Age Really is Just a Number Ch. 01

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Sunday, January 14, 2018:

Scott: It was Sunday morning and I was working at home trying to finish a proposal for a client. I’d worked on it all weekend and I was finally finished. I just needed to print it, and then I could meet the guys at the gym for our squat workout. I hit print and got the dreaded “low on ink” message. Damn it, I thought. I hit ‘Ok’ and it printed but smeared ink across the 2nd of five pages. Fuck. This was for one of my best clients. She always insisted on a paper proposal and we sit down to go over it. I just wanted to get it done and ready for in the morning. I made sure I’d saved it, before I grabbed my truck keys and headed to the office supply store. I needed to learn to buy the damn cartridges in bulk.

I pulled into the store parking lot and walked in. I knew where the cartridges were, so I headed towards that aisle. I noticed a younger woman looking at them as I started looking for my cartridge number. There never seemed to be any organization, and it was always a pain in the ass. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the young woman had gotten closer. Ah, there it is I thought. There was only one.

“Seriously,” the young woman next to me asked.

“You needed this one, too,” I asked, looking at her. She must have come from church or something, I thought. She was wearing a pretty black dress and knee-high boots. Dark, patterned tights covered her legs. I figured she had to be in her mid-20’s. She was a brunette cutie, buxom and fresh faced. Her brown eyes showed her disappointment behind her glasses.

“Yeah, I did, I have to print a paper for school. It’s due today by 1,” she said. “I’ve been to three different stores.”

“Here, take this one. I can always go to the warehouse club. I just stopped here because it was close to my house,” I offered.

“No, you don’t have to do that,” she said.

“I know I don’t have to, I want to,” I smiled.

“Are you sure? I know you weren’t shopping for ink cartridges on a Sunday morning for fun,” she replied.

“Yeah. Go ahead, my deadline isn’t until tomorrow,” I said. She finally took it from my hand and smiled.

“Thanks.” She turned to walk off, my eyes trailing after her. She had a gorgeous smile and a really great figure. I weighed the consequences of what I was thinking and I decided I would do it. The worst that could happen was she said no.

“Hey, I don’t want to be too forward, but would you like to have a cup of coffee sometime,” I asked. She turned and looked at me.

“Really,” she replied questioningly. Her tone made me think I’d just got shut down, but I saw the expression on her face change back to a smile. “Uh, yeah, I’d like that.”

“Cool. Do you have Kik,” I asked. I’d never heard of the app until a woman I’d met on an online dating site had told me about.

“Yeah. I do, actually,” she said, walking back towards me with a smile. She opened her phone and showed me her Kik code. I scanned it and her name popped into my contacts.

“Kasey, I’m Scott,” I said. I reached my hand out and she shook it. “It’s really nice to meet you.”

“Yeah, you too,” she smiled.

“Hey, I better let you go, if you have to get your paper submitted by 1.”

“Yes, I should. I’ll be free later,” she added with another warm smile.

“Okay,” I said with a grin. She turned and walked away.

I smiled to myself as I walked to get some other things I remembered I needed. I was amazed I’d just asked her for coffee like that. She was probably close to half my age. I was even more shocked that she’d said yes. I’d lost my wife to cancer 2 years before and had lost hope with dating.

Kasey: I couldn’t believe I’d said yes like that! He was probably my Mom and Dad’s age! I thought that was really sweet with the ink cartridge. He was pretty handsome and looked really rugged. He was definitely my type, but damn he was so much older than me! What would it hurt, I thought as I drove home. Even though I was starting my fourth semester of college, I still hadn’t made many friends. Guys didn’t really seem to notice me. Even when I dressed up like I had been that morning. He had though. Oh my god, what if he was married or something?!?!

Later that afternoon, I was watching the Saints and the Vikings after I got home from the gym. I’m a Green Bay fan having grown up in Milwaukee, so the only interest I had in the game was hopefully watching the Vikings shit the bed. I was debating about texting Kasey, but I didn’t want to seem over eager. Finally, I decided I should. She was would be expecting it, I thought.

‘Hey, how’s your afternoon? :-)’ I typed. The message was read almost instantly. She must have been texting a friend or something, I thought. I saw ‘Kasey is typing..’ across the top of the screen.

‘Good, u?’

‘Pretty good. Did you get your paper in,’ I asked.

‘Yes, barely! Thank you so much for that.’

‘Oh, no worries. I have a soft spot for helping out a pretty lady,’ I replied.

‘Aww. You think I’m pretty, huh?’

‘Yes. You’re gorgeous,’ I answered.

‘Thank you! :-)’

‘You’re welcome. So where escort izmit do you go to school?’

‘At U of A. I’m pre-med,’ she replied.

Uh oh, I thought. She was younger than I’d thought she was. I’d been hoping she was a grad student.

‘That’s awesome,’ I replied.

‘Thanks. What do u do,’ she asked.

‘I’m a civil engineer,’ I answered.

‘That’s cool.’

‘Thanks. You grow up around here,’ I asked.

‘No. California. Parents went to U of A, so, I do too,’ she replied.

‘That’s cool. You graduating this spring?’

‘Hahahaha. I wish. I have 2 years left,’ she answered.

Damn, she kept getting younger.

‘Oh okay,’ I replied. It was like my sudden uneasiness was transferred through the chatting app.

‘What? How old did you think I was,’ Kasey asked.

‘I was thinking 25,’ I replied.

‘Hahahahaha!!! I just turned 20.’

‘Okay,’ I replied. Damn, she couldn’t even buy a beer. I realized what a big mistake I’d made. I began typing an apology and a goodbye when I saw that she was typing as well. I paused to see what she would say.

‘You’re not uncomfortable with that are you? I mean we’re just talking, right,’ she texted back.

‘No, I guess not. I mean, obviously I knew you weren’t my age,’ I typed.

‘Haha, no. I just don’t want you to freak out,’ she replied.

“I didn’t freak out!!’

‘You thought about it I bet!!!’

‘Maybe just a little. So, I’m 44,’ I typed. We might as well get all the cards on the table right away, I thought to myself.

Kasey: When I saw that, I freaked out a bit. He was my almost my Daddy’s age, he was older than my mom. He was fun to talk to though, I couldn’t deny that. We were just talking on Kik. No big deal, right? I’d loved when he said that I was gorgeous. I was sure he was looking to get in my pants, but no one had ever told me I was gorgeous, ever. I was maybe 15 pounds heavier than I wanted to be and I always hated that. I worked out constantly, but I was just curvy. Not chunky, but I wasn’t a size 2, either. My friends always commented on how they wished they had my big boobs or butt, but they were the ones with all the guys after them, not me. I’d only had one real boyfriend in my life. I was the smart, funny girl and that was it. And there I was talking to a man twice my age. I needed to think about what I was doing…

Scott: There was a long pause in our conversation when I told her my age. The ‘R’ next to the message told me she’d read it, but she wasn’t replying. That was that, I thought. I closed my iPhone and sat it on the couch next to me.

‘Sorry. Had a phone call,’ she responded about 10 minutes later.

‘Oh okay. I thought I’d freaked YOU out,’ I replied. I didn’t figure I’d hear from her again.

‘No, I mean you are almost my Dad’s age.’

‘Ouch. That really hit’s home,’ I replied. I could have done without her putting it in that context.

‘It’s fine. I’m not scarred for life,’ she typed.


‘So, when do you want to meet for coffee,’ she asked.

‘Whenever. My office is right next to the Starbuck’s by campus.’

‘Very convenient!’

‘Yes, I spend too much money in there,’ I admitted.

‘Me too!! How about tomorrow? I’m done with class at 9:30,’ she offered.

‘Sure, I can do that. I work for myself, so I’m flexible,’ I said.

‘I bet that’s nice.’

‘It is. Hey, I should probably let you go. I’m sure you have other things to do,’ I offered.

‘No, not really. I’m just hanging out.’

‘You’re sure,’ I asked.

‘Yeah!! I don’t have anything I even need to study for!!’

‘Good for you then,’ I replied.

‘Yeah. So…. There’s something I really need to ask,’ she typed.

‘Go ahead.’

‘Are you married?’

‘No. A widower,’ I replied.

‘Oh, I’m sorry :(‘


‘How did you lose her,’ Kasey asked.

‘Cancer :(‘ I replied.

‘Cancer sucks,’ she typed.

‘Yes it does,’ I replied. ‘Were you worried I was married?’

‘A bit,’ she said. She used the worried emoji.

‘I wouldn’t be propositioning women half my age if I was married. Promise. Haha,’ I replied.

‘I thought you just asked me to coffee. I didn’t realize I’d been propositioned!!’

‘Ok, so that wasn’t the best word,’ I typed.

‘It’s ok!!’

‘So, what kind of doc do you want to be,’ I asked.

‘I don’t know yet!! There’s so many possibilities!!’

‘I can imagine so,’ I admitted.

‘I still have to get accepted to medical school though.’

‘I’m sure you’ll make it, sweetie!!!’

‘Thanks! So, I hate to ask, but could you send me a selfie,’ she asked.

‘You want a selfie of me,’ I asked.


I walked out on my back deck. My house backed up to the mountains so I thought that was a good place. I tried to take a picture without looking goofy. I finally had what I thought was a good one and I sent it.

‘Wow! Is that your backyard,’ she asked.

‘Yes. Pretty cool, huh?’

‘Yes very!!!’

‘So, where’s mine,’ I asked.

‘You want a picture of me,’ she replied. izmit escort She used the worried emoji again.

‘Yes. I actually walked outside to get you a good picture!’

‘Ok, Ok!!’

She was quiet for a few minutes. I knew she was probably carefully screening any picture she sent. When my phone beeped, I wasn’t disappointed. She was standing in front of a full-length mirror. She was wearing a tank top and leggings, and had her hips turned to emphasize her butt. Good lord, I thought. She was quite the hot little package.


‘Sorry, I was just admiring it,’ I replied.

‘Oh, were you????’

‘Yeah. You’re quite the woman,’ I answered.

‘You think so,’ she asked.

‘Hell, yeah. You’re smoking hot!!’

‘Thank you.’


‘You’re just trying to get in my pants, aren’t you???’

‘Obviously, I wouldn’t mind, but that’s not my intention. You’re a beautiful woman. I’m just telling you the truth,’ I said.

‘Thank you,’ she replied with several heart emojis.

‘You’re welcome. I should let you go for now. I need to make dinner,’ I typed.

‘What are you making me for dinner????’

‘What would you like????’

‘I don’t know. I was going to have chicken and a salad. Trying to eat clean,’ she typed.

‘Haha, welcome to my life. You workout a lot, huh,’ I asked.

‘Yeah, you too, I’m guessing.’

‘Yeah, we have a gym over in El Toro,’ I explained.

‘You have a gym?’

‘Yeah, me and some buddies. It’s a private place. Where do you go?’

‘Crossfit Downtown,’ she answered.

‘Cool. Those thighs and that butt tell me you do lots of squats!!’

‘Haha, I do,’ she replied.

‘I’ll message you in the morning,’ I typed.

‘You better!!!’

‘I promise. Night!!’


Scott: I could have talked to her all night. There was just so much to say and learn about one another. I didn’t want to be the creepy old bastard, though. I knew I was already out there on a limb already. The selfie she’d sent me was something else. Damn, what a woman. Those thighs and that ass were amazing, true works of art. I was surprised she was talking to me. A girl like that should have had her pick of guys. I was happy to be talking to her though, even if that was far as it ever went.

Kasey: I was really disappointed he’d said goodnight. I was enjoying talking to him. I wanted to learn more about him. I’d been so worried that he’d been married, and it made me really sad that he’d lost his wife. What if he had kids??? That would be really awkward. They could be my age!!!

I loved his selfie. He was so handsome, and had those amazing broad shoulders. His hair and beard scruff were a little grey but his face still looked young. I sat there thinking about curling up next to him, lying next to his strong, rugged frame. When he complimented me, I felt like it was genuine. He wasn’t just saying what I wanted to hear. I wasn’t used to guys saying nice things like that to me. He was being a gentleman. Guys my age would have asked for me to send nudes immediately after starting texting.

I’d joked with him about trying to get in my pants. He’d immediately played it off and didn’t try to keep after me. I couldn’t wait to see him tomorrow. My heart raced as I thought about what I’d wear. I decided I’d wear a new pair of leggings I’d got over Christmas break. They had a sheer panel that ran up the side from my ankle to my waist. I was sure he’d love them! I had a hard time going to sleep that night.

Scott: I got to the office early the next morning, so I could get a few things done before my meeting. I resisted texting Kasey since I figured she’d be in class. At 8:30 I walked down the street to deliver the proposal to my client. We talked about it for a while and she was satisfied with my cost. We shook hands and I walked back to my office. I was almost there when my phone beeped.

‘Hey,’ Kasey had typed.

‘Hey, yourself!! How’s your morning,’ I replied.

‘Ok, why didn’t you text me?’

‘I was waiting until you were out of class!!!’

‘I’m out. Need caffeine,’ she said.

‘I’m down the street. Be there in a few,’ I replied.


I walked down the street towards Starbuck’s. I got to the corner and I saw her waiting to

cross the street. She turned and saw me, before she waved quickly. We both got to the door and I couldn’t believe how good she looked. I loved the way she looked yesterday, but this was something else. She was wearing these amazing leggings with a sheer panel that ran up the side. Her thighs were truly something, they looked so thick and powerful. I knew I’d have to get her to our gym and see how strong she really was. As we stood in line, I also admired her beautiful ass, so full and firm. We ordered and grabbed a table. She’d insisted on paying, but of course I wouldn’t let her.

“I woke up late, I needed this earlier,” she said.

“You had trouble sleeping last night?”

“Yeah, a little bit,” she said. “I’ll get a nap in this afternoon,” she smiled.

“Yeah, you should. You really izmit kendi evi olan escort look great today,” I said.

“Thanks. I appreciate that.”

“It’s no problem. I’m only telling you the truth,” I replied.

“You’re the only one that seems to notice,” she said with a smile.

“I doubt that,” I smiled.

“I don’t,” she said simply.

“That’s a pity. You’re a really smart, beautiful young woman, Kasey. Sometimes young guys don’t see the right girl that they should really be after,” I said.

I watched as she smiled. I’ll be honest, I was thinking of things maybe progressing, but she was a smart, beautiful young woman. She needed to be reminded of that.

“Thank you, Scott.”

“You’re welcome. So, are you comfortable sitting here with a broken down old man?”

“You don’t look very broken down to me,” she laughed.

“Thank you.”

“And I am comfortable with you,” she said.

“Good. Kasey, if I ever make you feel differently-“

“I don’t think I need to worry about that. I know we just met, but you have been really

sweet and kind to me,” she said.

“That was my intention,” I said.

“I know it was.”

“Could I take you to dinner sometime,” I asked.

“Yes, you could,” she smiled.


“Why don’t you make me dinner, it would probably be healthier,” she suggested.

“I can do that. How’s tomorrow night sound?”

“I can do tomorrow night,” she laughed.

“Good. I’ll text you my address.”


“I should get back to the office,” I offered.

“Are you sure,” she asked.

“I’d love to sit here talking to you, but I have things I really need to do.”

“Okay, business. I see how it is,” she said with a fake pouty face.

“You’re not helping, you know,” I replied.

“I didn’t think I was,” she said with a warm smile.

“I’ll message you.”

“You better,” she replied.

“I will.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” she asked. Her enthusiasm made me smile.

“Most certainly,” I replied.

“Bye Kasey,” I said.


Kasey: I don’t know why it seemed so easy with him. I was just totally at ease. He made me feel great and I’d known him for less than 24 hours. He’d offered to take me to dinner and I’d immediately invited myself over. I was going to his house. What was he thinking? I was certain he thought I was some little slut with daddy issues. He’d just taken it in stride, though. He was so different than guys my age. He knew I was interested, but he didn’t make a big deal about it. We were just having dinner, the way he acted.

Scott: I was surprised that she’d suggested coming to my house for dinner. I did my best to make sure I didn’t say anything untoward. Of course, I wanted her. She was beautiful and amazing. I wasn’t going to harass her, like I was sure guys her age did. I wanted things to take their course. I was sure my patience would be rewarded.

Kasey texted me a little after 1 that afternoon.

‘How’s your afternoon,’ she asked.

‘Good. Get a nap?’

‘Yes. It was amazing. Still in bed,’ she replied.

‘Wish I was!!!’

‘Me too!!’

A few minutes passed and my phone beeped. I opened it and saw there was a photo. She’d sent me a picture of her lying in bed. She wasn’t wearing a shirt and had the sheets pulled up over her breasts. There was still an ample amount of cleavage showing. How, I longed to be in that bed with her.


‘You like,’ she asked.

‘I love!!!’

‘Good. So, what are you doing?’

‘Just working on a proposal,’ I replied.

‘Sounds pretty boring.’

‘It is,’ I admitted.

‘Maybe this will help.’

Another picture popped up. In it she was standing in front of the mirror again, but she was only wearing a tiny red thong. She had her arm across her breasts. They were large enough that there was still a lot to see.

‘Amazing Kasey!!’

‘You really think so? I’m not too thick,’ she asked.

‘No. Certainly not. Perfect!!!’

‘Thanks!! Okay, last one.’

Another picture popped up. This one was from behind. The little red thong was all that covered that amazing ass. I unconsciously licked my lips.


‘That is the best butt I’ve ever seen,’ I replied truthfully. A pang of guilt ran through me as I admired her, but my desire for her continued to grow.



‘Thanks!! I’m going to take a shower,’ she typed.


‘Too bad you have that proposal!!’

‘Haha. Yes it is.’

Kasey: My heart was racing as I got in the shower. I couldn’t believe I’d sent him those pics. I’d never even done that with a guy my age!!! I wasn’t that sort of girl. But I’d done it and he’d liked them. That made me feel really sexy. I was being really forward with him, which was totally out of character. I couldn’t wait to see him again. He made me feel good about myself.

Scott: I kept looking at the pics she sent. She was a sexy little devil!! It was crazy that she thought she was too thick. Her body was flawless in my opinion, just perfect. You could see that she was strong and trained hard. Being a competitive powerlifter that was something I’d always found so sexy. I loved a sexy woman that wasn’t afraid to lift some heavy shit. My late wife had been a weightlifter as well.

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