Joanna’s Cabin Ch. 1

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We were a little jealous of Joanna. Every guy in our office was in love with her because of her outrageous breasts. You just couldn’t not look at them.

One Friday she cajoled me into going up to her lakeside cabin for the weekend, by telling me it was a ladies-only weekend that she did once a year and a bunch of other women she knew would be there to spend a quiet weekend away from men.

When I arrived on Saturday, I was the only other woman there, but Joanna said I was just early and that others would come. By Saturday night it was apparent that no one else was due.

That night Joanna built a fire and she and I sat on a sofa in front of the fireplace. She was just wearing a terrycloth robe, and I was still in my cutoffs and a tee shirt. We drank a whole bottle of wine and smoked a doobie. I was tired, and when she reached over and pulled me down so that I was laying on the sofa with my head in her lap, it was so comfortable that I didn’t protest.

She began stroking my hair, and touching my face, while she talked on as if nothing was wrong. I don’t know what it is about having someone touch me like that, but I just melt. I tend to wander off into a fog and just give in to the feeling of it.

I remember she was talking about her breasts, and how heavy they were, and how men acted like idiots because of them, and how much she liked having her nipples sucked on, and how much she needed to have her nipples sucked on.

At that point, she had one hand laying on my forehead, covering my eyes, and one finger of her other hand was tracing around my lips. Her finger dipped into my mouth for a second and then out, and then back in, and it stayed in. I heard her whisper “Suck, baby” and as though it were the most natural thing in the world, I began to gently suck on her finger. For some reason, it seemed like a completely normal thing to do.

The next thing I knew, something soft and warm was touching the whole lower part of my face, from my chin to my nose, and something hard was pressing against my lips. I opened my mouth and let it in. When I closed my lips around it and touched it with my tongue, I realized it was her nipple. Everything was surreal. I could only hear the crackle of the fire, only smell the burning wood and the lingering fragrance of pot in the air.

Her hand on my forehead kept my eyes closed. Her nipple was sweet in my mouth. I began to suckle on it, and heard her moan.

I didn’t realize right away why I was getting so turned on sexually by this simple activity, but I tell you, it was hard to keep that nipple in my mouth when I started breathing really hard. I had to pull away from it to gasp for air a few times, and then resume suckling. I didn’t know how or why, but I felt myself approaching a tremendous orgasm.

I later realized that soon after the nipple was in my mouth, she had reached down my body and began to touch the crotch of my jeans, so gently that I couldn’t really feel it right away. Then slowly she increased the pressure of her fingers until she was firmly rubbing a circle over my clitoris. Right through the jeans, the soaked cotton of my panties were pushing and pulling that little nub every which way.

I pulled away from her nipple and arched my back and thrashed about a little as I came, crying out as the wave jolted through me. I was exhausted, after, but she took it in stride, and cradled me in her arms and rocked me back and forth for a few minutes.

I was farther off in dreamland than I had been before, and I didn’t even react when I felt her pulling open her robe. She kept my head in her lap, but now it rested on the tops of her bare thighs. I could feel both of her breasts izmit rus escort touching my face, and the smell of the fire and the pot were gone. The was only the overpowering fragrance of her womanhood.

She kept the one hand over my eyes, but I could feel the fingers of her other hand slide down to the wetness between her legs. Her fingers slid right along the side of my face to get down there, and in a couple of seconds, slipped back out.

When I felt a nipple at my lips, I opened my mouth and took it in. I could tell at once that the nipple was coated with a salty oil and I knew where it had come from. Of course, I’d tasted my own vagina before, and the taste in my mouth was a familiar one. She had rubbed some of her pussy juice on her nipple before feeding to me.

In the position we were in, she could turn her upper body to give me either breast, and she began to move back and forth, letting me suckle on one of the big nipples (much bigger than mine) for a minute or so, then switching. Before she put her breast to my mouth, she coated her nipple with more of her pussy cream.

She was cooing to me the whole time, saying “That’s a good baby,” and “suck on mommy, that’s right.” Very gradually, she switched from breast feeding me to just fingering herself and then putting her stinky fingers in my mouth for me to suck the paste from them.

Then instead of putting her creamy fingers in my mouth, she started holding them just above my lips. She’d say, “lick, baby, lick mommy’s fingers.” And when my tongue came out and began to lick the paste from her fingers, she’d slowly lower them into my mouth and then I’d suck on them.

It wasn’t long before she had turned me so that I was laying on my side on the sofa, facing her. I could tell that my mouth was no more than an inch or so from her wet lips. She was simply using her fingers to scoop cream from her pussy into my mouth. I knew it, of course, but I just kept licking and sucking. I was almost lulled into a trance by the way she spoke to me, and the way she touched my face and all.

I knew she was making me taste and swallow her vaginal fluids, but didn’t really care. They tasted stronger than mine ever had, and there was something intoxicating about the flavor. So when she moved her fingers to the back of my head and pulled me forward until my lips met hers, and whispered “lick, baby,” I just started licking her pussy.

She used one hand to spread open her labia, and the other to direct my mouth to her clitoris. She alternately told me to lick or to suck. I knew what I was doing, you know, she didn’t “trick” me into anything, I guess. I just allowed myself to fall into it, is the way I remember it. I’d never done this before, but it happened so gradually it just didn’t seem like that big of a deal. Anyway, we were far away from civilization and no one would ever know.

We did this for awhile, and she kept talking to me, only louder than before. She started saying things like, “That’s right, lick Joanna’s pussy,” and “Ohh, you like sucking on Joanna’s cunt, don’t you…”

It was her words that finally brought me out of my reverie. She started getting really rude in her comments. “Why Rachel, Rachel! My, how you love to eat cunt! Yeah, go on, eat my twat, you little lesbian cunt-licker!”

That did it. I sat up and moved back to my end of the sofa. I just looked at her.

“Why are you talking to me like that?” I asked.

She smiled. “It makes for a better home movie to have dramatic dialogue.”

“What are you talking about?”

I have two video cameras in this room, both focused on the sofa, mostly on my end. One’s above the fireplace. izmit escort See it? What did you think that was? And another one over there.” She pointed to a coat rack with some device about the size of a pack of cigarettes taped to it. I hadn’t even noticed it before.

“The recording equipment is in the closet off the small bedroom. Don’t bother, the bedroom and closet doors are locked.”

“You mean you taped what we just did?” I had a very unpleasant sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“Oh yes. And I think the tape is going to be a best seller around the office!”

“Joanna, no. No. You can’t!’ I was panicking now. The tape would ruin me. I’d probably get fired. Years of work and climbing the ladder would be down the toilet!

“Well, I don’t have to bring the tapes in to work. You’d probably prefer that I gave them to you before we even left the cabin. I might do that, but you’d have to be pretty damn nice to me.”

“Oh, I will be!”

“Well, I’m not sure you know exactly what I’m talking about, yet. But you’re going to find out real soon.”

“What do you mean?”

“Listen, you’ll have to do whatever I tell you to do, no matter what it is. Without hesitation. Without argument. Do you understand?”

“And if I do you’ll give me the tape?”

“Yes. Do we have a deal?”

I nodded.

When I had agreed to her plan, she said “Good girl! Now let’s get these clothes off you.” She made me strip slowly, and when I was naked, to stand in front of her and turn slowly around to show her everything. I’m 33 and a little on the skinny side, but I have respectable breasts, and my hips are wider than my tummy. Nothing like the voluptuous Joanna, though.

She told me to go get the suitcase I had brought to the cabin and to make sure everything of mine was in it. It was a soft-sided overnight bag, and when I brought it to the sofa she had me open it and put my cutoffs and panties and tee shirt into it. Then I had to carry it out to my car and lock it in the trunk.

When I returned she explained that I wouldn’t be needing clothes for the rest of the weekend because she preferred to have me nude the whole time.

She had me stand in front of her again and she held up a good-sized dildo with leather straps attached to it.

“Ever used one of these before?”

“Not like that one,” I admitted. I had a vibrator at home, but nothing like this realistic- looking penis with a big purple head and bulging blue veins. It widened out at its base and I could tell that part of it was designed to fit against a woman’s vagina.

In a minute she had it strapped on me snugly. One strap went between my legs and another around my waist. The strap between my legs came up behind me and fastened to the waist strap.

“As you might imagine, I want you to fuck me with your new cock. I want you to fuck me long and hard.”

I just nodded. I had figured that much out as soon as I saw the thing.

“But don’t be in a hurry. Don’t think you can just walk in here and start fucking me just because you happen to have a cock. I hate that. You’re the man, in this little game, you understand that, don’t you?”


“Ok then. In order to accomplish your mission, you’ll have to seduce me. I’m not really in the mood for sex right now. But I’ll give you some hints, so you’ll at least know where to start.

“I like to talk for a while. I like to hear compliments. You may touch me in an affectionate way. If you’re nice and I like what you say to me, I’ll let you snuggle closer. I’ll let you kiss my neck. I’ll let you put your hand on my thigh. Are you listening?

I nodded.

“If you get me kocaeli escort warmed up, I’ll let you kiss me. I like long, wet kisses. If you kiss me good, I’ll let you cop a feel. I’ll let you put your hand in my robe and feel my breasts while we kiss. If you touch my tits real nice, I’ll let you open my robe and take them in your hands and squeeze them and lift them and kiss them. If you do that good, I’ll let you suck on my nipples.

“If you make it to the nipple-sucking stage, I’ll let you snake your hand down between my legs and touch my pussy, gently, while you’re sucking. That should get me in the mood to let you give it a good, thorough licking.

“Then, and only then, will I be ready for your cock. At that point, you’ll take me by the hand and lead me into the bedroom and lay me down on the bed and open my legs. You’ll get on top of me and slowly, and I mean slowly, you can push that cock into me. I like to be kissed while I’m being fucked, too. Remember that.

“Fuck me slow, at first, then harder and faster. After I tell you that I’m satisfied, you’ll lick your way down my body and eat my pussy some more. Then you’ll roll me over onto my stomach and pull my legs apart. You’ll lay down back there and spread my butt cheeks open with your fingers and start kissing and licking my asshole. I need a thorough rim job after sex, understand? That means you get my asshole all wet and then push your tongue in there as far as you can and lick my rectum. Fuck my asshole with your tongue for a long time. There. I think that covers the important points. Now, sit down and let’s chat.”

It took me just over three hours to do all those things to her. Kissing her was the hardest part. I always thought kissing was about the most intimate thing two people can do, mixing your saliva and all. I had never kissed a woman in that way, with our tongues rubbing around each other. I tried to pretend it was a guy I was making out with, but didn’t succeed very well. She liked to have her big breasts massaged, and I had to spend quite a while rubbing them around and kissing them. She liked having me lift them by the nipples and lick the undersides.

Of course, I had never licked another person’s asshole before. Hers was clean, I was glad to note, but my tongue was already exhausted from all the kissing and pussy licking I had to do, so it took at least 20 minutes to satisfy her back side.

Finally she just curled up and said it was time to go to sleep. In about 30 seconds, she was sleeping. I just laid there for a long time, thinking about what I had just done. I couldn’t deny that I had just had sex with another woman.

Actually, I didn’t feel to bad about that part. Some of it had been exciting, I had to admit. Playing with those huge tits of hers had been sort of fun, and I hadn’t minded licking her all that much. She tasted Ok.

What I thought about mostly was not having any control over the situation. I didn’t like that part, but what surprised me was that I found it erotic to be submissive to another person. I had never experienced that before, and I hadn’t expected it. I had to admit there was something liberating about it—just do whatever you’re told, and you don’t have to be responsible for any of it.

I had been curious about having sex with another woman, to be honest, you know, I’d thought about maybe someday doing it. But I probably never would have, not if I had to be responsible. Not if I had to make the decision and act on that decision. But here I’d done it and I hadn’t had to make the decision. I didn’t have to sit around later and feel as though I had degraded myself. I wouldn’t be saying “how could you lick another woman’s asshole?” because there was already an answer: Joanna made me.

Of course, I didn’t know then what Joanna had planned for the following day. There were more new experiences for me, some of which would change my life.

[continued in Joanna’s Cabin 2]

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