Undercover Lover Ch. 05

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“I’m so sorry Maggie,” Jill cried as the two women sat in the club while the police took the reports and evidence.

Magita was in no mood for talk, and said so.

“I understand. I’m so sorry you got caught up in this. And that they…”

Magita had already come to terms with her rapes – she knew there was nothing she could do to change what had happened, and as she had counseled victims so many times, that she had to go on with her life. And the memories.

A week later she finally answered one of Jill’s daily phone calls.

“Hi, Maggie,” the voice said weakly from the other end.

“Hi, Jill,” Magita replied. “How are you.”

“Sad,” Jill responded. “Sad I was responsible for what happened to you.”

“It’s okay,” Magita lied.

“Can we talk sometime? No pressure, I just want to talk to you.”

“That would be nice,” Magita found herself saying when what she wanted to say was for Jill to just leave her alone. But she knew there was some unfinished business. At the top of the list was to finally get honesty from Jill about her role in the drug dealing at the club.

“I destroyed the DVD, Maggie,” Jill said softly.

“I forgot all about that,” Magita said to herself. “Thank you Jill,” she said aloud. “But that doesn’t change the fact you two set me up.”

“I know. And I’m so sorry.”

“How’s Gregory?” Magita asked. She had heard the bouncer was still in the hospital from the beating he had received from the bikers.

“He’s back to work, actually,” Jill answered with a giggle. “I guess he really needs the money.”

“That’s good,” Magita replied, then turned silent.

“Brian is sorry too. He told me to tell you.” Then Jill spoke again. “He wants you to know it was real, Maggie,” Jill continued. “He really cares about you and he wanted to go after those bastards himself!”

Magita laughed despite her anger.

“I don’t know if I can ever believe that, Jill. That it was real for him.”

“It was, Maggie,” Jill replied, then took her turn being silent.

“You’ll have to tell me the truth,” Magita spoke after a few moments. “All of it.”

“I know,” Jill replied in a tiny voice. “And I will. All of it.”

“When would you like to meet?” Magita asked.

“As soon as you are up to it.” She knew Magita would not want to go to the club ever again – she had not been back – and asked where they could meet.

“I can be over there tomorrow night,” Magita answered after thinking a few moments. “Jill,” she continued, “one word of bullshit and I’m calling you in.”

“I understand,” Jill responded. “I do.”

The next evening Jill opened the door to Magita in a sweatshirt and jeans as she always dressed. For her part Jill was in white shorts and a soft short-sleeve pink sweater. She wanted to look nice for her guest because she owed her that – and so much more.

“I’m so sorry, Maggie,” Jill cried as the police detective stepped inside.

“I don’t even want to think about it tonight,” Magita replied sternly. She was still partly angry at herself for being in that situation.

Jill wanted desperately to hug the detective, but she knew better.

Then she could not hold back the tears. And, needing even just a tiny bit of closeness, she stepped up on her toes and gave Magita’s cheek a quick kiss of shared hurt. It was meant as nothing more than a woman’s emotions seeking forgiveness.

Magita suddenly became angry as her own truth welled up inside her.

She glared at Jill – then her hands flew out and held the sides of Jill’s face. Jill was startled and thought the policeman was going to slap her. Instead she felt the detective’s lips press against hers firmly in a needed kiss. Jill felt Magita’s lips crush against hers as Magita kissed her hard.

“Is this what you wanted?” Magita asked angrily when she finally pulled away.

“No,” Jill responded with a small voice.

“Can we go outside? It’s stuffy in here.”

Jill understood how uncomfortable the detective must be around her after her rapes. She made a pitcher of margaritas and followed Magita outside. They sat on the grass and began to talk about nothing much.

Then Magita, the policeman, asked.

“Was I wrong to stand up for you, Jill?”

Brown eyes bored deep into her eyes of blue.

“No Maggie. I have never dealt in the club. I know better.”

Magita understood what Jill was saying – that she had been involved Betturkey in dealing, just not in the club. But busting the club was the point of her investigation, and not something that Jill might have done in the past. And now that they had rounded up all the Avengers and charged them with the rape of a police officer and another woman they were out of the picture.

“Just make sure I don’t have to come back,” Magita warned.

Then she saw Jill’s eyes fall.

“Does this mean I won’t see you anymore?” Jill asked with downcast eyes.

“Why would you want to?” Magita replied. “You got what you wanted.”

Jill knew the policeman was talking about Brian fucking her.

“It’s not what I wanted, Maggie,” Jill replied. “I thought it was something you wanted.”

The words forced Magita to be honest with herself. She hadn’t wanted to fuck Brian, and she had begged him to stop. But she could not deny that she had gotten into it and fucked him back with everything she had.

“And me?” Jill asked.

“What about you?” Magita answered through her confusion.

Jill spoke softly and her hand reached out to the detective’s shoulder.

“If you can honestly say I raped you I’ll never bother you again.

“No,” Magita had to reply honestly. True, she had been forced to be eaten by Jill – but she had eaten Jill in return on her own.

“It was so beautiful, Maggie.”

Before she could move Jill’s lips reached to touch hers.

Magita knew the kiss was for forgiveness. And for the first time in her life Magita let herself be kissed by a woman.

“Oh Maggie,” she heard Jill moan through the kiss. “I want you. I have never wanted anyone as much as I want you.”

Totally confused, Magita was unable to pull back from the soft lips and the soft, tender kiss.

Magita wanted nothing more than to leave – but she could not. The look of loss in the blue eyes capturing hers overtook her and she let Jill kiss her again.

“Mmm,” she heard Jill purr softly. Then she felt Jill’s hands leave the sides of her face and move to the front of her sweatshirt. Magita’s only reaction was to look at the high wooden fence to make sure no one could see them.

“You feel so nice, Maggie,” Jill said softly. She was looking into Magita’s deep brown eyes as her hands closed over the large breasts.

For the second time Magita pulled away as she felt Jill’s hands on her breasts. But this time the look of terrible loneliness in Jill’s blue eyes caught her.

“Let me love you, Maggie.” She saw Jill look deep into her eyes. “Please.” Then the eyes took on a look of sadness and loss. “Just once more.”

Confusion tore through Magita. But there was one emotion at the core of her confusion – she needed to know she could still be who she was once.

“Oh Maggie,” Jill whispered. “They didn’t change me even when they made me do their women. I’m still Jill.” She kissed Magita gently on the cheek. “And you will still be Magita.” Then Jill suddenly lay her head against Magita’s shoulder. “And we will share a secret.”

Those few words, delivered in a soft, tender voice that had seen so much abuse, moved the scales for Magita.

“Please,” Magita said once, in barely a whisper.

“I promise,” Jill replied. “Always.” Then the head that had been cradled against her shoulder lifted strong and proud.

“Let me love you, Maggie.” It was a request delivered with Jill’s blue eyes.

Magita’s only response to was to nod, once, in an emotion she would later identify as shyness.

Jill’s hands moved to tenderly hold Magita’s face as Jill met her soft, full brown lips with her own soft pink lips. The kiss transcended Magita’s inhibitions. It was not a kiss of passionate lovers – that was to come – but a kiss of loving friends.

And it happened. It had to happen with the way the emotions were pouring through Magita’s mind.

She let her lips open.

Jill began to cry as she moved her hands to the back of Magita’s head and drew her to her. She kissed the accepting woman softly, at first, but when she felt women’s strong arms surround her shoulders she could not help but begin to kiss Magita more deeply.

Long, softly-sucking, moments later, Jill dared go where she so needed to go, now.

She let her tongue gently peek into Magita’s mouth. For an eternity she felt nothing, and was about to pull away – and pull away from this day – but then Betturkey Giriş she felt the tiny touch of Magita’s tongue against hers.

And it began. Jill moaned and slipped her tongue deeper into Magita’s mouth. She felt a tongue play gently at hers in return. Her hands pulled Magita’s head even closer as her tongue moved deep into Magita’s mouth.

Then Jill asked, without words, the only thing she would ask that day. It was a question that would decide for her if she would continue. She pulled her tongue back and waited, her mouth open as she kissed Magita wetly.

Seconds later Jill felt a tongue, timid and uncertain, move into her mouth. Jill moaned, again, whispered “thank you Maggie” silently, and began to slowly suck the tongue into her mouth.

And this time when her hands moved to the front of Magita’s sweatshirt there was no reflexive pulling back. There was only a soft moan of a curious woman accepting fully what she was doing.

“Let me love you, Maggie,” Jill asked again as her hands moved to the bottom of Magita’s sweatshirt. This time there was no hesitation in the taller woman. Jill smiled as Magita’s arms raised. Jill broke their kiss only long enough to pull Magita’s sweatshirt over her head. Then she returned to the soft, wet, succulent lips.

And this time when Magita again felt a woman’s hands on her bra-encased breasts there was no feeling of revulsion. There was only a feeling of soft hands on her warmth.

And this time when Magita felt the fingers at the clasps of her bra there was only wanting the lips that moved to her left breast. To her surprise, Magita’s hand went to Jill’s head as the shorter woman began to gently suck at her breast like a baby. To her surprise her nipple did not immediately grow hard.

But to her surprise she moaned softly as she felt the tender lips on her. Then Magita smiled as Jill’s left hand began to gently finger her right breast as she sucked softly on her left.

And, seconds later, Magita again moaned – as she felt Jill’s lips begin to gently suck the nipple that now had become thick and half an inch long. Magita purred as she felt the gentle fingers on one breast and the soft sucking lips, then tongue, making love to her other breast.

Then Magita knew this was wrong. This was so very wrong. She closed her eyes to the electric sensations of the lips and tongue on her rock-hard nipple – and moved her hands to the buttons of Jill’s sweater.

“You don’t have to Maggie,” she heard Jill whisper softly.

“Shh,” Magita replied, wanting to hear nothing but the soft intakes of breath each time she slid a button free. With a sudden sense of urgency she shoved the sweater down Jill’s arms, surprising Jill and bringing back for an instant the memory of the so-many times she had been stripped against her will. But then she felt shaking, timid fingers reach to the back of her own bra. Jill relaxed, and let herself be stripped – this time by a needing lover.

There was something Magita was curious about, something that would determine for her if this would continue. She drew Jill close to her, needing to feel a woman’s naked breasts against hers. It was everything she needed. The breasts she felt were soft and warm, the heart beating underneath building in want.

She let Jill lower them to their knees. Kneeling, she again purred at the lips that returned to suck on her rock-hard nipple. Then she felt Jill’s fingers slide into her sweatpants where her ass met her hips. Only for a moment did Magita want to stop, when Jill began to slowly push her sweatpants down. But only for a moment.

She let Jill gently leverage her body to the ground. She could not raise her hips – she just could not – but she did not resist as Jill slowly drew her sweatpants down her thick, strong brown thighs. She saw Jill’s eyes grow wide when she saw the white thong she had worn.

“Oh Maggie,” she heard Jill purr as she saw the woman taking in the white silk view. Then Magita closed her eyes as she felt the back of Jill’s hand in the waistband of her thong.

And in a moment she was naked.

“Do you want me to?” Jill asked, knowingly. She saw Magita nod shyly and Jill unbuttoned her own shorts. Jill smiled as she slid down her shorts and g-string. Jill’s eyes grew wide again as she saw Magita looking at her trimmed pussy.

Then Jill went to her knees. Her hands gently moved Magita’s thighs apart, seeking permission from the brown eyes of confusion but want.

“Let me love you, Maggie,” Jill whispered yet again.

Then she lowered her face to the pussy she so desperately needed and wanted.

Jill immediately began to lap at Magita’s soft brown lips with long licks of her tongue, moving from Magita’s asshole to the apex of soft black hair.

“You taste nice,” Jill had to say. Then she returned to slowly licking the soft pussy revealed to her. Expertly, Jill’s teeth began to gently tug at the almost grey Puerto Rican pussy lips as her tongue moved over the wettening cuntlips.

Then, as she had been forced so many times to do, but now wanted to do caringly, she worked her neck to press her tongue into Magita’s pussy. Jill began to slowly tongue-fuck the wonderfully sweet-tasting pussy hole.

“Mmmm,” Magita purred, surprising her. Jill felt the woman under her try to move to give her something.

But there was nothing Jill wanted for herself. She wanted only one thing – to make her lover come.

“Let me love you,” Jill murmered as her upper lip began to tease the soft hood while her tongue fought to slip even deeper into the damp cunthole.

Magita began to moan as Jill ate her with abandon. Seconds later Magita uttered a soft moan as Jill’s teeth began to pull on her clit.

Then she felt the tip of Jill’s tongue. And Magita lost it.

She felt her hips begin to move, and her thighs squeeze Jill’s head as she whimpered under the loving ministrations of Jill’s tongue on her hardening clit.

“Come for me, darling,” Magita heard Jill beg. Then the tongue began to tease her clit with urgency. Magita bucked and moaned as she felt raw electricity flow through her clit.

“Oh god,” Magita cried out. The tongue on her clit was relentless..

“Oh GOD!” Magita cried out again, loudly. “Oh god Jill!” she moaned as the stroking tongue took her closer to her shattering come. Jill could barely breathe from the thighs clamped around her head forcing her face deep into the sopping-wet pussy.

Jill didn’t care if she suffocated. All she cared about was bringing her lover to the screaming orgasm she so desperately needed.

“Oh GODDDD!” Magita screamed as she exploded in orgasm.

Then her thighs went limp.

“Ahh ahh ahh ahhhh!” Magita moaned as her come overtook everything in her.

“I love you, darling” Jill said strongly as her tongue licked the quivering clit on last, loving, caring time.

Magita was still bucking from her impossibly hard orgasm, but she could not let this be the end. She used her strength to draw Jill’s body up hers until the smaller woman’s pussy was over her face. She closed her hands over the soft ass cheeks and drew Jill’s pussy to her mouth.

Jill did not want this. She desperately did not want this.

But she could not resist. Not this. She looked down into Magita’s wide-opened brown eyes even brighter in the glow of her orgasm.

“Maggie?” she offered, once.

Jill’s tender plea to let Magita accept what she had given her, and ask for nothing in return, was met with a gentle kiss upon her cuntlips.

That was all it took. Jill moaned as she felt Magita begin to eat her. It was clumsy and unknowing how – but it was the most wonderful feeling Jill had ever had sexually.

Jill’s hands moved to tenderly hold Magita’s head. Not in pushing and taking, but in caring and affection.

Her head raised and her eyes closed as she began to move her hips over the sucking lips. Only once did her eyes open – when she felt a tongue move to timidly lick her asshole.

“Thank you Maggie,” she whispered as she felt Magita begin to eat her asshole. She closed her eyes again and let Magita do what she wanted.

To her shock Jill began to press her now-needing pussy firmly against the lips quivering on her. She immediately was angry at herself, thinking Magita would think she was taking. But the instant her hips began to press downward the tongue that had been on her asshole moved to her cunthole. She felt Magita begin to tongue-fuck her and Jill could no longer control herself. She thrashed and screamed as Magita tongued her pussy.

Then she felt lips, uncertain and timid, close over her clit. Jill whispered “oh yes, lover!” as she felt her own orgasm build.

Long, tender, precious moments later she felt herself come in the inexperienced mouth that sought her come.

That night Magita naked lay in bed with Jill, holding the soft woman’s body that had known so much abuse and did not care about time, or what anyone would think, or about tomorrow – or if tomorrow ever came.

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