Sybian Sisters

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“You’re getting married, an he’s never made you cum?” Vanessa gasped.

“Well, he’s tried! He’s a good partner in every other way.” Mary backpedaled. “:I think I just…can’t.”

“Every woman can cum. Just not every man can make her,” She laughed, derisively. Since college, she had dated almost exclusively women. “Have you never masturbated?”

“Shh!” Mary demanded. “We’re in public!” Mary was never as adventurous as her old roommate, who’d had more than her share of men.

” I just think its weird! We lived in a cracker box freshman year, and I never once caught you…”

“Well, I caught you enough for both of us.” Mary smiled and took a sip of her coffee, as both women giggled.

“You never once caught me masturbating. Now, fucking, yes.”

“Vanessa! Public!” Mary said, as an annoyed looking mother glared at them from across the room.

Mary had caught Vanessa countless times–more to the point Vanessa just didn’t care if anyone was around, if she wanted it bad enough. Their beds had been lofted, and more than one night found Mary lying beneath Vanessa and some guy, watching the mattress bounce and listening to Vanessa moan and urge him on. She was into dirty–no filthy–talk.

“Right in my hole. Give it to me. Make me cum, stretch out this cunt-hole!” She would growl.

And that was why Vanessa had never caught Mary masturbating. She always did as she listened to Vanessa ride hard cock. There was a full length mirror on their door, and if she propped herself right, she could sometimes see Vanessa bouncing on top of whatever man she’d picked up for the night, kneading her dark breasts , bucking her hips, rubbing her trimmed pussy. Mary would hold her breath and rub her clit as quickly and quietly as she could, masking the gasp of her eventual orgasm under the proud grunt of cumming that would emanate from Vanessa’s lips.

“Whatever. Look, lets get out of here. I have to show you something.” Vanessa said, picking up her purse.

“What is it?” Mary asked, suddenly snapped back to reality.

“Just come.” Vanessa smiled, and winked, as if it were a joke.

“Okay, I want you to know I don’t just share this with anyone.” Vanessa said as she opened the door to the walk in closet in her room. Mary sat on Vanessa’s bed, running her fingers over the silk comforter. Vanessa’s room looked very like an old fashioned bordello–which, Mary was sure, was not a mistake.

“Share what?”

“Come see.”

Mary stood, and walked to the closet door. Instead of the rows of shoes and dresses she’d always expected to find behind that door, she instead was faced with walls that had been painted a deep red, the floor covered in thick, silken pillows, izmit rus escort the light fixture covered in red glass so it shined seductively–and in the center–what was that?

“You’ve never seen one?” Vanessa asked.

Mary shook her head, tugged at a strand of her blonde, pixyish hair. Something in the little room smelled familiar, and something told her this saddle-like contraption was no decorative choice.

“Its a sybian.” Vanessa said, pulling Mary inside and closing the door behind her. “Its pretty much an orgasm machine.”

Mary blushed.

“I can’t…I’m getting married…”

“Well, good thing this isn’t sex then, isn’t it?” Vanessa retorted. “Just like a vibrator.”

Mary shook her head.

“My fiancé doesn’t like vibrators either.”

“No wonder. ” Vanessa said, pulling a little box from under a pillow. ” They can make you cum, he can’t.” the box clicked open, and Mary could see inside were an assortment of dildoes, ranging in size from about as thick as Mary’s pinkie to an attachment she was sure no woman could fit inside her– and a little strip of textured rubber. They had been used, Mary was sure of it. They had been inside Vanessa. Vanessa had made those grunting, animal-in-heat noises while she grinded against them…Mary felt herself getting wet at the thought. Vanessa attached the strip to the top of the saddle. “Now which cock do you want?”

“Look, I should just go.”

“Mary, don’t tell me you don’t want to try this.”

“No…it’d be weird.”

“Just try it with your panties still on. If its weird, you don’t have to. No dildo.”

Mary paused. If she got out of here right away, she could rub one out in her car–otherwise, she was sure her clit would explode from throbbing. Vanessa touched her thigh, and she shivered.

“That’s what I thought!” She clapped her hands excitedly. “Hope up there, white girl. I’ll make you feel good.”

Ok, Mary thought to herself , Just with my panties, all my clothes on.

She straddled the sybian, pushing her wet panties against the strip of rubber nubs as Vanessa watched.

“Now what?” She asked.

“Now, I do this.” Vanessa answered, pulling a control box from a corner of the small room. She turned a dial, and the machine beneath Mary began to rumble.

“Oh…” Mary said, reaching out to steady herself against the walls.

“Want more?” Vanessa asked, smiling. From the way she was kneeling, Mary could see she Vanessa was not wearing underwear, could see her dark slit, which was glistening with wetness.

Mary nodded.

“Lose the panties and I’ll give you more.”

Mary felt conflicted–she’d never felt so good, but taking off clothes izmit escort had to be wrong.

“I don’t want to move…it feels too good.”

“Not a problem.” Vanessa said, lifting Mary’s skirt. Mary moaned as her fingers brushed her skin, and felt Vanessa cut her panties off, carefully pulling the wet strip of fabric away.

” You owe me a pair of …panties.” Mary moaned, as Vanessa cranked another notch on the machine.

“Its ok. You can have a pair of mine. I know how long you’ve been wanting in my panties.” She laughed, and held the ruined underwear to her face, smelling them deeply. “You know, mirrors go both ways. I could see you fingering your dirty little cunt.”

“Why did you keep fucking…fucking those guys?” Mary panted, as the sybian rocked harder under her.

“Liked to put on a show for you? Liked cock, just not men? And this was a perfect solution to that…” She said, smiling. Vanessa reached out and took Mary’s small breasts into her hands, massaging them as Mary moaned.

” Ah, fuck, Vanessa–I’m gonna cum.”

“Well, we can’t have that. ” Vanessa said, pulling Mary’s shirt down to suck her pert, pink nipples. “Not until I get mine, too. Take your clothes off.” She demanded, and Mary immediately tore off her shirt, and hiked her skirt to where it was out of the way of Vanessa’s hungry fingers.

Vanessa removed her own shirt, let her own dress fall to the floor. Her body as amazing as it had been when they’d been roommates, her pussy trimmed with the same sexy little strip. She rose to her knees and kissed Mary on the mouth, long, hard, sucking her bottom lip. Mary moaned and pulled her face closer, while grinding her own cunt into the still-buzzing machine. Her wetness was pooling, dripping down the sides–she wanted badly to cum.

“I think I want a cock.” She gasped, when she came away from Vanessa.

“I KNOW you want a cock.” Vanessa laughed at the pool beneath Mary’s cunt. Mary lay momentarily on one of the pillows, panting, he cunt throbbing and aching with desire. She opened the black box from before, and affixed two dildoes to the sybian, a regular-sized, light flesh colored one, and the monster cock Mary had seen before.

“Two?” Mary asked. The big cock , molded in the same color flesh as Vanessa’s , made her nervous.

“We’re gonna share, right?” She helped Mary back onto the sybian. “Slow. I want to watch that cock disappear into your little pink cunt.” Vanessa laughed, as Mary slid on it. Vanessa turned another dial, which set the cock twisting inside Mary, and laughed as she arched her back and gasped.

“Now watch me.” She said, holding Mary’s face still, pushing it down to watch the 12 inch dick disappear inside her. Mary thought kocaeli escort she may cum on the spot, until Vanessa tweaked her nipple.

“Not yet.” She said, leaning over to push her ample tits into Mary’s small ones, kissing her on the mouth, sucking her lower lip. Mary began to make small animal noises, sounds she’d never known herself to make before–she was cumming!

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” She chanted uncontrollably into Vanessa’s ear, until Vanessa silenced her by shoving a nipple in her mouth. Her mouth full of tit, Mary moaned and bucked one final time, as Vanessa turned the dial a final notch. Mary’s orgasm wracked her body–she shook uncontrollably, feeling the heat emanating all over, slobbering on Vanessa’s beautiful tits. She lifted herself off the sybian, and without skipping a beat, started flicking Vanessa’s clit with her tongue, watching the huge black dildo stretching her pussy.

“Yeah, you know I like that, don’t you, you little voyeur slut.” Vanessa growled, and Mary could tell she was close. Instinctively, she began to rub Vanessa’s clitoris with her thumb, and with her other hand, pulled her in for a long, deep kiss, rubbing their tits together, luxuriating in the feel of their sweat-slicked bodies sliding against each other.

Vanessa began to tremble, and finally, made those grunting noises Mary still thought of when she touched herself. A clear stream of liquid spurted from her cunt as she collapsed. She clicked the sybian off, and both women lie together on a silk pillow, sticky with sweat and their wetness.

When they’d caught their breath, Vanessa’s hand crept down Mary’s body, following her slight curves. Mary smiled and acquiesced, taking one of Vanessa’s tits in her mouth.

“The great thing is…” Vanessa said, starting to trail her fingers in Mary’s still-wet pussy, “is I can do that to you with my tongue, too. Make you cum that hard, I mean. Or, you could always ride the black devil there.” She laughed, kissing down Mary’s body, gently edging her tongue between the folds of Mary’s cunt.

“I could never fit that.” Mary said. “And if I did, my fiancé would be so mad…oh God that’s great.”

“You sure? You sure he wouldn’t want me to make you feel good? POSITIVE that he didn’t call me and ask me to do this to you?” Vanessa said, from between Mary’s legs. A sly smile played on Vanessa’s lips, shiny with Mary’s wetness

“Not that I haven’t wanted to for years. But I mean, if its to help save a friend’s marriage…I mean, I’m a good friend.”

Mary smiled, and pulled Vanessa’s face back into her cunt.

“Oh, don’t you go thinking you have dominance now. I’m the one your hubby put in charge.” Vanessa laughed, leaping up to pin Mary’s hands behind her head.

“Now.” She whispered. “You get on that big black cock. Hubby-man wants pictures.”

Maybe married life wouldn’t be so bad after all, Mary thought, as she rose and straddled her friend’s still-wet dildo.

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