Afternoon with my Neighbor

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Those days the mornings always excited me and I used to look forward to taking a shower. Not because what I could see from my bathroom but the view I would show.

This incident happened around 14 years ago, when I had recently started working for a company based in the western part of the country. I had moved from a big city to this small town in West India to kick start my professional life as an Engineer in the manufacturing firm. Well to describe myself, I am 35 year old married male working for a MNC in Mumbai. I am around 6ft tall, fair with a lean built and am averagely endowed considering my Indian genes (I won’t brag about myself). However I do make up for it in my stamina and pace.

The house that I had rented was on the 3rd floor of a 4 storeyed building next to a two storeyed structure. My bedroom and bathroom faced the terrace of the neighboring building. As a habit, I would wake up early in the morning around 06:00am and take a shower so that I could wrap up my chores and go to work as per my shift timings. I always kept the bedroom window and curtains closed so as to keep the neighbors from peeping in my personal affairs. But the bathroom glass panes used to be open so as to provide ventilation as it would get stuffy inside because of absence of the exhaust fan.

After a few months of moving in this place, one morning while taking my shower I noticed that there was a lady on the terrace of the neighboring building trying to catch a glimpse of me bathing. I was a bit surprised as to what is she looking at, hence I quickly wrapped up without showing that I had seen her peeping and moved to the bedroom and peeked through my window. By the time I could see, she was on her way back to the exit downstairs. I quickly got dressed and left for work.

This continued for a few days, the lady would come every day in the morning on some pretext of collecting clothes or drying them and used to watch me take shower. I started noticing her as well. To describe her, she was in her mid-30s Married, slim and tall. From what I could see in the morning light, she had long curly hair, wheatish complexion and sharp features in her cheekbones and nose. She was moderately izmit rus escort endowed and had a big ass. She was not a looker at first but these daily dalliances made me look out for her. Also, the fact that a married lady is taking such keen interest in me piqued my interest and aroused me. I started proactively showing myself of while bathing and taking shower for longer duration. The window was at such a height that she could see me only up to my abdomen.

I continued this act of not noticing her while taking shower and gave her a good show. One day, I suddenly moved to the window and pulled to panes down so as give her maximum visibility. I looked out of the window and stared in her eyes. She was caught off guard and started looking for work to do and then rushed towards the exit blushing. I smiled and continued with my shower. For the next week, I did not see her. I thought maybe I had made a blunder in being too aggressive. I regretted my last move but kept the window panes wide open just in case she decided to return.

One evening, while returning from work I saw her on the street near our houses. I looked at her and smiled and she smiled back. With that smile in mind I went home and jerked off. Next day morning, I noticed that she was waiting to see me in the shower. This time, I did not act. I made eye contact with her and started bathing. Soon I was feeling myself which she reciprocated by feeling herself up slyly so that nobody notices what she was doing. Slowly my hand moved down. I grabbed my dick, soaped it and started jerking it. She realized what I was doing by my hand movements. I continued looking at her in her eyes and jerking off. Finally, I came with a loud moan which she noticed. She blushed and walked away. This continued for a few days and slowly became a routine for us.

Then one morning after a couple of weeks of this, I decided to push my luck. I bunked office and waited in the bathroom for her to come. As soon as she came, we looked at each other and smiled. She raised her eyebrows asking me to begin our act. I nodded my head in a “No” and showed her 10 & 301 with my hands to tell her the time and my flat no. izmit escort to which she just turned around and left. I waited in my house anxiously for the clock to strike 10. But until noon nothing happened. I cursed my luck when the doorbell rang. I ran and quickly opened the door. She was there standing in a white Punjabi dress. I let her in and closed the door. When I turned around she was standing right there facing me. I swallowed in nervousness, gathered some courage and pushed her against the wall near the door and kissed her on her lips. She pushed me away instinctively and slapped me hard. I was embarrassed and taken aback. I looked down wondering if I had rushed in. My cheek was stinging from the slap.

Then I slowly looked up into her eyes again. This time I don’t know what came over but we both pounced on each other smooching and hugging. With her in my arms and engaged in a wild passionate kiss I moved her to the bedroom. We both fell on the bed kissing and feeling each other. I threw her dupatta away while kissing and pressing her boobs and ass. She moved her hands on my chest and back and slowly moved to the front towards the zip of my jeans. I pushed my hands up her kameez feeling her bare skin, slowly pushing the kameez upwards. After about 5-10 mins of passionate kissing we broke away from the embrace. I got up and made her sit up too. I removed her Kameez and threw it on the floor. I slowly leaned in and started kissing and biting her neck giving her small hickies. She started whimpering and held me closer. I slowly moved to her shoulder blades and slid her bra strap down with my mouth and then unhooked it from behind. I moved away from her embrace and looked at her face. Her hair was disheveled, eyes were closed with my kiss marks on her lips, neck and shoulder. I removed her bra and threw it on the pile of clothes on the floor.

I got rid of my tshirt. Now both of us were naked waist above. I could see that she was aroused as her dark brown nipples were erect and up. I held them in my index finger and thumb and tweaked them hard until she moaned hard. I bent down and took one of them in my mouth and started flicking it with my tongue. The mauled the other kocaeli escort tit with my other hand. She put her head behind and moaned. I kept sucking and mauling her tits alternatively. Then I moved down to her tummy kissing her all the while slowly to her belly button. I could hear her gasping. I started circling my tongue on her belly button and then dipped it in the belly button. I continued doing it for a while and undid her salwar simultaneously. Then both of us stood up. Her salwar fell on the floor and she removed her panties as well. I could see that they were wet. The aroma of her wet pussy filled the room. I undid her long hair and let them fall. I slowly held her hand and made her undo my jeans and then take off my underwear. Now we both were stark naked, slightly sweaty and extremely horny! She instinctively put her hand on my dick and started stroking it. I put my first fingers in her pussy and started massaging it. She then lay down on the bed, kept her legs apart and pulled my cock towards her pussy. I willingly obliged and pushed my dick in her wet velvety pussy. The feeling of her pussy on my dick is indescribable. I started pumping her in the missionary position with my hands pinning her hands down and our eyes locked. We slowly picked up pace with both of us grunting and moaning. The afternoon heat and the passion was taking its toll as we were both slick with sweat by now. I was just about to cum hence I pulled out my dick. She was surprised and had a bit disappointed! I grabbed my breath and calmed nerves. Then I moved her in doggy position and slid my dick in from behind. She gasped as I pushed my dick in.

I started pounding her pussy and grabbed her ass for support intermittently spanking it. I then grabbed her hair for grip and pulled them up and started banging that pussy hard. The whole room was filled with her screaming, “ah ah ah ah ah ah”. We were both drenched in sweat now. I could see her tits bounce from side every time I pushed my dick in. The banging continued for another 8-10 mins after which she squirted on my bare dick with loud moan “ahhhhgggg”. The sound of her cumming made my cock twitch and I immediately shot my cum in her pussy!

With that both of us collapsed on the bed drenched in sweat and cum ozzing out of her pussy. We caught our breaths and then cuddled each other. That is when we introduced each other and spent the afternoon playing and knowing each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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