s it baby, put your fingers in my hot pussy,” you say. “I want to feel your fingers going in and out of me, nowwwww.”

I take two fingers and insert them between your lips and start sliding them in and out of your saturated pussy, as I move my tongue and begin licking your lips and letting it slide in momentarily and brush against your clit.

Your hand moves to my head and you try to position it directly over your clit but I resist you, wanting to tease you a little. Reaching for your hips, I turn you around with your back to me and you put your hands on the wall and move your ass back, with legs spreading automatically. I gaze at your beauty, my heart skipping a beat in amazement how sexy this position is. I insert my fingers again and start fucking you with my fingers.

“Oh yessssssssss, ” you moan as I continue my stroking. Your hand moves down and you begin massaging your clit, hard and furious.

I take my hands and grab each cheek of your ass and pull them apart exposing your rim as I start at the base of your ass and lick all the way up sending chills through your body. I continue and pause at the rim of your ass and massage it with my tongue, causing you to gasp and stroke harder on your clit.

I lick downward and insert my tongue into the folds of your pussy, catching your juices and then lick up again and twirl my tongue on your exposed ass.

Hardening and extending my tongue, I simulate esat escort fucking your ass with my tongue as I insert my fingers back into your pussy, feeling your fingers moving harder and harder against your clit. Your body tenses as your pussy explodes, cum wracking your body as I continue as hard as I can.

My cock, hard as a rock now, I move up and position my cock at the opening of your drenched pussy and in one swift motion, plunge it in your hot hole.

“Oh, my Godddddd,” you scream, “Yesssssssss, fuck me hard…….make me feel you inside of me…….I want to feel you cum inside of me.”

My hips moving like a jack hammer, plunging my cock hard into your pussy, wanting you to feel my meat moving in and out of you. I hold your hips and pull you back against my thrusting cock. Your fingers still stroking your clit and causing you to cum again and again.

I lean forward and grasp your breasts in my hand, pinching your nipples and pulling them forward, causing you to feel the pain, both in your breasts as well as my pounding cock.

“That’s it baby, fuck me harder.” You say, “ewwwwwwwwww, oh yessssssssss…..that’s it…….God, I’m going to cum again.”

“Squeeze my balls baby,” I say as you reach down and grab them and start massaging them, milking them, sending my cum, rushing out of the tip of my cock, flooding you with hot scalding cum.….spurt after spurt, splattering against the back of your exploding pussy. Your muscles of your pussy squeezing my cock, trying to get every last drop of cum I have for you.

Our bodies tense as if suspended in animation as my cock twitches, unloading every drop.

As if all of the strength has left our bodies, we collapse on the floor, our breathing labored, our hearts pounding, holding each other, feeling the water pelt our skins, cooling our bodies down from the heat we have generated.

You look up into my eyes, and reach your hand behind my head and pull me towards you as we kiss and feel the moment of pleasure that has wracked our bodies.

I tell you, “Baby, you are so fucking fantastic, you do things to me that I’ve never known before. You have reached the very depths of my desires.”

We kiss one more time and get up, dry ourselves off and get dressed for the day.

My mind reeling, thinking of our next episode, wanting it more than I’ve ever wanted anything before.

I kiss you good bye, and anxiously await when we can be together again.

Thank you my love, you are so good to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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